July Meetings of Agricultural Commission and Analysts, Peoples Rallies (Pt. 1)


[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny”]

28 July 78

  1. Darrell [Devers] to do immediate follow-up on Inspectors reports.
  2. Inspectors, Jim Morrell [James Bogue] and Jose Simon, to check back weekly to see that the assignments they gave to Darrell have been followed up.
  3. Are the agricultural preference appointments being given by medical?
  4. Are yields being recorded daily? Who is getting this information? Should be included in Carolyn K.’s [Kirkendall] daily report and recorded in the harvest log Toi [Fonzelle] was formerly keeping up.
  5. Piggery to set up how much and when they will want cutlass beans for their feed program and Becky [Flowers] will schedule it.
  6. Piggery to set up records on the test feed programs. Are we spending more in the long run to bring the hogs to the slaughter weight? Need to be able to figure the per # cost both ways.
  7. All garbage to be sorted and sent to piggery and cooked there, with small commercial feed. Darrell and Jack [Beam] to discuss with Joyce [Touchette].
  8. Joyce T. to give amount of poundage she can handle of the slaughtered pigs so they know how to plan their schedule.
  9. Fly problem at piggery – decided to compost the manure and use the chipper to make compost.
  10. Guy [Mitchell] has the key to chipper and is to keep it secured. VERY DANGEROUS MACHINE & SHOULD BE TOLD ABOUT IN PEOPLE’S RALLY… Safety Committee should check the machine out and make specific recommendations for safety measures when the machine is being used, relative to clothing to be worn, etc. Takes a huge log and makes sawdust of it in seconds.
  11. Tractor schedule to be done for Charlie [Touchette].
  12. ACAO agenda item – in re division of tractors and trucks to Agriculture.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny”]

29 July 78
– TL [Tish Leroy]


  1. Condition of Fields and crew to handle problems.
  2. Where are we on the 13 week push.
  3. Nurses Schedule for Agriculture workers
  4. Harvesting of beans
  5. Cutlass Beans in Fields wasted
  6. Fly problem at piggery
  7. Pig Slaughtering Schedule
  8. Draft Animals – recommendation how far are we going?
  9. Tractor Schedule or…
  10. Daily Evaluations
  11. Care and Order of Seeds
  12. Next Agenda for Tuesday and Saturday
  13. Jan’s [Wilsey] report from Downriver.

Attendance: Harold [Cordell] Bogue, Tish Leroy, Jim Murrell [James Bogue], Guy Mitchell, James Simpson, Gene Chaikin, Darrell Devers, Sarah [Harriet] Tropp, Carolyn Layton, Russell Moton, Jan Wilsey, Carolyn Kirkendall, Becky Flowers, Jack Beam, Carol [McCoy] Dennis, Patty [McCoy] Dennis, Rob Gieg, Lucius [Lucioes] Bryant, and Romaldo [Hicks] Gieg.

Fields – Dad had mentioned many problems in the fields. Becky is scheduling out the minor items and major items that come to the analysts. Darrell will make follow-ups and adjustments. Inspectors will check back weekly.

Push – Fields too wet to plow, banana planting and eddoe planting and reaping are on schedule. Maybe unable to plant beans. Cost is high. Cost is $300 for fertilizing and $40 for beans, per acre

Medical – Nursing Schedule has arranged to give appointments to Agric workers now who have formerly had to wait long periods to get back on job.

Harvesting – We will have to know our yields in order to plan the planting. James [Simpson] said entire yield should be weighed. We aren’t getting 450# per acre. Field Supervisor to turn in weights.

Scales – It was determined there was need for agricultural scales. Cuban black beans were our highest yield, but SOMEONE COOKED OUR SEED CROP… In a week to 10 days will know what our yield is. In the FEB [Finance Evaluation Board] meeting, 400 barrels were ordered and will be coming over – decision was to recommend to Dad that the barrels be filled with beans or beans and wheat, which can be used for food and for seed.

Cutlass Beans wasted? It was reported that Cutlass Beans are being wasted in the fields. Eddie Dennis feels should be 50/50 on feed. Getting rotten beans that we’re throwing in compost pits. Jack wants piggery set up how much and when they want the beans and cassava tops… Give agriculture an order on what they need. Jim Morrell [James Bogue] said we do have Cutlass in Field #5 that can be picked. Jim wonders about another test… Are they coming up weight wise (pigs) to pay for the Cutlass Beans plantings? We have 10 acres that we want to plow under, but do not know how much Cutlass we must keep in the ground.



It must be scheduled. Becky wants weights and the time they need it and she will have it ready.

Future feed planning is not in the agricultural schedule… The 5 acres allotted them (said Tish) Gene and Jan did not remember. But it has been said in rally they should have the 5 acres at the time Wanda [King] asked for it and Dad ended the discussion… Gene said they didn’t have any acreage they could give them… None is in fallow… Guy said can maybe use some of the acreage they already have in between the pigs at piggery… Guy said the pigs on our 50/50 look good, but not as good as on the commercial feed. Not good tests on these, however – they were runts to start with. Best to take pigs same size from good litter and feed them half with commercial and half with the Jtn feed and compare their weights, and growth. Give the Jtn  feed only to the pigs we intend for slaughter, and then only after a certain age.

It is important to know if we have to feed them longer with it, if it is actually costing us more to feed them half and half if it requires a longer feeding time… Accurate records are to be kept on the costs, and beginning and ending weights. In the past has been no documentation.

Use pigs from same litter, and no runts, for the test.

Garbage – For a while, Jack wants every bit of garbage to go down to the piggery that the pigs can eat, to be COOKED. Guy disagreed – thought the pigs would not eat it. But Jack said they would if it is cooked with small amount of commercial feed. It is the uncooked garbage the pigs will not eat. The kitchen sends down a batch of uncooked beans. If kitchen separated it – would be okay. Jack said if they don’t eat the stuff can be sent back and IS [Internal Security] CAN SEE THAT THE KITCHEN PERSONNEL RESPONSIBLE STAND THERE AND SIFT AND SORT THE GARBAGE. They will probably only do that once…

Darrell and Jack Beam are to talk with Joyce T. [Touchette] on this.

There must be tight controls on the feeding or the report will not be of any value. You must weigh the feed and set up charts. Darrell should check that the charts are made up properly. Shuanna [Shanda James] might help on this. Johnny Jones still has a deal to swap a boar hog for some chickens. Go ahead on this.

We have a plan for the land. Most of the land that is not cleared has a lot of contours and hills.

Slaughtering Schedule – for the phase down… Cannot slaughter until we see how much storage freezer space is available… Waiting to see how much poundage Joyce can handle. She is to tell Jack and they will slaughter Monday or Tuesday.

