Letter on equipment needed for Jonestown, 5/31/74


31st May, 1974

Miss Daniels;

These are the priorities for the equipment needed by the Peoples Temple to be transported on the Pakeira to Port Kaituma at the first available date.

1. 25 Aluminum sheets
2. 1 Marvel tree cutter (brush cutter)
3. 1 Disc harrow
4. 1 Petter generator (5’ X 9’ X 5’ at approx. 1½ ton)
5. 1 International harvester tractor
6. 1 Land rover (there are still a couple of things which need to be taken care of on the land rover and if they should be complete before any of the other items have been transported to Kaituma, we would like to move the land rover to the top of the list)

We would like to have Mr. G.B. Matthews’ tractor put before any of our equipment as it will serve our own interests to get his tractor up there.