FF-11 – “Father Died on His Birthday”

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Kirtas Smith (jr high school): Yes, he is an atheist. he is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Said he died on his birthday because of Deddie B. [Debbie Blakey]. He is pro-Soviet. Believes in paranormal faculties. He is the best person in the whole world.

Ruby Bright 31: no response

Michael Heath 14: Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on. Died on his birthday because Davey turned traitor. Because Dad knows himself, he knows his sexual background. He is a M’st-L’ist [Marxist-Leninist] because Dad wants to die but he keeps on living for us, & he doesn’t want to have People’s Rally but he has it because we need it. Yes, he believes in healing power. Re Dick [Tropp]: he uses his mind for the cause & saves the other for himself. (exc [excellent])

Verne Gosney 25: Atheist, mind lives on, only believes in his own paranormal. Dad said he died on his birthday because of Debbie’s treason. He felt unable to communicate good. Re John: said not to strike out at Grace because of John. Hi points: loyalty, pro-Soviet but believes he has the purest form of socialism than anyone. Dick – felt he had independent thinking that made him a traitor & felt he should be shot after he served his usefulness out. Yes, I am an elitist in that sense. I question everything. Practically. Not willing to accept things, want more free will & indulgences. I feel claustrophobic – too much rebellion. I am also an elitist because I fall back on mystical thinking when I can’t make a decision & I hate being around people all the time – I am too much of an anarchist & must be forced against my will to do the right thing. Given my free will I would follow a self-serving goal. (exc)

Yvonne James: Atheist, believes in mind living on, believes in own paranormal. On May 13, he died twice when he showed loyalty to Debbie. People always want to be praised when he never feels he wants to be. Pro-Soviet, he is aligned. John saw Grace instead of this person who was talking to him so that made him mad & he started slapping at her. (If billions of people turned against communism, he would remain standing.) Tropp said that all intellectuals were potential traitors because they could mentally justify any wrongdoing. He feels like this. (Fair)

Stephanie Smith 13: F. [Father] said Debbie had been with Tim S. [Stoen] on his birthday, had a white night. Dad is pro-Soviet… (I cannot make out what she’s trying to say) so people can grow to be communist so they do not have to be fascist pigs. Thank you Dad for your love & unity. (Very good)

Ruth Lenin [Tupper]: Atheist. Mind lives on after death, believes in own healing power. I’m an atheist. I believe mind lives on & I believe in Dad’s healing power. He said he died on May 13 (his birthday) this is when Debbie left & betrayed. He said until then he thought at least the people who had worked close with him could see his goodness (dedication etc.) but that when betrayed he saw this wasn’t so & that all his work was maybe futile but that if everyone in the world turned against communism, he still stand true to it. Someone was yelling at John while correcting him & Dad told them to make sure they weren’t yelling at Grace. That’s why dad can be calm because he’s faced that. He knows himself – that’s why he can be loving & will always be dependable. Dad is an internationalist. He’s neither pro-Chinese nor pro-Soviet. He’s not a dogmatist. He understands things & looks at things whereas most people just condemn China for its nationalism. Dad believes & trusts only in himself & he is not aligned. High points of Dad’s character: dependability, faithfulness, honesty, love for his desire to have everyone equal & fair. His willingness to never stop until the whole world is free (as long as he can hold out). He’s more pro-Soviet than pro-Chinese.

Stephanie Lynette Jones 14: Atheist, mind lives on. My reason is that you can kill someone but their thoughts live on. I think that you believe in your healing power only to a certain extent – that you can’t be a healer all the time & that if you didn’t do some healing or I think people wouldn’t have

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[handwritten note: “from: Jann G. [Gurvich]”]

Note on Ruth Lenin: Since this assignment was given to me she has on several occasions walked over to the typewriter & stared at what I was doing. I mentioned this to Christine L. [Lucientes] & she told me she does the same thing to her when she’s typing the agenda. She also said that she has even opened her briefcase & gone through it. Unless this is part of her security duty, I question this behavior – especially in view of the fact that this is supposed to be the “Staff House” meaning that whatever typing/paperwork goes on in here would be of a confidential nature. I was also told that because of Rita’s [Tupper] attitude in the past whenever she was confronted (threatening to take Tim [Tupper] back), it was pretty impossible to confront her children. Still, I think security should expect more out of its members & that Ruth needs to be told about it privately. [Handwritten addition: “Mary Lou Clancey said Ruth has done the same thing to her.”]

Stephanie Jones (cont): followed you if you didn’t heal. I also think that people depend on you as a healer even though they could help themselves to a certain extent by good thoughts. On your birthday, Debbie B. left this cause & which the worrying of yourself, it cause you to die & the pain that DB put you through made you think I did all of the shit like talking, spending special time with her, putting her in leadership positions all for nothing & she goes out & does just as much harm as she would’ve done you and if you didn’t (unable to find rest of the test) (exc)

Keith guy: He said he died May 14 when Debbie sold out. Pro-Soviet & he believes in more than himself & he believes in him & knows he is a socialist.

Jacunia Morgan (Georgianne Brady) 12: Atheist because he doesn’t believe in God. Dad thinks mind lives on after death. Well anyway I think that he does because if he did not have confidence in himself, it would not work. Said he died May 13 because Debbie hurt him very much. Dad does not believe in himself also he worries about other people besides himself. Dad is pro-Soviet. Don’t know what Dick said. (exc)

Clara McKenzie 49: F [Father] is an atheist. Believes in life after death. Believes in own healing powers. On May 13, his birthday, he said he literally died. Dick T said that at one time or another we all have had treasonous thoughts because some things I didn’t understand. But now I do. I love it here & wouldn’t dream of leaving.

Angela Casanova 12: Not an atheist. Mind lives on. Firmly believes in your own healing power but in ways does not understand it. Re birthday he said he died. DB also asked him for a sexual relationship. He gave a lot to DB & she defected from us. Re him being honest & totally dependable: he went through lots of pain as a child & grew up with lots of strength & we’re all his family so he has nothing to hide. Not pro-Chinese. Sort of yes & no whether he is pro-Soviet & non-aligned. Pro-his own beliefs – more yes then no. (exc)

Edward Moore: pro-USSR, Marx & Lenin. JJ believes in his own power, in mind. He believes you will live on after death.

Kim Barnett: Atheist. Mind lives on. He has a super terrestrial power – believes in it. Said you died on your birthday May 13 because of traitor Debbie went out on his birthday & did treasonous acts against the cause after all Dad had done for her – gave her love, affection, helped her from drugs & this is what she does because she did not get sexual things out of him, & if 3 billion people on earth betrayed Dad that went against communism, I will still stand with him & go down with him. Yes, That is pro-Soviet, Vanguard [indecipherable typing] believes as the Soviets. John was being confronted by sec’y & Dad said not to scold him because of Grace involvement & John was acting out like her & that he did the same thing when John given to him and he started to do the same & caught himself & stopped it & said after that don’t ever do that again to him. Hi points/Dad’s character.



Shawnterri Jones 20: Not an atheist. Mind lives on. Believes in healing power. He died on his birthday. Also Debbie left the cause on his birthday. She went back to the states telling lies about we bury people alive in the ground. Also, on his birthday, he gave his life for us. If it wasn’t for us, he would’ve stayed dead. Re John: said that one of his secretaries reminded (can’t find other page) (fair)

Mahaley Johnson 68: Atheist, believes mind lives on, believes in healing power. Died on his birthday when Debbie had gone. Said he didn’t want Tim S to have the baby or fool around with boys. Pro-USSR. Hi points: Dad loves & helps everybody, is forgiving, does everything for us.

Corrie Duncan 70: He died on his birthday. He believes in healing power. He came back because we need him. Believes in himself because he controls everyone. (Fail)

Stan Gieg: Atheist, mind lives on, beliefs in own paranormal. (Fail)

Inez Connedy [Conedy] 64: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own paranormal. Was not able to hear re birthday & John. Dick T said he was an elitist – that after he had served his purpose, he felt he could shoot himself. I am not an elitist. Dad’s hi points: supreme being, cannot be overcome by any human being in whatever manner that is designed. Can always be trusted because he is the complete truth. Dad believes in Marxist-Leninist – his own self – pro-Russian.

Ida Mae Nichols 77: He believes in life after death. He is the world’s greatest liberator of humanity. He lives what he preaches. Said he loves humanity – all life. He would like the Russians because they believe for one & for all. He said he loved her as his own daughter. He said he died on his birthday. He would never trust anyone again. We should look into ourselves & search ourselves out. (Fail)

Eura Moses 87: Atheist, mind lives on. Believes in own paranormal. What he said re birthday – he died because Debbie had done treason. Dad is non-aligned. Hi points: loving, understanding, fair. Re Tropp: thought that because he was in the professional field that gave him privileges above some of us. (Good)

Nancy Jones: He told John John to know himself so he won’t be fooling around with no boys or no girls later. Then he went on to tell about himself, but he knows himself so the only thing on his mind now is us. Father is character, he loves people, he hates no one, he tries to get along with everybody – lots of people. They even don’t like us but when Dad talks to them they come over & like us. He doesn’t put out no petty talk he talks the truth. When he talks about something nobody can talk but him. Nobody can be as good as him.

Helen Snell 74: Not an atheist – he is a Marxist-Leninist. He is loving, compassionate, caring, most thoughtful, kindness, most long-suffering person I’ve never known. Re birthday: said all hell broke loose that day. Believes he can heal all manner of diseases. Believes & knows he has extra dimensional power & is a perfect leader. Dad Father can do anything but fail. He proves himself to be fair in all he believes in us having the best of everything, food, medical care & all kinds of opportunities & I thank you for these classes.

Barbara Kemp 35: Atheist, doesn’t believe in healing power, doesn’t believe mind lives on. On May 13, that’s when he died all over again on his birthday he said that he cared about each & every one of us like he cared for all of us & he loves us very much.

Christa Marshall (Smith): Atheist, mind lives on, believes in healing power – his own gift. Said he died May 13 because Debbie B was very close & turned out to be a traitor. Said we should not yell at John John because it reminded him of Grace. He believes in equality & justice. Dick T said when my brain & my body can no longer be used for this cause, take me out & shoot me.



Mary Griffith Jr 16: He said that he used to fuss at John but now he doesn’t. He said because he knows he was taking Grace out on John. I myself believe in Dad because of all the opportunities he had many times to leave but still he stays with us keeping us all out of danger bringing us all out here out of fascist America. Helps us all to a better education. He heals us. Helps us to become better communists through education. Teaches us how to take care of things he talks about. The way he sees things that no one else does. (Very good)

Aileen Tucker: Yes, Father believes there is no God. He died on his birthday. Mind lives on after death. Doesn’t understand the power but knows there is energy that works in him. He knows himself someone was yelling at John John (& you are going too fast for me) (fail)

Dorothy Rawlins 22: Not an atheist. Does believe in healing power. Said on his birthday he died for us due to what happened with Debbie B. He has put his life on the line because he didn’t know what she wanted him to do & he feels guilty he didn’t do it. Also how he has to go days without any sleep & how much he cares for us & how he’s trying to make ends meet & make things better for us. The high points: He has cared so much for us he has forgotten about his relatives & stayed with us also how he took his life’s savings & put it into the cause to make things better for us & how he was offered millions of $ to leave us & take his family & his close aides but he turned it down & still stayed here. Also how many of us have tried to kill him & he holds no guilt & still accepts you as one of his children. To me JJ is the strongest & most communist leader there is. You will never find another one like him cares & risks his life for you.

