August Meetings of Agricultural Commission and Analysts, Peoples Rallies (Pt. 1)


Memo of August 31

(31 Aug 78)

Johnny – open items from memo of 23 August rally…

  1. Personnel skills lists to be completed by all departments, along with daily hours scheduled to work and personnel list: to Lucy [Crenshaw].
  2. Third pole structure to be done…
  3. Lists should be made of things yet to do before Russians arrive…
  4. Back sides of warehouses, where unsightly, still need to be fixed…
  5. Shanda [James] should have a schedule worked out for tentative meals, servers, guest lists, entertainment… her tentative time schedules worked out with people assigned each day… Are the menus done? Pickup vehicle…
  6. Songs to be sung – words should be typed out exactly as they will be sung for Dad to review the wording in case he wants them changed… Both entertainers and for public forum if we are to have music at this. This book of our songs should be prepared by Loretta [Cordell] and Diane [Wilkinson], and kept on the songs of all the entertainers, so the ones to be used can be pulled and passed before Dad on short notice.
  7. All should be reminded to refer to Dad as Jim…



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

Livestock & Agricultural Commission and PEOPLES FORUM
29 August 78 – Tuesday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Gene Chaikin
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Plans for the Intensive Farming – Chaikin
  2. What’s happening at piggery – Guy Mitchell
  3. The Orchards – Glenda Polite
  4. Plans at the Chickenry – Rob Gieg
  5. Banana Cultivation – Demosthenes Kutulas
  6. Farm Manager Report – Jack Beam


  1. A request by dad was made to know how people spend their time so they can be released from tests: those who have projects and extra work nights should turn in their time on this. Who is coordinating collection of this information for Dad – he addressed it to those handling the testing… It sounded like…
  2. What has been set up for the Russian classes – Professor [Edith] Roller and Dick Tropp?
  3. Has a demonstration performance by the Karate Team been scheduled for public rally as requested? When will this be shown in reference to those that want to send to Georgetown for competition or performance.

Johnny – I added the following to Dad’s agenda, did not want it on the one down front…

The items from Rob Gieg’s letter were covered in analysts meeting – quite satisfactorily. There was merit for some of it and against. Harold [Cordell, also known as Bogue] was distinctly cleared and it was determined Rob owes Harold a public apology. We are dealing with the paper work, although it came out that Rob had not been doing this, even the notational work on the test the programs at the chickenry… And he agreed to start with this. However, there is too much paperwork – not all of which was asked for by either accounting or the CAO’s – and we are meeting to pare down what we can on this. The analysts and farm inspectors are spending 6 hours a day with their crews in addition to their other functions and work. Rob brought the memo and all points were covered. Johnny gave agriculture 3 days from Sunday to pull it all into line. The ADMINISTRATORS HAD ALREADY PINPOINTED THESE PROBLEMS – both on the paperwork and the inspectors spending too much time in the office and in the last ACAO meeting analyst were instructed to deal with it. This was prior to Rob’s letter to you. The administrators are functioning well for [the] time they have been in.

– Tish [LeRoy]



Many departments in Jonestown used the back side of paper due to shortage. The notes on this page seem to be random notations from a resident listening to the news, and were not transcribed.


C-8-a-13a – 13b

[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]


  1. Russell [Moton] to make up copy of notes to go into Mon Rapos for information we need for farm.
  2. Charley [Charlie Touchette] to see that cassava mill stove is fixed.
  3. Darrell [Devers] is to note if supervisors are prompt and getting in reports as should be on a daily basis and to write them up if don’t comply.
  4. Have Georgetown contacted Dr. Reed [Ptolemy Reid] through [Vibert] Mingo and see if we can get some of the Santa Gertrudas heifers – try for 20, or as many as can get.
  5. Compost structure to be built at piggery; analysts to visit and select site. Must be completed by next analysts meeting.
  6. Richard [Janaro] to get the measuring tapes to estimate weight of cattle and pigs – [Mike] Prokes to push daily on this.
  7. Slaughter schedule for pigs and chickens to be made up by Joyce [Touchette] and Jack [likely Beam, could be Barron], [errant notation of “Guy.”]
  8. All analysts-inspectors are to be working 6 hours daily in the fields.
  9. Agriculture has 3 days to get their department in order or entire dept. will be on the floor – including work patterns, supervisors and reports that are to be done.
  10. Weekly breakfast meetings for crews to be initiated again starting this week.
  11. Daily reports to be in or supervisors to be written up.
  12. Tractor drivers to be told not to cut new paths with tractors and tear up fields. CT [Charlie Touchette] was advised to inform his drivers also.
  13. Trial fertilizing of pastures – 10-day test to be done: measure off. one acre and fertilize. Check if healthier in 10 days.
  14. Small animals to have more greens; person from small animals to go out with tractor in the mornings on regular schedule.
  15. Christine Talley to get Rob [Gieg] the research information on the rabbits.
  16. The 5 sows to be kept as a brood sows are to be kept bred and in use so won’t lose fertility.
  17. Test out the landracer to see if fertile; Kentuck to be used for breeding as looks better boar.
  18. Save Ben and Kentuck both at this point.
  19. Cutlass sharpening program as advised by [Tom] Grubbs to be initiated.
  20. Johnny Jones to talk with Joyce on using up canned milk and damp flour; also with Ron and Joyce re full cream milk powder vs Carnation – $1922 vs $630 says Ken [Ken Norton, also known as Richard Grubbs]. How is the wet flour to be used?
  21. Check US on the fuel storage tanks (neoprene plastic) – any So American contacts? Richard to contact the consulates for information.
  22. Cutlass beans to be picked as they turn and taken to cassava mill.
  23. End of day supervisors meeting in Ag office to discontinue; supervisors to have reports in by 7:30 next morning and reports to be done on own time.
  24. Freeze [Kivin Earl “Freeze Dry” Smith] in charge of Herbal; to do reports and planning and get help as needed from pool.
  25. Further research on pasture to be done.
  26. Rob Gieg to start turning in his paper work – has not been doing it but complained it takes too much time…
  27. Russell to be on intensive farm committee and in their meetings.
  28. Russell, Jan [Wilsey], Hugh F. [Hue Fortson] and [Eugene] Chaikin to go to visit Kalle Charan and learn his family-farming methods; arrange to trade something for the 5000# of corn he has to trade with us – fruit trees, or…



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Jim”]

Livestock & Agricultural Commission and PEOPLES FORUM
28 August 78 – Tuesday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Russell Moton
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Organic Farming – Gene Chaikin
  2. Report from the Piggery – Guy Mitchell
  3. Poultry report – Rob Gieg
  4. Nursery and Orchards – Glenda Polite
  5. Growing Bananas – Demosthenes Kutulas
  6. Bricks – Jack Barron
  7. Report from the Herbal Gardens – John Harris
  8. Farm Report – Jack Beam

Followup: Is being handled by the farm analysts and has been assigned.



FOLLOWUP from Peoples Rally of 19 August 78

  1. Must find the man who got charged with homosexuality; accused of approaching boys on the street. MILLER. He wrote and said not satisfied with your answers. The Burton Brothers. I went to the editor of the Chronicle (JJ). He mentioned in passing knowing that I, JJ, was the victim of conspiracy also… Parallel with other ones… Four days later they hired a PR firm. They were there to murder Unica [Unita] Wright and us. Had a large satchel.
  2. WATER FOR DAD – Shonda [Shanda James] should assign a white person to carry his water on the tour and around him. Cannot have it appear using blacks in servitude and might be thusly interpreted. Dad sent two messengers up to stop the music and they didn’t do it.
  3. Band pay attention to those around Dad – take messages he sends up. Play softly in between lead performers.
  4. Typewritten form needed for Dad on every department to be visited on the tour, so he can rehearse it. Comment [on] things made out of scraps, stress the trades blacks are learning here that they were not permitted to learn in the states because of racism, such as tool and die.

That our seniors have usefulness – training are used in providing goods for country that will be much needed. Etta Thompson was in the movement in the states and picketed. Cleve [Cleave] Swinney teaching tool & die a genius whose master skills would have been lost… Going to teach over in [Matthews] Ridge: much machinery down here because blacks and people of color had been prevented from learning maintenance skills on the heavy equipment.

  1. Remind Dad to do rendition of the opium wars.
  2. Clara [LaNue Johnson] and [Tom] Grubbs to teach us memory drills.
  3. Dad wants answer is given with the questions.
  4. Assign someone to make the announcements – a person to be there on every shift to make all the announcements – low key! And with discretion and sense of timing. Cut as many as possible. Do as many with running and personal contact as possible. Do no [not] yell or scream, and watch tone of voice. Don’t get on their angry.
  5. Assign someone to rehearse Bruce [Turner] on what he is to say about the people in the machine shop when Dad introduces him and tosses him the ball… Charlie Touchette should be in on the tour.
  6. We have a participatory democracy: departments for everything, but all comes to the people once a week in People’s Forum for decisions.
  7. Once a song about Guyana and national anthem. Diane [Wilkinson]

[Handwritten footnote: “John [Johnny Jones]: Remember set up meeting w/ lawyers on Mike Charles issue –”]



  1. From what he said about the reporters, first said that he – Jim – would have to lead, then named Johnny, because he said that [Carlton] Goodlett would be expecting to talk to him and there’d be hell to pay if Jim didn’t give Goodlett the time. So sounded like he’ll be with Goodlett and you will be guiding the news tour… You might want to confirm.
  2. TOUR: Johnny, [Eugene] Chaikin, Jack Barron, Russell [Moton] (must speak up), Grubbs (he is to brag on black Principal and Clara is to brag on the white principal – Tom – and someone else point out they are not married to each other so no need for them to be like that…) John Harris on the herb table – say did Pathology in College – Sarah [Harriet Tropp], Caroline and Lee [Ingram] also on the tour. Jan Wilsey speak out more.
  3. Chaikin stand by Dad’s side (I presume whenever around reporters) and Sarah be there too. She is a lawyer – got degree if not the license. She needn’t talk about role as farm administrator as she’s not comfortable with that…
  4. Mention David [George], and Amerindian children. Need an engineer on hand to speak about the road and what we are doing – some place in the tour when we can come to him can ask about it…
  5. Who’s going to be talking to [Don] Freed? Joyce Parks could handle the dinner? Wanda King? Hugh [Hue] Fortson … They want certain medications for him.
  6. Tool and die – point out the people who suffered under US racism. Someone lived under slavery, been beat on, shot innocently (Gordon Lockett), by police, saw families lynched and didn’t dare look or would have been hanged with them. Whipped in racist sentiment.

