July Meetings of Agricultural Commission and Analysts, Peoples Rallies (Pt. 2)


[Handwritten note at top of page: “Johnny”]

17 July 78, 8:00 PM till 10:45 PM
– Notes by Tish [Leroy]


  1. Tardiness and late work starts
  2. Morale within Departments
    1. Pep Talks
    2. Problems
  3. Brigade Type Activities
  4. Need for reassigning labor

Reports: To be turned in on Sunday by noon in the Agricultural office in the bottom drawer of the brown cabinet.

Lateness: If the planning is done, why are the crews getting started late? There was little response There was little response.. Possibly this should be checked out by Lee [Ingram] or assigned persons.

Ag Meeting: James Johnson thought it would be a regular agricultural crew meeting and that is why he was late. The department heads should bring out the problem areas that need talking to and use this as a time for pep talks, this can help get things rolling.

Morale is factor – In Ag the equipment was pushed very hard for several days and broke down just as Agric  needed to use it heavily for their planting push. Toi [Fonzelle] mentioned was very interested at first in the new program, but now has sort of lost interest.

There is need for workers to FEEL more involved in the department and its planning, etc. A few should not hold all the knowledge. ACAO’s must guard against this setting in and take specific steps to prevent it said Mother [Marceline Jones].

Communication Breakdown: Lee [Ingram] cited that the backhoe should have been gotten into Kaituma today and he was not notified until too late that the alternator and generator were burned out and the fines car won’t be loaded unless remedial action taken tonight. Lee was also told the frame for sawmill was to be moved in today and should have been notified when this was not done.

– Follow-up needed to see that there is more communication between departments.

– It was pointed out supervisor must explain to worker that it undermines the credibility of department if promised tasks are not performed. Mother asked why no report till 6 PM?

– Johnny [Jones] pointed out should do constant follow-up. Lee should have assigned Monty to follow up; Charlie [Touchette] should have had Albert [Touchette] follow-up. Left us in bad PR position.

– Tish [Leroy] mentioned in regular garage reassessment problem and the mechanic and the supervisor make the decisions; that letting crew person make value judgments when he does not have all the input. Charlie said he agreed and that he had communicated earlier and it was Charlie’s decision to pull Al off of the backhoe and put him on the new tractor to get it fixed. Charlie later said that the battery was charging and that Al



had the backhoe fixed but for that… This in response when Lee asked to have a person work all night  to fix it so the backhoe could be loaded in the morning to go to the ridge.

Tractor Parts are in and morale is low for this reason. No place to work – lot of people standing about.

INSURANCE: Carolyn [likely Layton] pointed out there was other goofing. That they had goofed on the insurance. Every person going into town must be placed on our insurance. New requirement that Ava [Jones] and Medical related names of persons going into the radio so that can verify they are insured, or place them on coverage.

Security: Also a security problem. One person not checked on today and Dad had caught it. It was someone security had been specifically instructed to observe. Must correct this.

BIRTH & DEATH – One person assigned to record when we have births and deaths and get this information into Georgetown.

Birth Cert – and Death Certificates are to be kept with the Passports and Joyce T. [Touchette] is to hold these with the passports.

EMBASSY Coming out: [Richard] McCoy will be coming out again in 2 weeks… Appropriate plans and arrangements must be made, and any paper work necessary must be up-to-date by then.

Breakdown of tractor: Jack [Beam] blamed breakdowns on operators; Tim Jones says there is problem with mechanics. Machine broke down 4 times successively on same problem with front end. They were not getting it fixed. [Illegible word] fixed with both. No specific remedy determined re the drivers education, etc. (Note: it was not mentioned the Dad had requested driver TRAINING PROGRAM [several words illegible], and also that daily reports for maintenance be written out at end of each shift when the equipment is brought in.

Should have been put in daily report that TWO TRACTOR WHEELS WERE PULLED OFF from having cats put too much strain on them pulling them out [from] mud they should never have been driven into.