Leon Perry 61: Not an atheist. Believes in own paranormal, mind lives on. He was murdered on his birthday because one left that he trusted & stole $ from the people. She is trying to hurt us by lying to the CIA. (Fair)

Ollie Harrington: Atheist. Mind lives on. Believes in own paranormal – he believes in himself. Dad said he died May 13 his birthday due to the love he has shown towards some of us & that lady went out & turned against this movement. He says he knows no one loves but him & he will stand for communism if nobody stands but him because it is right & he would die for us all. He said when he saw his secretary hit on John he knows that she was taking out her hostilities on him & that one of the reasons he doesn’t raise his voice to him or any other child. He is pro-Soviet or communist. (Fair)

Ernestine Blair 60: Atheist, believes mind lives on, believes in healing. Re: birthdate he said he died that she would have to pick his birthday to take off – what a gift – anything to upset & hurt. He had given her his love & care & have helped her same as he had helped all of his children. She showed how much she cared. He asked the secretary if she was striking out at someone else. Re his character: highest in love & understanding. Also cares for his people. He seems to have the weight of all the little people on him. I wonder how he carries on with so much on his mind. It’s much more than I can understand. Re Tropp’s letter: Looking at or into himself that is a bit deep for me. I tried to look into my mind & understand but I find it’s not easy. It will take a lot of thinking to really know ourselves. I try to understand & other times I am at a loss. I think it is wonderful when someone can look at themselves & put what they see into words. I have a lot to learn.

Marianita Langston: Father believes only what he can see. Father has healing power, mind can live on after death. Hi points: he believes in right of people working together to bring about change for people all working classes & in Jonestown all of us come together, live with each other so we can help others in the world. Prof Dick talk about how he was a traitor [2 words illegible] so many make treason happen. He looked at himself. He is not worthy no longer should be put to death. (Good)



Orlando Robinson 11: He died on his birthday – Debbie left the church. She grabbed John because he doesn’t handle his children like that. He was talking about Tim S & how they told lies about us. Before he & we leave this world, he was going to get the murderer. (Very good)

Candace Ingraham: Atheist, if mind is socialist sometimes it will live on, believe only in Dad’s paranormal healing power. Said he died May 13 after Debbie leaving – said he had given his all to her. All of us would’ve molested a child back in the states but now our minds are on socialism so we know better. Hi points: Dad believes only in himself. He trusts no one. Dad isn’t pro-anything – he believes in communism. I would describe Dad as the best Marxist-Leninist liberator in the world. The best Dad there is & one who practices what he preaches. One who’s always willing to give & not take & knows what to do, when to do it, how & where. He sacrifices his life that others might live for communism. To me an intellectual elitist is someone who’s taking advantages of having a college education & taking privileges that they shouldn’t & that others can’t get. Yes, I am an elitist. I think that just because I work in the baby nursery, I can get what I want & that just because I have a lot of knowledge (which really ain’t much) in electronics that I can have special privileges (like sleeping in overtime) & before they stop serving inside I thought that just because my mom was a server that I could go inside to get my plate. I don’t make hard enough of an effort to get someone to wake me up after working overtime in the nursery & I get my with it. (exc)

Teddy McMurray [McMurry]: Not an atheist, mind doesn’t live on after death, believes in own paranormal. I believe. Died on his birthday because Debbie traitor left the cause because JJ wouldn’t fuck her. Jim said all of the time & caring for her & saving her & he showed her the best e.g. in front of her at all times & the only way she can pay Jim back is by leaving on his birthday. JJ would never leave us because he is loyal to us. He is kind & he loves us all. He cares for us so much that he will die for us & be tortured for 20-30 years for us. Gives his eyes for us just as long as we can be safe & no one bothers with us. When Grace was yelling at John, she saw Grace in his features. I think Dad is a Marxist-Leninist. I think he doesn’t believe in nothing else but Marxism-Leninism – he is the purest form of communism that walks the earth. I believe he can heal what I know the most important thing I think is to have knowledge & sensitivity. (exc)

Karen Layton: Atheist, don’t know if he believes in life after death or not. Does believe in his own power as he knows he has super ordinary or metaphysical abilities & powers. I have certainly witnessed them many times myself & of course I believe Jim to be the most worldly-wise, insightful man alive in the world. No doubt in my mind about it. On Jim’s birthday, he died over Debbie B. He said if 3 million people sold out, he’d still stand up by what he knew to be communists, principled, & right. Said he’d no longer trust another person – only trust himself & principle. Said he knows himself completely & we all need to face more than ourselves. He knows when he gets angry at John John if it’s justified or he just sees some action of Grace coming out in John. Then he knows it’s not right to punish John for his association with Grace as naturally a child will pick up some attributes of his mother. Jim is always honest (as much as he can be with dishonest people) that we all are. He’s totally responsible & dependable. Worries about all the



Karen Layton: collective & each individually. He’s principled in every breath, every single action every day of the year. Never waivers from communist principle. There’s no person alive on earth as principled as Jim is. He’s most highly evolved human being. He’s pro-Soviet because the Soviets have followed a consistent pattern of supporting the revolutionary movements all over the world. If they were to change their policy, I’m sure he would change his opinion. He supports principle wherever he sees it. He supports freedom of the oppressed & economic distribution of all the wealth. He would make the greatest leader of any country & of any world because he understands all things & is a totally committed communist. Re Tropp: I agree with what he said about intellectuals. Actually I really have never put myself in the same category as intellectuals because I know I’m not bright enough to be one. My mind is slow & sluggish & I don’t catch on to many things. I don’t put myself above others. I feel very much a part of & I don’t believe I’vr remained “separate”. I do however, take special privileges many times when I should not, such as getting extra food when I can. I can still have elitist patterns which I need to kill. I have no problem with the idea of shooting those who are not contributing to the cause of communism. Why else should anyone be alive? I also believe it would be totally right to kill anyone who tried to leave socialism to go back to capitalism. I really question very little because every time I have questioned, I’ve fucked things up bad! Every time I’ve wavered from Jim’s instructions, I’ve made terrible mistakes. (exc should’ve been exc+)

Ruth Lowery: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own paranormal gifts. Said he wanted to die when Debbie turned traitor but he couldn’t because he thought of all of us & our needs & he’s an unselfish Dad that only thinks of the needs of all of us. He said John was a very sensitive boy & John remembers what Grace did when she had sex in front of him. JJ is a true Marxist-Leninist. Believes in equality & justice. Doesn’t believe in racism, sexism or elitism. Dad is pro-Soviet, does believe in himself, non-aligned. Re Tropp: that he was an educational elitist, he tried to be a good socialist but because of his elitism, he hadn’t been able to become one & he said when his usefulness is over you should be taken out & shot because he doesn’t believe he’ll change. I disagree because when a person has served well, that though they are an elitist, they shouldn’t be killed because it hasn’t affected the cause because had it done so, he wouldn’t have served the cause so well. (Good)

Fanny Jordan 64: Atheist. Doesn’t believe mind lives on, believes in own healing power. I agree with him on these things. Father died on his birthday. Father’s character: he’s kind, concerned, loving, he’s a good communist & a good Father. Father believes in himself. I don’t question nothing about Jonestown.

Joicy Clark 66: Dad as an atheist, believes in mind living on, believes in own paranormal gift. He died on his birthday – he’d give his own life to save John. He denies himself to protect his people. He is the only savior we have – this is what Dad knows about himself – He is communist. Dick wrote he is a self-centered person – feels like he is above others – I have a portion of this in me. (Fair)

Mike Lund 21: Atheist – he has often said that if there is a god, he must be a monster to have created this mess. I think he believes mind lives on but that is of no revolutionary significance – it would simply serve to pacify people if we emphasized it. I think he firmly believes in healing power although he doesn’t rely on it totally or build it up. He firmly believes or else so many people will not be here (exc+)

Frances Stevenson: Father is a Savior. Mind lives on after death, believes in own healing power. He only believes in his gift. What did he say re his birthday? His birthday is in June. Re John John he said that he is his son & he will



Frances Stevenson: (cont) & he will never have sex with a child. Hi points: is that he is all others. He believes only in his gift. I believe only in him.

Chris Jones 20: Atheist because he doesn’t believe in any religion at all. Said that when the body dies the mind dies with it too. But the mind will live on in another form another body if you did not fulfill any good in the world the first time around. Yes, does believe in own healing paranormal gifts, because it has brought many of us out of cancer & many other diseases of the US. There is no doubt that he knows of his healing paranormal. Said that on his birthday May 13, Debbie B sold us out – that he literally died on that day. Because she knew so much & she sold out because of sex. Said that he was a communist through & through & if 3 billion people of the world sold out communism, he would still be a communist. He would stand for communism if they plucked his eyes out & cut his hands & arms off. If he were to only have his body with no arms or legs he would still be a communist. He knows himself better than anyone. He has gone through sex games until he is sick of seeing a man or woman. He does not feel he has to have sex because sex to him is a very low plane to be in. When he thinks of all the suffering in the world, he cannot even think of his sexual needs & this is what keeps Dad from being a sexual deviant. Dad is more pro-Soviet because he believes that they are the vanguard of Marxist-Leninism – the mother of the 3rd World – the supporter of countries who need help from capitalist oppressors. But more than anything he believes more in his own self, because he is the only one in the world lives up to the teachings of communism – Marxism-Leninism. He is the only man who does not need any type of luxuries or fine clothes. He is the only person who thinks of his people first & only of them & never of himself. Some high points: He always provides for his family (all of us), doesn’t let capitalist tendencies get him down. He does not live for sex games or desires. Communism is the only way to him. Religion does not keep him brainwashed – he sees through all of the capitalist ways of oppressing us. Dad is providing for us day & night – he never gets any sleep because of what he’s doing for us constantly. He is willing to give his life for anyone of us at any time. If he could turn himself in to free us, he would not hesitate one minute. He is always on the move to keep us free. Dad said there is no way that Grace or Tim Stoen could ever get John back. He put up with too much shit from these 2 & he had to go through a lot to get him. Besides, John is his own son – not Tim Stoen’s & he will not let them take anyone for that matter. He has said they will have to kill him first before they take any one of us. I feel also they will have to kill me too & anyone with their right mind should have that in mind by now. Dad will do anything & I stress that anything for us. (Very good)

Lucille Taylor 80: Atheist, mind lives on, not only believes what he knows he is the only true healer in the world today. May 13 was Father’s birthday. He said he died on his birthday. Said he died because of the traitorous act DB pulled on us after so many kind acts of love that he had shown her. We are true socialists here in Jonestown, don’t believe in suicide. Have the best medical services, best food, comfortable homes to live in. Best nursing staff anywhere on earth. Each wish is our command in the SCU. I hope I understand the question re John. If I remember the secretary saw some resemblance of Grace in John & spoke harshly to him but she was wrong but John showed the true socialist side of love with his genius qualities. I feel that I know that Father can heal as he healed me the first time I saw him & I had no idea I had cancer. 4 consecutive months – saved of a massive heart attack. Father is pro-Soviet & has an alliance with both Cuba & Russia as they have offered aid to Guyana & that would naturally include Jonestown as we are Guyanese citizens. Thank you, Dad. (exc)



Louise Shavers 55: Atheist, doesn’t believe mind lives on, believes he heals, said he died on birthday because DB left. A secretary was questioning John & he could understand where she was but he knew himself better – he’d never molest or yell at a child. High points: whole life is to help others – for the world pro-Soviet, honest & just, D of P (fair)

Mary Costillo [Castillo]: Atheist, mind lives on, says he doesn’t understand his healing but it does happen. I agree with this. Father said he died on his birthday because of that sister who did what she did. Father says he knows what the secretary was trying to do. High points: his love & understanding. Jim believes in himself. I don’t question things I just let things go & try to understand them as best I can. I know everything has a reason. (Fail)

Loreatha Buckley 21: Atheist, believes mind lives on, believes in healing to help others. Dad died on his birthday when Debbie killed him – she went out & told lies & went back & told lies. Dad said if you take John you have to take him. Dad talks to John, doesn’t yell or yank on him – talks softly. Dad he’s loving, kind, forgiving, understanding, pro-Soviet. Didn’t understand Tropp’s letter – wealthy do violence to get their houses. (Good)

Julius Evans: re Tropp: He thought being an intellectual that he had a privilege of scrutinizing each and every thought & action of intellectually bridging his mind or able to avoid dealing with the issue presented as a person that lacks such a position (another page must be missing – do not see the answer re JJ) (exc)

Willi Thomas 18: Atheist, on his birthday Debbie left & became traitor & we had to have a white night almost an alpha. Re John; he showed love toward all children because some hostility of Grace out on John John. Hi points: Dad is pro-Soviet, a benevolent leader, he stays here & he is a prisoner just for us (rest of paper re JJ missing) Re Tropp: Said all intellectuals should be shot after they’re not useful anymore. Also said that traitors could easily sell out because of things that go on in their minds (Berrigan Road)

Marlene Talley: Atheist – doesn’t believe in any religion or mystical ideas although he knows about them & has used these ideas to bring people into communist revolutionary thinking & action. I don’t know if Dad believes the mind lives on. I don’t think that dad really knows; although he has claimed to have talked to people after they have died (this again may be a method used to bring people around to communism & keep their minds interested in some mystical happening). I don’t understand what relevance this has on day-to-day dialectic materialistic thinking. Therefore, I would have to say that Dad does not. Dad has to believe in his healing power – (just his own). He has stated that he doesn’t understand it, but uses it for good purposes, which is to give people health & save them from suffering deep tragedies & pain & to keep them healthy for the revolutionary work we do. I personally don’t believe in it, but I know I believe in Dad so I accept it as something I am ignorant about. Dad said he died on his birthday because of Debbie leaving & becoming so evil. Dad knows himself so well that he knows he may have a bad reaction to John John sometimes because of Grace, but he has examined this & recognizes it so well that he would never put these feelings on John John or react towards him unfairly because of it. Hi points: Highest point is his loyalty to whatever he has taken on as his responsibility, whether it is a belief in a way of life, a person, a child, or an animal – he is loyal all of his life – he would never turn his back on his beliefs. He said that if he was a capitalist you would really be sorry because he would really be a “loyal” one. He is honest – or as honest as we will allow him to be.