Mention meat every day, fruit, foods of many kinds…

Black companions to be with the light-skinned ones at the luncheon…

Jim, Debbie, Paula [Adams], Mike, Paula, Harriet, Johnny, Carolyn, Chaikin, Anita, Jack Barron, John Harris, Russell and Jan… Terri B. [Buford] should be in the tour with Kay N. [Nelson] and Freed… Dick Tropp – FREED’S HEAD IS WHERE DICK TROPP USED TO BE, SAID SHARON AMOS…

  1. Meeting Sunday at 11 o’clock – later about 3:30 the inspectors gather again to run through the place for final inspection and corrections the need to be made.
  2. Make up list on people in Machine shop for Bruce to talk on… Rehearse him. Mention Diane and what she came out of, prefers working here to a career… Wonderful talent, likes mechanics. Ellihue [Dennis], etc… Show what they are doing together.
  3. Metal fabrication & Welding – [Don] Fitch and Jane [Mutschmann] to be more talkative, let it be worked out what you are making and planning to make – about the steam generator (must work out fuel), dryer, insects sprayer, etc.… Carriage… Stress a great deal on making out of scraps.
  4. Put M for male and F for female on the toilets…
  5. If they ask about wages – What do I do with wages? Everything here is free. Say we don’t have preservatives in food – mention sodium nitrate in all hot dogs, meats and fish – carcinogenic to high degree and cumulative in system… We have a participatory democracy… Departs [Departments] for everything but all decisions finalized in peoples forum weekly…



  1. Diane to sing the song about Guyana… Band to play the national anthem … all stop and stand wherever they are. Men remove hats!
  2. Praise Goodlett for his investigation on the US Senate having gold certificates in the Union of South Africa – over half of the senator…
  3. If asked how much land – say 3800 acres surveyed and cut lines, another acreage of up to 27,000 available to us – can go to 50,000, available if we produce it.
  4. THE PAGODA – Russell to see it gets done… son Johnny Sr. to also see it gets done.
  5. No barrier or gate is to be up at the entrance. See it gets taken down. Instruct Security at the front entrance.
  6. Got money per project from projects, bake sales, offerings (not too much from this – most of that needed stateside) people like Jim have given savings toward it… His Mother [Lynetta Jones] (ASK DAD ABOUT MENTIONING THIS)
  7. Doing for Guyana – free medical clinic handle over 100 a week… Housing in town for those that must go to Gtn for specialists. Free to them. Our people in town care for them there. Free passage in and out on our boat.
  8. Boats – have a boat, Cudjoe, and lease a freighter, Albatross… Cudjoe was a national hero – first to fight the white plantation owners, later went with Cuffey who killed self rather than submit to slavery; died in 1763. Burbese slave rebellion took place in 1763. Guyana has 83,000 square miles of territory.
  9. We particularly act as test center for Guyana – charcoal, wing beans, Cuban black beans…
  10. Make reference to those living farther out – in reference to project sites 1 and 2 (don’t say Camp 1, etc.)…
  12. Be prepared to explain to them about the intensive farming or Asiatic farming… do not refer to it as oriental farming…



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

15 August 78 – Tuesday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Guy Mitchell
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Announcements from Steering – Stephen [Stephan] Jones
  2. Soil Problems in Topical Agriculture – Becky Flowers
  3. Livestock and Piggery – Guy Mitchell
  4. Poultry – Rob Gieg
  5. Report of the Farm Manager – Jack Beam


  1. Did the teachers coach the children on “not saying” they don’t like USA, etc. and that we are not pro-Russia, etc.
  2. Did the medical department check on the distemper shots for our animals?
  3. Has the list been prepared of the persons to be included when our guests arrive?
  4. Did the health officer at the Ridge get contacted re the Malaria salt? What was his commentary?
  5. Did Georgetown send someone to talk to [Vibert] Mingo or call him about getting us the concise and direct information on the quantity of the chlorophyll salt that we will need daily or weekly per person?



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

15 August 78 Peoples Rally – FOLLOWUP

– Dance on platform near the cottages when guests arrive; all participate. Sunday football, volleyball, baseball, etc. games.

  1. Pagoda area – do what can be done. Any swings or other than [that] can be placed there. Have children playing in the area.
  2. Calling each other nigger it is now a PSU [Public Service Unit] offense, automatic.
  3. Those that are older have to quit shouting at people and set an example other than gangland mentality. Show warmth and kindness.
  4. See the people quit calling the FRONT ENTRANCE by its former name.
  5. Those who fail to take medications will be counseling with Marcy [Marceline Jones] on her porch.
  6. Put a lock on the bathrooms and only geriatric, etc. can have the key. Keep it open for Dad at night… His bathroom, that is.
  7. All should be observing the band and those who go into town for us and who are radio room personnel… How political are they? How much social conversation are they engaging in? How is their attitude? Do they smile? Are they good with helping?
  8. A group of youth should be learning the gospel songs – they could do a lot of good going through the Georgetown churches and performing. The songs of slavery are our roots… Even through their biblical connotations, they were sung from the hearts of our people. They didn’t come out the white man’s civilization… They came from our roots. They came out of our history and every one feels the soul in our songs. That could do us more good than any can realize.
  9. Dad wants to hear from Lois [Ponts] about Mary Rodgers’ weight every week.
  10. Dad wants Georgetown told that they did a shoddy broadcast. Did not tell them it was our music. Was fiasco. You can’t walk in 5 minutes before and have it come off as though it were prepared. Ellie [Eleanor Beam] did better when they were not coaching her.
  11. Dad said the small pavilion must be fixed by time the guests arrive.
  12. Theresa [Teresa King] is to put a synopsis of Tank on the blackboard for the test.
  13. Teach the children to cry over only what is important. Reason with them.
  14. Nurses are to take turns and tour the Pavilion during service and see who needs to be relieved.
  15. People here should write letters of appreciation to [attorney John] Frolich… He did what our own attorney would not do. HE PUT THEM ON NOTICE. They came back and said to Tim Clancy, “We’ll get him.”
  16. DAD WANTS TO SEE THE TEST PAPERS on all that are passing and will be exempt from the following test…
  17. Still need more to write up their stateside experiences; there will be special reward for those who do. Turn in to Jan [Jann] Gurvich.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

AUGUST 11, 1978
AUGUST 13, 1978

  1. JACK [likely Beam, could be Barron]: Was the location for the cage referred to Jonestown Planning Committee?
  2. Personally follow up on this: Russell’s [Moton] time has to be scheduled and watched closely or things does not get done – Tish [Leroy] suggested a schedule (check-in type), this is to be set up this week.
  3. DARRELL [Devers]: Gene [Chaikin] wants to start with some fresh seed from Gtn – this was not scheduled and should be done.
  4. Did Gene get with Shirley [Smith] to do a quickie plan by Monday 14-8-78 [August 14, 1978]?
  5. Becky [Flowers] to reschedule peanuts to whom has it been scheduled?
  6. Has the planting of the radishes and greens started yet or when will it get started? Is to be done right away.
  7. Russell is to make a list of specific suggestions of things to be done (from the pathologist in Mon Rapos) and to see that these are carried out.
  8. Russell is to disinfect the machinery and tools – or show the proper people how it is to be done.
  9. Has Russell given the proper instructions to Ernestine [Blair] yet?
  10. Has Russell explained to sprayers that greens are not to be sprayed in the heat of the day – that it destroys them
  11. Becky needs to schedule the underbrush to be cut back out by citrus behind Dad’s house.
  12. Russell to make sure that sprayers are using the mister and using it correctly. (Sprayed the cottage area last week and was bad on the banana trees).
  13. Carolyn Kirkendall to tell Darrell and Jack immediately in the future on anything that is not completed on schedule. Should have a time log for follow-up and confer with Jack daily to see what has been done and what hasn’t.
  14. Carolyn should make a log so that she can check all supr’s [supervisors], reporting in on what needs to be done in the field.
  15. Russell is to be responsible for the chemical report, is he doing this and checking with Earnestine [Ernestine Blair] each day?
  16. Has list been made on task instructions for agriculture?
  17. Has set-up been arranged for a training in-service program
  18. Has Shonda [Shanda James] and others been notified not to take guests thru garden area as has been done in the past.



  1. Has a resolution been set up yet with Safety committee and CT [Charlie Touchette] about the danger at the Cassava mill? Has people been given proper instructions each time they use the machinery?
  2. Has CT fixed the stove in the Cassava Mill?
  3. The scheduling with tractors needs to be improved – is this being done?
  4. Is Bananas being brung to piles, or is this planned to be done, every so many feet apart, along the road?
  5. Are supervisors getting up and out on the job to get their people off to work on time? On late mornings are the supr’s stressing promptness and to work hard and wake up?
  6. Did Darrell announce to all that any trees falling over should be kept up and should notify the banana crew of fallen trees? Front Entrance should be kept spotless at all times.
  7. Did Darrell get with Tom Grubbs to set up the cutlass training program?
  8. Is the Cassava down the road to be plowed under, if so when?
  9. Has Rob [Gieg] and Jack figured out what they need in chicken wire for construction? Have they ordered it yet?
  10. What did CT say about the generator for the piggery?
  11. Did Lee [Ingram] get with the person for instructions on contacting James Smith about pasture lands?
  12. Has Russell located a new site for the compost pithouse?
  13. Has Demo [Demothenes Kutulas] started his schedule of propping up the bananas yet?
  14. Has the seed boxes and lathe been completed? This is to be completed this week?
  15. Have the rabbits been moved to the piggery or chickery? If not has definite schedule been set as to when they will be moved?
  16. Has any feedback on the weight tapes came back from Gtn?
  17. Has precise scheduled and set up between Joyce [Touchette] and Guy as to the slaughter?



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

12 August 78 – Saturday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Jack Beam
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  2. Soil Problems in Topical Agriculture – Becky Flowers
  3. Report of the Farm Manager – Jack Beam


  1. Is the road moving along with the scheduled cosmetic changes?
  2. How near to completion are the model cottages?
  3. How soon will the macramé hangers and the paintings be completed and put up before guests arrive?
  4. Did the bamboo cups get started: Ken Norton [also known as Richard Grubbs] and Tom Grubbs were to get together and a committee to work on it was named.
  5. When will the 6 cylinder engine be put in the pickup truck?
  6. All were to be SMILING CONSTANTLY and making the “V” signal to each other – still not being done enough. Need more smiles and V’s…



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

12 August 78 RALLY FOLLOW-UP

  1. Be sure to use the term “community” in place of the term “family.”
  2. Teachers to coach the children:
    1. Do not say you “don’t like the USA” – rather, just say that you like Guyana “better” than the USA.
    2. If they ask if you are a socialist, say – what do you mean? If you mean how we live here, that’s what I like… I like our lifestyle here.
    3. No – we are not pro-Russia or pro China or pro anything… We are for Guyana and we like the United States.
  3. Dad wants distemper shots looked into for our dogs and animals. [Marginal note: “John Harris”]
  4. Dad said that the only way we can be sure we won’t betray is that we NOT INDULGE in the creature comforts that WEAKENED us and would have made us betray.
  5. Dad holds all responsible when a senior gets in the news or test line – see that they get moved to the front so they are not left standing. The medical staff should also be watching the line for any who should not be having to stand, also.
  6. When the author of Parallax View [Don Freed] gets here, Dad was some medical, educators and the regular greeters and few others – wants them around whenever he starts talking. They are to listen to his pitch and take their turn from what he is saying.
  7. John or Lee [Ingram] contact the health officer in the Ridge on how much salt we must have weekly – or daily. Also [Marginal note: “being done”]
  8. Dad wants us to radio [Vibert] Mingo to get us direct and concise information on the quantity needed daily or weekly.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

11 August 78 – 9:30-12:15 AM
Friday night

Attendance: Jack Beam, Jan Wilsey, Gene Chaikin, Darrell Devers, James Morrell [Bogue], Don Bowers [Bower], Shirley Gieg, Rob Gieg, Johnny Jones, Demosthenes Kutulas, Russell D. Moton, Marie Rankin, Carolyn Kirkendall, James Simpson, Chris [Christine] Talley, Wesley Breidenbach, Guy Mitchell, Earnestine Blaire [Ernestine Blair], Alleane Tucker and Kevin Freezedry Smith, and Shirley Smith.