Example of not reporting – Finally today Charlie heard a problem of tractor “locking on 2 or 3 people” but none reported it for repair. [Sentence illegible]

Backhoe – Lee mentioned should have been [illegible word] between Al [Touchette] and Stanley [Gieg] who manages to keep backhoe running when he is wanting to. They said the appointment was for [illegible word] – should have checked if it could not get in by that time, he said to Charlie. No response.

Charlie countered that when someone in Gtn decides not to get an ordered part… Referred to Richard [Janaro] who had decided not to get water pumps for International. Said was discussed



in last meeting. Tish did not recall it being discussed as an emergency purchase which Charlie now says it was.

Carolyn should discuss this with Dad – possibly have an instruction that Georgetown not to make value judgments when Jonestown has cleared items – without first consulting with Jonestown on the urgency thereof.

Mike Carter had not pushed on it in Gtn and Carolyn L. [Layton] did not as had not realized it was this important. She stayed on the Lister parts  because knew its importance.

RADIO: NOW but the order through tonight on radio, get someone out on it immediately. Charlie [illegible line] – then instructed Georgetown to put it on the airplane with the chickens.

Chickens Transportation – Terri Jones mentioned chicks coming out and no transportation was yet arranged. Carol [McCoy] Dennis is to get these messages dispensed – but is to receive them on the written feedback sheets.

Problem $$ – Shorty who has Land Rover charged as [illegible number] then upped  to 50. Last time here waiting too long finally left, and then we only sent out $35… Johnny stress Lee to pay him and talk to him direct. Do not go through liaison, Brazilo.

Stateside – Massey Ferguson parts not available in states for this large tractor – will have to go to England or Trinidad or Venezuela.

BRIGADE ACTIVITIES – The triumvirate were like a family to have one day a week of BRIGADE TYPE ACTIVITIES where entire community works together. Maybe Bob [Christian] needs clay and dirt, maybe kitchen needs to have beans plucked, anything where community effort is needed to get the job done.

Rice Sorters – Joyce T. said rice sorters now under dorm 2 and she would like to give them more help [illegible word] the beans in their dept. [Illegible sentence]

WALKWAYS FOR BURNHAM VISIT – It was mentioned if [Forbes] Burnham lands on the ballfield, that the sides of cottages in that area of visibility must look very neat, and that the walkway into central community must be repaired or reconstructed so proper side drains, etc. This is Christian’s department.

Filler time – Those departments that have [illegible words] their day and have 2 1/2 extra hours all other departments are converting, can use the extra time for such projects also.

Jobs needed – Gene [Chaikin] needs compost pits built; in shop could sort belts; when aluminum comes in will need to carry them; will need to buff lumber out to industrial site. [Illegible sentence]



[Handwritten notation at top of page: “Dad”]

Carolyn Layton and Sarah [Harriet] Tropp conducted

Attendance: Joyce Touchette, Stanley Clayton; Bob Christian; Shirley Gieg; Tim Jones; Rhonda Fortson; Judy Ijames; Jack Beam, Darrell Devers; Charlie T. [Touchette], Albert T. [Touchette]; Lee Ingram; Tish Leroy; Harold [Bogue] Cordell; Gene Chaikin; Jan [Jann] Gurvich; Mike Prokes.

Absent: John Jones Jr. and Jimmy Jones – Security
Phyllis Bloom [Chaikin], Medical (Mother [Marceline Jones] in Gtn)
Shonda James [Shanda Oliver], Entertainment etc.
Kay Nelson & Hugh [Hue] Fortson in Gtn.
Ava Jones – Education & Counsel
Amondo Griffith – Experimental
Maria Katsaris – Gtn.
John Jones Sr. – At [Matthews] Ridge


  1. Playground problems
  2. Safety Committee
  3. Bridge Walkway
  4. Brigade work Sunday
  5. Gondolas needed for Shell
  6. Schedule for Garbage dumping
  7. New Food Warehouse
  8. Rice Workers from Medical
  9. Fire Keepers
  10. Karate on Production Time
  11. Time to Shower on Rally Nights
  12. Clocks for outer crews
  13. Construction people on loan from Security
  14. Georgetown People who rotate
  15. HS Teachers into farm project
  16. Time Sheets – Instructions
  17. Landscaping problem
  18. Guests tomorrow – 4 PM

Playground – Serious problem with dangerous barrel. Was to have been fixed earlier. Marie Rankin and Demos Kutulas on Safety. Willie Grady is in charge of fixing the playground and its equipment.