Donna Ponts 15: Yes, he is an atheist. Believes in own healing power. Believes that the mind lives on after death. On May 13, he died. Debbie chose this day to do her evil – after all the goodness and character he has shown. If 3 billion people chose not to be communists, then he would stand alone. Because of certain facial expressions of John & disposition – Clark himself striking out at Grace through John John, but knows himself so much that he stopped it. Re Tropp: In back of everyone’s mind there is treason. All intellectuals who refuse to change should be shot that continue to practice elitism. (exc)

Brenda Warren 16: He said that he saw Grace screaming at John and said that he thought back & said stop that Grace – because of the way she used to treat him. He is a revolutionary, a Marxist-Leninist, a true & honest leader. He believes there is only one god & that he is the one you can see. He is a dad to us all. He is a liberator. Sometimes I feel like getting away from it all, I walked by the bush and say I could just leave but I don’t really have the courage as I say I do. I am an elitist in many ways even though I put on a big front at the time and say I’m not. I think when you give all my love time to us, we shit on you & don’t even care. I say I would stand up for the revolution but who knows when the time comes I might sell out, because no one knows what they will really do. You can only do it when the time comes. I am sorry for these feelings but they just come into my head & sometimes when I think how bad they are, I wish I could just forget all thoughts. Thank you, Dad (Very thoughtful & honest for a 16-year-old JEG [Jann Elizabeth Gurvich]). Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on. Believes in own healing power. He said if 3 million would, sell out, he would still stand up for communism because when Debbie Blakey left she saw his great pain after all he had done for her and all his teachings she would leave and especially on his birthday. He died because of that. (Exc)

Alida Santiago: (page with answer re JJ is lost)

Helen Johnson 49: Yes, Dad is an atheist, believes in own healing power. He doesn’t like to go into it but it’s a fact. He does believe in his extrasensory powers. Yes, he is a communist – a true Marxist. He is a leader of his people. He sees the needs of the people, knows the struggles we have been through. He doesn’t want to be called god. He is full of love, he’s kind, he’s good, he reaches out to make us grow. He protects us from the enemies, he’s reaching out to protect us. He has given up self. On his birthday he died. Died on account of traitor, someone he had put a lot of trust in, someone who knew some of the things he stood for, business parts of things (?). She had taken money. He said the only thing he hates is that he didn’t take her offer & stated that he came back to us because he didn’t have anyone to take his place. Re: Elitism: I don’t think I am but I can get angry with myself because I can’t do as others & my reading and spelling do not make it possible for me to explain myself. But since I have been here I have a chance now to learn that I didn’t have before. (Exc)

Dorothy Simpson 56: (page with answers on it lost) [line crossed out]

Tiny [Teena] Turner: Father is an atheist. He don’t believe in nothing he can’t see. Yes, he does believe in healing power in his self. He said that if 1000 people turn their backs on communism, he will always be one & he saw Debbie pick the worst day to betray him on his birthday & he will die for what he believes in. He said that he knows the reason that the secretary dumped on John – because she was taking it out on John for Grace Stoen’s betraying us & putting him in a lot of pain & he said he caught himself doing the



Tiny Turner (Cont): same thing & he has to watch it. I also don’t believe in nothing I can’t see too because he never did nothing for me (fair)

Pat Grunnet (36): Father is an atheist. Believes that mind lives on after death. Firmly believes in healing power. What he said May 13: I died but I knew I couldn’t if everyone leaves, I must remain true to communism. Re John John that shows he’s loving and dependable: don’t let the reflection of Grace influence your actions. High points of character: honest, loving, dependable. Non-aligned – believes in self what is an internationalist. Thoughts re Tropp’s solution: Shoot ‘em (intellectual elitists) I agree when they cease to be productive to collective – off ‘em (exc+)

Dorothy Brewer: Atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in own healing power. Jim died on his birthday the day Debbie betrayed organization said that if 3 billion people left him he would stand alone & remain a communist. The reason he would not molest children is because he knows himself. Secretary should not take anger she has for Grace out on John John. When some of her characteristics show up in him. Jim pro-Soviet. Believes in himself only. I can relate to Dick Tropp being an elitist because I’m independent. I probably could become a traitor subconsciously. It will take more time for me to put my thoughts into this statement. (Good)

Dorothy Simpson 57: Father is an atheist. Does not believe in a god. Believes that mind lives on after death by other people. Yes, Father believes in himself and healings because he is a true socialist. On his birthday he said he died. Debbie caused this by turning traitor & stole $. Dad said John John and him would go somewhere together and died together if it came to that. John John was his true son. Dad loves all of us dearly.

Ruthie Quinn 37: Atheist. Dad believes mind lives on. Believes in his own healing power. Jim is pro-Soviet. On birthday he died because of traitor. (Fair-extra class)

Jo Ann Johnson 19: Dad is an atheist. He doesn’t believe there is a God who is loving etc. and all powerful. He believes that the mind does have power. Believes that the mind does live on after death & can go on to another body. This isn’t important for revolutionaries. Dad believes in his own healing powers but doesn’t give credit to a god – he believes in his mind. He said on his birthday he literally died. He had shown so much care for Debbie. If 3 million people went against communism, he would still stand for it, because he knows it is right. He knows himself (about John’s situation). When he feels hostile or wants to take hostilities out “(?)” he knows that he may be mad at John (because of Grace) but it doesn’t take it out on John – because John has nothing to do with what Grace did. The high points of Dad’s character is – He knows himself –is truthful – knows not to trust anybody – is familiar with the people, knows strategy, doesn’t live above the people, is concerned even about the littlest of things, stands up for what he knows is right even if it is popular or not. I would think that Dad is pro-USSR because USSR is an internationalist. But Jonestown is still the highest form of socialism it is the purest of all. (Good)

Viola Forks 43: Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Firmly believes in healing. Re birthday: Said he died on his birthday May 13 because Debbie left the cause. What did Father say about John (no response given). Hi point of JJ’s character: he is pro-Soviet, he is a true, kind, loving, understanding, devoted, pure communist. Re Tropp: He felt that he was an intellectual and somehow he still feels that way. He can’t come to terms with the identity of Blacks. Although he feels some guilt for not writing his own selfish thoughts, he could have stopped some of the traitors that left this cause.



Wanda Swinney 30: Father is an atheist & doesn’t believe in some damned sky god. Father does believe that the mind lives on after death. He does firmly believe in his supra-natural healing powers. Father stated that he died on his birthday when Debbie chose to become a traitor & deserter on that day. He stated he didn’t understand how people could fail to see his love & kindness and told of his extreme sacrifices that he had made for us. He also didn’t understand how some failed to see his love and showed such lack of interest in work and caring for the property of Jonestown or building of it. Dad stated that when one of his secretaries was talking to him about John John, he analyzed himself and found that his first impulses were a result of his hostility & frustration with Grace. This is why he doesn’t raise his voice or talk hostilely to him due to this delicate situation. JJ is pro-Soviet what really is rather non-aligned because he is the highest form of communism & no other country lives up to his standards – Soviet Union comes closest. Some of the high points of his character is that he believes in communism & that no matter what he would not sell out his beliefs. Dad is an egalitarian in all social, racial, and economic aspects. Dad is the most loving, caring, patient, intelligent person I have ever known or will ever know. He loves his family so much that the daily sacrifices his health, freedom, personal family life to free us and establish communism here. (exc)

Alida Santiago 20: Father is an atheist because father me and (she doesn’t continue). He said he died on May 13 because the enemies that love goes out have the love-hate syndrome that at one time they used the love us but now they hate us. (Extra class) (wrote on test that she needs help in spelling words)

Sue Grimm 37: Dad is atheist. Believes in mind living on after death. Believes in own supra-natural healing power I believe in them too. He said he died on his birthday because no one could see his goodness because he saw Grace’s expression on John’s face and knew he was angry at that and was taking it out on the child. He knew when touching a child it was sexual & he knows his feelings. He is honest and shows his love for everyone. He treats everyone equal. He is showing us how to become communist. JJ is pro-Soviet. Yes, he believes in himself; because he knows he can’t trust anyone else. I believe in him because no matter what is done to him, he still goes on and does what is right (good)

Annette Jones 52: Father is an atheist. Believes in a soul but not life after death. Said he died on his birthday. All the good he has done was not realized, but he survived to help us because we need him. Said he would not give up John, no more than he would give up any of us. Pro-Soviet. Dick Tropp said he was treasonous at one point should be shot when treasonous. Because of college education thought he was superior to people with little education. Father knows he has healing power. (exc+)

Odell Rhodes: Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in his own paranormal. He said that on May 13, he died because of all that he had done for Debbie. He also said that by recognizing that his anger at John is often directed at what he sees in John that reminds him of Grace. Shows that he knows himself & that’s what makes him dependable & shows his character. He also shows character in his devotion to communist principles & to us. His lack of want for, but proper use of power like by putting peoples forum before him shows his devotion as D of P. Prof Tropp feels that elitism of the educated can lead to becoming a traitor & that in the end if they can’t one don’t change they should be shot.



Karen Lendo: Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, he believes in his own paranormal. He literally died because of defector. He is pro-Soviet, benevolent, outstanding. He is pro-Soviet, benevolent, outstanding. Dick Tropp: If you’re going to be an anarchist, might as well die now for the revolution. I agree. I feel since my last counsel on mother’s porch, as far as my elitism is concerned, it no longer exists. (Extra class)

Jan Wilsey 28: Father is an atheist. Believes that mind lives on after death. Father does believe in the healing power. Yes, I do believe in the paranormal because it was a stage show me that socialism or communism is right & what dad says is the truth. Said he died on his birthday because he had given me a lot of love to Debbie & trusted her and she committed treason. He said that the secretary was expressing her hate for Grace. JJ is the most honest, loving, forgiving & he will always think of the people’s will first. He lives for us and it would be so easy for him to die in fact it would be a relief if he could, but this only goes to show his extreme love that none of us can touch & we so often don’t understand. I do believe that dad is pro-Soviet. Dick Tropp: I am an elitist and an intellectual & I do believe I am dangerous because an elitist is a very uncaring person & does not relate to the suffering of others on a personal level but only on an intellectual level. And all should be watched at all times. And I should be shot when I no longer show any sort of concern for the people. (Good)

Sandra Evans: Father is an atheist, I am an atheist. Mind does not live on after death. Dad believes in only healing power. Re birthday: you said I died on my birthday. Debbie Blakey left this cause & went to the side of the traitors. You are pro-Soviet – believe in self only. You care about all people & you want people to be fed all over the world. You believe in honesty & helping people to grow, whatever it takes.

