Looman telegram to State, 9/19/77


[Editor’s note: This telegram became a State Department cable which was released under the Freedom of Information Act and which and is reproduced at https://jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=94694.]

[Handwriting: “Copy: this was sent”]

September 19, 1977


U.S. State Department
Consulate General
Washington DC

From: Carolyn Looman

Your representative, Mr. McCoy, came to check on me thru the interference of one of my relatives. I am 34, and am very happy on our Peoples Temple Agricultural Project and told him so. During Mr. McCoys visit myself and others on the project were told that the American Embassy took a neutral Position on custody issues, and we later found out that the assistant to Mr. McCoy was directly supportive an attorney and taking sides in a specific custody case. I question this kind of involvement by the Embassy and I would like to see that the Embassy does keep a neutral course regarding custody matters. I feel it’s inappropriate for such an agency to behave in this way and hope it will be corrected.