Safety Committee – Has not been assigned to an ACAO. It was decided in the meeting that this should be assigned to Bob Christian and Shirley Gieg’s department. Carolyn said the Triumvirate needs a WEEKLY REPORT saying what has been repaired and what is still incomplete.

Bridge – The walkway across the swinging bridge is very dangerous and slippery – especially for small children and seniors. Dad is very concerned. Low rail on both sides is to be put on to protect small children. Alma Thomas is to try to get some monitors to guide tottering folk across. This may not work out – which will mean different arrangement. [Marginal note: “2nd rail put on, monitor has been assigned”]

Sunday Brigade – Can both the road and sidewalks be done? Also the walkway up to the brick house and soap factory?

NEED A PLAN DRAWN UP AND PERSONNEL SELECTED. Copy of plan to be turned into triumvirate by Saturday. Many problems as we have only one wheelbarrow. Consider using buckets for hauling dirt – but will probably destroy the buckets. Should NOT USE THEM. The side trenches must be scooped out and the shovels can be assigned for this. Main problem is getting the dirt out there. No way to get the trailer out there.



Should select adults for supervision and line up the supervisors to handle the crews. DETERMINE IN ADVANCE WHICH PERSONS WILL BE NEEDED FOR THE MAIN ROAD, and the balance can be used on walkways etc. Give Carolyn or Triumvirate a list of the supervisors to be used.

Dirt needed ahead of time – can we bring it in on Sat? Rock must come in from the quarry.

If cannot do the other pathways, can get started on doing the central pathway beside pavilion. Ditches need digging out. Can dump a pile of dirt somewhere in central area to work from. If a wet day can work on the Pavilion floor. Repaint the balance of the unpainted portions where the fence is ALREADY painted – but do not paint any more of the fences – looks better unpainted, but not good as a mismatch.


Gondolas – Shell boat has left for the shell beaches. May be in here as early as Sunday which will tie up our tractors. Important that Lee go into Port Kaituma and arrange for 8 gondolas so that we can load onto gondolas in between our trailers, so we can get the boat out of there sooner. Cost is $850 per day setting in the port unloading.

Backhoe – Backhoe should be ready tomorrow morning. Manufacturing a head gasket. When we made worked for a while – is hard to make. One on order from states. Will take 2 days to get enough rock in from the quarry. [Marginal note: “Fixed”]

Gondolas – Lee would like permission to have railway take the gondolas out to 4 miles so not so far to haul into our community. Charlie said hard to get railway permission; we put 30 ton of shell per gondola and the engine can’t pull such a load.

Garbage Sched. – The triumvirate would like to know if regular dumping sched for the garbage? Charlie said cannot do this in the wet weather. Will have on regular schedule when it dries out some.

Food Whse – Joyce Touchette wants a special building for the food storage and does not want the food stored out in the industrial site. Wants it close to the kitchen area. In wet weather, is nearly impossible to get the food brought in. SHE WAS REFERRED TO THE JONESTOWN SITE PLANNING COMMITTEE, meets Sunday mornings. [Marginal note: “has been settled”]

Rice Workers – Someone is taking workers from Rice Workers without contacting Joyce – not authorized to do this. Is counseling matter. Ava [Jones] and Judy [Ijames] not here at the time – sent for Judy. MARYANN CASANOVA ASSIGNED TO ORGANIZE THE RICE WORKERS.

When sent to medical people are to return with note to their department heads  and then go to where they are assigned. Medical will give list to “IS” when they sign people out to Rice workers, etc.  IS will check them out.