Jerry Rhea: Dad is an atheist, mind lives on after death, believes in own paranormal. Dad had said that Debbie had betrayed him on his birthday. Dad is pro-Soviet and he is not pro-China. Dad’s character is he is equal & loving to everyone. Even though all the things we put him through he still lives on to guide us to a better way of life. Even if we all decided to leave him, Dad would still find a way to better the revolution. He shows to see ourselves by giving an example of what he had to go through. Dad tells of us how he would love to die & most of us fear death & that should tell us how much character he shows in really caring for us. (Very good)

Odell Blackwell: (first part of paper is not here)… to do all of this. He would have to be love, all love, also to prepare a place where you can enjoy a beautiful future so I am so happy being here, because I know what I want. I love you, Odell Blackwell.

Eddie Washington 76: Father is a healer. This is a phase. He heals maturely (?). Born healer. He is a prophet/socialist. He is pro-Soviet. He is devoted to his son, John. He says he would die for him. No one will ever get him. He was a shocked man over what Debbie did. He says he died on his birthday. In all, he is a real honest dad. He believes in himself because he is the greatest I have ever known and will know. He is the truth and the light and life to many peoples. To me you are everything. There is no other.

Jann Gurvich 24: (I didn’t answer the question originally because since I wrote the questions for the test, I thought it unfair to take the test) (Still, I can answer questions re your beliefs etc. and Tropp.) Atheist, believes mind lives on (although this is a fact, it is not something to dwell on as it leads to divergence from revolutionary thought



Jann Gurvich (cont): & action directly into a religious framework & to Marx’s axiom that religion is the opiate) Jim believes in own paranormal healing gift. I honestly did not remember what the secretary had done in regard to John John when you asked the question on the test. Hi points/dad’s character: I think his greatest desire and the high point of his character is that we should be like him so that we could effect change in this world. That he is willing daily to be that example in every facet of his existence (to show his love, to show his example of “power” or decision maker without any elitism, to be a male without any sexism, to be a human being without displaying racism, to be not old yet to love & respect seniors, to be great and humble at the same time, to give the utmost compassion & empathy & teach us how it is to feel the pain of another without having to go through that exact same pain ourselves) that is to me the high point of your character – to do everything in your power to teach us and make yourself amenable to us so that we may learn to be like you. For human beings, there is no evolution of character without an example, and you are the most profound example that the world has ever known. There are no creatures so fortunate on this earth as we are.

Re: Tropp: I respect where he’s coming from, being an intellectual who is detached from the people and unfeeling and callous and disrespectful of people who do not have book knowledge, but I do not see imposing that uniform solution on a group of people that is not uniform. Tonight at the ACO meeting, I watched Carolyn L [could be Looman, more likely Layton] be the ameliorator and the mediator when the tempers of Bob Christian & Darrell Devers flared to unreasonable proportions (the former threatening to quit as an ACO and the latter hostile at Jack his supervisor). She did a superb and masterful job of bringing about solutions and de-escalating hostility. I don’t know who else could have done it but you. If the others in the room were capable of that type of quick and effective on the spot counseling, they didn’t do it (maybe there were others who could’ve done what she did just as well, it’s just that they didn’t do it). Intellectuals like her are useful intellectuals. Those who are committed to you, to your kind of socialism, Jonestown socialism and not anybody else’s, those intellectuals who may study political ideology but do not use it as a bludgeon to show how smart and superior they are (I’ve done this type of shit), those intellectuals are useful. What can I call them? Worker intellectuals? Intellectuals amenable to the people at all times and accountable to the people at all times? Those are the only type of intellectuals that should be tolerated.

Frankly though, I think that you get rid of intellectuals because they are the elite, then another elite may spring up in their place (e.g. the professionals, the people with training). So why not deal with intellectuals & make them accountable? Still, I really respect Tropp for what he said and I think a solution could be selectively applied for a benevolent & wise D of P.



[reverse side of page used as scratch paper]



James Edwards 57 – Father is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Believes in own paranormal, gift. Re birthday: He said he was a communist. If everyone went back he would still be a communist. When the secretary was playing with John John he was reminded of how Grace molested him. He said that he had (?) the idea of child molesting but he knows himself & the highest principle that he is. Dad is the Highest Principle Carter that has ever lived on this planet, or will ever be known. Prof. Dick Tropp in his letter said that treason is in everyone. You have to know that it is there to confess it & know that you can suppress it. He also said that when one has outlived his or her usefulness that they should be shot for the communist revolution. I say the same. (Good)

Marion Campbell – 61 Dad said that he was very hurt by Debbie on May 13 when he died. He is fair to everything & everyone. He will stand for you also with communism.

Lucioes Bryant – Father believes in healing. The mind lives on. He is not an atheist, believes in himself. (Fail)

Darlene Newman – JJ is an atheist. He does firmly believe in his own paranormal gifts. I think that these gifts were used as a kind of pulling card. Dad said that he died on his birthday & he thought that because of all the goodness he had shown, all of the good he has done, that someone would recognize that. But when Debbie B who had witnessed & partook of his goodness spit on him by defecting from this cause, Dad felt all of the years of hurt & pain never being understood as a principle bearer. If the world turns against communism there will always be one true communist, because Dad will always be a communist. A secretary was speaking harshly to John because she recognized in him some expression or reminder of Grace. If she had known herself better, she would have recognized this & not taken hostilities for Grace out on John. Dad knows himself so well that he doesn’t let emotional situations get to him. He could never molest a child because he recognizes the makeup of a child molester & the reasons they do this. Jim believes in himself only because he knows how true he is, but he can never really trust anyone else to uphold the principle that he is the ultimate example of. Dick T felt that he was an intellectual elitist, & that after he & people like him had served their purpose to the cause, they should be shot. He says they could never be trusted. I don’t think that I am an intellectual, but I do recognize in myself some forms of elitism. (Good)

Russell Moton – Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own paranormal. Said he died on his birthday. That Debbie leaving on his birthday was an act of cruelty. He felt so frustrated because he couldn’t seem to get people to see his goodness (the inability to communicate – that was his chief frustration. His secretary was seeing Grace’s resemblance in John & had to make sure that one doesn’t react to this when dealing with him. He said one must question themselves & this would totally integrate themselves e.g. men fondling girls is sexual, women fondling boys is sexual. Jim’s high point is he stands for socialist principle no matter whether no one stands with him even if it tears him apart. He’s pro-Soviet. Dick hit on some conflicts even within myself. If there is no change (?), he is right.

Becky Beikman – Dad is atheistic. The only god there is is in oneself, himself. He does believe that mind lives on after death (proof is the child born to the mother who didn’t want him because she had committed suicide. This proves it because he – the baby born – was discarded by his mom & he will reap what he did in his former life, as a mother to kill herself & left those children alone. Very selfish on her part. He believes in the paranormal. It’s been proven when he went up to Walter & said it would be okay & he was the same with Tom B.


[Editor’s note: missing page]


Liz Ruggiero (cont): and fair leader who thinks of his followers even if they betray him by the hatred acts were performed. He is a D of P, pro-Soviet, loving in any situation.

Tommy Johnson – I think you believe in you (he had written “just you” but scratched it out) since you are the most high and you are more Soviet because of last lives, before you were Lenin. I believe your healings are real and there is reincarnation. I think your high character is not living for yourself and trust only in yourself, and being an example an interested only in the revolution. The other one wasn’t there to find out about #11. I had Stockwell’s paper sheets (news on ex-CIA Stockwell) last week and this week downriver and just got in last night. (Good)

Oreen Poplin age 73 – Father believes life lives on after death. Father believes in healing. Yes, he healed me. He said he died May 13. Hi points/JJ’s character: we are all the same as one with JJ & as if we were John John. He makes no difference. We – the people. Dick Tropp – elitist – make our own difficulties among ourselves. Not as JJ teaches even me (fair)

Maurice Romano age 16 – dad is not an atheist, does not believe mind lives on after death, doesn’t believe in own healing power. But he has to do it for some people. Dad said I would like to die on my birthday May 13. Pro-Soviet. He doesn’t believe in himself. And he works with other socialist countries – USSR. (Fail)

Esther Dillard – Yes you are an atheist. You do believe mind lives on after death. Yes, you believe in your own dimension of power and healing. You said that on your birthday which was May 13, you died a double death because of Debbie Blakey’s treasonous act of stealing $25,000 from the people. You had given her so much so many times. The law has come for one of our people, you would always say over your dead body. Like Irvin Perkins was being framed on some false charge to be put in jail. When one of the secretaries was talking to John John you could see she was thinking that she was striking at Grace through the child as you had done. When you realize that you made a quick change and became very gentle, understanding and got the matter under control. You also said you as a child could remember having sex with a small child, realized it was wrong, and got it under control and got to know yourself. Therefore you are the most kind and loving person on this universe because you do know yourself. Dad I believe you’re a Marxist-Leninist. Pro-Soviet. You also said if 10,000 people denied being a communist, you were a communist and would be a communist until the day you died. (Fair)



[Reverse order of 18 and 17]

Shirlee Fields 40: Dad is aligned with communism. He is an atheist – yes. Yes, Father believes that mind lives on after death. Father believes in his healing power yes, yes, in paranormal gifts. Father believes in Father; said he died on his birthday because Debbie chose to become a traitor then. Dad said in reference to his secretary, about John John, that his love and level of honesty was that he would not raise his voice to the child. Thank you Dad. Dad’s high points are high commitment – his dedication; how he works day and night – he lives at the level of the people – equality – no one is any more special than another – dedication to ideals – dependable to the people. Dad is pro-Soviet and honest. Dad keeps his word and dad is committed. I believe that dedication and commitment are very important. I believe Dad stands for those who cannot and he believes in individual and group criticism. Dad is willing to hear and believes in free thinking as long as he hears it first. His high point is the truth and love. My grasp of Marxism needs to be expanded and my time spent on it. Dad is the principle and he stands above all else. He never raises his voice, dependable; not deviant such as molesting children. (Good)

Chris Talley 20. Dad is an atheist. No, mind dies with body. Healing, yes but doesn’t understand some of the things that happen. Says he died on his birthday because (1) Debbie chose to leave on his birthday; it hurt him even more (2) she defected after all he’s done for her; (3) proved he cannot trust anyone, (4) ___ will not depict his character even though they cannot deny it. Don’t look at John and be hostile when you see the resemblance to Grace’s facial features, know your feelings. Character: doesn’t show favoritism, sacrifices his life, stays up days for us, doesn’t take privileges even when he could have, considers each person as an individual, and deals with them as one. Is not pro-Chinese although China has some good points that can’t be overlooked; is pro-Soviet, but not blind to their ways; has his own views of communism as well. Dick Tropp: I agree with what he said. I need to look at myself too. (Excellent)

Cleve Swinney 67. If you don’t believe in a God in the skies or anywhere else, he is an atheist. Yes, I have heard say don’t know where comes from but it is there. Because I have experienced this healing several times. On his birthday we had a hell of a white night; he said would like to go this would be the best time to go to Russia. High point would be Jonestown flourish grows into communism when each could stand, take punishment without a gripe the next would be a good fight I just hope before I leave here I wouldn’t mind a good fight myself. I don’t remember about John John. (Written word for word – not all understandable) (good)

Lew Jones 21: Dad does not believe in anybody but himself. He does believe in life after death.



Lew Jones 21 (continued): If you commit suicide you will come back generations. His high point of character are his loving, sensitive, concern for all people. He is the only one who practices what he preaches. Dad said that he died on his birthday when Debbie left. That all the love and concern he showed her, to try to make her a better socialist, didn’t do any good. It teach him that if 3 billion people turn against communism, he would be one true communist that would never go back on his belief. (Excellent)

Kevan Grubbs: Yes, yes, he does. He said that he died on May 13 because of the evil bitch, Debbie Blakey; he said to us hoping we would look at ourselves and realize the pain that he is going through night and day. He feels that he would never have sex with a child. He knows that he has different feelings but faces them and grows from them to make us grow. The high points of father are he cares only for our safety and health of well-being not material products. He cares about us more than himself and is the most perfect form of communism today and if everyone leaves him he will know that he was the most perfect communist in the world and practiced it. He believes in himself only because when he put his trust in others they spit on him and betrayed him. He shows kindness and every time he gets hurt because people don’t appreciate him. Dick Tropp – solution for elitists that have no more hope was to shoot them; it applies to me in that I am still very anarchistic; want to do my own thing at times, very nasty at times and can change a great deal. (Excellent)

Ezekiel Wilson: No, yes, yes. He said that he can’t trust no one now because people (Debbie Blakey) one more are starting to be traitors. And what he was talking about John John, was that he would have more faith in himself than others. He is pro-Soviet and I believe that Dad is the only one in the world who cares for us because he gave us a new life in Jonestown. He gave us a land of our own so we can be free without worrying about fascist police, gangs, KKK, CIA, etc. (extra class recommended)

Diana Smith 21: No, he is not an atheist. He said he died on his birthday on May 13, 1978. Mind does not live after death. He believes in his healing power of his own gift. I feel that he said this because he has been through so much suffering for Black and minority people and have been killed so many times because he tried to help people until he felt that if they take John John or if anything should happen to him then all he put his life into was gone. He has given so much of his time until he couldn’t spend it with his younger son that needs affection more. He is constantly haunted by this guilt and some of us still think his sons are to be always angels. I had the same idea in my head until I saw him pour this life out for me and then I woke up. If it had been any other leader, I probably would have left the movement. (Fair – extra class)

[22 before 19]



Ophelia Rogers 57. He does not believe in God. Yes, on my birthday, I was hurt because Debbie committed treason on that day. High point he believed in equal rights for all the people. He believed in jobs, education and medical care for everybody and he cares for us people more than anyone else in the world. He is not pro-Soviet or pro-China.

Richardell Perkins: He doesn’t believe in God. Yes. Yes. He died on his birthday for us. He treats all children with love and respect. His leadership; he is not pro-Chinese. He is pro-Soviet.

Gladys Jackson: He doesn’t believe in God. Yes. Yes. He died on his birthday because Debbie knew it would hurt him. He saw the hate of the parent in himself and the secretary. He loves and cares for people. He loves all things. He doesn’t like to see people hurt. He thinks of others and not himself. Pro-Chinese? No. Pro-Soviet yes. (Fair – extra class)

Kay Rosa 38. No. No. Yes. Reason he died on his birthday was his birthday was because of what Debbie did to him and the cause after all he had done for her. He has no sexual feeling for children. He’s perfection every way. Pro Chinese – no. Pro-Soviet yes. (Good)

Donna Briggs: Yes, dad is an atheist; yes dad thinks mind lives on after death. Birthday – something always happens bad. About John, then the lady was fussing him out, he said that reminded him of Grace Stoen he said he could have strangled her to death if he would not of (unfinished)… (Very good)

Brenda Cobb: Yes, Yes, Yes. He had died on his birthday because of what Debbie did. He said that he had seen someone fussing at John and that made him remember about how Grace used to do. (Very good)

Chris Jones 9. No, yes, yes, no. he hates because there is always a crisis. Pro-Soviet; I am [balance of line deleted] I get anarchistic to my teacher. (Exact words) (Excellent)

Earnestine March 48. Yes, Yes, Yes. I died on my birthday. He said if all failed communism, none stood, he would stand alone. I heard dad mention John and the secretary but I don’t remember details. Jim Jones is all loving and caring. He loves all living things. He does not believe in the taking of a life or murder at any rate he believes if you take your life you will return thousands of lifetimes over. Dad believes that is wasteful to take a life. One should live life to the fullest helping your fellow travelers as you grow always giving of one’s self and asking nothing. Dad believes in himself and no one else. He does not trust anyone except himself. Deb believes he is the only true communist or Marxist-Leninist if you can relate to the one and only Jim Jones. I also believe him to be the one and only one. I believe in him first and myself second and no one else after that which is wrong. I should believe in mother she is truly a great mom to me. I love (continued)



Ernestine March 48 continued: her dearly but beyond this point, there is no one else I will confide in as belief or trust although there are many great people Dad has called together here so this commune can be built to save those of us who wish to be saved. Myself, I could care less for my own life but as long as there is a possibility I can be productive I am willing to continue on but as soon as this stops, I ask you Dad just let me graduate I don’t wish to return. I want to fulfill my duties while I am yet able; I believe I can go to bed any night and not awaken the following morning except I remember you healed me 5 x of cancer. For something you spared my life and my children’s life from being burned alive for a reason this body is yours. This life is yours. It is not so now because I am still petty (?) I call people down a lot – I suppose because I want to be like you, truthful, I hope they would treat me the same. I don’t care for personal things like a line of clothing although I know clothes are necessary it makes me angry when people don’t accept you if you are not well attired it seems as if people don’t know what you stand for. It’s a Jonestown Paradise. It’s not a time to ___ at all. Then there is the competition for recognition; it is a backstabbing, backbiting undercutting game. Everyone I have thought had your principle has let me down; that’s why I said I believe in you first and always. It’s true I have been just as guilty even if just a smidget. I should not have swayed from when I first arrived here because I had high hopes in people that where I ___ wrong, I began to feel alone. That’s when I felt most guilty for I had a ____ of you could be feeling not having no one to turn to – to trust except I had you… Except you didn’t have ____ that makes me very ill. I will correct this. Dick Tropp said he was an intellectual and he felt there was a ____ of his mind where he could hide from people or shut people out. That all intellectuals are potential traitors and should be shot when they have outlived their usefulness.

I respect his wishes and I am glad he didn’t say he would take his own life although I believe Dick knowing you, realizes that you won’t have him shot that you will protect him from us and himself so you see there again, we pull on you to the end. (Good)

Amondo Griffith 18. Father is an atheist. He believes the mind lives on. He believes in healing. He said he died because what the bitch, Debbie, did on his birthday. He cannot trust no one but himself. He also said he don’t care if 30,000,000 people stop being a communist he would stand alone. High point: He believes in no one because no one yet has proven that they are a true communist. His people, he always looks after them first making sure that they have enough food, clothes, education, his children in his heart. He always said that his little children will have a future in peace and he’s making that



Amondo Griffith 18 continued: now. He is the best strategist that has ever lived. He always plans ahead; whatever he buys he goes for the lowest price. He has the best medical care for his people. Shows love every day even if something is strongly on his mind. He is the best dad that anyone could ever have. (Very good)

Luella Brown 59. Father is an atheist. He does heal; after you are dead, the body goes back to dust but our soul lives on. On dad’s birthday, he said he could die because Debbie knocked him for a loop. He said he died because of us we need him whenever felt like die so. (?) When the secretary was talking to John John, he identified with him he put himself. Yes, I am an elitist because I question things sometimes that I have no business. (Good)

Preston Wade: No, Yes, he does. Yes he firmly believes in healing powers. He said that he died on his birthday, May 13, because Debbie left the cause and told lies of all kinds about him and us. He said that Debbie said to reporters that we will only die for John John and not ourselves. He said he died he is not living for his self. He hasn’t ever since he was born. His high point is to live for the highest good of communism. If 3 billion went against socialism, he would not. Dick Tropp brought out publicly the fact that how he was an intellectual and how he would turn people off when he wanted to, there was always a place in his mind where he felt he did not have to listen to anyone. Dad said he would never molest a child. He said he loved them far too much. (Good)

Barbara Guerara [Cordell] 39. Father is an atheist. And there is no life after death. He believes in his healing power and his paranormal gifts. He said he died on his birthday because of Debbie leaving and he had given much to her in a personal way. He worked his way out of the morass of her leaving and determined to be a socialist to the end no matter who left and even if he was the only socialist left. Dad said people should know themselves like with John he or someone may be seeing Grace in him and react to it. You should know your sexual feelings toward children. Dad knows his every motive and he lives for us every moment. He over extends himself. Dad is pro-Soviet but he is the only true socialist. Dick Tropp talked about knowing yourself and that he felt that elitist which he considered himself one should be shot when they get too old to be of any use. I think we should know ourselves and I think I do pretty well but I don’t want others to know my faults because that requires something of me. (Excellent +)



Arvella Cole 72: Jim Jones is an atheist. Believes in life after death. Believes in paranormal and healing powers. He died on his birthday because of Debbie’s lies – he’d lived so straight and true. Pertaining to John John and his mother, he did not want his son to grow up as a sex symbol. John had overheard his mother. High points – most wonderful man that ever lived – most truthful – kindest man on earth. (Good)

Nevada Harris 68: Father is an atheist; he believes in life after death; he does not believe in healing. On his birthday, Debbie did an act of treason. He said if they come from John John, they would have to take all of us. JJ is high pro China high USSR. (Extra class)

Robert Johnson 74. Father is atheist, yes; mind, yes; healing, yes. May 13 – Father died bury him alive on account of Debbie Blakey’s lies. John – I forgot. Father would not molest children “Marxist, Lenin, the highest he believes, freedom, liberty, justice, all men working; I believe I would like to go from a socialist to communist. I believe my mind will live on. (Extra class)

Annie B Washington 66. No, Yes, Yes. He said he died that day of something happened on that day that made it happen. Father said that he would die before he would let John John go. JJ is the wonderful man that ever lived on earth today. He is everything to us and I do believe in him for everything he says I know is true. (Extra class)

Willie B. Reed. Yes, he is an atheist. He believes the mind lives on after death. He firmly believes in his own healing powers. He said that he died on his birthday because of Debbie Blakey. He believes in himself. (Good)

Annie Mae Harris 74. He is the only one who told the truth; he has been a great help to the colored people and all the people. He has healed the people, the Blind, the cancers. I don’t know only one who could do what he does. He believes in life after death. He said he don’t want anybody to give him anything on his birthday or want a pastor’s tea. I know JJ is a man to tell the truth – only man to tell the truth. He is the only person who causes people to split up cancer and help people. He gives so much of himself to others. (Extra class)

Chuck Kirkendall 30. JJ does not believe in God. Yes. Yes. On May 13, he died, because Debbie Blakey left the cause. He is a father figure to children. He treats everyone on an equal. Not pro-Chinese – not pro-Soviet; he believes he is the only way. Dick Tropp said everyone has elitism in you. I believe I have elitism in me. I don’t speak up when things go wrong. (Fair)



Pam Bradshaw – 21: “Dad is an atheist but has used religion to bring people to socialism – must reach the people where they are at. He believes in the mind living on after death – to evolve or regress according to lessons learned in that lifetime. Earth is lowest plane but eventually evolve to high planes where no inhabitants of bodies – no pain of separation. However, this is not of importance – what’s important is to make conditions better for those here now. Dad believes in his own healing power – without it there would be most of us paralyzed, blind, crippled, etc. Dad said he died on his birthday when the defector Debbie left. He showed so much love and character as she turned her back on all that is good. But no matter if all of us and the world turn against him, he will stand for socialism because it’s right. He’s proven to be true because he knows himself so well the first time he touched a child he realized that every touch is sexual. Dad believes that as long as one person is communist – took over police force and set up city as one large commune – Lenin wrote about it. Similar to Haymarket affair both done by uprising of people.” (Excellent)

Jeff Tarver 12: [blank space of several lines]

Keith Newsome 13. “Dad isn’t an atheist, he believes in himself, he believes that life lives on after death, he believes in healing. He said that on May 13, he died because Debbie picked his birthday to leave and caused so much pain for dad in trouble for the people and in the States. Dick Tropp said all unuseful elitists should be shot; he was talking about himself and anybody else. Dick Tropp and he said that he was an intellectual and he wasn’t bragging about it.

Barbara Walker 25: “Father is an atheist who firmly believes in his own gift and that the mind does live on. He said that it seemed that Debbie must have deliberately planned to attempt to cause trouble on that day. He is very careful not to become violent with John when he asked like his mother, makes faces, because he knows it will be she whom he would be hitting. In order to keep oneself from doing things that they would regret. One must know himself. Jim Jones is the embodiment of the communist principle, who has based his commitment to the international communist struggle whether anybody follows, believes or agreed with him or not. His life and commitment is based on principle whether or not he is liked, hated, or appreciated. (Excellent)



Joan Pursley: Yes. Father is an atheist. No. I don’t think he believes the mind lives on after death. I think he believes in his own paranormal gifts because they can be explained scientifically. I think it comes from a deep understanding and embodiment of communist principles which shows a high evolvement and which is real sensitive towards life. What Dad said about his birthday was that on that day he realized that no matter how much love he shows, people will never understand his commitment to communism. This is the day Debbie left. If every communist in the world betrays the cause, he will stand as the only one left. That’s the day dad died. (Excellent plus)

Chris Newell: Yes. Yes. Yes. Dad said he died on his birthday because Debbie left. He believes in himself. He was talking about his guilt. He said when he is up no more use, shoot him. I believe I should be shot too if I am of no use to the cause. (Fair)

Shirley Edwards. Is Father an atheist – yes. Yes, he believes the mind lives on after death; yes, dad believes in healing power; dad said on his birthday he died, and Debbie Blakey left because he would not go to bed with her. Dad is pro-Soviet; Dad’s high point of his character; dad is loving, kind, considerate. He’s benevolent. (Extra class)

Lue Esther Lewis. I believe that Dad only believes in himself. Yes, the mind lives on after death. Yes, I believe in dad’s gifts, not just healings. He died literally on his birthday because of Debbie leaving. He had given her everything after all the goodness she had seen. When the Secretary was talking to John, he said he knew himself. Dad is a communist.

Gloria Carter 26: Yes. Yes – other planes, yes – child Evans saved recently. Dad said he died on his birthday – after giving of himself so much and being example of good. Communism, people go out and do shit. Dad said he was communist and if he stood alone in his belief, he would stand and die for it. He said about John he would stand and die for it. He said about John that someone was expressing anger to him and that we need to watch where our hostility is coming from or subconsciously directing it to the enemy – Grace – Dad is too loving – would never do this; gives us constant love; will stand for what he believes; he is pro-Soviet because they help the oppressed, Blacks, people – Africa. (Very good)

Armella Tardy 32: He is an atheist. He believes that the mind lives on. Yes, he does believe in healing – powerful but he doesn’t count on it unless he had to. Dad said on his birthday, that he died; he said that if people couldn’t see his goodness even if 30 billion people would not stand and he was the only one it have been worth it all. That Debbie just did appealed to goodness. The bitch left the movement on June 13. Dad said that make sure you don’t be striking at Grace Stone when you are hollering at John John Jones. He said know yourself. He said he knows every thought and what he feels. Yes, dad believes in himself, no he is not pro-China. I believe that his high point, he



Armella Tardy 32 (continued): likes to see people free from capitalism; see our children and seniors have a chance in life without racism and capitalist dog breathing down on them. He would like to bring peace and freedom; hunger to an end; don’t want ____? to starve. (Good)

Jesse Jones 54: Atheist, no. Mind lives on, yes. Healing power, yes. Dad died on his birthday because he was very disappointed in what Debbie did to him and cause. She let him down. She was a traitor. She also went to the US and spilled her guts. She hurt everyone. John John, he would not let him go. John John do not want to go back. Dad also told us not to tell anyone about guns … do not tell anyone what we are doing. Also we have good food everything is good also he is set up over what Stones [Stoens], Medlocks, all of the traitors have done. (Fair)
Gloria D. Walker: 40. Dad is an atheist, only if the death is not a revolutionary death he believes in his healing powers. Dad said that on May 13, his birthday, he died because of the last traitor he said he knew he was not loved but he knew he had to live because of the principle that he is communism and that if not one stood with him he would stand alone. I feel some of dad’s high points are his patience, love that he has for us; he keeps nothing from us about his own personal life, his complete dedication in his belief and in teaching us communism and also for revolutionary movements throughout the world for the working class and he believes in himself only and is pro-Soviet. (Good)

Marshall Farris, 70. No. Yes. Yes. He said he would stand for socialism if nobody else in the world but him I believe everything he say. I have not seen him fail yet and I know he can’t. (Excellent plus)

Acquinetta Robertson 24. Yes, Dad believes in letting your mind go on after death. On the day of his birthday, he said what can we do to save; how to save money. We should work hard to free our people to get them over to freedom land, so they won’t have to be in that hell and we can have some things we want. Dad believes in hisself; he loves socialism and communism. No matter what color you are, he loves everybody; tries to help people if they let him. He cannot trust people because they might turn against him and become a traitor. We are learning more than we did in school back there in the States because those teachers would not teach us nothing at all. They would give you any grade and pass you on to the next grade. Dad has set a good example for all of us. He is teaching us how to live with one another, work, study together, live and eat together. I think if we say our gratitudes more often to one another, so many things wouldn’t happen to people. If Dad sends us out to do a job and if we listen and do as he tells us and also listen to what he says then we wouldn’t have to have so many testing. I know there is a time for everything but first of all we should make something out of us. We need to wake up and see what’s going on in life. To me life is hell, but you can make it worth something if you work on it and think about your own self. I rather did than (OVER)



live but I go by fighting for socialism. This city is going to be a beautiful place when we get through with it. It might take us some time, but we are learning. Dad is not China he just believes in socialism and helping people. We don’t believe in hitting the children and we don’t have any weapons.

Edith Parks: Atheist, yes. Mind after death, yes. Healing power, yes. I believe the same. Dad said he died on his birthday because one he trusted left on that day and became a traitor. About John John, couldn’t allow him to go back on any child. High points of character: believes only in himself; has given himself (life) to build this cause for the world especially us. He, the only one who knows and understands pure communism; is not aligned; dependent only on himself. (Excellent+)

Cornelius Truss: Yes. Yes. Yes. Dad said that he died on his birthday because somebody left here, name is Debbie Blakey – although dad had done for her; that was the person she gave him. (?) And dad said that if 3,000,000 people turned against communism, he will still be a communist because it is right. A secretary was striking at John and dad said make sure you are not striking at the office. The character the dad shows is that you suffer for us every day and night; the concern you show the people would not let one of us get taken away; you will put more life on the line like first and to see you care not only for us but people that is suffering all over the world. Dad is an atheist. You show character that I have never seen before and you put it into practice. (Very good)

Ida Mae Clipps 60. Father is an atheist and so are we yes he believes mind lives on after death yes, he believes in healing power his own paranormal gifts. Dad said I am a communist and if no one stays, I am going to stay. I am going to stay and fight alone. I was a born communist. Because some traitors is trying to get their point over but they will not succeed. He said No, No. Do not talk to him like that he spelled Grace’s name he did not want him to hear her name. The child will be nervous. It is not right to scream at children. High points of Jim Jones character. He is pure and truthful and sincere with everyone yes he believes in himself. I believe in Jim Jones because his love for each one he is sincere and very truthful. I have watched him very closely and can find nothing but truth and love in his whole family. I sure want to take pattern after his family. (Good)

Patty Parks: Yes, an atheist. Mind lives on after death – yes. Yes – healing power, his own gifts (no one else). Worst birthday in his life because of enemy Debbie Layton going out. Father said don’t come down to John John. Hi points Jim Jones character does believe in other people’s character, willingness to die for us, to be like a prisoner here for our children. Gave up his entire life to fight for poor, oppressed, blacks, etc. Dick Tropp said he should be shot for anarchy or when useless. (Fair)


[Editor’s note: Pages 27 and 28 are in reverse order]


Larry Jones 13. Dad is pro-USSR. All those questions are yes and he said that Debbie was mad because dad would not have sex with her so she waited until his birthday and then left and he died in a way. (Very good)

Lisa Johnson. (Elementary school) No response.

Linda Sadler 21. Father, you believe only in yourself. You are the example to us. Your sensitivity of the people’s needs. For a while you saw the features of John John as Grace Stoen’s and had hateful feeling; on your birthday dad you almost died because Debbie left; she asked you to have sex with her; you only one person, you can’t fuck all of us; it would not be right; now you feel the guilt that you didn’t. Dad you are an internationalist but you believe only in yourself. Dick Tropp said he thinks he is an elitist because he knows so much; he says that we should all get rid of anarchy ways. Be more of an example like Dad. (Very good)

Chuckie Henderson: Is Father an atheist. Does Father believe the mind goes on after death; Does Father believe in healing power; what did father say about his birthday and why did he say it and about knowing himself and what he said to John John. What part of Jim Jones’ character – is it pro-Soviet and Chinese. Yes, Yes, Yes, dad said on his birthday that he died and that the reason that he died was because a person named Debbie left on his birthday and turned traitor. She left and told a lot of lies; dad said he knows himself because he doesn’t rape [Editor’s note: This word is likely a mistake, but the intended word is unknown] any life on the line for any of us; some of the things about dad’s character is that he lives for all of us every day and he does things when he don’t want to and he sees to it that we have a 6 months plan for food. (Extra class)

Mary Wotherspoon 28. [Lines in first paragraph struck through] Is Father atheist? Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in a healing power? His own? What about his birthday? Why: In reference to John about knowing himself when secretary was talking to him. Sexual, about knowing himself. High points of JJ’s character – Pro Chinese; pro-Soviet; believes in himself, describe. What do I believe.

Atheist, believes the mind lives on, wishes it didn’t. Believes in his own healing power. He says he literally died May 13 when Debbie B left. When John was being punished by secretary, she should know what she was striking at. Was it Grace? Or what one time dad said he felt he was striking at Grace when he was disciplining John. When you touch or hug a child as dad did have a young age, he realized his feeling was sexual. No matter how many turn their backs on socialism, communism, he will remain steadfast. Pro-Soviet Union – China is too nationalistic. I believe in nothing but the here and now. I don’t expect anything. I don’t think anyone likes me – they only use me. (Some people need me) I don’t expect justice, equality, love, concern etc. etc. Life is shit. I really don’t care. I’d like to die in a struggle somewhere for people’s freedom. Dick talk about his elitism which could be a point of turning traitor. All people should be shot when they become useless to the revolution (not able to work or think they are too good to contribute, etc.) I am only worth




Mary Wotherspoon 28 continued: what I can do work wise. I agree with Dick. I am surprised when people are good producers. (Excellent+)

Renée Turner 11. No, not atheist/ yes/ no, don’t believe in own paranormal gift. Jim Jones is concerned about the people and not his self.

Lavana James 74. Yes, atheist, Yes, mind does live on. Yes, believes in paranormal. He said he died on his birthday because Debbie betrayed him he was a communist if all left he would still go on being a communist. He knows himself very well he knows what he will do. A loving, kind, socialist dad; he makes no difference in his children; he keeps nothing from the family, good or bad. He tells us everything. He believes in everyone having equal things, housing, etc. (good)

Tropp said he would rather be killed than be a capitalist. (Excellent plus)

Shirley Baisy: Dad is an atheist he believed that the mind lives on after death. He does have healing power. Dad said he felt that he died on his birthday when that traitor left, Debbie; she put dad through a lot of pain.

Dee Dee Lawrence 13. Dad. On your birthday, you died because you thought that you had gave all you could to Debbie and then she would ask you something like that. He said that if you was the only communist left on earth and everybody was against it, you would still go on. I know you have healing power but you said that one day you are not going to be able to heal us so that is why I think that you don’t believe in power forever. You said you felt very bad when Tim Stoen jumped on your bed and stuck his butt up. (Excellent)

Estelle McCall: Debbie left the cause on his birthday after he refused her sex. He had always been kind to her; she could relate to his goodness. Father said he will stand for socialism if he had to stand alone. He said he and John John know what he has to do. The people will have to make decision if anyone comes for him or John John. The high points of Jim Jones’ character is he is loving and loves Black and suffering our pains and every need, gives all of himself for his people, will die for anyone of us, and a true Marxist-Leninist, and is teaching us to be like him. I think Dick Tropp’s honesty is to be recommended and I feel all of us in some way is too selfish. I can relate to him because he is white; I have to deal with that. I do admire him saying he should be shot before doing harm to this cause. I agree that any of us should be shot or want to be before doing harm to us and hinder us from victory over fascist America and their allies. (Excellent plus)

Andrea Walker: Yes, dad is an atheist to an extent. He believes there are no Gods above, nothing he can’t see himself. Yes, dad believes that mind lives on after death. Yes, dad believes in the healing power and so do I. I’ve seen plenty of examples are shown before me all during the years. Yes, I believe and know that dad believes in his own powers. Dad said that on his birthday he died – Debbie Blakey. She put him much pain even after he showed all the fatherly kindness and goodness that he ever had. Dad stated that in the past when he saw Grace screaming at John that he saw the horrible expressions on her face, and that he never screamed at John or any other children like that but




Andrea Walker continued:

talked loving to him. He saw the same mean expression on the woman that was disciplining John the other day. Dad says knowing yourself with children is important. There could be homosexual or lesbian feelings for them. But you should examine yourself about that. The high points of JJ’s character is his sensitivity with people and children, his honesty; he is familiar with all the people; he will defend you against the enemies and would die for us all; Dad I believe is pro-Soviet. Dick Tropp talked about his elitism and behind it that could possibly be a traitor. He must watch. The significant thing I remembered was he said that after you’re done being useful in this cause, you should be shot. I’ve thought about this and I do agree. After you’ve done your job, there is no reason to live for. (Good)

Glenda Polite 21. Dad is an atheist. He believes only in himself and I agree fully with him. He believes the body leaves but the mind lives on. His paranormal gift is a gift indeed. He died on his birthday and our defector left. John John went through hell with Tim and Grace. I believe Dad is beyond anything, beyond the stage of communism which is the highest. (Excellent) Dick Tropp said that all intellectuals should be shot – they are all potential traitors and they can cover up to a certain extent any wrongdoings of themselves. He feels that when this occurs to an unbearable amount, that they should be shot.

Julie Guevara Cordell 16. Dad is an atheist and doesn’t believe in any religion, only believes in communism. He believes that the mind lives on after you die; he believes in his own healing power and that he can do; he said that he died on his birthday and that Debbie chose his birthday to leave the cause and that we had an Alpha, he said that you have to be careful that you don’t take out your hostilities of Grace and put them on John. Also that one of the secretaries was taking out their hostility and hostilities towards Grace but knows himself as to not put it on John. He also said that he knows himself that he won’t do things sexually to a child no matter what kind of way, he knows himself that well that he wouldn’t do things like that to a child. High points of dad are that he is very sensitive, merciful, doesn’t care if he is hated when he is doing something for our good and we don’t like him for it. He is loving, forgiving, shows good example, won’t take special privileges about people, gives knowledge to people; doesn’t think he is higher than his people. Dad is a pro-Soviet. Dick Tropp said that any intellectual elitist that won’t change ought to be shot. Somebody that is not thinking of what’s happening in my change and become traitor, and people that will take up people’s time while in a revolution, these kinds of people should be shot, as what Dick says and I agreed, with it. People shouldn’t take up time worrying about somebody that is taking up time for revolution. (Very good)



Charles Williams. Dad is an atheist. He believed that the mind lives on after death. He does have healing power. He died on his birthday. (Good)

Paul McCann. Dad is an atheist. He believes mind lives on after death. He believes in his healing power; he said he died on his birthday. He knows he can’t trust anyone but himself. He was let down by Debbie Blakey. Dad said the secretary should not strike at Grace by taking it out on John John. Dick Tropp says that after you do not get rid of your elitism, you should be shot. He said that he holds his knowledge in his head and will use it if he goes to jail or wants to escape into himself which is elitist. (Excellent)

Lisa Wright 17. I think that Father believes in after death only if one does not do their job when they’re here like commit suicide (?), copping out of responsibilities because of selfishness. Yes, I think that Father believes in his power because when it needs it comes and always works. But during crisis and other problem people should use their minds and not rely on his powers. Dad stated he died on his birthday because that bitch, Debbie Blakey, left on his birthday after all love and concern, principles he showed her. He was always there when she needed him. And she had the nerve to ask Dad to fuck her and he refused and after he showed that much love, like he did and let him down he could die no more than have to put up with that and stated that if the whole world sell out he would still stand strong and say that he is a communist proud to live and die one. Come for one come for all. And John Victor Jones, he stated that he seen Grace or something like that and it make him angry but that’s why he never shouts at the children because he knows himself and that’s why he can control it. When he first touched a little boy, he knew he was a homosexual feeling and that’s why he can control it. Because he always looked at himself. I think dad is pro people because he accepts all people who want to be accepted and change and be a true socialist and moved to communist. Dad always stands firmly for his children no matter who it is. Come for one, fucker, you got us all. He is loving, concerned, sensitive, and knows how to control every situation in a way no one can. He is loyal to everyone. And will do any no matter what people think of him for socialism and communism which he believes in strongly. (Very good)

Renée McMurray [McMurry] 17. Father is an atheist; he believes in healing. He said that he died on his birthday. He said that because Debbie pick to leave on his birthday. She didn’t think we would have an alpha while we have guest [Editor’s note: Likely John and Barbara Moore]. He showed her a lot of love. Never did anything wrong to her and she laughed and told lies like she did. The thing about John and the secretary was watch how you react towards John – be sure you are not doing it because of Grace. Know yourself like dad knows himself that is why you never see dad talk to John in a bad way. Dad is pro-Chinese – No, pro-Soviet, No, he does believe in himself. I would describe dad is the best person I know (I don’t think person is a qualified word for him, I don’t think no word is). But he is honest with everyone, loves everyone, cares for everyone no matter what you’ve done. (Excellent)



Jim Murrell [Bogue] Yes, he believes only in himself. Yes, Father believes the mind lives on after death. Yes, father believes in healing power. Father said he literally died on his birthday for what Debbie had done to him after all the special things he had done for her, and that no matter he would remain a communist no matter if he were the only one at least there would be one. Father said to someone that was loud talking John John for recognizing himself he could see it was Grace who he was really at. Also knowing himself he could recognize the homo in himself at seeing a young man and desiring sex. Yes, he believes in himself only; he believes in his own communism which is the only true communism. High points: being a true communist, always for the betterment of the people, his love, always stands by his people and caring and protecting for each individual. (Excellent)

Yolanda Brown 14. Mind lives on after death. Dad said about his death, he died on May 12 because of Debbie. All these things are true what dad said about John John. When you touch a child that it is sex – that is what dad has got over – that is why he doesn’t raise his voice at the children. The reason why dad died on May 13 is because he trusted Debbie and she even went out and caused a lot of trouble to a lot of lives – told lots of lies about him and the people. (Good)

Jennifer Newell (about 10): No response. (Very good)

Ronald Duckett: Yes, atheist. Yes, mind lives on. No, doesn’t believe in own paranormal. He died. He died because Debbie B left on his birthday. Dad gave her so much as she done this to him. Dad said if 3000 people turned away from communism, he would not. (Very good)

Vera M. Talley: (no response)

Thelma Jackson: An atheist is one who does not believe in God. I would say he is an atheist because he is not an ordinary being but the only God I know. He has always said he was not the creator. Yes, he believes that mind lives on after death. Yes, he believes in his own healing power, and so do I because I have been healed and seen others miraculously healed. He said on his birthday he literally died, because of the traitor, Debbie Blakey who left the cause because she refused to have sex with her. She also stole money and lied on this cause. He said if he were the only one left he would still believe and die for communism. He said he would never let John John go back to the US. He would rather some plans be made to take care of that situation if such time comes. Jim Jones’ highest point is that he believes in total communism. His only concern is for us, the people, to live, learn, grow and produce in this socialist country where everything is equal. Dick Tropp said, all intellectuals are prospective traitors and should be shot. (. Good)



Gary Tyler 19. Father is an atheist; he does not believe in God and I don’t either. He believes that mind does live on after death but does not want us to dwell on it. He believes in healing power and his own gift. He said that on May 13 he died once again. Debbie Blakey left because (one reason) he refused her sexually and he said it was significant that she chose his birthday to do this. He said that he is tired of trying to communicate his goodness. He said that he felt guilt about but that he didn’t want to because he did a lot for her. About John, when a secretary was reprimanding him for something, it reminded him of Grace. He said that he started to snap at her but stopped himself because he knew himself and what was going on inside of him. I think a high point of his character is the fact that the world went against Communism, that he would stay with it because it is the right way. He is the personification of principle, commitment, and love in the purest form. I feel that he is pro-Soviet and that he likes China’s system of communism but not their nationalistic ways. I feel that he also understands their feelings against the Soviet Union. I feel that another high point of his character is that he is against oppression no matter who is being oppressed. (Excellent)

Burger Lee Dean: Father is an atheist. No pro China; no. Father believes in his healing power. Father believes that mind go on after death. Father does not see John John as Grace; doesn’t take it out on him; it’s not his fault. JJ believes in himself; he believes in Marxism and Lenin; he is pure socialism. JJ is the only one he can believe in; his love goes so deep for all. If a thousand turn the other way always from your teachings and socialism, you would stand alone. You will always stand. You also said you died. (Fair – extra class)

Rory Bargeman 16. Yes, atheist. Yes, mind lives on. No, doesn’t believe in own paranormal. What happened to him on May 13, 1978. He died because she left and would not stay because she was hung up on sex and not the movement. (Fair – extra class)

Florence Heath: No response.

Mary Murphy. Sadness comes upon him doing his birthday White night on his birthday. High point – said he was going to prepare a place for us and he did. Always stands up to everything he say. (Extra class)

Alma Coachman Thomas: Dad not atheist; dad doesn’t believe mind lives on. He said he died on his last birthday because Debbie betrayed on his birthday. She betrayed him. He believes in himself and his own healing power, his gift. When she left, it was a surprise to see who was by his side for so long to be a traitor, so now they try to hurt some who really love one and all. (Extra class)

Mary Mayshack: Father is atheist; mind, yes, healing, yes. Died on birthday. High points – High socialist things – healing sick, raising dead; saved our babies. (Extra class)



Vennie Thompson: Yes he do believe in his own healing. So do I believe in his healing. Said he died on his birthday because he is our Savior. I know he is a real good father to us all… All of this is real beautiful weather here toward our country. I agree, yes, he do believe in his own self. So do me believe in him also. (Extra class)

Mattie Gibson: He is an atheist, mind lives on after death, yes; father believes in healing, yes. Father told the secretary not to say to John John what she did; he knows himself; he would never molest a child. Father said he died May 13. Highest thing done by any man to bring around 1500 people to freedom land, a country to call our own, free doctor, school, home and clothes and food. Better than any man did in history. Happy to have him to walk and talk with and I love him for being such a kind and loving Savior.

Louise Williams 65. No, not an atheist. Yes, mind lives on. Yes, believes in own healing. He said that he was so hurt because of one traitor giving false news to CIA. Jim Jones high point is he is the only true communist on earth; he is the only one that helps all races of poor peoples save people’s lives everywhere he has proved to the world that he could build a new world in the middle of the jungle. He is also a great healer. He has given his life so others might be free. (Extra class)

Christine Young: No response [line struck out]

Juanita Green 60: He died on May 13 on the kind of her treason, Debbie. Has caused many problems here. (Fair)

Lillian Malloy. Jim’s secretary told him a little. Jim to be honest and loving and kind to others. Jim is a cherry. He is kind and loving and a healer. He died on his birthday because he was hurt over his daughter and what she had done. Yes he died; her feeling for her children is love. Father believes mind lives on. (Extra class)

Michael Daniels 15. No response (extra class)

Rose Peterson 77: Father atheist yes, mind lives on yes, believes in own healing, yes. May 13 – cry Debbie Blakey traitor money she taken John – he would protect him. He saves children. Character – righteous, truth. I believe I can do anything right way must have faith. Must have right mind. (Fair)

Ray McKnight 23. Yes, Father is an atheist. Yes, father believes that mind lives on after death. Yes, father believes in his own healing power of paranormal faculty. On May 13, dad died because Debbie betrayed him and the people because he would go to bed with her. Dad is pro-Soviet. (Good)

Richard Castillo 35. Father is not atheist – he believes that the mind lives after death. He firmly believes in healing power. His birthday May 13. I did [die] every day. The traitor Debbie made him die more, he loved her very much. John John – he would not give John up – he’ll fight. Father believes in himself. (Good)



Willie Graham: Yes, an atheist, yes, mind lives on, yes on healing. Dad said he died on his birthday because of the way Debbie acted; lies she told. Jim Jones is a way he believes in his own self – own power because he knows himself; looked into his own mind. He has the highest character – only true love. (Extra class)

Jerry Smith 7. Yes, atheist. Yes, mind lives on. Yes, believes in own healing. Dad character his love is deeds and actions because he don’t take concern of himself; he is concerned about others; that we can have plenty of food to eat, that he provides medical care for us. (Fair)

Orelia Anderson 70. Father, yes. Mind, yes. Healing, yes. May 13 – Debbie Blakey traitor; money she taken. John – he would die with him. Molest children – he saves children. Character – Savior, socialist; he believes taking care of widows, orphans, poor, needy. I believe I can live a socialist life. I am trying not to give trouble to the cause. I tried to be a socialist to my comrade. (Good)

Bertha Reese 69. Father atheist, yes. Mind, yes. Healing, yes. May 13 – he died treason Debbie Blakey. John – John hated his parents he has the answers to what they want to know. Character – Believe in equality, please, reaching out to all people done. Molest children – No. I believe I am trying to be a good communist.

Cassandra Minor: No, not an atheist. Yes, mind lives on. Yes, believes in own healing. Dad has said that he died on his birthday. If 3000 people die, he would still stand and that everybody should not forget Debbie Blakey if it was your child you would not forget. He did say it because of her leaving on his birthday. Is that that person went to the Embassy, told that we bury people alive underground. Also something about our guns and then she said that she was being held against her will and that she did not want to be here. So she got away and about Dick Tropp, he wants to point out that anybody is capable of treason by what they do by leaving a blank spot in their mind. Can’t remember too much. Keep forgetting. (Extra class)

Geneva Beal 57. Father atheist, yes. Mind, yes. Healing, yes. May 13. He died treason. John – Dad said if he had to go he would take John with him. Dad’s character – loving, principle, communist, loyal, helps people, concern, welfare. I believe I have taken on elite things. (Extra class)

L V McKinnis: Father is an atheist; died on his birthday; mind lives on, yes. Highest in history. Dick gave a good speech. (Extra class)

Abraham Staten: On the 13th of May, he said he died. Debbie ran away from Georgetown. She started her mess. She stole $25,000 from us and is still trying to bring hardship on us. He said he would die a communist that he would be a communist if no one was a communist. The greatest of all time, a great revolutionary has put his life on the line for us. (Excellent)



Katherine Dominick: “Dad is an atheist; he believes the mind lives on, yes, he believes in his healing power. On May 13, dad’s birthday, he was depressed about something – mentioned how he had to pull off his mother’s white socks… Dad is a socialist and always has been from a child up. Wonderful leader in teaching socialism Wonderful leader in teaching socialism.. Shows his love and care for us and says that he will die for us; dad has made it better for me; he’s given me a home; treats me better than my own dad and he – all I can think of right now.” (Good – extra class)

Jeff Tarver 12: “Dad is an atheist; he does not believe mind lives on after death; he does believe in himself because he can’t trust anyone because they might sell him and the cause out. He does believe in his healing power because he knows that he can do it and he has the ability to do it. He said it was bad that this could happen on his birthday, that Debbie Blakey would go out and lie on the cause after all he has done for her. The high points are he gives us entertainment even though we are in a crisis and he forgives and forgets when someone gets on the floor and he don’t judge people by what they don’t in part and he is concerned for each and every one of us. Dad is not pro Chinese but pro-Soviet.

Brian Bouquet 24. Dad is an atheist. He believes unfortunately that the mind does live on after death. He believes in his own healing power, however, we should not rely on it all the time, because paranormal things really have no place in communism development. On his birthday, he said he died, because on that day, the infamous traitor Debbie left our movement and stole money, and lied on us, even though dad had been good to her. The highest point of dad’s character is that he cares more for any of us than himself, and also is the purest communist that the world has ever seen. No one else has ever sacrificed for his people like dad. Dick Tropp believes that elitists, after they have served their purpose and become old and can’t function in their capacity anymore, should be shot.” (Good)

Gerald Johnson: “Father is an atheist. On May 13 his birthday, he said he died because of people like Debbie Blakey because she left over her not having sex with him and all so if 3 billion people was against him about socialism, he would still stand because he knows that socialism is right. High character of Jim Jones – he had the best love than any person. Would have the bravest man on earth the honest man on earth and smartest man. About healing power, yes. He is pro-US; pro-China; are hisself – he is hisself. Dick said for anarchy that people should be done away with after assignment. My feeling about this is I don’t think people should be done away with because it [if] they did good maybe they can be used again for assignment. (Very good)

Jerome Simon 20. “Dad said about his birthday, May 13, that he got a great hurt, and Debbie the bitch was the cause. Dad said if everyone was to turn atheist communism he would stand for communism and the wood be one Jim J. Points of dad’s character, he is the most loving person (?? Suffer pains today). He would die for you, me or anyone. How stand for communism he proved it by Irving [Irvin] Perkins this week, Dana [Truss], John John, etc. To me China is pro-Soviet because they are not internationalist and they do not help people like USSR does to liberate other countries. Dad is pro Jim Jones that means it takes after communism and no one else. He is not pro-USSR or China. He is just looking out for us people when he uses contacts and Jim J is an internationalist. I was at work when Dick Tropp spoke.” (Very good)

Eileen McMurray [McMurry, also known as Eileen Kelly McCann] 18. “Dad I think is an atheist doesn’t believe in God. Don’t think it really matters if there is life after death, just what we do in this life. He knows he is the only one with healing powers; only one that can help us. Dad died when Debbie left on his birthday; doesn’t trust anyone even though he sees some growth. No matter who betrays him, even 3 billion people, he will still be a communist. You have to know yourself because when someone was yelling at John, they were trying to get Grace because they can see her in his face but you can’t




Eileen McMurray continued: do this. You have to know your sexual feeling to children because if you do you won’t molest children. One of dad’s main points of character is mercy; will die for every one of us, loves us equally. Yes, pro-Soviet, because in support of liberation in Africa. Dick Tropp’s thought I agree with. If you white intellectuals when you get uselessly be shot – much too dangerous to cause.” (Excellent)

Don Field. “Atheist – yes. Mind lives on after death, no, if revolutionary death, healing power – yes – yes (does not know when) on birthday – died – because of defection. John John – not shout – strike. High points of character – pro-Soviet – totally; believes in his “children” (us). Discussion of Dick Tropp letter”. Dick felt that as an intellectual elitist (as he felt he is) should be disposed of after serving cause because could become a traitor to cause, because of elitist attitudes gathered + maintained) I think this is an individual matter. We all come from different places (idea, beliefs, motivation). Hopefully we will grow (thoughts, ideas) to become aware (total) of what Dad knows in total. Dad is kindest person I know – fairest– when I first joined group I did so because of anti-religion but did not believe he was for real. I know now he is (+I am trying.) (Excellent)

Penny Dennis: 13 1/2. “Yes, yes, yes. He said that before Debbie went into Georgetown, she stopped dad and asked him to fuck when he wouldn’t do it she was mad so when she went to Georgetown, she waited until it was May 12 and started counting out the money and on May 13 she left you said that you died on that day and you also said that you’ve never have a birthday that went well. He doesn’t trust no one because every time he does us assholes always [let] him down. He doesn’t do things to molest children because he cares about everybody; he wouldn’t want to hurt any of them. He is pro-Soviet. I think that he is a very loving person; he is the only dad we need, he gives his life for us even though we get up there and take up his time. We make blood pressure go up very high. He is ready to die for every one of us. What he needs from us is to have our cooperation and not make his blood pressure go high and not act like assholes.” (Very good)

Don Casanova 16. “Yes, dad is an atheist. Yes, he believes the mind lives on after death. He said he died on his birthday because he finally found out that no matter what you do for people, you will never be able to trust or love someone completely. He said he believes in himself and the matter what anyone says or thinks about him, he will always be a communist. He saw a secretary taking hostilities towards Grace on John John. He says he knows himself so well he realizes when he did it once and has control over it now.” (Very good)

Diane Wilkinson. “Dad is an atheist to any other unknown God or foreign power. Dad believes in mind after death. Dad believes in his own healing power but not as a panacea. Dad said he died on his birthday. The secretary was striking out that John because of Grace and Dad saw this and he does not strike because he knows himself and feelings. My thoughts of dad’s character is: 1. His continuous commitment to international communism without being a nationalist; 2. His honesty that no one deserves to know; 3. His constant vigilance, night and day; 4. His guidance that all people need; 5. Most of all his firmness and love.” (excellent)


[Editor’s note: Pages 37 and 38 are in reverse order]


Odesta Buckley (about 15) – Dad his son was the only one that he won’t – He will hide him & his son. Dad said that May 13 he died because. He said if a million people walk away from communism, I will still stand. Yes he is an atheist. Yes mind lives on after death. No does not believe in own power – the reason I said no is because he said don’t believe in my power. I think that it is how it no get something some of the people. (Note: Her writing is very hard to follow & meaning is generally obscure. I don’t think I’ve conveyed her thoughts at all but I can’t make any sense out of most of it. I’ve only typed what I can understand. About half is left out. Jann G) (very good)

Rita Dennis 15 – Yes, Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Father said that he doesn’t understand his own healing power but he does believe in it. H Father said that he doesn’t understand his own healing power but he does believe in it.e said that on May 13, 1978, he died a part of him died because Debbie left the church (the people that he gave the most shit on him). Also he said that all of us left him & turned capitalist he would stand alone but he would still stand for socialism. He would fuck to keep somebody from treason he would do anything for us. He would stay alive for us when he doesn’t want to. No matter how shitty we are to him he is merciful. He feels guilt for something we do. He thinks of the collective as a whole. I didn’t have enough time. I could write more. (Excellent)

Rennie Kice – Dad is an atheist, he believes that the only God is within you. There is no God in the sky. That people have to change things. He believes that the mind does live on after death. He believes in his own healing power, because he is the only one who has the power to heal. Father said that on his birthday, a defector left (Debbie) which caused him hurt, no matter if everyone left, he would still be a communist. He is the only true communist in the world. Our church has been like Grand Central Station, but JJ remains true to socialism. In reference to John, he told one of his secretaries to watch striking out at John because they see a little of Grace in him. You cannot strike out at children for what parents have done. He also said that he knew himself in reference to sexual feelings towards children & could never be a child offender. Dad is pro-Communist & is always for the oppressed people. He is pro-Soviet & pro-China, even though China has her head turned at the present. The high point of his character are his concern & understanding of all people. He is a living example of a true communist. He is always there when you need him. He’s fair & honest in all things. He does not put anyone or anything above another but puts communist ideas first. Tropp: Said he feels that once an intellectual has served his usefulness & can no longer be of service & cannot change that he should be shot. I feel that this should apply to anyone. I feel that people who can serve no purpose in the revolution should be done away with. They take away rather than add to. (Very good)

Herbert Newell 19 – Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own healing power. He died on his last birthday. It was the day DB left & turned traitor. Dad is pro-Soviet & he is not stuck on himself he does believe in other group. Dad is not selfish. He has a morality rate higher than anyone else in the world. He’s all loving. Puts the people above him. He is not an elitist, he has more sensitivity than anyone has now, he accepts criticism from everyone (note: There may be more to his test but if there is I cannot find the rest of it.) (Good)

Pat Patterson – 29 – Dad doesn’t believe in anyone but self. He has used his healing powers in a revolutionary way which has brought the group as far as it has come. He’s not concerned with what happens after death, but what



Pat Patterson (cont’d) happens now. Dad died on his birthday because of class enemy Debby. