Notes of Letters to Rep. Don Clausen, Mayor Joseph Alioto


Clausen [U.S. Rep. Don Clausen]
Alioto [San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto]
Police Recommendations
Irvin [Disciples of Christ executive Karl Irvin]


1). We represent PTCC Dis. of Christ denomination – near 4 mil. members. Former Pres. L.B. [Lyndon Baines] Johnson, Ronald Reagan, FBI Captain Clarence Kelley. Our President Karl Irvin, No. Calif/Nevada. 2 of our trustees on the Regional Board – Tim Stoen, Assis Dist. Atty. for County.

2) We are interested in establishing a Practical Christian ministry. Have been gripped by starvation in Subsahara and other places in world We have already sent food there – also…Doing what we can to help educate children – have taken a Biafran Chiefs daughter, sponsored her in our church college program.

3) Guyana can help serve as a bread basket for world. Seems to have good relations with the U.S. What we would like to ask may be too difficult to answer: but are you able to determine whether Guyana is on a stable democratic course?

4) From what we can attain, there is no chance for Jagan to come back into power. He is a poor administrator/politician, as shown by his hurting himself by not taking his seats in the legislature – he has lost ground.

5) We are considering investing in land for missionary purposes of our human service type ministry. We don’t want to see it go down the drain. Don’t want to risk in any way that the gov’t would in any way break good relations w/U.S. or take a radical or anti-American stand.

6) Mr. Drohr, Isreal, who met with us last evening thinks the country has a chance of going Communist. He was w/US in Matthews Ridge went over our land with us – seems to think


P-1-E-1a: [US official business envelope, unaddressed]



it is a [“highly” inserted] promising project. He has been so helpful to us, friendly to our pastor; will be coming to visit us in the U.S. in May when his tour ends here. He has spoken well of you and an AID official, Mr. Hammer – agreed you knew alot about Guyana.

We have heard from several friends – both here + in U.S. — that the present P.M. is on a good course, that he shares a level of sophistication + stability that Jagan could not match.

7) We would like your opinion – if it is not compromising you – we will not quote it – if Guyana would in any way break good relations w/ U.S. Tim Stoen – Rotarian – met w/ local group of pro American businessmen – that there is no chance & break in relations.

8) Why here? We are an interracial [“group” crossed out] church / no language barrier, potential for development to help world food shortage. FCH program fits our practical mission intentions. Guyana’s nonalignment.

9) We believe it is the responsibility of the church to do something to forestall communism + totalitarianism in world