ACAO – 27 July 78

Page 3

FIRE KEEPERS – [Abraham] Staten no longer in charge or working with them. Richmond [Stahl] will work 3 hours at night. Needs 2 tood people and 2 young persons. Bronchonski suggested young children. Jimmy Cordell or Billy Bush… Can have Billy not Jimmy. Jack will give her the two adults, or at least one; tell her later. [Marginal note: “assigned”]

Karate – Jerome Anderson, James Turner to be back on PSU [Public Service Unit] full-time. Motion made that we discontinue use of production time for such as Karate practice during time of pushing to get the place together. UNANIMOUSLY PASSED WE RECOMMEND TO DAD.

Shower Time – Farm crews presently do not have time to shower and eat on Rally nights. Seek permission from Dad to get off an hour early, or take 1/2 hour lunch and get off 1/2 hour early. No one wanted to start rally later. [Marginal note: “done”]

Watch needed – Crews in outer areas, like piggery and fields around need time piece to know when to quit at night.  Agreed that few watches or clocks should be assigned through the Agric office.

Security – Tim Jones said they are giving Greg Watkins and others on loan to construction and other areas. However, he advised these will be recalled without notice when Dad needs to have security beefed up again. Don’t put them in supervisor positions because they will be called back for security.

Gtn Rotation – Carolyn [Layton] pointed out the same applies for people who must rotate to Georgetown. Keep them in flexible positions.

H.S. Teachers – Jan [Jann] Gurvich pointed out that in fact they do not have many full-time teachers. Most work in other areas or are away. James Taylor, Mike Lund [Rozynko], Shirley [Gieg], Dick Tropp…

Bob wants afternoon classes for PSU people – particularly the small children. Jan Gurvich will teach it – or will ask Dick Tropp. Judy to go with her to ask out of the meeting she is usually scheduled into at that time. Ask if Mike Lund can do PSU. Christian is to let Carolyn know.

Foot treatment – Farm workers will have special times for foot treatments so they do not spend long hours off of their jobs. [Marginal note: “being implemented”]

Time Sheets – The yellow timesheets are needed in Accounting by noon on Saturday. The crews should turn into the ACAO on Friday by noon and the ACAO to turn them into Jesse by Saturday. She will turn into CAO’s on Sunday. IF THE ACAO’S  WANT THE TIME SHEETS BACK, can be done – but they are to retain on file. Notified Tish if they want them in their files. Must be available for audit from time to time. NEEDED FOR COSTING.

Medical – Problems and ran very late today. Phyllis not present.

Landscape – Gene asked for help to do the landscaping Dad requested… Suggested he ask Lula Ruben to BRING HER CREW OUT ON SUNDAY… Gene  did not know if this would suffice… Will try it.

Transportation – Guests coming at 4 PM Friday. Charlie to send out tractor and trailer to the gate.

– The meeting adjourned



31 July 78
ACAO Minutes
Attendance: Johnny Jones and Sarah [Harriet] Tropp
Stanley Clayton, Bob Christian, Shirley Gieg, Marcy [Marceline] Jones, Phyllis Bloom [Chaikin], Shonda James [Shanda Oliver], Rhonda F. [Fortson], Ava Jones, Jack Beam, Darrell Devers, Charlie T. [Touchette], Lee Ingram, Tish Leroy, Harold [Bogue] Cordell;, Gene Chaikin, Jan [Jann] Gurvich and Mike Prokes

Absent: Joyce Touchette, John Jones Jr., Tim Jones, Jimmy Jones, Judy Ijames, Albert Touchette, and Carolyn Layton.

Excused: Kay Nelson, with Nell [Smart]; Hugh F. [Hue Fortson], Amondo G. [Griffith] and Maria Katsaris in Gtn.

Showers – Received from Medical by Shirley G. for the Safety group… Jack says can get the disinfectant from Chemical Control in Agriculture. Cannot use foot pans for fear children will get it and drink it. So – must have something can be put on the floor NEED TO TAKE TEST. Shirley says can to [do] tonight or tomorrow night if chemical is available. Mother [Marceline Jones] wants to do the shower and do a culture on the floor. It is good in terms of athletes feet but will make soles of feet purple.

DO ONE SHOWER and do culture at different times… LABORATORY IS INVOLVED. Will be done 7:30 AM, 3 PM, and late p.m. Phyllis Bloom is to assign several athletes feet to go in and take shower during this time – AT DIFFERENT TIMES to see if the chemical is remaining effective at intervals…

Jack Beam is to clarify with John Harris if we have enough additional above what is used for currently.

FOLLOW-UP SAFETY – Shirley Gieg – to have regular report with follow-up on what has been corrected and what has not been corrected.

Bridge  – Needs higher rail also; is too dangerous Dad said. There is problem with those carrying heavy loads to kitchen. Stanley [Clayton] is to direct them to use other and where garden paths cross.

ROAD PROBLEMS – At least another week BEFORE GETTING THE ROOM… Because the shell must be unloaded. Using backhoe which did get fixed… 4-6 gondolas yet to be emptied and will use backhoe for this too

Ridge – Johnny Sr. contacted Maj. Thomas at the Ridge and made arrangements to use their dump truck. Lee is to phone on this tomorrow. They owe us $70 and we are swapping it… We approached him on a “from time to time” basis using each other’s equipment. Jack commented if we lend it that we send our own operator along… John said agreed, and they feel the same… If dump comes probably will be with their operator.

Bob C. said take it and use for the shell. THERE IS NOW [illegible word] MUCH STONE AT THE QUARRY… PERHAPS ONLY 3 LOADS… Will have to buy some perhaps…

Lumber – At Papaya we have around 7-8 trailer loads of wood cut and waiting for us. We may only get the truck for one day…



May only get it Sunday… Suggest go to Papaya and get it loaded at the mill. John said if we do, will have to send our people to load it. Their driver will not do that. Their driver will not do that. Query if they do not have people at the mill to load or help… Nothing finalized.

Charges – Matakai is now charging for everything. We must keep this in mind. Train ride is $6 to the ridge… Gondolas will be $35 each in the future, each load.

Tuesday – Min Carmichael having meeting. MUST SEND PEOPLE IN TO IT… Probably send PNC people…

Lumber – 60 cents B.M. to load it… We have 8000 BM of lumber. Gaston says they are about $60,000 in the hole on Matakai budget…

Truck – Matakai has a German make dump truck, about 5-7 ton and bed is about 3-4 feet deep.

Fines – Prokes asked about fines. Will need the backhoe. Johnny wants the toilet done before the backhoe starts on anything else. Bob Christian expects to get the toilet done by Aug 18 if he gets what he needs and the labor… Stanley [Gieg] started the measurement and got too wide. Is having trouble setting his footings down on it. Will start tomorrow and will take 2 days… Need it before Aug 18 when we are expecting guests.

Ridge truck ­– If use our truck, will be taking our people out of production to go to ridge and get labor. John said either tell him, “No – till need for rocks, or Yes on offloading the shell.” Wood crew might be able to use it.  Have all usable gondolas wrapped up in shell. Lee says there are 4-5 more… John cautioned they were not really in good condition or at least he was told that. Lee to check if contracts use more…

Bridge out – The Bypass bridge washed out… Young is supposed to fix the other bridge temporarily.

RIDGE TRUCK – LEE IS TO TELL HIM we definitely need the ridge truck – need it to free gondolas for Matakai…

Road – We are pulling logs in. Using cat to drag the huge logs and it is digging a bigger rut. Now, need more help to buffer the lesser size logs down by hand. Charlie and Lee said will cause hernias. The 12-13 inch logs to quite a few men to carry. Some take 9 men. Charlie said build tracks of logs and slide them along. You extend the tracks with the logs you slide along. Jack says Christian can use the wood crew to get this done. Charlie reminded that the garbage detail must be fitted into schedule. Bob C. needs tractor or cat for this. Need Massey and box and farm crew without a crew of his own…

Jack has post holes to dig at piggery. Jack said he will have to use the word crew for garbage also. BOB IS TO INSTRUCT THE SUPERVISOR TO MAKE GOOD USE OF LABOR AND DO JOB PDQ.

TIME SHEETS – THESE MUST BE IN ON TIME and must be recorded on a JOB BASIS. We cannot get our testing done without the time sheets. Nor can we get the inventories and budgets done without all cost figures being completed on the initial project.



31 July 78

ACAO Minutes


Children – Mothers with children are not on the same time schedules as other workers – however, Ava works out schedules for them that they ARE TO MEET. Christine is to be on 10 AM to 6:30 PM. She has someone to shower them for her at 4 PM.

Volunteers – JOBS ARE NOT CHARGED for work done by volunteers as long as it does not pull them from their regular work, but is in addition to their regular day’s work. IT IS SELF HELP…

Inventories – Harold should work together inventory is completed in each area so that we can prepare budgets. Charges must be made and recorded on the yellow time sheets that are turned into the Ag office to Jesse McNeal…

Harold is to arrange a meeting with the people to tell them what is needed from them, and answer their questions. (Tish to do memo to ACAO’s on supplies used vs Inventory records…) Harold to be sure that EVERYONE responsible for inventories is contacted. HAROLD TO NOTIFY JOHN OF THE DATE OF THE MEETING.

Tractor – Item briefly mentioned re desire of Gene to split the use and control of the tractors. Agriculture wants to have the scheduling of tractors themselves. The costing is a factor and the use of fuel needs to be considered into the use. Charlie has been monitoring this, and using the multiple usage where possible.

Jr PSU – Jan [Jann] Gurvich said [Sarah Harriet] Tropp met with Ava and only 4 children didn’t get a tutor. Just now was talking to Carolyn who said teachers can be used as supervisors on Jr PSU as well as tutors.

Lunch hours – John to discuss with Dad about changing of hours, dropping breaks and taking 1/2 hour for lunch to get off 1 hour early. Option should be open for entire crew – and for all crews or not at all… Should perhaps be decided on a crew-by-crew basis, each for themselves… Must be decided by Dad.



5 July, 78
8 to app. 10 p.m.
Meeting of Troika With ACAO’s

From all departments will need:

1.) Job Descriptions on each person within department, or if or one person not presently on job and it is being done by whomever can get to it, then describe the function and say “personnel needed.”

Recommend procedurers needed to complete the jobs. (See Harold [Bogue Cordell]; and Toi [Fonzelle].)

2.) Give department outline or schematic and chain of command.

3.) List your short term and long range planning with a deadline of [blank space provided] on wind this should be in – probably within 2 or 3 days. We will soon be going into major production on farm with the seasonal change, and into major construction as soon as lumber arrives.

4.) We will need inventories immediately: Feeds, foods, fuel, spare parts, and supplies in every departments are important for us to know about – we need to know what may become an emergency before it gets there. Haroldexplained perpetual inventory every 3-[illegible number] months and there will be auditors to check on this. There is need to set up reorder system monthly or as needed to keep above “safe” minimum.

5.) List your procedures and go over them with the GAO’s before setting changes in motion from what you originally set up in items 1, 2 and 3 above. If there are any changes or personnel shift[s] within the departments, please let the CAO’s know immediately.

6.) A system of follow-up needs to be formulated; there is a need for the CAO’s to be able to evaluate the projected tasks you originally get up vs what you completed of those tasks, each. Will try to do much of this in these meetings.

Meeting: Will meet on Mondays 6:30 to 8 p.m., and steering will be at 8:30.


Will mostly cover inter-departmental items were both supervisors need to be present to effect a decision.

Job Pool: Some changes are being made now, however all input will be taken then final decision will rest with the CAO’s. Assistant to the ACO’s is not necessarily a full-time job.



[Handwritten note, undated]

Weekly reports from July [illegible number] – July 10 include a schedule of meetings with department by 6:30 PM tomorrow.

Set with T. [Teresa] King on ID of officials.

Keep on Carolyn about old Chronicles.

Have weekly reports by tonight with schedule of meetings.