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[Editor’s note: A few miscellaneous reverse sides of pages used in an effort to save paper consists of letters not found elsewhere in Temple files have been transcribed below.

[The letter below appears at both RYMUR 89-4286-P-1-C-14a, BB-32-k-1, and BB-32-k-3.]

[Peoples Temple letterhead]

November 19, 1977


The enclosed letter is sent to you from the stateside office of Peoples Temple Disciples of Christ and Bishop Jim Jones. Our church is, as you may already know, currently building a highly successful agricultural cooperative in Guyana’s Northwest Region.

We have enclosed, for your information, an article written by our attorney, Charles Garry, about his first-hand impressions of the agricultral mission from his recent visit there. Mr. Garry is considered to be the greatest U.S. civil rights attorney and has helped a great number of especially black and minority defendants and political prisoners throughout his brilliant career. He was extremely impressed with everything he saw: with the country of Guyana, the many government leaders he met, and with the amazing progress of the Peoples Temple agricultural project under the direction of Bishop Jones.

Enclosed, also, is a statement by a highly trained social worker who has chosen to move to Guyana from the United States, Ms. Sharon Amos. Ms. Amos has three children in the Jonestown project and now resides there herself. As her report will show she raves about the fullness and security of the cooperative lifestyle there.

Thirdly, and probably most important, we wanted to share with you a copy of the letter which the Lieutenant Governor of the State of California, Mr. Mervyn Dymally, sent to Prime Minister Forbes Burnham. The letter will speak for itself. It deals with the terrible realities of a conspiracy, a politically motivated attempt on the part of reactionary forces within the U.S. to render ineffective the progressive, socialist teachings and example of the Bishop Jim Jones. We are not the only ones to have suffered this kind of persecution. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John and Robert Kennedy, Black Panther Party leader Huey Newton, American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks – even as far back as Sacco and Vanzetti and the Rosenbergs – people who have espoused progressive and collectivist views in this country have been subject to the extremes of harassment and in some cases even death.

P-1-C-15a: duplicate of P-1-C-14a



71 Murray Street,
January 12, 1978

Dear Brother/Sister,

You are invited to attend a Meeting of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the Guyana Council of Churches on Tuesday, January 24, 1978 at 9.30 a.m. at the Council’s Office, 71 Murray Street.

The following is the Agenda:

1. Prayers
2. Correspondence
3. Minutes
4. Report on Guyana Extension Seminary
5. Christian Action Week
6. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
7. Any other business.

Thanking you.

Yours co-operatively,

[Handwriting: signature and “for”]
Rev. Oswald A. Best



“For I was an hungered and ye gave ne meat; I was thirsty and ye gave me drink;”
“I was a stranger and ye took me in; Waked, and ye clothed me;”
“I was sick and ye visited re; I was in prison, and ye came unto me
“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it
Unto one of the least of these…
Ye have done it unto me.”
Matthew 25:35-40

Best wishes to you and your loved ones from Pastor Jim Jones and the members of Peoples Temple Christian Church of the two million Disciples of Christ denomination in the United States and from the Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission in the North West Region of Guyana.

On this sacred occasion it should be remembered that various parts of the world are suffering from massive starvation and at this very moment two out of three of the worlds’ babies are going to bed hungry. Peoples Temple has reached out to help those in need and has aided in relieving every type of human suffering through the many extensive programs designed to meet those needs.

Support has been given to various worthy programs in many ways. Only a few days ago a senior citizen’s escort service in California which provided protection, assistance, and companionship to the elderly was being threatened with termination due to a budget cut. Pastor Jones heard of the plight of these senior citizens and acted immediately, contributing funds which will carry them for several months. A health clinic serving critical needs was endangered with closure because of a large financial deficit and a lack of funds to carry on. Upon being informed of the circumstances, Pastor Jones pledged the entire amount of the deficit and a substantial monthly donation will be given from Peoples Temple.

It is not surprising that Pastor Jones has again been recognized as one of the most “outstanding clergymen” by an Interfaith organization, Religion in American Life. One of the largest Black-owned newspapers in the United States also hailed him as “This Nation’s Greatest Humanitarian”. His dedication to serving Jesus Christ in tangible ways follows the teachings in Matthew 25.

It was through this scripture that the agricultural mission was seen as a necessary means for combatting the growing food shortage affecting so many parts of the world. The beautiful hinterland of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana has provided an ideal setting for the agricultural mission. Rich fertile soils, a friendly cooperative atmosphere, and a dedicated workforce of persons from the United States and Guyana have served to help make this program a success. Hundreds



[continued from P-1-C-18a]

of acres have been planted in crops such as yams, corn, sweet potatoes, citrus, and avocado.

In addition to the agricultural and livestock programs is extensive community development. Three houses, a workshop, an equipment maintenance station, a warehouse, a shoe repair shop, and a church/ community center have been built by the Peoples Temple mission workers. The cooperation and assistance given by this fine government’s agricultural advisors as well as from many other government departments, has been invaluable.

Pastor Jones extends his gratitude to all of our Guyanese brothers and sisters for their interest and encouragement. Although he hasn’t much time for travel because of his busy and hectic schedule ministering to the three large United States based churches, he does enjoy hearing from you and gives every letter he receives personal attention.

May God Bless You.


Please feel free to write:

Pastor Jim Jones
Peoples Temple Christian Church
P.O. Box 893
Guyana, South America


Pastor Jim Jones
Peoples Temple Christian Church
P.O. Box 214
Redwood Valley, California 95470 U.S.A.