  1. Anteaters cage and location
  2. Garden planting – serious problems
  3. Problems with Russell’s follow-through
    1. disease transmission, field to field
    2. spraying not being done
    3. sprayers not being taught correctly
    4. paperwork with Ernestine incomplete
  4. Need to rotate garden tour
  5. Cassava Press and Safety Committee and CT [Charlie Touchette] challenge.
  6. Tractors in major coordination lag with jobs that need doing.
  7. Bananas looking terrible and 1 week till guests arrive
  8. Training program needed for use and care of cutlasses
  9. Cassava down the road to be turned under?
  10. Garlic vines?
  11. Where are we on 3 week planting schedule?
  12. Moving Fence at Chickery – replace with barbed wire
  13. Purchase of 500 white Leghorn layers? (As chicks)
  14. Follow-up list
  15. seed orders to go thru Chaikin, Jack and then to FEB [Finance Evaluation Board]

ANTEATER Cage – The anteater is digging down a foot a day where he is presently caged. Gene wants to donate him to a zoo in Gtn. We are not finally in any position to build a zoo at this time, and we have a lot of problems because of this – nor do we anticipate the financial costs of a zoo being practical until we have a balance between income and expense in Guyana. Our move should be to cut all extra projects to cut expense.

Location for the cage was referred to the JONESTOWN PLANNING COMMITTEE.

Garden Planting: James Morrell stated that the garden is in a disastrous situation – worse than he has ever seen it. Must be some planting done, and must be done now. Shirley Smith has recently taken over charge and care of the garden, but this has been in the rainy time when she has had little time to get it straightened out – she inherited a lot of problems.

Gene originally came up with a plan and we had one of our best producing gardens when we first started out said Jan. Thinks he should help plan another. Gene committed to help Shirley with the paper work. However, we have major problems with the present soil said Gene. It is ridden with disease and bugs.

The new garden plan is for 1/2 acre parcels and we cannot get on that until weather allows plowing. Morrell feels that we can get some things planted in West Garden in the bottom area, and even something in is better than nothing. Must use more natural fertilizer – need transportation and the rotary plow to turn it under. Shirley




requesting chicken manure. All to be put on the new garden area and turned under. Can go down trails and turn it under later as we get it.

James Morrell charged that at this point in time we don’t have a garden and asked, “are we going to wait 2-3 weeks more to start this?” Russell said that the only thing holding it is the tractor that is down… THERE WAS A LEAK IN AN OIL LINE AND WE LOST AN ENGINE ON THE TRACTOR. IT BURNED OUT FROM NO OIL. It wasn’t said if there were gauges that should have been watched, checked, etc.? This happened Friday, today, the 11th.

Simpson wanted to know why not planted in greens? Could not get it plowed. Russell wants to spread the compost on the new area and get it turned under.

James Morrell feels we should spread it on a specific size plot of land, so that enough is used – and then plow like it should be done rather than half-assed… Morrell feels must get something in to keep land producing. All generally agreed with him. Gene commented that the plan must be done before the fertilizer – that you fertilize differently for eggplant than you do for greens than you do for beans. Gene to do a quickie plan with Shirley on this by Monday.


Gene feels we should go down to the new acreage and start fresh. He says that he has never seen such disease since he has been here. CHARLIE AGREES and added that the farmers down river only planted fields 5-7 years… At 3 years they began moving to another site; the old area is “used up” in 7 years. MORRELL POINTED OUT THIS WILL NO LONGER BE THE CASE WHEN WE DO THE INTENSIVE AGRICULTURE… But it is a condition we are facing now on the present grounds. It is too much accumulated disease.

Gene wants to start with some fresh seed from Georgetown.

[Handwritten marginal note for section: “What kind of new seeds, how many, when? Can Russell check the existing seeds for disease”]

Coffee too much for Shirley – In the transition, Shirley was handed the coffee trees. It was decided this should go back to the orchard crew. They are trained and equipped to deal with it and the garden crew has too much on their hands getting our fields back in shape. Will start the new garden fresh on acre or 1/2 acre plots.

Shirley expressed she felt they were blaming her for what she inherited. IT WAS EXPRESSED TO HER THIS IS NOT THE CASE. WE REALIZE SHE JUST TOOK IT OVER…

Jan says she wants to put in 6-month cassava in the old garden area until we are ready to put in the rest of the housing.

Peanuts – Teena Turner, Cassava and fields, said that she cannot




Analysts – 11 Aug 78

handle the peanuts that had been added to her schedule. Becky [Flowers] is to reschedule this.

2 1/2 to 3 months ago when the Mon Rapos people were out here, we were talking about the disease. Nothing was done by Russell on this… [Marginal note: “GuySuCo [Guyana Sugar Company]”]

NOW – WE HAVE NEED TO GET IN RADISHES AND GREENS NOW… Morrell suggested we immediately put some manure on the 1/2 acre plot and put some people to be in charge of it and get some really good garden growing on that land. Agreed it should be done.

Russell’s Problems – Jan pointed out that again we are having real trouble resulting from Russell’s failure to follow through. In a meeting some time ago, Gene, Russell, Becky and Jan set up procedures to be done to stop the transmission of disease from field to field; this was originated in an analysts meeting and carried out in subcommittee. It was Russell’sresponsibility to see that the procedures then outlined were carried out. He has done NOTHING AT THIS POINT… It has been quite a few weeks probably going on two months since this was set out.

Russell felt he had problems that blocked him, but he did not report back to the committee on this. The Mon Rapos pathologist told us how the garden was going and it was down and down… He made specific suggestions to be done. It was Russell’s responsibility to see this was carried out.

He failed to get the crew supervisors to show the insects; he didn’t do the disinfecting of machinery and tools; he did not do the seeds… He has not treated one seed, in fact. It was decided we should be selective in the seeds we get from our own planting material. [Marginal note: “so the seeds can be disinfected”]

Further, he has not given the proper instructions to Earnestine. Greens are being sprayed in the heat of the day and Russelldid not get through to them that this kills the plants. It burned them up. The citrus at Dad’s house now looks bad. The underbrush needs to be cut back on citrus behind Dad’s house. Russell sprayed it. The field people said they were told to leave the grass and brush around Dad’s place because the security was going to take care of this. Gene mentioned that the path of citrus is just for a hedge; we use rough lemon which is very thorny deliberately as security planting… Is to be a hedge. Yesterday, they sprayed all of the cottage area and the way they did it was VERY HARD ON THE BANANA TREES were supposed to have used a mister and did the spraying with a full stream. Was hard on the trees. BECKY HAD TOLD THEM SPRAY ONLY IN MORNING AND EVENING and this was not done. EARNESTINE IS TO GET HER INSTRUCTIONS FROM RUSSELL AND SHE SAID THAT SHE HAD TAKEN HER INSTRUCTIONS FROM DEMOSTHENES… Demo said that he had told her to use mist… Ernestine is not to fill out the schedule. This is Russell’s job. CAROLINE KIRKENDALL IS INSTRUCTED TO TELL




Darrell AND JACK immediately in the future on anything that is not completed on schedule…

The young beans are just coming out of the ground and 1 1/2 weeks ago told Russell spray needed and it did not take care of the problem… And THEY ARE GETTING RIDDLED WITH BUGS AND BEETLES. Russell’s response was “I know it.”

Gene said the way they are spraying in the cottages, they are shooting about 70% of the spray on the cottages. They spray them with a stream instead of with a mist.

RUSSELL IS TO TEACH THEM HOW TO USE THE MISTER… He has not been with them to check on their work… This just has to be done – immediately. He should have gotten BACK TO JOCELYN, and she should have been complaining loudly to Jack that he had not…


ACAO ITEM – charges and inventory – RUSSELL IS TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHEMICAL REPORT. Ernestine writes down exactly how much is used – she should continue doing this in her INVENTORY RECORDS… This is chargeable to each job and should be turned in such.

TASK INSTRUCTION – Caroline feels that there is need to have a list of instructions for every plant you spray written down. There was general agreement. Write down the tasks and how to do it. Should be done through agriculture. This was agreed. Caroline L. [Carolyn Layton], Harold [Cordell, also known as Bogue] and Tish [Leroy] can help on the listing of tasks. Did this in livestock and need it in agriculture. Classes are to be set out also, in specific subject areas. Caroline Layton suggested A TRAINING IN-SERVICE PROGRAM ON TEACHING PEOPLE HOW TO DO JOBS. Agreed this should be done. You must stay with people to see that they are doing it right – it is not enough just to tell them or show them once…

MOTION PASSED: TO DO THIS IN PROBLEM AREAS. Have the classes and the in-service training program.

Demos said cannot teach a new person every day. True but that key people CAN BE TAUGHT, then they can instruct the new workers as they come into the crew.

GARDEN TOUR – When guests come through, we have been taking them on a tour through the garden. THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED UNTIL OUR GARDENS ARE AGAIN PRESENTABLE. THEY ARE NOT PRESENTLY IN CONDITION TO TOUR. All agreed. Shonda [Shanda James] and others should be notified.

ALSO there is a lot of scrubby stuff the seniors are into. Recommend yank it up and plow and let it lay fallow for a while. Couple rows here and there.




Analysts – 11 August 78

Senior Gardens – JOHNNY JONES said he “has mixed emotions about this.” He would hate to have this happen with all of this rain if we don’t plan on panting back there immediately. “Can also see the part about taking it out and doing it right. It would leave a big gap, and then there is the PR thing we use about planting every square inch possible to food…”



Demosthenes saw the jack fly off and hit one of our people in the arm and hurt him badly. “We were told that it was not being operating correctly,” Demos advised, but he said he still felt it was unsafe. He said the committee felt that it could be fixed better.

CT said that Demos wants a plate welded on top of it. CT doesn’t feel that the place is dangerous. In the first accident, the person was holding onto the jack and even bending back the handle – he applied so much pressure. It has only been since we operated with PT people that we have ever had any trouble. When the nationals operated it, there was never a problem. It was our people that broke it. CT doesn’t think it is dangerous. Anything can be dangerous if it is not operated properly. It should be pulled every 2 or 3 minutes, but our people think they can walk away for 15 minutes at a time. This is improper. They have been told how to use it properly!

STOVE… Teena said the dangerous part of the mill is the stove… She feels it is very dangerous… Can easily get clothing caught… CT said he would see this gets fixed… Is first he has been notified of it.

Tractors – Wesley came to the meeting to PROTEST THE FAULTY SCHEDULING OF THE TRACTORS – misuse of time and equipment. He said he feels we are [not] properly coordinating the tractors and the work, not running often enough and not considerate in the handling. He said he knew there were suckers to be picked up but Becky did not want him doing them… He had only the one day for the farm and he was not used properly… Claims the supervisors do not realize the COST AND TIME VALUE OF THE TRACTORS. The firm supervisors ask the tractor to wait up 2 minutes for one person, leaving 20 people sitting in the trailer, resulting in 20 or 40 minutes wasted time. Wesley gets the trailer up there 10 minutes early so they can long as they finish eating… He checks it out and has it together well before 7 so he can be on time – then they are standing around with tea, etc. after 7. Nobody gets anybody to check on things he claimed. Nobody out there to send the crew down the road if the tractor has a breakdown. He knew there were lot of things to be done; he could have done everything on the farm list in one day – but Becky would not authorize it. He used the tractor for garbage, etc., when could have been used for the farm.




Wesley feels Demos should have the crews bring the bananas to piles, every so many feet apart, all down the road. This will greatly reduct [reduce] the tractor time required to stop and start, save on fuel and equipment costs. GENERALLY AGREED THIS IS GOOD IDEA.

CT says their system is wrong. If you have suckers on the road, you must get 2 or 3 people to go with the tractor and get them picked up, and there are suckers out there on the road now that Demo had said did not need to be picked up – and it looks bad! The cassava needs to be weeded and there are other things they need to be doing better.

60 people waiting for 10 minutes represents 10 hours. CT is mad because the supervisors were not on the job. Supervisors should set the example and be the first ones to get their people out of the area in the morning. The other day work did not start till 10:30 but the supervisors let the people stand around until 11:15 AM before they got started out to work. They are not getting in line early and are not getting their crews out early. The two mornings a week after the rally they should get themselves in gear and mobilize their forces to get on time and get the jobs done.

They should assist the servers to see they don’t serve past the 20 till 7 on firsts or 10 till 7 on seconds.

Becky said she went to Demos and he wanted to cancel the tractor for that day. It was to have been done Tuesday. Jacksaid he doesn’t want it to happen again.

CT said the bananas are beginning to look terrible and one week before the guest will be here. Becky giving Demos 40-50 people to get them cleaned up tomorrow. Will take several days. It takes all the crews just to maintain the road – is 3 days work. The trees are down and left there if they have bananas until they ripen, then taken out. Some can be propped.


Cutlass Training – A program is needed and Tom Grubbs has an idea for this. Tom not here tonight – Darrell is to have Tom set this up for us.

CASSAVA IN ROAD – Jan thinks it should be turned under. James Morrell says should pull the sticks out first and then leave them to be plowed under – that way will not leave stubble.

GARLIC VINE – Caroline K. asked about this vine. Jan reported we have looked for the planting material. The leaves smell and taste like garlic. Have not been able to get any.



Analysts 11 Aug 78


PLANTING SCHEDULE – Query where are we on the 3 weeks planting schedule…

They are so far behind on the plowing is a major problem. Haven’t rotovated. Finally got some done today. Beans were to have been planted in the area. JAN THINKS IT IS TOO LATE TO PLANT THE BEANS. Says not going to be able to plant them now, so they must re-evaluate and make a new plan for planting…

CHICKERY FENCE – Rob wants to move the fence back at the chickery to give them another 50 feet of ground. Wants to use some of the barbed wire fencing from here. It won’t hold in the chickens, but Rob said they never wander anywhere anyway. (DOES IT DETER ANY OF THE SMALL WILD ANIMALS THAT WOULD ATTACK CHICKENS?) They stay near their pens.

EGGS – We are getting only 130 eggs a day and the kitchen needs at least 200 day just for the babies and children. We got about 50 hatched out. Every time we seem to lose a whole bunch of them – this last time it was the generator that went out.

BUY PULLETS – Rob asked permission two by about 500 pullet chicks day olds – last time priced they were costing $1.85 each. Then combine these with what we have. Put them in one building – then when we get the new building up, after aluminum comes in, put the pullets in the new building. At our present rate, we will not get our layers up by hatching.

Plan to use the 1” chicken wire to divide. Will have to buy more. We need what we have at the piggery to protect against the bats. Will probably have to get the chicken wire out of Georgetown.

A BACKUP GENERATOR DOWN THERE IS NEEDED. Recommend we get the wire, the baby chicks and the generator.

After we get the chicks, will take about 6 months before they become layers. ASKED ABOUT BUYING A LARGER PULLETS. GET IN TOUCH WITH RICHARD [Janaro] and ask if he got any information on pullets. Talk with CT about the generator.


Monkey cage – Did not get placed or located in park area. Not yet placed.

Cupric Sulphate? Russell started using it on the bananas, need to mist it.

Truck – Is here.

Daily Reports – Caroline says they are reporting.

James Smith – Was to be contacted about the pasture lands and what we might do to remedy them. HAD NOT DONE IT YET, SAID LEE [Ingram]. HE WOULD GET WITH SOMEONE AFTER MEETING FOR INSTRUCTIONS.




Pastures – Committee went down – the pastures need to be re-plowed. Site not yet located for new compost house.

Propping bananas – Demos has a schedule set up but has not gotten it started yet. This must be started.

PASTURES – James Morrell commented that to fertilize the pastures now would probably not be best use of fertilizer, that the larger grasses that the cows will not eat would probably draw most of the nutrients from the fertilizer so it would be wasted. Said should put up some barbed wire fence, but this takes time and people we do not have just now.

Lathe & boxes – Jack has arranged the 40 additional seed boxes and the lathe.

Rabbits – Rob is taking them to the chickery – They have not yet been moved down there.

Landscaping – Not yet completed but Gene has done about all he can with the plants he has to work with. Was not counting on all of this so has to plant out what he had in the nursery. This is about all used up. Will be done by Monday with what he has to do with.

Appts for Crew – Medical appointments are being given. The crews were wandering about and not being there when names called. IS is now being called to pick them up for PSU if they are not there on time for their appointments.

Test Program – Guy said he got it set up and has checked with Harold on his paper work to see that it will be adequate.

Cassava & Cutlass – Guy was to figure schedule for the cassava tops and cutlass beans needed for his feed program. He got the figures done with Morrell and is getting with Wanda [King] to get the weights and then will give to Jan for planning

Meas[uring] Tape for live and dead weight on pigs and cattle – We did get the radio message to Richard [Janaro] but he forgot it. He will do it when he goes back in. We need it in the test program.

Garbage – It is getting down to the piggery daily when they have it.

Schedule for slaughter – They are setting down to figure next time to slaughter. Apparently a precise schedule is not yet done.

Chipper – The safety committee DID POST THE SAFETY RULES ON THE MACHINE.

Time/horn – The time is now being announced daily and the horn is blowing on time.


8 August 78 – Tuesday

1) In future, Ava [Jones] to bring in from Georgetown all persons involved when they are reported goofing up… bring in also the person writing them up… Teddy was misrepresented.

2) Evaluations of stateside happenings and life situations in to Jan [Jann] Gurvich for the book: even one incident written in detail can be important – i.e., Joe Wilson when bus was surrounded by racists at Jack in Box in Santa Rosa.

3) Be sure Georgetown people know we don’t want to go into courts at all, only as last resort.

4) Get out of militaristic language: don’t say “report” to radio room, etc. and all should respond when called in gentle terms.

5) Don’t reflect on weather, food – or where negative connotations could influence others.

6) Don’t say, “Thank you, Jim.” Rather, say just, “thank you.”

7) Be prepared to talk to anyone that comes up and in the meetings, call on someone each time to quiz and teach.

8) What kinds of food do you have? Coffee, tea, fruits, salads, vegetables, and meat – rice, sweet potatoes – every kind of fruit you can imagine… oranges, grapefruit, pineapples, mangoes – we have peanut butter and cheese. Fish, pork, beef, chicken… we cook some and we smoke some of our meats.

9) Refer to the dorms as “apartments”…

10) If they ask what happens if you don’t follow the rules? Say that it is a community problem and is handled in our town forum – we have a total democracy: everybody has a voice. We deny them few privileges for few days.

11) Do not use the word family – because of the Mooney [Moonie] family, and the Manson family, it has a poor connotation to most US people – the capitalists have done this to weaken the family structure.

12) What privileges are denied them…? Well, movies, recreation, TV, etc. Never talk about public services. We don’t categorize people. We deny them “some” recreation privileges. Some extra things they like to do we take away for a few days. This will be the most important thing on the test.

13) The way we get the wonderful behavior is to reward people for good behavior. We give special meals they can select for themselves, trips, records or something they want very much.

14) If asked why you came here? Because I wanted to. I didn’t like the racism. I don’t have anything against the United States – my family soon will be coming here. However, we didn’t visit that much when we were there, so am not really lonely for them. I just love it here too much to go back…

15) If asked what kind of work you do. Caution if a senior… say “I keep up my yard… work in my garden… sew a little. Seniors aren’t required to work, but I like to do some things. We have planned exercise and recreation time – we have plenty to do – or we can just relax when we want to.

16) What do you do with your money? What do you mean? I have my money – but


8 August 78


you don’t have to pay here. How much do I have? – Really!! That’s my own affair. Really, money doesn’t mean much here because you don’t need money. I can travel where I want to… I go into Georgetown occasionally, and other towns on the coast.

17) I hated the pollution and the crime in the states. We had several robberies in our neighborhood and there was so much crime. But it is like that in big cities all over the world.

The air is so beautiful here. The trade winds blow all the time and cool our days and nights. We have no earthquakes, cyclones or tidal waves here.

18) Snakes? We have none around here. We have never seen snakes, tigers or mosquitoes. We had a fly problem but we got on them without flyswatters. Now, they are greatly reduced. Right now there are more flies than we usually have.

19) We take a prevention against malaria in our foods.

20) Our health? It is very good. We have a clinic and a hospital; it is adequate… It is never all filled. Say – I can’t tell you how much better my health is… My blood pressure has gone down, my weight is normalizing – I see better, have more vitality.

21) Church? – No, we don’t “have” church here. We have town forum every week once, but never more than twice in a week. They don’t like you to go if you feel bad – we have nurses to check you can watch over any who aren’t well.

22) We have a lovely warehouse. I get all that I want right there. We call it Central Supply. And my loved ones stateside occasionally send me something. Everyone here gets the same treatment. If you don’t have relatives that provide you with things, you can get it from Central Supply, or they will order it for you if it is not on the shelf. All needs are met.

23) Recreation – well, we have TV, cards, checkers, dominoes – we have performances and entertainment, vaudeville type of things. We have special treats on Sundays: popcorn, candy, special cookies.

24) Do not say we came over here to avoid concentration camps. Make “no” reference to concentration camps at all!!!

25) Do you have weapons? No – we are a peaceful, nonviolent people. We have always been peaceful. We don’t beat or hit people – we have no brutality.

26) Do you hunt for food? Yes, we go fishing, otherwise hunting has not been needed – but we are learning about the jungle. You must go deep into the jungle to find the bush cow or wild boar – we have bows and arrows.

27) Do you put people in boxes or bury them? No – that’s ridiculous. Those who went out have told terrible lies about us. Some of those people stole from us. Others wanted to do violent and revolutionary acts – militant things – we said no, and so they left the church.

28) Do not refer to Guyana as the “promised” land – or freedom land. Say, if asked why you came here and did anyone make you… Say, “I made up my own mind.”


8 August 78


I had heard about it from people who had been over there and returned to the States. It was far more than they had described it to be.

29) We should write to those back there. Tell them without spelling it out but they will gather what is going on (stateside) if they just read all sides of the issues he lets you are bound to see what is happening (the rise of KKK, etc.)

30) What’s the tower for? – Oh, you mean the Pagoda… well, we designed it to generate electricity and have plans for slides coming down from it for the playground… there’s nobody in it…

31) Do they tell you who you are going to marry? No. Boy, you people sure are listening to a lot of lies… We choose to marry as we please and whom we please and when we please. We don’t marry unless we want to.

32) Do you have security here? Why? There are no fences here – all of us know the free train, we know the engineer – we helped him and saved his baby’s life, the medical staff did… Anyone can get on the boats going out of here. We have no security against our own people – and are not bothered by  intruders out here. So why would we need security?

33) No children to go in grassy areas – there is great danger of snakes. The snakes will not go into our areas, they are coming out of the jungle due to the heavy rains and because it is so wet in there. Instruct the children… over and over… people aren’t showing enough gratitude.

34) Dad doesn’t want any dog that bites!! It is a matter of the attitude of the owner of the dog. They take on your disposition!

35) Do we talk of suicide? Do we take potions? – What? No – of course not. We absolutely do not believe in suicide. It is a selfish act. Leaves terrible pain and guilts on those left behind – it is a terrible thing to do.

36) What kind of schools? – We have only the very best. We have an exceptional student teacher ratio, also. Only 8-9 students per teacher here – but back in the states they have 40-50 in a class. Our teachers are trained in school guidance, counseling, remedial problems, fantastic audiovisual section and we have a library of 20,000 plus books when we get all of them that are en route. We have all kinds of books – every subject you can imagine, including fiction, history, sciences, art, music – every possible subject. We have all kinds of music, too – from albums and tapes we brought over.

Our teachers teach people’s minds and stress creative learning: they create logical thought and not just chance thinking. Our children are taught to reason and analyze for themselves.

37) Do the children have to work? No – they don’t have to work. Yes, we have a day care nursery. We have a lot of children from the outside, too. Some of our mothers are career minded and the best day care is provided their children while they are on their jobs or in training.

In the day care nursery, our children are there with good nurses, etc. They have games that teach perceptual motor activities. For instance, if you don’t learn to crawl properly they don’t develop good motor reactions


8 August 78


in their bodies. The person who cannot control their body cannot control anything in life. It is giving the child the opportunity to succeed in everything in life.

38) The recreational planners should have regularly scheduled games and cards, etc., going on the time he is here.

39) Even the remediation for a lot of education problems goes back to these skills.

40) Do you have art? Yes – we have a lot of art – and a lot of artists. Aurora, a senior from our herbal kitchen, is a regular grandma Moses.

41) We don’t force children to walk before they are ready nor do we toilet trained into early… we let them take their time and come into these things naturally. We give rewards but do not believe in making them feel any guilt.

42) Do we have any bedwetters? – not that I know of. Of course I don’t know everything going on in the community – but I haven’t heard of any.

43) Do we vote? – no, we don’t vote in Guyana elections or participate in politics at all. We see good in all socialists and believe that every nation has nationalism. We aren’t pro-anything… we believe in cooperative living.

It is a form of the “kabutz” [kibbutz]. The Jewish practiced it.

44) We are not pro-Soviet; we are not pro-China – we are non-aligned. We are for the people and want them to be free. We are not against the US.

45) Those that work 8 hours a day. We have a lot of holidays… the country has holidays and we have weekends off. If they want to work extra hours, they do that. It is not required.

46) We have music playing in the pavilion much of the day, and it is played over the P.A. system during lunchtime. See that this is done!

47) We have plenty of meats – rabbit, chicken, lots of pork, beef and lots of fish and occasionally something caught in the jungle – acury [peccary], etc.

48) What is the function of the pharmacy? If they do not live with children, they have their own supplies – but if children live in the house we keep all medications in central care… in the states there are so many medicine chest deaths… We take medicine to those that don’t keep it themselves. The pain medicines are all brought to them. We have community nurses to go through to each of them from door to door. We have no medicine chest deaths here.

49) We have never had a snake bite in our community because we teach people to deal with nature.

50) We have no preservatives in our food and no artificial coloring – our food comes to us just as nature made it… it is far healthier.

51) We don’t sneak or trick people. We don’t make fun of people – we work for good character through positive reinforcement.

52) We are not religious – we don’t smoke or drink, not for religious


8 August 78


reasons, but for health reasons. The US Health Department says that now it is even so conclusive with heart attacks and lung cancer and only about 4% of the people with lung cancer who don’t smoke…

53) How many places do you know where there are medical house calls?

54) If they ask about joining us… say: Yes, you can join, but we have a long list. The man at the head of our livestock never belonged to our church. We have a lad in now who had never been inside our church. He got engaged to a girl here and came with her and loves it here.

55) Does Jim Jones live higher than the people? No – he eats just the same as the people eat.

56) We get the news – from BBC and Voice of America and some other stations, and also the Voice of the Armed Services, Netherlands, England, Radio Canada… and we read the newspapers and magazines that we get.

57) Limited housing? – well, not all live in the central area. Some are of recluse types and we have people living further back in the bush area…

Some like Tom Kice who can tell them… No, he doesn’t want any visitors. That is why he lives out there. “I am just a loner and don’t want any people to bother or be around me.”

58) Do not use the word “comrade.” Rather, use the words Mr. or Mrs.

59) If asked where you keep your money, say, “why, I keep my money…” it is perfectly safe here – no one steals or thieves here. I have it secured… perhaps as I get to know you I may tell you where I hide my money.

60) If they ask if you have freedom of movement… ask: what do you mean? Tell them, “I go where I want to.” “Every week people go and come from Georgetown – they go to Venezuela, Trinidad, Surinam for medical and shopping trips… and on one occasion we sent someone stateside.

All must know every detail of this…

61) If someone passes, we do is call the person who takes care of deaths in Port Kaituma… and we bury them. We have been given permission in Georgetown to bury people here. Not many deaths here though.

62) All are to dump their shoes before putting them on – spiders and bugs…

63) Marital problems – relationships – We don’t believe that in the community this close a man can go from woman to woman without a lot of trouble in the community. You can easily get a divorce here – it only takes 3 months in Guyana law. We do have a code not to betray trust while in the marriage.

64) We keep wanting to improve what we have – we plan to build a floor in our central pavilion so the people can dance – we can dance on the dirt but it will be nicer to have a floor. That is planned for soon. We want to have more planting in our yards; we want to help the rest of the world with food – we have plenty for ourselves.

65) Are there any complaints – Well, I haven’t heard any myself.

66) All complaints must stop. Any who do not speak or smile must be reported.


8 August 78


67) If asked how we named our town Jonestown… tell them: Someone in the government named it Jonestown. No, we didn’t have anything to do with naming the community.

68) When you came to do think it would be for good? Yes… we were told if we wanted to come back the church would not be in a position to pay our way… We are not required to stay, nor are we promised a return ticket. We were told that before we came – many times.

69) We are trying to help make Guyana self-sufficient. We are growing foods, making bricks, soap, folding chairs, toys… we give free medical care… Of course Guyana wants us to get our own people settled first.

70) In the US there was no land available and here we can lease for 100 years and we don’t have to deal with the crime and racism that you do in the industrial countries. We are glad to help the US in any way… but our political views are varied. We don’t make a difference about politics.

71) If Dad says PNC talk socialist.

72) Need schedule on John Harris… need him to work also with small animals and spend “some” time down at piggery.

73) In future, consult with doctor directly on the shots.

74) IS – is to be called the night helpers or the day helpers

J.T. [Jonestown] police to be called night workers and day workers

75) Give your original names when guest is here – do not use your socialist names such as Lenin, Che Guevara, etc.

76) All praises are to be signed.

77) Johnnie Jones Sr. was to try to tape and record some of the comments of the Guyanese about our brothers and sisters working together.

78) Weight watchers to work out the way to prevent double servings from being given.

79) Under the apartments, work place to be made neater and cleaner.

80) Medical department post so people can watch for early signs of cancer.

81) Every dorm to have a meeting and assign the chores to each person and see that each one knows and agrees to what she or he is to do… There is to be no favoritism.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

8 August 78 – Tuesday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Becky Flowers
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Announcements from Steering – Stephen [Stephan] Jones
  2. Intensive Farming in Jonestown – Gene Chaikin
  3. Soil Problems in Tropical Agriculture – Becky Flowers
  4. Report of the Farm Manager – Jack Beam


  1. Is the dump truck coming out on the Jamida?
  2. Did we get the Hollywood movies back to Georgetown?
  3. Are we moving on the road on schedule to finish before newsmen arrive with the cosmetic finish?
  4. How near to completion are the model cottages?
  5. How soon will the macramé hangers and the paintings be completed and put up before guests arrive?
  6. Did the bamboo cups get started? Ken Norton [also known as Richard Grubbs] and Tom Grubbs were to get together and a committee to work on it was named.
  7. Chaikin reports landscaping of unsightly areas is ahead of schedule and moving along well.
  8. Tea is being served at night with volunteers and the sign in and out of cups as Dad requested is being done.
  9. When will the 6 cylinder engine be put in the pickup truck?
  11. Was the large black cat castrated?
  12. THE MAP SITE FROM PLANNING WAS TO BE UP ON WALL IN PAVILION… Is this done? If not when will it…
  13. Is the crate warehouse scheduled for construction, Charlie [Touchette] – or what do you have planned for the crates coming out?



[Blank page, reverse site of C-8-a-23a]



5 August 78


  1. Place to put monkey cage?
  2. Discussion about Inspectors.
  3. Replacements for Philip [Blakey] and Solomon
  4. Cutlass Bean Fields

[handwritten additions]

  1. Pasture grasses – Guy Mitchell
  2. Weekly Schedule for Propping Banana Trees
  3. What’s to be done w/ structure by nursery
  4. Rabbits to be moved to Piggery
  5. The Time Schedules
  6. Landscaping – Gene [Chaikin]


    • (A.) Is Darrell [Devers] doing follow-ups on inspector reports?

(B.) Did the Inspectors check back to see follow-ups done? Were they all done?

(C.) Are the agricultural “preference appointments” being given the farmworkers as set up?

(D.) Has Caroline [Carolyn] Kirkendall begun the harvest and planting registers? Where are these being kept? Should be in the Agricultural office where they are available information to the analysts.

(E.) Did the piggery set up the schedule for Becky [Flowers] on when and how much they will be needing of cutlass bean for their feed program?

(F.) Did piggery set up records on the test-feed program? And if so, please bring it in for Harold [Cordell, also known as Bogue] or Tish [Leroy] to check it… When the pigs are ready for slaughter, we need to be able to figure which of the two programs was more costly per #.

(G.) Did Jack [likely Beam, could be Barron] and Darrell talk with Joyce T. [Touchette], and is the garbage being sorted and sent to the piggery and being cooked with small amount of commercial feed for the pigs? If not, why not?

(H.) Did Joyce T. give Jack the amount of poundage she could handle in the freezers and smokehouse, and have we not got a slaughter schedule on the pigs?

If any problem on this, we need to know the daily cost per pig and Dad needs to have the information immediately. Every day passed the slaughter time is costly to us – unnecessarily.

(I.) Did the compost pit get started? Was the chipper put into operation and the organic materials added to the waste?

(J.) Who is being trained to operate the Chipper? And has the safety committee been called down to inspect it and arrive at safety rules for it? If not, when will this be done?

(K.) What is happening with the tractor schedule for Charlie [Touchette]? Who has responsibility for this?

(L.) Has the proposal for ACAO been written up on tractors to Agric?

[Blank page, reverse site of C-8-a-24a]



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

FOLLOW-UP LIST – Analysts meeting of 5 August 78

  1. Did the monkey cage get placed or located in the park area?
  2. What did Russell [Moton] decide on the bananas? Did he use the oil spray with cupric sulphate on the bad ones, as our guest suggested?
  3. Radio message to go in regarding the truck.
  4. Are Russell and Morrell [James Bogue]and others getting their daily reports into Caroline K. [Carolyn Kirkendall] as requested in last meeting?
  5. Did Johnny contact James Smith at Aracaca?
  6. Did the committee meet Wednesday and check out the pastures and locate a site for the compost house to be placed?
  7. Demos [Demosthenes Kutulas] to set up regular schedule for propping the trees – is this done?
  8. Did Jack [likely Beam, could be Barron] arrange the 40 additional seed boxes and the lathe?
  9. Were the rabbits moved to the piggery? Are they working out well there?
  10. Did the landscaping Gene [Eugene Chaikin] is assigned get completed this week? If not, what is the delay?
  11. How is the medical preference for farm workers working out?
  12. Did Guy [Mitchell] get the test program set up? Did he check with Harold or Tish [Leroy] to see that paper work is adequate?
  13. Did Guy and Morrell sit down and figure schedule for the cassava tops and cutlass beans for Becky [Flowers] and Jan [Wilsey]?
  14. Did radio message go to Richard [Janaro] in town to get measuring tape for the live and dead weights of pigs and horses, or cattle?
  15. Is the garbage getting down to piggery daily as requested?
  16. Do we now have an adequate slaughtering schedule set up? And is the smoking process working for us?
  17. Did safety committee post the rules on the chipper? Demosthenes?
  18. Is the time now being announced daily? And is the horn blowing on time?




Analysts Meeting Minutes
5 August 78

ATTENDANCE: Guy Mitchell, Carolyn Layton, Sarah [Harriet] Tropp, Tish Leroy, Teena Turner, Tim Carter, Russell Moton, James Simpson, Gene Chaikin, Daird [David] Goodwin, Jan Wilsey, Carolyn Kirkendoll [Kirkendall], Don Bower, Darrell Devers, Tony Linton, Becky Flowers, Johnny Jones, Romaldo Gieg [also known as Romaldo Hicks], Shirley Gieg, Jason Gieg, Rob Gieg, Chris [Christine] Talley, Garnet Johnson, Demosthenes Kutulas, Vicky Marshall, Glenda Polite, Lee Ingram, Harold Bogue [Cordell] and Jim Murrell [James Morrell
also known as James Bogue].


  1. Place to put Monkey cage.
  2. Discussion about Inspectors
  3. Replacements for Philip [Blakey]
  4. Cutlass Bean Fields
  5. Pasture Grasses – Guy Mitchell
  6. Weekly Schedule for Propping Banana Trees
  7. What is to be done with structure by nursery?
  8. Rabbits to be moved to piggery.
  9. The Time schedules
  10. Landscaping – Gene Chaikin

Monkey Cage – The new monkey cage is to be 4 X 6 X 6 for our little monkeys. This will not fit under the dorms. Must have it relatively close. Is the windrow coming out? Good monkey cage downwind, suggested John. Gene is planning a park area from the poison shed down to Apartment 3. Is presently not planned for anything said Bob.

Zoo? Will cost a lot of $$, water and people so not just now…

Plan to put monkey tentatively in the park area. John asked if we were bypassing the site planning committee. Gene said no, will be a recommendation from analysts to site planning and they will be meeting tomorrow. Charlie [Touchette] will be in site committee and the construction problems can likewise be answered.

Inspectors: When Jan is downriver, Gene will cover for her. Darrell feels should have more inspectors. James Morrell [Bogue] doing 4 hours daily but Finance meeting interferes some, and he is doing the physical Therapy until Edith [Roller] returns. Russell turns in report also. Query if Russell should be an inspector – no final decision on this… First yes, then questioned if his time permits. He is not getting in his reports said Caroline K. [Carolyn Kirkendall], and this must be done. Becky is also covering for Jan.

Jack [either Beam or Barron] asked if we had started the oil spray a guest agronomist from Gtn told us about? No. He said add cupric sulphate [sulfate] to the oil… Gene said have not had the tractor time to spray, and that the fig bananas are the main problem and should be replaced with apple and Cayenne.

Truck – Push to get the truck in here from Georgetown. RADIO MESSAGE TO GO IN ON THIS. The bulldozers were in town too long. Must go to Jamida daily and stay on it talking with the Captain and making friends with him. That is how we got the dozers out finally.



Jan’s report – she said it takes only 2 hours a day to make entire rounds each week as it is scheduled. Some fields are at once, some twice. Caroline K. said couple days did not get reports from Morrell and Russell. Supervisors are giving daily reports. Weekly schedule to Caroline then daily reports.

Philip’s replacement: David George is trained for this also, but must get backup for him. Al Simon can be used. Will also train a sister. We have three have signed up. Chinese and Russians use women for plowing.

Cutlass Bean field – decision awaiting the input from Guy Mitchell on what will be needed.

Pasture Grass: Guy needs some help. Our pastures are going down. Russell said can salvage with Urea and Potash till dry, then burn and plow and put TSP which cannot put in now. Decided more consultation is needed… Harold to bring in cost analysis he did from Gene’s work… Asked for this by Gene. Gene got his information for this from a magazine in Puerto Rico. They have much different soil problems from ours pointed out Morrell. Wants us to talk with James Smith before he leaves. He originally told us to add trace minerals and salt to the animal feed – that is all they do. And, when we thought our cattle had hoof rot, and José Simon looked and told us to add trace minerals… When we did this, the problem cleared up.

Johnny to contact James Smith, farm manager Aracaca livestock Assn and ask about the pasture grasses and what we might do for cheapest and best pasture grass.

COMMITTEE: Guy wants Russell and others to come down… Jim Morrell, Russell, Darrell, José, Harold and Johnny Jones will go down as part of this committee on Wednesday morning to check it all out.

Cutlass – Gene wants to keep 200# cutlass beans for seed. No objections.

Propping Bananas – New thing was to be tried. More than 8 trees down and have bunches on them. Try to use a wire or? Now with more cat trails they see more poles for propping. Should not be losing as many bananas as we are. Demosthenes has more poles in bush to bring out. Will get on this. INSPECTORS WANT DEMO TO ORGANIZE TO GET DONE REGULARLY. He is to bring in his schedule next week…

Structure by nursery: Pole structure – when and how to be finished. Waiting for Alaskan sawmill to complete the cutting of lathe. It is to be a lathe house with partial shade. Having promised Robusta seed… Gene to get 50 boxes and the lathe – got only 10 boxes, nothing else. JACK IS TO SEE CHARLIE ON THIS IN THE MORNING.

Rabbits – These are to be moved to the piggery. Has already been approved by Dad so can go ahead and move them, said Jack. Christine [Talley] and Mauri [Janaro] will alternate coming down to piggery to take care of them.

Couple of rabbits died and John Harris said saw enemia [anemia] in one and bowel obstruction in other. Lack of leafy green vegetables. Talk with Joyce T. [Touchette]. Must be certain kind of grass or will give them diarrhea. RABBITS BEING MOVED TO PIGGERY AREA. Dad should



Analysts – 5 August 78


be notified.

Compost – Shed is designed, said Gene, and hopefully will be pole construction. If we can find them will use Troolies for the roof. HAVE THE WEDNESDAY GROUP GOING DOWN THERE PICK A SITE while they are there. Will enable us to take out the manure and rot it at high temperature and keep down the flies. Can use chipper and feed in organic material.

Landscaping – Gene has plans drawn and must do little more on it: advising analysts will be large drain on labor by next week together completed prior to the arrival of our guests. Will also need tractor, trailer and auger for this.

Lee asked about community program on this – very hard to organize, said Gene with unskilled help. Much confusion, might be disastrous. However, will check with Tom Grubbs for Jr. Hi students.


A. Darrell is doing followups on the inspections reports.

B.The inspectors are checking back to see Darrell has scheduled the work.

C. Medical preference appointments – not working out well. ITEM FOR THE ACAO AGENDA… Teena said one of her people spent 3 hours 20 m off the job waiting for appointment.

Also, one person went to Ava [Jones] after Dr. and Nurse said their excuse was not acceptable. Job changes must be approved both by medical and Jack – this was bypassed. ACAO AGENDA ITEM. Jack needs specific examples cited by his superiors on these items.

D. Caroline is getting some of the information but not all of it. Jan said they can estimate on the field potatoes, etc. No excuse not to do their paper work.

E. Piggery schedule for cutlass beans and cassava tops as needed so that Jan can plan the schedule for the fields. Guy has had problems to figure this – however, James Morrell can help him work out schedule.

We need control figures on the test program, and Guy is to consult with Harold or Tish as SOON as he gets the program set up to be sure what he is compiling will produce the needed end result.

Must have scale for pigs or measuring band. Tish to radio Richard [Janaro] in town and have him get measuring tape for cows and pigs both, live weight and dead weight.

F. Is being done. Will consult. See above…

G. Garbage – Jack and Darrell talked with Joyce who was cooperative, however people in kitchen mixed cans, etc. with it. Were not cooperative when Jack confronted them. Decision of analysts to bring this up in the PEOPLES RALLY AS AN AGENDA ITEM. [Marginal note: “RALLY AGENDA”]

H. Yes – they are slaughtering and have been testing the smoking process… Will be necessary in the phase down, since we have some now to be

slaughtered. 2 went for sausage, 2 smoked and ribs are done… Monday will slaughter 2 more boars and 2 more regular. THE MACHINE SHOP IS MAKING AN APPARATUS FOR OUR GRINDER FOR MAKING LINK SAUSAGES … On those we butchered: the sows were 260# and 280#; the boars were 270# and 250#. Only the suit [suet] meat will need freezing: that to be used for seasoning. The bacons, hams, ribs and shoulders will be smoking or sugar curing.

Will notify dad if any problems – are trying to get this instep S.A.P. since many now already to be slaughtered and eating feed and waiting in line. If the smoking works, we can go ahead and get them slaughtered without the extra feed having to go into them.

I. The compost pit is being completed. Monday pull wood crew in and get the poles. Second dry so can run through chipper. Demosthenes appointed from SAFETY COMMITTEE TO LOOK AT THE CHIPPER AND MAKE UP SAFETY RULES FOR IT… Will post on side of machine.

K. Tractor schedule is done. Becky took responsibility and completed it.

L. ACAO AGENDA ITEM… Details to be written by Chaikin for proposal of transferring the tractors back to agriculture and give Charlie the new truck for transportation. TRUCK COMING OUT FROM GTN.

TIME – Time is to be announced three times daily from radio room. The people going off at 5:30 tell dispatch the correct time. Dispatch to announce the time at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:00.

Piggery Generator Down – This week generator went out at piggery and no one went down to check on it. It came out that the 15 minute check-in’s were not being done. In fact – the piggery sometimes it does not check in. Dispatch was called and Tim Jones came over. Discussion followed and analysts decided that the chickery night watchmen MUST CHECK IN EVERY 15 minutes. They are to do this to be sure they are awake. Johnny pointed out that this was set up because people had been sighted in that area, and it was a safety measure. The people could sleep days – so should not be asleep on the job. Imperative we have them check in: give them a warning and then if they goof – put them on public services and make an example of them. Word will soon get around. If they do not call in by second check in time (1/2 hour) must send someone down there. Tim agreed to this. SHOULD ALSO BE ON THE ACAO agenda if any question.

Horn will blow at noon and at quitting time: 6:00 on rally nights; 6:30 other nights. Dad later came on speaker and confirmed this. No one is to quit work until whistle blows. Carolyn said that as soon as some new cheap watches arrive in Jonestown, she will get three for the agricultural department.




[Handwritten notation: “Johnny [Jones]”]

FOLLOWUP – Peoples Rally 4 August 78
– tl [Tish Leroy]

  1. Dad wants the pineapples watched more closely; people have no right to be eating them individually.
  2. “IS” should take note: CITRUS AREA IS OFF LIMITS and automatic PSU.
  3. Someone in town to drum up business for the stake bed truck we are leaving there; probably Ujara [Don Sly] will have to go in and get the business set up. Will have to make the contacts and do a survey and set up the contracts.
  4. Arrange for the dump truck to come out on the Jamida.
  5. Dad said Carol [McCoy] put thru another follow-up message to Gtn on the draft animals. What is available in the very heavy draft type animals, oxen, jackasses and donkeys, heavy duty horses… Look also for pair of horses that are the same size for cart pulling.
  6. Dad wants Jan Wilsey to go back and get the promised pineapples, they said as many as we want… Same on the cassava. And she is to arrange to take the peanuts to trade, also.
  7. Get the Hollywood movies back into Georgetown.
  8. Dad wants music played in the library.
  9. Tish follow-up on getting the money turned into Gold. John maybe check on this, also.
  10. Road – MUST GET THIS DONE. JOHN SHOULD PERSONALLY CHECK on this in early morning to see what is scheduled to be done for the day – and at end of day to see what has been accomplished. Stephen [Stephan Jones] is cutting the logs and says can get them done. Mike [Touchette] says he can get them brought in. Said [National] Enquirer using this against us.
  11. Model cottages – again, must be completed within a week. Someone should check with Ruby [Carroll] daily, and Ava [Jones] or whoever else is coordinating this.
  12. Macramé and paintings. Ava should check this through. And Lee [Ingram]. Nancy [Sines] and Peter [Wotherspoon] work to get some of this done.
  13. Bamboo cups – ask Ken Norton [also known as Richard Grubbs] and Tom Grubbs to get together on this.

Committee: Bob Davis, Pat, Brenda Jones, Alfreda March, Arlondo [Orlando] Robinson, Edward Ford, Anthony Hicks, Patty Dennis, Chris Morrell, William Jones, Maurice [Marice] Anderson, Steve Addison, Louise Shavers, Nikki Mitchell, James Ford…

  1. Is medical and dental turning in the persons to be cleared and profiles done before they are scheduled into town?
  2. [Eugene] Chaikin is to complete the landscaping and gardens around the veg areas, and other eyesore locations… Dad mentioned area behind the warehouse that needs shielding.
  3. Tea at night. Volunteers. Dad wants cups signed out and in.

Volunteers: Ollie Smith, Rose Shelton, Marcus Anderson, Maurice [Marice Anderson], Constance Jones, Toni James, Marionetta, Birdy Arnold (cup washing), Lou Esther Louis, Alfred James, Dorothy Rawlins [Rollins]



  1. Get 6 cylinder engine in the pickup truck to go into town.
  2. EVERYONE is to smile constantly and make the v sign to each other in passing. Remember we call Dad Jim when guests are around…
  3. All eyesores must be cleaned up within one week. (Note – the unfinished frame across from cottage 37 looks terrible with so much clothing hanging on it – can be seen from the air…)
  4. Broom and chair to be included in the guest displays.
  5. Cleve [Cleave Swinney] and Helen [Swinney] to go into town; Cleve to be going to the boat.
  6. Philip [Blakey] to train for captain and Solomon train for engineer.
  7. The large black cat is to be castrated; is too mean and fights with all the other cats.
  8. The map site from planning committee is to be up on the theater pavilion walls…
  9. Dad said 100 crates coming in from Georgetown, “must work all night to build a warehouse…” – Don’t know just what he meant…



[Handwritten notation: “Johnny [Jones]”]

Minutes from Peoples Rally
4 August 78
– tl [Tish Leroy]

Herbal – Shirley Fields reported on benefits of Collards, they are helpful in correcting obeisity, drug poisoning as should be grown in great abundance for the many helpful properties.

Note: Dad had a commentary on the pineapples. Some people are picking them without authorization. He wants this stopped. IS should be notified and some arrangements made for securing them.

Citrus – Should hereafter be off-limits – automatic PSU offense.

Shirley continued with her report. 1/2 cup of beef liver contains 45,000 units of A, 3 1/2 oz sweet potatoes contains about 7000 units of A. It is very nutritious and all should eat this wholesome vegetable.

Truck – Discussion arose as to bringing out the truck from town. Ujara [Don Sly] was making $50 per day when he was in there on one contract he had arranged – there were other jobs. Said good-looking construction, hauling fertilizer, Rice for Guyana Rice Board to the docks and ships. Someone needed to follow this up. He pointed out that once you have proved yourself reputable, you will be trusted with more and more jobs.

Someone commented on the Peoples Temple sign on the door of the truck – draws hostility from locals who feel we are taking work from the Guyanese, even though there is more truck work then there are trucks to do it. Touchette’s pointed out this condition has persisted from the start and will continue – to some, we are Yankee foreigners and will remain so…

In discussing which would be the better truck for town, Ujara felt the stake truck best – take sides off and use for the rice, etc. Out here, we need the dump truck – we have a lot of rocks and fines, etc., to haul. It will also relieve the tractors so they can be used in agriculture as they should be for most part.

It was pointed out that by using tractors to do truck work in the wet, then, when it is dry and we need tractors on the land, they are broken down and in need of repairs… from abuse.

Abuse in town – Hugh [Hue] Fortson mentioned that the trucks in town our being shabbily maintained. Trash left in them, and turn them up like we have done the pickup out here… THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED!

Dad said that money CAN be made on the trucks, and that someone should be deciding to go in and make that money. Ujara will have to go in and get it set up – then Crenshaw [likely Eddie James Hallmon, could be Lucy Crenshaw] alternate with him…

Ujara said he had contacts with the rice board, with John Fernandez and with some of the trucks that haul containers… You get $100 per container for hauling them.

It was mentioned a survey should be done.



Gene [Chaikin] commented that the ability to put the tractors on our land MAKES THE DIFFERENCE – for instance, without tractors we can plant 50 banana trees a day… WITH TRACTORS, WE CAN PLANT 50 an hour with the aid of 2 tractors… This is a major production difference. Considering the value of what has been produced by the machines in the time, taking a load of something somewhere, and planting 50 trees… is a significant monetary consideration.

Dad in reading from analysts notes – commented that Carol Dennis [Carol McCoy] should put thru followup with Georgetown. They are to be checking on draft animals for us… What is available in the very heavy draft animals such as oxen, jackasses and donkeys, heavy duty horses… Look also for pair of horses that are same size for hauling carts and trailers…

Reading Jan’s [Wilsey] report – Dad commented that she should proceed to get the pineapples that were offered. Wants her to try it soon, this from the analysts minutes of last week. Decided yes on the peanuts to be traded for other variety.

Movies – DAD WANTS THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIES RETURNED – must get them back.

Do’s and don’t’s …when we have visitors

In addition to list given last week… We don’t believe in suicide.

No one censors our mail.

Are eliminating illiteracy; Down to 4-5 from several dozen.

Have protein in every meal… Balanced diet with fresh vegetables

Don’t whip, spank and certainly do not bury in boxes…

Plays band musical…

DAD WANTS THE BAND TO PLAY SUNDAY, must keep in practice.

Dad doesn’t preach here – gives us news from all stations.

We are not pro-anything, not pro-Soviet nor pro-Chinese.

Are open, and realize that peaceful coexistence and detente are important; live peacefully with each other…

Have a deep regard for life…

We don’t tease, make fun; there is no ageism, sexism.

Women are not stereotyped in careers – none are stereotyped…

No elitism or special privileges…

Jim is the administrator… Believes in strong physical work in which everyone helps…

Our people keep neat and clean…

Music – Dad wants music to be played in the library.

Gold – With the money situation going as it is, Dad commented that he wants information on turning our money into gold and GET IT DONE. Tish to follow up on this. (Note – sent word to Buford in radio room – will follow-up Saturday)…

Compost – Russell [Moton] gave part of his compost report… Dad wants it given again in tape form on the radio tomorrow.


Road – Must get it done quickly, said Dad. [Rob] Christian said it will take a week and a half, depending how fast they bring in the logs. Stephen [Stephan Jones] is cutting them. We are short on that kind of timber right around here… Stephen has the # of logs needed



and Mike T. [Touchette] says that we can get them in okay… Stephen said it is rough cutting when it rains, because he has trees falling on him, etc. But will try to get it done.

Farm Report – Darrell [Devers] reported:

Grass was cut for horses and bull and 16 sows. The #1 and #2 litter piglets are let out daily for exercise and sunlight. They are being totally trough fed with sugar added to the feed for more consumption. It works – they eat more feed.

The inspectors check the baby pigs and report that they look healthy.

PIG FEED & Chickens… The baby chicks were getting out of their pen; [Tommie] Keaton reported he would get right on it and put clay up around the door. Chicks are doing well ON THE PIG FEED.

Slaughter – There were four pigs slaughtered Wednesday and that night. Also during the night the generator went out. We also lost 2 piglets because the sow sat on them. Now we have 47 piglets. Rob [Gieg] also had some problems due to the generator going out. We have assigned Garnet Johnson and Danny Moten to check the generator. END OF REPORT.

Model Cottages – From the follow-up we learned that the six model cottages are not yet ready for the guests to look at… THESE MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN ONE WEEK…

Dad said both the logs must be in in the cottage is completed within this one week… TRY TO FINISH THE ROAD BECAUSE THE ENQUIRER USED THAT AGAINST US IN THEIR ARTICLE …

Rice fields – We have another field that is heading up now and the youth going in and making noise have been able to keep the crows away fairly successfully.

Macramé & paintings – Dad had wanted these up. Someone is to see that these are hung about for beauty when the guests arrive… (? Ava [Jones]) (Shonda [Shanda James]?) (Ruby [Carroll) Peter [Wotherspoon] and Nancy [Sines] could be on this.

Landscaping – Chaikin it is nearly complete with what Dad requested… Said with the weather allowing, he will be finished this week, including the vegetable area.

Rum Bottles? Johnny and Lee [Ingram] are the only ones that mostly go in – PNC people… might look and see what is available, if any. However the BAMBOO cups might be a better way to go. Ask Ken Norton [also known as Richard Grubbs] and Tom Grubbs to get together on this. Committee to help ON THEIR OWN TIME…

Bob Davis, Pat, Brenda Jones, Alfreda March, Arlondo [Orlando] Robinson, Edward Ford, Anthony Hicks, Patty Dennis, Chris Morrell, William Jones, Maurice [Marice] Anderson, Steve Addison, Louise Shavers, Nicki Mitchell and James Ford.

Profiles – Ava has assigned someone to handle these.

Tea – Joyce T. [Touchette] says she needs some help… Dad ask for a group



to volunteer not to work full night shift, but part-time shifts all through the night, serving and washing cups… DAD WANTS THE CUPS SIGNED OUT AND BACK IN!!!!

Volunteers: Ollie Smith, Rose Shelton, Marcus Anderson, Maurice [Marice Anderson], Constance Jones, Toni James, Marionetta, Birdy Arnold, Lou Esther Louis, Alfred James, Dorothy Rawlins [Rollins].

Dad went over analysts minutes… He noted they talked of not planting the beans and was very upset at the idea… Genesaid it was a matter of the weather, and timing. (Johnny should perhaps check further on this. This was relative to the Cuban black beans…)

Smiling – ALL ARE TO SMILE CONSTANTLY AND BE FRIENDLY. It is our socialist duty! Moodiness is a manipulation for attention. Dad also wants plants around the walls of the 6 model cottages.


Our families live together, strong nuclear family.

We encourage husbands and wives to share in the responsibility.

Have all types of sports, chess, cards, movies, band, etc.

We don’t drink and don’t believe in smoking – not for moral reasons, but for health reasons first, and second cannot see spending our collective funds on such items.

There isn’t crime in our community.

We believe in the principle of cooperative living as in the days of the New Testament.

We correct by denying privileges when people do wrong…

We don’t believe in suicide. It is a selfish act. Makes others feel rejected, and leaves whatever job you were doing for someone else.

Rule about smiling… ALL ARE TO SMILE.

The chair is to be shown along with the broom when our guests come in.

Cleve and Helen [Cleave and Helen Swinney] are to go to town… Cleve has to go to the boat. Richard [Janaro] is preoccupied with Janaro. Cleve and Helen get in there. Dad wants something done – training Philip [Blakey] for Captain and Solomon for Engineer. Lost $40,000 but can get some in another contract. Break down on boat due to carelessness and Richard too lenient. Cleve went on board and declared he was the owner and got them to hustling. He is to get the part repaired and get it back into town.

Dad wants black cat caught and castrated – picks on the other Toms…

Get the map of sight [site] plan up on the wall…

100 crates coming in; must work all night to build a warehouse, Dad said.




[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny [Jones]”]

1 August 78 – Tuesday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Harold Bogue [Cordell]
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  2. Herbal Department: Experiments – Ernestine March

Research – Shirley Fields

  1. Composting Problems – Russell Moton
  2. Intensive Farming– Gene Chaikin
  3. Report from Farm Manager – Jack Beam


  1. Report on the progress on the road – Rob Christian
  2. Has construction begun on the new cottages?
  3. What is happening with the rice fields – are the crows under control and has the noise helped?
  4. A large Guyana flag was located in JONESTOWN – Tom Grubbs has it secured in the Book depository.
  5. Did we get more macramé and paintings started for our decorations in pavilion and around Jonestown? And are the flowers being set out as requested around Vegetable area?



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny Jones”]

Caution – do not lay down this sheet. Classified…

1 August 78
– TL [Tish Leroy]

  1. Gaston, Chief officer of Matakai will be here tomorrow. Wants the list of skills of our people…
  2. Russell [Moton] to read his report over the radio at mid-day tomorrow.
  3. Rum bottles to be collected from Kaituma; we have a glass cutter and can cut them into usable cups and glasses.
  4. Day-off ceramics project; Tom Grubbs wants us to try making cups, etc. Someone should be in charge of the volunteer project.
  5. Counseling is to be done with Teddy [McMurry] and the Karate team and the jury is to set in on it and act. The team is to tell him how they do not appreciate his actions and how it is a reflection on the entire team and on the family.

Said that people on the job laugh at his jokes too much. Should not laugh at the jokes of people not working well. Is not helpful to socialism. Character should be first.


  1. Ava [Jones] is to assign someone to be in charge of doing profiles on those to be cleared to go into town. No more last-minute requests to send people in. He is asked as late as 5 am to send someone out at 7 am. Not to happen in the future!

Medical and dental and any others get information to Ava immediately when you know you NEED to send someone into town. She is the start getting their profile collected right then and to give to Dad so he can have time to evaluate if they should be cleared to go in.

  1. When Dad is on microphone, CAO’s be sure the radio does not interfere particularly when he is recording tapes… It bleeds thru and it is hard enough to concentrate on so much as must be done on those. BE SURE THEY DO NOT INTERFERE WITH HIS NEWS! Tell them to be ATTENTIVE when Dad is making a broadcast.
  2. On next test use talk about what we got out of Carolyn Kirkendall’s It is to be read again (probably after Nell [Smart] leaves) across the PA system, just as she wrote it, what she wrote to Dad and about herself analysis and what it means in collective terms and in communist conscience.
  3. Observe and report on any you see who are lazy or who let others do all of the shit work.
  4. Dad wants the kitchen cleaned out… Wants tea for all, even if it means a night dishwasher and a senior to monitor so that the cups do not leave! Those typing and working late are to have tea… Something is to be worked out.
  5. If asked what we believe: we are peace loving people and believe in communal living. If asked about reincarnation, etc., we don’t talk about



our religious beliefs… That is a personal matter and we do not all have the same religious beliefs… but we do not talk about them.

  1. Tony Linton to be reviewed in 3 weeks relative to becoming a regular PSU worker. He is assigned to the farm work pool at this time. Dad will entertain his request if he has an excellent record. Not to be considered a precedent… Must always consider this type of thing individually. Those going on or off PSU are not to dictate what they want to do or where they want to go.
  2. NEW LAW: anything that endangers lives will be automatic PSU… Anything that can endanger life and limb… Dad said.
  3. JURY: Dad wants a place set up in each rally where the jury has permanent down-front seating so that they do not have to stand as they deliberate.
  4. Norman: letter given him by Edith Roller she wanted mailed in Caracas… Ask him when he gets here.

Set up observers to watch him and anyone with whom he talks. He formerly spent a lot of time in back kitchen area and when the playing of National Enquirer flew over, it showed concentrated interest (apparently) in that area… Best to set up a careful watch in that area.



AUGUST 1, 1978

Playground: It is felt that the playroom still is not safe. Such things as the barrel and the swing should be fixed or taken down. Willie Grady is working on getting it together and will get with Al Tschetter on his ideas of fixing the swing.

Showers: To have cultures taken every few days on the floor. (This is the kitchen by the center) Selected people with feet problems will be picked to use the showers as to try and determine the cause of the foot problems. This is part of an intense foot study. Other things to be done are: Sending someone with problems into Gtn for testing. A letter is being written to tropical science to see if they have any information on such problems as we have been having. Tom Grubbs suggested mixing ashes with cassava powder for people to wear in their socks. He said the ashes has helped him in this manner and it might be good for others. The method will be tried.

Teacups: It was discussed about tea being drunk at night in the people walking away with the cups and them disappearing. People need to drink tea at night when they work like they do. Mother [Marceline Jones] also brought up that no containers should ever be throwed away, that they can always be used for one thing or another. Possible solutions to not enough cups problem: Using the tin cans (as many do now) and Tom suggested going into Kaituma and picking up bottles and cutting the necks off so they can be used as glasses and cups both. We have a tool that can cut the glass. He also suggested making ceramics and pottery to make our own. Johnny Jones said at this time there is so much going on that this would have to be tabled for a while (on ceramics) but that maybe some could go out on a day off and look for bottles. Need more people to volunteer time now to get other projects done.

Agric: It was mentioned again that depts. need to try and get more people out into agric.

Also that supervisors of agr. crew do not turn reports in on time and that they better start doing it right.

There was no problems in agric. that needed tending to.



A couple of reports on how to make composting and one about herb gardening was to be given when he was asked that they give it over the PA sometime thru the week.

Dad also mentioned that the wrong emphasis is put on work. That the old concept is the leader should not work and when he was doing some logging the other day some told him that he shouldn’t do it. He said that it is the best thing for him when he can do hard physical labor and that the leader should work when he can. He asked that nobody tried to stop him when they see him doing work.