Fly problem at the piggery – There is an overabundance of flies… It was suggested to carry the manure out directly to the fields, and turn it under, then turn regularly. When Guy burns the pit, only the maggots on top are killed – many burrow down into the pile till it cools down…

The backhoe is down so cannot get it out on the fields… Now the



fields are too wet to plow anyway or go on to with the big equipment. Can compost it… Pull it out and mix with sawdust and shoot it into the pit with sawdust from the chipper. Our pits are not the best type for composts. The shed type is the best to have. Rob is to get his people there to make the chips for the piggery.

CHIPPER VERY DANGEROUS MACHINE – Jack put a five inch log into it and it was sawdust in nothing flat… It would be certain death if someone’s clothing got caught and they got pulled into it…

The very strictest supervision must be utilized. Guy is to keep the key locked up and only certain persons trained to use it and must be careful of the clothing they are wearing. SAFETY COMMITTEE TO BE CALLED IN TO SET UP THE RULES AND RESTRICTIONS FOR USING IT. No children to be in the vicinity when it is operating.

Memo to Dad on this – Johnny tell him and see that announcement is made about the chipper. (Announcement was made)…

SAFETY COMMITTEE to be apprised of this and asked to check it out.

Draft animals – we put a radio message through to see if Gtn could locate any. Carol should do a follow-up as we have gotten no additional feedback. They have been short of help in town.

Can the horse and buggy go and pick up Nell [Smart]? No… It’s at 12 miles and the harness is not right for it – must be adjusted and changes made on it said Jim Morrell [Bogue].

CAROLYN [Layton] & SARAH to tell Charlie [Touchette] about it… And arrange her transportation. In future, when we buy more animals, this should be the same size.

Tractor scheduling is getting out of hand, Charlie said – Gene want to schedule Agriculture’s equipment himself.Tish commented that part of the reason Charlie had it was to COMBINE all the different problems – send people out to piggery with loads, or bring back to the kitchen when he knows a tractor will be returning, etc., and save fuel costs, etc. by good coordination. As it is now, Gene  and Jack are laying last-minute rush trips on him, uncoordinated and unplanned. In method we had before, the different areas said on which days they would be needing a tractor, and it was scheduled ahead… They can at least tell Charlie the night before after their planning for next day is done instead of waiting the next morning with emergencies that come up with… It costs more in fuel this way.

IS AN ACAO AGENDA ITEM… Carolyn and Sarah agreed to this.

Evaluation from crews – Did it one week and now have gone back to the original way of having the write up and own evaluations by the supervisors.

SEEDS – Gene is to get someone to handle the seeds…



Agenda for coming rallies…

Composting problems, how to eliminate flies, etc. – Russell

Herbal Department – Shirley [Shirlee Fields] can do on her research and possibly Earnestine [Blair] on the bush research part…

Intensive Farming – Gene to do

Soil problems in Tropical Agriculture, humus build up, etc. – Becky

Jan’s down river trip: See attached report.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny”]


with commentary as noted in Analysts meeting where report was read… See portion with asterisk lead (…).

GRAFTING MATERIAL ON AVOCADO TREES: At this time Hosarere  only has two trees and they are bearing, which means that you cannot get grafting material off of them and two trees do not give much grafting material anyway.

Black Banana Sucker: I did not get any at this time, but I was told by one of the agricultural people that he would make some contacts for me… The price we discussed was $0.40 per sucker. He said not to go over that and trying to sell for something less. I met a man who has a farm in the Arakita which is about 25 miles from Kamaca, anyway he said he could bring me 500 black banana suckers on this next market day if I wanted them. His price was $0.40 a sucker. I did not tell him I wanted them that bad, I told him there were other contacts I had so if we are willing to pay that price, we could try and get them. I also believe we could talk him down in price.

I also have another contact on the river who said he would bring me 500 and he wanted me to quote the price. She lost the one deal.

Dwarf Cayenne – The same agricultural person that said he would check on the black banana suckers for me said he would check on the farms along the river to see if they had any dwarf cayenne suckers. At this time, I know that the biggest farmer on the river has some. And what his price is, I do not know. Price is not yet set…

PINEAPPLE SUCKERS: I was told of one person who would give us all the pine suckers that we want, but was never able to contact him. His name is Debedin and he is a farmer from and in the Aruka area.

PEANUTS – I met one man who is asking to trade one hundred# of Florida Runner for a 100# bag of AK 62 from us. I was to ask for Altika, but was unable to locate any. The Florida runner costs $1#. I told the man I would try to be back soon and perhaps could make the trade.

*We want another variety to test. They are using it in the Walnut area. They got a larger yield.

VISIT TO THE OIL PALM PROJECT: I was given a tour of the project as shown in the process that you have to go through to make the crude palm oil. This crude oil is very high in Vit C. Some of its byproducts are the making of soap, margarine, cooking oil, candles and the cornal gives special oil for use in cosmetics and in the plate industries and special baby food. Then the cornal cake is left after you extract all the above things from it and this is used in stock food just mostly fat. Oil Palm peak season is MARCH, APRIL & MAY, besides producing all year long.

Fertilizer is [illegible number] 2-# doses of 12-12-17 plus 2.

First dose is Feb and Mar before the rainy season;

Second dose is 6 months after the first…

You will get on the average, 12 bunches per tree when the tree is young, and the branches will be small in size 12-12#.

A 9-10 year tree will bring in bunches 40-45# per tree. Do not prune the trees when they are young for they won’t grow. The oil palm trees flower in cycles: one cycle is male and one is



female. So that is why oil palms do not pollinate themselves. You have to hand pollinate. The dry season produces male flowers and rainy seasons produce female flowers. So in the dry season you collect pollin [pollen] from the male flowers to use when the females start flowering.

Spacing for the oil palm is 30 ft apart – 50 plants to the acre. Dura is the female plant and pesaferia is the male. You would have to have these two together to have a pesaferia. West Africa these two together, you will get a thin shell an increase in oil production.

In 9-10 years, one acre should give one ton of crude oil per acre. Now, off of one hundred acres, he gets 32 tons. This is $1900 per ton of processed oil. ALL THE PLANTING MATERIALS COME FROM NIGERIA.

LIME OIL – At one time 10 years ago it was worth $32 a # for lime oil. When the oil is removed you get the juice and then the waste product is used for animal feed. He said that it should be worth more today.

CITRUS – Steritza killed 6 million orange trees in Brazil in a matter of 3 months. Steritza means sorry, their [there] is no cure for this, what you have to do is get a resistant variety of rootstock – which is rough lemon, Rangpo lime, all you have to do is ask the Min. of Agri. in Georgetown. He said to tell them that we need some seeds to start a nursery here in the NWD [North West District]. Also King orange it is good along with Ortinque then there is an orange variety from Jamaica. Asked to get this at the nursery near Timeri [Timheri]. He said to ask for 100 plants. Javie is another plus the US Hamlen.

BLACK PEPPER – We can get this from the Timeri Agricultural Station. Sept to Nov is the time to plant for you will be planting with the rainfall. Needs shade or a wind break.

In Brazil they plant the peppers with the coffee around it:

Coffee is used as a wind break and the black pepper is planted in the middle. It has proven to be very good and the production is high.

To plant the black pepper in the sun is not advisable by some people – but the above planted with coffee as a wind break so far has proven this wrong.

PLANTING MATERIAL – Also, I met one lady who said she can give us bitter cassava sticks at any time – I did not give her a specific time for needing it because I did not know when we would be able to plant them.



cc: CAO-JACK [Beam]-DARRELL-TISH [Leroy]
DATE: JULY 31, 1978

  1. Darrell [Devers] to do immediate follow-ups on Inspectors reports.
  2. Inspectors check back weekly.
  3. Are the agricultural preference appointments being given an Medical?
  4. Are yields being reported daily? Who’s getting this information? Should be included in Carolyn’s [Kirkendall] daily report and recorded in Jesse’s harvest register book formerly kept by Toi [Fonzelle].
  5. Piggery to set up how much and when they want cutlass beans and Cassava tops for feed and Becky will schedule farm crews.
  6. Piggery set up records on test feed programs so we know how fast the weight gain is – Need to know if weight gain faster or too slow? Are we spending more $ by mixing pig feed. Weight gain must be charted both ways and times involved.
  7. All garbage to be sorted and sent to piggery and cooked there – with some commercial feed. Darrell and Jackto talk to Joyce T. [Touchette] on this.
  8. Joyce T. to give amt she can handle for slaughter.
  9. Fly problem at piggery – Use chipper to make compost.
  10. Guy [Mitchell] has chipper key and is to operate chipper – makes chips for poultry and compost. Very dangerous machine.
  11. Safety committee to check machine.
  12. Tractor scheduled to be done.



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Johnny”]

Notes from Peoples Rally
25 July 78 – General Meeting, no agriculture

Must be concerned about the water problem because of the guests coming. Have “perhaps” until next Monday to get it all together.

Tables – Varnish the tables; they have gotten large blotches on them from setting out in the sun. Could be a school project.

8RI – Check via radio and determine if Dr. Reed [Guyana Minister Ptolemy Reid] is there, if he has made a definite commitment to come to the program. If not, it is a lot of wasted production time for us.

PSU –  Dad cleared the high school teachers to help Bob Christian on PSU – cancel their meetings for this time. While the regular folks are down river.

Fence – Dad said paint the pavilion fence. Poles would be good to put in, but problem getting them. [Handwritten notation: “should only do if we have time.”]

Pavilion – Level the holes out in the pavilion floor. Rheaviannia [Rheaviana Beam] knew how to do it. Someone else needs to learn now

Tractors – Darrell [Devers] or Jack Beam, work out the tractor schedule for the additional hauling of dirt for the path and roadwork that must be done by Christian’s work team.

Macramé – Dad likes the macramé and the paintings… wants more of this.

Flag – Wants the US flag for when “one” person comes out… US and Guyana flags to be flown together.

Pri Min – Nancy Sines to fix up pictures of the Prime Minister…

Pole Fence – Dad said do not try for this thing along the main pathway just now… Get the other items done that are critical, and paint the main fence. Later will plan for the pole fence which looks better

Flowers – Dad like the flowers set out in the small triangle area by the medical complex… Earl Johnson and Gene Chaikin… Dad wants other beautification areas like this. Out behind the guest bathroom would look nice, something around the vegetable area… Jocelyn’s [Carter] crew is good at this sort of thing – she is able to do this.

News – Typing of the news – Dad does not want complete transcriptions of the tapes to be done. The notes that Theresa [Teresa King] takes are enough. He wants these should be done by certain time each day so that the copies can be made for various locations. Perhaps Teresa can make carbons of what she takes down. Then Vernetta [Christian] can have someone come by and pick up…

Radio – Duplicator Radio Stateside to send down the mimeograph or spirit duplicator that is in the SF Temple…

Vernetta is to send the news to Georgetown only with very responsible person. Nothing to be on that connects us or the temple… Do not mention the temple in the news that goes to Gtn.



Marie Lawrence Rankin complained that buildings were being okay without approval of group… It came out this charge was incorrect. Was an item from Steering: the re-construction of the herbal kitchen. The part John Harris was constructing for his chicken work was dismantled because not approved… He was granted 1/2 of bathroom said in meeting with Mother [Marceline Jones]. Johnny Jones to double check this with Mother to be sure how much given for his lab testing.

STEERING – Agenda committee needs to meet – Remind Johnny Jones on this; Vernetta have called the meeting.

Purpose – “Steering is to determine,” said Gene Chaikin,  in trying to define its purpose, “what we wish to do with our community.”

What houses do we want to build, businesses to get going, recreation we want our community to involved in, the molding of our culture and community structure is under the POLICY MAKING role of STEERING.


The departments report directly to the Chief Administrative Officers who see that they are functioning well – and efficiently using the labor force of the community.

The PLANNING & PRIORITIES COMMITTEES are subsidiaries of the Steering Committee. Steering has to make the decision for single-family residences, square footage, medical services facilities, etc.


Vernetta objected to the new administration – says likes to have it in Steering better. Tish [Leroy] said they are operating much more efficiently now than ever before and are “just” beginning to really get it together. Johnny pointed out only been since July 1 – 24 days of the new administration: are still on shakedown cruise… Still getting much together. Carolyn L. [Layton] pointed out that reason for not having Steering last two weeks was guests and would have necessitated too late a meeting and loss of production efficiency. (It was originally said we would evaluate in 3 months…)

Demosthenes [Kutulas] wants the ACAO MEETINGS OPEN… Dad said he didn’t want any closed meetings. Johnny wants the ADMINISTRATION CHART up on the wall. If anyone is not taking part, and is not on some committee – it is their fault!

Mangoes – Were put in the compost pit. John Harris objected that they were taken to bakery and then sent to pit… Should have been sent to Herbal Kitchen. NOTHING IS TO BE WASTED. James Edwards complained he had sent it to herbal kitchen – they came out they had never reached Herbal Kitchen. John Harris wants it coordinated with HIM. (Any extra help needed on rainy days can be gotten through Agricultural office – for peeling, etc.) [Marginal note: “check to see what is happening.”]

RALLY AGENDA – Dad told Vernetta not to get on issue of policy tonight, but to put it on next week’s agenda.



Phone Patch – Dad wants phone patch for John Harris and companion. She’s coming over 31st July. (213-666-6612)

The road – Scrape and lay the logs and corduroy it. Bob Christian says must be dried first. To go to quarry later today to see how much rock is available. Mike [Touchette] suggested use the offload crew to pick up big boulders and other rocks.

Drain the water off the main holes, put in rocks – greater size first, then the smaller rocks, then fill in between with sand. Jim Morrell [James Bogue] said he knows where some can be found. For the loose gravel, take the backhoe down with the dump truck then spread fines on it…

Optometrist – The one we had coming out not good enough; held over on the boat. Dad wants his eyes not superficially looked at…

6 Cottages – Dad wants 4 people to be put in each of 6 cottages to be specially done… CONSTRUCTION get going and show the process of building.

Sawmill Road – Decided to blade it, put in from sawmill to be good for few days. On the diversion road, the cast sank in and almost got stuck.

Main road – Al [Touchette] said must make a retainer wall to make it work. Charlie [Touchette] agreed. Poles on the side 25-30 feet wide around the shop. Christian agreed on the way to do it.

Trees – Stephen [Stephan Jones] and Al will cut the trees – Stephen said the number they need will not require any extra crew persons. Christian and Al to come up with an estimate of how many trees.

Monday – Dad said it is very likely the guests will arrive Monday, the very first of next week. MONDAY PRIORITY. IT “MUST” BE DONE BY THEN.

Will need on Tuesday, about 30 each of 6-8” diameter logs about 10 feet long.


Analysts – Those that join the analysts and show concern on the farm are to get special treats. [Marginal notation: “List will be taken at beginning & end of meeting. They must be on both lists for treats.”]

Agric – Agriculture is to do a better job of planting and reaping! said Dad.

Destruction – Dad toward the fields with John (little) [John Victor Stoen]; he found much wastage and spoilage where they had not properly cared for the fields in their planting, reaping and maintenance… Also some might have come through and damaged things… ANYONE TO GO ON PSU who damages, wastes or destroys in our fields.

Bobby Stroud – Will take 3 months to repair plus another 6 months… Cost of $46,000 or more.



Individual – DAD WANTS THE KIND OF COMMUNISM IN OUR COMMUNITY THAT PROTECTS THE INDIVIDUAL AND CARES FOR THE NEED OF EACH ONE… Does not want us “lost” to the crowd as happens under capitalism or where only the privileged or rich get attention.

NEW FOLK – EVERYBODY NEW is to write up to Dad about the guilt in money they slipped over there, what they did not do that they could have and should have, how their tax money was used, etc.

SHOULD BE A SECRETARY ASSIGNED TO NOTE WHEN THESE ARE IN… Possibly a coding on Ava’s [Ava Jones] cardex? [Marginal note: “Ava should have a list on these.”]

JURY PANEL – To be selected for three months at a time, because dad doesn’t want to be the one that decides who is and who is not lying…

Anthony Simon
Helen Swinney
Eva Pugh
Comrade [Carl] Hall
Theo Williams
Amanda Fair
Willie Malone
Tony Walker
Margarita Romano
Rhonda Fortson
José Simon (Al [Touchette] to assist him)
Daisy Stroud [Daisy Lee]
Abraham Staten
ALTERNATE: Comrade [Glen] Moton

Dad said in the future they will meet in session and talk. GUILTY WILL BE 10 out of 14…

TELL THE MEDIA – Each household supervisor to work through Ava and check that they HAVE DRILLED THE PEOPLE IN THEIR HOUSE OR APARTMENT ON WHAT IS TO BE SAID TO THE MEDIA AND GUESTS… Who might have read the lies and bad publicity in the states.

Tish to compile her list and check it with Vernetta … give copy to Ava and see that the houses discuss it.


[Notation on bottom of page: “Given to Vernetta next A.M. Did she distribute copies to Ava & others? Were to be checked “out” & back in to be sure none left floating!”]



THE FOLLOWING, plus any others, ARE TO BE DISCUSSED IN “EACH” APARTMENT OR HOUSE and the family DRILLED so that every person knows the answers he or she should in response to questions from the media or outsiders:

  1. If asked if you like it here… Tell how much you like it here; be very positive about Jonestown.
  2. If asked about violence or spankings or beatings: Tell them that is ridiculous… There is no violence here. No one hits. Even our children are not spanked – we use reward measures.
  3. If asked if we bury people or put them in boxes… Tell them of course not – no one is put in boxes. We counsel people who need help.
  4. We do not bury people. The needs of every individual are considered.
  5. If ask about making seniors strip or go naked… Tell them nobody here would do such a ridiculous thing… Why? We do not humiliate and embarrass or harass people like the papers said… That was a mass of lies!
  6. They have said that we do not feed our people enough and that our diet is just rice… Tell them if they ask about this, that we get plenty to eat – that we always have seconds; that our diet varies constantly and that we have chicken, fish and other meats, as well as beans, cheese and other protein foods – and plenty of vegetables from our fields.
  7. The newspapers said we have no free time – it is all dictated. If they ask about this… Tell them no one dictates our recreation and free time: we do as we like.
  8. The newspapers said we sit in all night meetings all the time with 12 hour sermons. If asked about this, tell them we do not have 12 hour sermons: Jim rarely gives sermons. We have Forum twice a week where our people discuss community business and make decisions.
  9. The newspaper article said we must marry certain people whom we are assigned. If asked about this… Tell them we can marry whom we want. Some do and some do not choose to marry. The choice is our own.
  10. IF ASKED ABOUT WORK… Tell them our work hours and jobs are a community decision. We work an 8 hour day and assignments are based on what is needed by the community. Where possible people are given a choice, and can transfer as soon as openings come up in areas of their choice.
  11. The seniors are forced to work all day in the fields… Our seniors only work if they choose, and then take preference of what they want to do… They have education classes, which many were denied in their youth; they have exercise classes and constant care – if they choose, they can be given small plots which they like to beautify, but there is certainly no requirement for this. They have the best of everything and certainly the love and care of our entire community.
  12. If asked about training – Tell them we have an apprentice program in all of our skill areas so the crafts are passed on to our youth who want to learn in those particular areas.



  1. One of the newspaper articles said that some here were sorry they brought their children here… If asked about this, tell them how grateful and happy we are that our children are here in safety from the violent and dangerous ghettos of the states.
  2. The newspapers said we were not permitted to write to our relatives… If asked about this, tell them we write and receive letters from our relatives constantly… No one reads our mail or limits us as was said in the newspapers…
  3. If asked about guests here… Tell them yes we have had guests here and plan for many more to come to visit us; however, right now we do not have a lot of extra room. However, we have guest houses including in our city plan.
  4. The articles said we were crammed into our quarters… If asked about this, say that at times we have been a little crowded but we are working this out. Our plan is for no more than 6 persons per house. We are building the additional housing we need now and will soon have this done.
  5. If asked what we do for recreation… Tell them we have video, movies, our own band and lots of entertainment – some play baseball and sports games or go on group walks together… We have treats and candies and cookies, popcorn balls, etc., special treats every Sunday night in addition to the cakes and puddings and fruits we have all the time during the week. We even have donuts every couple of weeks for Sunday breakfasts…
  6. It was said we have no protein in our meals… Tell them that our people show that their blood is much healthier here. Some were anemic in the states but our health improves immediately here. We have fried chicken dinners, barbecued pork sometimes fried, baked and smoked fish and many other proteins… We have a complete variety in our diet… More than we had in the states where we cooked our own meals.
  7. If asked about medical care… Tell them we have the best that can be provided anywhere. Every need is met. If the person needs special care, they are sent out for it even to other countries where specialists are located for their particular problem. No expense is spared. Dad mentioned $46,000 for Bobby Stroud, do not know if he wants this mentioned.
  8. The newspapers said we have to listen to sermons all day in the fields… Tell them they can see there are no PA systems in the fields… In the central area, we listen to the news which the congregation voted to hear, and we have find music much of the time.
  9. If asked about literacy… Tell them that education is for all here. Some in the states, even some of our younger folk, never learned to read and write. Here, EVERYONE who wants to can learn. Literacy is the privilege from our youngest to the very oldest.
  10. If asked how we handle problems… Tell them we counsel people, we do not hit.
  11. The newspapers said we are suicidal… If asked, tell them we DO NOT BELIEVE IN SUICIDE!



    1. If asked about healings… Tell them we believe in healings but do not overemphasize them. We believe in doing everything possible through medical science.
    2. If asked if we believe in miracles… Tell them we have had miracles – everyone should know at least one miracle healing they can tell about.



[Marginal notation at top of page: “Johnny”]


  1. Leveling the road and walkways: Bob Christian asked that Sunday be appointed as a day when all the people got together and helped to make the pathways and roads leveled and filled in where need be for when the reporters come in. High school teachers were asked to volunteer their time with this and also helping with the P.S. crew while Marthea [Hicks] and Shirley [Shirlee Fields] are gone up river. All that possibly can help are to help Sunday. (Agricultural people are to work on their own projects if Sunday is regular work day though)
  2. Steering’s function: Vernetta [Christian] raised the question as to what was Steering function. She felt that since there have been no meetings for the past few weeks maybe it was dissolved, but Johnny said no, that Steering’s function is to set policy. Job personnel will be under CAO office and not Steering. The question was raised as to whether CAO meetings were open to public as Steering was where the whole community could participate – the reply was the meetings were open to the public to listen but that the decisions are to be made by the CAO staff. The new structure has only been in operation for 24 days, and it is the general feeling that a lot has been accomplished in this time. The way the structure is set up, everyone in Jonestown should in some way be on some type of committee and if not then it’s one’s own fault.
  3. News: The problem of supplying everyone in Jonestown with the news is becoming a problem. Some people in Jonestown get their news typed while others can’t get paper to write it on. It was decided that Teresa [King] captures the news best in summary form so she should take notes and make carbon copies and send them out to Vernetta as soon as she finishes so they can be typed out and put on the bulletin boards and various places. No other copies are to be typed by individuals because of the ware and tare [wear and tear] on typewriters and inequality of someone getting typed copies and some not.



  1. Mangoes and John Harris: John H. brought up the fact that mangoes had been allowed to rotten and then throwed away in the compost pit. This was wrong and should be looked at so that it is not done again. The mangoes had gone to the bakery and what they couldn’t use was thrown away. They were taken back to the Verbal Kitchen but was sent back because they were not peeled. Even if they were bad, such things as medicines can be made from them. James Edwards will watch more closely to see that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.
  2. Pathology: The old bathroom 1/2 of it is to go to this dept. John feels that he needs the total building so Johnny Jones said they would take it back to Mother [Marceline Jones] for discussion.

Other things that was mentioned in the meeting:

  1. Including in with the pathways and roads are to be the pavilion and school floors. The holes are to be filled in.
  2. Weed out plants to be put out decorations put up ones like the planters in the pavilion. Earl Johnson and one other person is to plant flowers around the chemical control building such as done in the DOC/USC area.
  3. Tables are being left out in the rain – blotches on them – this is to be stopped. Also keep feet off all furniture – clean the furniture up – make this a school project.
  4. Dad asked if all depts had released people to work in the fields or construction. The answer is yes, all that could be let go of. Mentioned that Gloria Carter was to work 1/2 day in fields and 1/2 day in library.
  5. The land clearing crew is to work on getting the ponds in front of the garage leveled and to build it up with logs and whatever else necessary to make it level. Problem with timber being too green – Al Simon didn’t approve of Mike’s [Touchette] plan, because he feels it will just cave in again so Al’s plan will be done of building a retainer wall. Steven [Stephan Jones] and Ronnie [likely Dennis, could be Berryman] will cut down the trees to build it with.
  6. 6 cottages has to be set up house style immediately. Construction has to be pushed whether we have the aluminum or not. Maybe troolie roofs couldn’t last long but it might work for a while.



JULY 25, 1978

  1. Johnny going to Papaya tomorrow and see if there dump truck can be used to haul rocks.

In a new system of disciplining people, Dad made up a jury to try the people. The jurors consist of: Helen Swinney – Carl Hall – Eva Pugh – Anthony Theo Williams: – Amanda Fair – Willie Malone – Tony Walker – Margarita [Romano] – Rhonda Fortson – José Simon – (Chief) Daisy Lee – Bro. Staton [Abraham Staten] – G. Moton



22 July 78 – Saturday – 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Jack Beam
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Developing Charcoal – Amondo Griffith
  2. Flowing done this week – Philip Blakey
  3. Rome Plow on new fields – Mike Touchette
  4. Gardens – [James] Simpson. Sending out some Bell peppers also
  5. Fields report – Jan Wilsey
  6. Report from the Farm Analysts – Darrell Devers
  7. Poultry Report – Rob Gieg
  8. Report from the Farm Manager


A. Rob Christian can we have a report on progress of the bypass road? Report on pathways across field and around to the various project sites?

B. What is happening with small animals – which ones got moved? Chris Talley. How is anteater eating?

C. Did Tom Grubbs try for some bush turkeys in the area Jack Barron told about? Was to use bow and arrow.

D. The map was sent into Gtn; the electrical engineer is scheduled to come in here – will arrive on a Saturday night and return Monday morning. The plan and questions are being evaluated tomorrow morning, at Finance Evaluation Board.



OF 21 July 78

  1. Johnny to get decision from triumvirate on issue of people going to fields for first 2 weeks as mandatory? And reply to the ACAO’s in their meeting on Monday.
  2. Need to check and see what vehicle is to be used for the guests in the morning when Cuban doctors come in to see us at 8:00 AM. If tractor and trailer, it will not be available for farm. [Marginal note: “done”]
  3. Arrange transportation with Charlie [Touchette] re the cucs [cucumbers] and melons from Kali Charan, our neighbor. [Marginal note: “done”]
  4. Follow-up that the chipper gets repaired; and
  5. Locate the key from Charlie or whoever has it, for the chipper.
  6. Darrell to establish the priorities for the piggery with Guy [Mitchell], give copy to Johnny.
  7. John is to continue phase down by swapping pigs for chickens, etc.
  8. Jack [Beam] and analysts are to get the total farm PRIORITIES LIST DONE and into Johnny.
  9. Do vacuum seal test on couple barrels full of feed.
  10. Rob [Gieg] is to start weighing the chickens (broilers) at 8 weeks and at 9 weeks to see if difference is worth an extra feed.
  11. RADIO MESSAGE to go to Gtn re getting the pump for piggery. Noted/tl
  12. Develop a list of brigade-type activities that can be done on the day off – and get this list to Johnny soon as possible.



[Marginal notation at top of page: “Johnny”]

Farm Analysts Meeting
21 July 78 – Friday night
Secretary: Tish Leroy

ATTENDANCE: Darrell Devers, Jack Beam, James Simpson, Don Bowers [Bower], Russell Moton, Harold [Cordell] Bogue, Philip Blakey, Guy Mitchell, Jan Wilsey, Becky Flowers, Demosthenes Kutulas, Gene Chaikin, Tish Leroy, Carolyn Kirkendall, Johnny Jones and Rob Gieg.


  1. Re-evaluation of program from this point;
  2. Rice Fields
  3. Compost – Simpson
  4. Chipper
  5. Piggery problems – Darrell
  6. Growing Cotton and the Charcoal program
  7. Chicken – disease
  8. Birds by the radio room

General discussion – GET IT IN WRITING. Jack wants it clarified he will not remove persons from crews without written notice to the supervisors and without prior consultation with them.

2 WEEKS IN FIELD – Becky brought up issue of some not going directly to the field; she spoke of resenting the policy not being followed that was set up. It was pointed out that some do not go to the fields, and there are reasons… Johnny will get a decision on this from the triumvirate and reported at the ACAO meeting on Monday night.

PROGRAM – Jack thought it best to go over the present projected plan and possibly re-evaluate it in terms of what has happened circumstantially. They had set up a 3 week program and then it got out of kilter due to weather, etc. May get back on schedule if we have some dry days and can get plows in there.

Idea that Jan brought up:

Take the group of people not working with the planting of the bananas and get the rest of the sweet potatoes and beans out of the fields so can go right on and plow the fields or if weather is bad, then do cleanup. Field 17, have Philip plow it and will plan to strip fertilize it, before we plant the beans.

Demosthenes is setting out suckers this entire weekend and the tractor that was down has been repaired – so will have two for tomorrow. However, guests coming must see what is available to bring them in..

Manure – Rob has a load of manure for tomorrow; Demos can use it he said in his planting.

CHECK WITH CHARLIE [Touchette IN MORNING must also go and get the cucumbers and melons from Kali Charan, neighbor.

Jan pointed out that unless they have some consistent pattern in the sweet potato field, they would just “leave” a lot of potatoes that will never get harvested.



Analysts – 21 July 78


Rice – Have the Jr Hi tomorrow; 2 or 3 to handle the rice, and Joe crew to handle with others; some will pick the beans. Can get Jr Hi Wed and Sat; schedule is for greens tomorrow for dinner.

ASSIGNMENTS – some have been arguing with the supervisors. Assignments are not to be a debatable issue! Send them to PSU.

Compost – Asking who sent the garbage out to the compost pit without the foliage that was to go in there for balance? Chaikin and Russell gave permission. There was a LACK OF COMMUNICATION. Lost 2 days work digging the hole. Teena [Turner] wanted to burn it, but decision was just to cover it over.

Chipper – Johnny asked if we have anyone to run it. Jack said yes, but needed minor repairs on it. A brace where the shoot folds back over is being repaired. Also, a key for ignition and we do not know who has it. Charlie or someone? Must find out… The chipper is portable and on wheels, it is at piggery now.

Piggery – phaseout or change of plans?

Harold came up with $1 per day on feed for the adult pigs by taking out the labor costs. Is sufficient to take another look at the program. Jack told Dad. Tish and Harold to get together and fineline it.

Pump cleared to buy is not included in our items… Need to get the priorities established for piggery and start knocking them out. Darrell brought up this issue. He is to get with Guy and settle the priorities list, and give copy to Johnny who requested it.

Getting dairy equipment; getting involved in rabbits; We are butchering 2 boar hogs for sausage, continuing the phaseout or phase down program.

Make pole chicken house, get the plumbing in and well functioning and waiting on aluminum to complete. Have cage for rabbits. Do not have cost of zoo yet… That will be construction at the first, and farm once the animals move in to occupy. MEANWHILE JOHN IS TO CONTINUE PHASING DOWN AND SWAPPING PIGS FOR CHICKENS, ETC. Jacksaid phase down two about 1 bor hog and 10 sows. Guy thinks needs much less labor than we think; how much is there for construction – most. Odell Blackwell can handle lower piggery where young babies are; the upper has the piglets and sows and newborns and needs couple more. Thinks pasture will change it a lot for most; Tish pointed out that must fertilize the pasture so it is not free. Guyana Livestock Corp  going out of business because of feed problems, says Gene – Johnny said different reason “given.” Gene said they cannot stabilize on 1 cow per acre as thought; is more like one count per 2 1/2 acres… Too expensive for the fertilizer, etc.

Cotton – Kimbia giving us 12# of cotton seed…

Farm Priority – Johnny asked the farm for a priority list so that he could



take the list to Dad. Will be a lot easier to ask for concessions and to explain their problems with guests, etc., if he has the list of priorities that he can explain to Dad.

Charcoal – The cotton, must be done… The charcoial businesses to come from the farm labor pool. MUST GET THE PRIORITIES OR JOHN CANNOT DEFEND THEIR POSITION TO DAD. Jack to have this developed, this is for whole farm program, not just for the piggery.

CHICKENS – Some of our new chicks (total 15 lost) have died – 10 since they got here. They are 4 days old. John Harris said this is Pullorams Disease or Arizona. Have started them on the Tri-Sulphalite. We now have plenty of it. Need more preventative medicine suggested Johnny.

Jack said have to watch that – pigs are now overly sick from deworming and then iron on top of it to pull them out of the sickness.

FEED STORAGE – Since feeds do not store we need to take a couple of barrels and do a practice session on them. This was agreed to.

Pig feed test – CHICKS are to be tested on the pig feed which is much cheaper. Rob has the pen almost completed – will put about 20 of the chicks in there and do the test program. He is to weigh the broilers at 8 weeks and at 9 weeks, and see the difference in weight and calculate the difference in feed costs.

RADIO RICHARD TO CHECK WITH GOVERNMENT on getting import license on our own feed for our own use…

Pigs – In conclusion – Phase down the pigs; start experimental feed development program; get the priority list established in and the work on a steady schedule of completion. GET PUMP IN THERE and get the well finished.

Crows – Make noise, morning and evening – decided to have someone go in with shotgun and make noise when [to] scare them away… Tim Day or some such…

Birds – Rob said that Dad is upset with the way the birds are being cared for. He will get on with Chris Talley and see that there is better and more consistent care of the birds. Johnny pressed for this, said they are one of the few things that gives Dad any pleasure and relaxation – like the little piglet.

8 hour day – Dad wants to give some days off, will not give warning as it is a security risk. Plan to have some Brigade activities for these days off. The various supervisors to work up some activities that whole family can help with on a voluntary basis.




[Marginal note at top of page: “Johnny”]

and Peoples Rally
18 July 78 – Tuesday 7:30 PM
Chairperson: Russell Moton
Secretary: Tish Leroy

  1. Report on new piglets – John Harris
  2. Notes from the Analysts – Russell Moton
  3. Report of the Farm Manager – Jack Beam
  4. Follow-up:
    1. Has the bypass road been started? Mike T. [Touchette]? Rob C. [Christian]?
    2. The small animals did not get moved, because of the new piglets must wait before taking rabbits down.
    3. What is happening with the anteater? Is it eating more ants? Chris Talley.
    4. Did Jocelyn [Carter] inspect and clean up the storage pavilion?
    5. What is the report of the field inspection? [Eugene] Chaikin?
    6. What is happening with the crows in our rice fields?



[Marginal note at top of page: “Johnny”]


  1. Piggery: There were 10 more pigs born today. This brings the total to 23. 1 pig was brought up tonight not doing too good so we are going to keep it up here for a day or so. The rest are doing fine.
  2. Pepper sauce: Peter [Wotherspoon] and Odell [likely Blackwell, could be Rhodes] want ground to plant peppers so they can make hot sauce for the entire family. This will be coordinated with Joyce T. [Touchette]
  3. Dad – Dad read report from Jack Beam & Gene Chaikin telling of the conditions as he saw them to this day. The report was compiled by Gene and Jack. Some of the things mentioned were the crews not working all that fast digging potatoes that equaled to 7 lbs per person and bananas left on the road. These two matters was explained: the potato field was extremely muddy and vines had to be pulled up before the potatoes were dug. It was noted the crew actually done quite well. The reason the bananas were left on the road was because the tractor due to off load was unable to pick them up. Dad asked that false alarms not be given any more like these.
  4. Beans: Dad asked if we were ever going to be able to grow enough beans to supply the family with. We still have 13 acres left to harvest, as soon as they are ready.
  5. Jack’s report: He said that some grooming of the place was being done. The sorrell was bad behind the rice tent so it was dug up and burned. He had been told by the medical dept that of the fields medical bags had been found in the trash and they needed to turn the rest of them in and was going to find out how many was lost and why.
  6. High: The Jr. High is to work tomorrow – they will be harvesting the cutlass beans (young). Dad mentioned how they had been a credit in the past so as to do a good job tomorrow.



Dan will say when days off are or will be. When a person volunteers to work on off time they are to make it up thru Dad. The people should not volunteer to work on off time then expect a day off later. (Or that amount of time off).

Charlie [Touchette] mentioned that the big sweet potato field that someone had said was completed was only about 1/6 done. Jack asked that no one else report a field harvested when it is not. (This is a case where Jocelyn [Carter] had told him that she had the harvest done for the day and it was taken that they had the entire field done).

It was brought up about the rice and the birds eating it and that it was not known what to do about it. They asked that suggestions be turned into the Agri. Office on ideas of how to keep the birds out. Shots will scare them off for just a short time.

Jack Barron mentioned that he found an area where there was some powie birds. They are good for eating. Tom Grubbs is supposed to take a bow and arrows out and see if he can get any. They are fast and Tom is the only accurate fast shot that we have at this time. If this does not work than [then] they can use the guns.

Russell Moton mentioned something about plans being worked out for an 8 hour day but that nothing diffanet [definite] has been set. He mentioned about possibly working it out with different crews at different times to see how the effecienticy [efficiency] was done.



[Marginal note at top of page: “Johnny”]


  1. Peanuts: To this day 1599 lbs of peanuts have been harvested. In between the rains we are harvesting what we can.
  2. Land clearing: No report. Helping with the unloading of the boat and after we are done with that plan to start on the bypass and work with the sawmill.
  3. Cassava: All field crews have been working together and so no report on cassava.
  4. Poultry: We are at a standstill on construction. Dad said to push ahead on it so that we can get a lot of chickens.
  5. animal: The small animals are getting too big for under Dorm 5. The facts were brought out that bigger cages are needed. The animals are in need of sunlight, a water hydrant will be needed to wash cages and also the need for concern of predatory animals if zoo is built. Because of the urine smell that will be created by the rabbits, it is suggested that they be moved to the piggery. The motion was passed and the poultry and livestock crews will work out schedule to handle them. Rob [Gieg] has drawn up plans for the cages and will submit to Charlie [Touchette] for pricing.

The problem of feeding the anteater was also brought up. It was decided that Chris [Talley] would walk the anteater around and try to find ants for it to eat and see how that goes. The spray is not as harmful to her as the ant bait is. She has to be watched that she doesn’t get a hold of that. Steve [likely Stephan Jones, could be Steve Addison] was to bring in a termites nest to see her reaction to that.

  1. Sprayers: A weekly schedule has been posted in the Agricultural Office and will be kept daily. It has where they are spraying and if any changes come up they are to notify the Agricultural Office immediately.
  2. Farm Manger [Manager]: He was asked about the rumor of the fields being half picked. Some have been found that way but they are all done now. He said he felt that under the new



schedule everything would go a lot better.

The only other thing mentioned in service was the possibility of looking into the balleyhoe [ballyhoo] in reference to fishing. That maybe the trawler could do something.



[Marginal note at top of page: “Johnny”]

1 July 78 – 3:50 PM to 5:15 PM

Attendance: Carol [McCoy] Dennis, Harold [Cordell] Bogue, Jack Barron, Shirley [Shirlee] Fields, Russell Moton, Carolyn Thomas [Kirkendall], James Simpson, Jim Morrell [Bogue], Demosthenes Kutulas, James Edwards, Philip Blakey, Lee Ingram, Johnny Jones, Becky Flowers, John Harris, Guy Mitchell, Gene Chaikin, Toi Fonzelle and Tish Leroy.


In summary, we have got a lot of greens (eddoes and sweet potatoes, about 8 acres, not including what is in cottages).

The cutlass beans have gone too far; should have been picked so others could grow. Jan [Wilsey] and Jocelyn [Carter] should have seen these were picked when younger – should be chastised for this negligence. Should go thru now and stripped the lines to promote regrowth [as] soon as possible. Then, in future, should have crew go thru and pick daily to give us maximum table use…

Enough green for 2-3 days per week for next 6 weeks said Gene and Simpson. James Morrell [Bogue] said a lot more eddoes in windrows down at roadside between here and camp #2, and in plantain field behind chicken house. This will add to the weekly allotment – we have a lot of it.

Bananas – we are just now recuperating from terrific production loss from taking bananas from the windrows for beautification and it cost us a year’s production in bananas for doing it. This was pushed by Jan [Wilsey] and Mike T. [Touchette]. Chaikin and Demo were basically opposed to it – and it threw us a year behind in banana production. We should be able to double our bananas every 12 months.

What to do – a lot of radishes now – they grow in 21 days.

Gene mentioned that in Congo basin, close in type to our own locale, they had traditionally grown cassava, eddoes, sweet potatoes, bananas and plantain and beans and a grain staple (rice or sorghum) if not too wet an area.

Irrigation system is very vital to us in dry seasons. If we have irrigation – will do better in the dry seasons. Can be good for us.

Large fields planted with bananas and plantain, said Gene. Interplant with eddoes and then keep fairly large quantities of sweet potatoes.

OF THE BEANS, ONLY MUNG BEANS, BLACK BEANS AND WING BEANS seem to do well in the wet. The bacterial leaf rot does not seem to hurt the beans too much – may limit it somewhat.

Points to consider:

  1. Interplant lots of eddoes and will have wet weather food.
  2. If want to go citrus then pullcorms ev 25 feet and put in citrus…
  3. Doesn’t think get too much pineapple per acre – perhaps 1000# per acre.
  4. Stop tearing eddoes out for the peanuts … take main shoots and they regrow. James Morrell [Bogue]rebutted this – said if left in, will not stay healthy. Ground must be rotated or they get small and poorly – cannot only top fertilize.
  5. However fertilizes problem with both bananas and eddoes… Must re-do the ground somehow… At least in between the bananas.

Danny said we should be hoeing the grass up to bananas and leave around base of trees as a mulch.




100 g of protein in mature bean vs 7 g protein in green bean. Mature bean as 7 times as much carbohydrate. If more A and C needed in diet, use the green beans.
Potassium 4500 mg in mature bean; 1000 mg in green bean
B-1 and Thiamine is 2500 in mature bean; 300 in green bean
B12 riboflavin 1000 in mature bean; 500 in green
B3 niacin 10 mg in mature bean; 2 mg in green bean
Iron content depends on the soil
Purslaine has 7.7 protein per # compared with green beans
1.8 fat
11,000 international units vitamin A in Purslaine
Niacin 2.2 comparable to green bean
C is 110 mg in Purslaine, better than most fruit.
There is some loss in cooking – C usually dissipates in heat.
Try to hold the black beans for seed, and dry beans.

All of our rice looks good.

PLANT – as soon as we get closer into the dry again, should rush plant the beans. They need a lot of potash. We have learned more from the men who came out.

PUMPKIN – okay in windrows first planting – rotate it or soil gets depleted.

OKRA, EGGPLANT, GREEN SQUASH AND RADISHES do well in the wet time… We should concentrate on this in future.

Intensive gardening – to be used more in vegetable gardening. Area is larger than figured – so will have 7 test plots and rest to vegetables. Can complete compost house tomorrow if can get some people out to get the rest of the sticks needed to do the sides.


RAINY SEASON – Barron said about two more weeks of it from symptoms … weather is starting to change now. All agreed. Stars at night indicate break starting in the weather.

CAPITALIST TYPE FOREMAN NEEDED – general consensus was that the system of self-government by analysts not working: they do not do their jobs, do not give up people to more needed areas, and see from too limited a perspective.

The person in charge must have the power to move labor and switch priorities, yet consider the whole farm. Must be more of an administrator and must have the teeth to kick ass when needed. As long as analysts have a voting system, they feel [they] will have problems. Is like playing chess says Gene – one person with overall perspective must call the shots for all – and all cooperate.

Planting must be done with planning, and this must be controlled. The crews must be told what needs to be done this week and sent out to do it. Must use discretion – in moving people cannot destroy one dept to build another… Must keep total perspective in mind and not grow beyond capability.



Sweet potatoes – they deteriorate rapidly, but those now coming out of ground are okay at time they are reaped.


Need to get more drums for storage and see about the belts and seals and adhesive. Have a replacement order in states now, should maybe order much more of valves, seals and adhesive – we can perhaps get the drums here – with the valves and seals very HARD TO LOCATE and were after many tests and failures that we succeeded.

NEED TO FIND OUT IF THE GOVERNMENT WILL LET US IMPORT ANY BEANS FROM THE STATES FOR TABLE CONSUMPTION. Not likely since they want us growing them and have this mass program under way.

In summary, analysts feel the problems were ignorance on part of planters, weather and poor management. At this stage, agreed we are not yet communists and need a strong person at the helm of the farm that will take firm lead.



1 July 78 – walk through



  1. back of apartments
  2. Field 11 has 6 acres of volunteers, young and [illegible word] supply greens
  3. banana and eddoe Field – 2 acres
  4. 1/2 acre in West Garden
  5. R-1 and L-1 – 1 acre
  6. New Garden Area – 5 acres
  7. Some in windrows
  8. Some in front of ministry building – mostly volunteers


  1. 5-8 acres – needs weeding
  2. 5 acres starleaf


  1. At least one meal
  2. West Garden 1/2 acre – should be dried and saved

BLACK BEANS ON HILL – acreage unknown

  1. Some fungus on uphill side
  2. Field X in good shape
  3. Both in green bean stage
  4. Should we use for green beans or dry (later decided dry)


  1. 22 rows all producing 20-25 every other day
  2. Will produce for 2 more months
  3. Need more ground for planting


  1. 4 [illegible word] – 2 producing now; 2 coming in Aug 23 – Sept 23
  2. Pick is 20# every other day for 3 more weeks
  3. Total picking time 6-8 weeks


  1. Growing very well
  2. 2 rows produce in 2 weeks; 1 row produce in 4 weeks; 5 rows being planted
  3. Good steady crop able to handle rainy weather well.
  4. Use both as vegetable and greens – use entire radish.


  1. Will produce end of August
  2. 32 rows
  3. Needs calcium


  1. East Garden on July 1 picked 108#; some will be ready next Friday. On July 23 picked 280#.


  1. Due in 4 months; have 2 rows planted

BOK CHOY – Stunted – will pick soon if it does not grow




  1. 1 acre ready next month


  1. 150# left in field


  1. Picked 117# on June 23; picked 118# today

Good crops for rainy season: eddoes, mungs, bananas, okra, plantain, sweet potatoes and eggplant

CUTLASS BEANS – Should be strict so a new crop can grow. Need a crew to pick Cutlass Beans EVERY DAY.

Simpson claims has been ordering seeds since March but none arrived; Tish [Leroy] says this is not so… Can confirm with Maria [Katsaris] in town. Carol said some are coming out on the next boat.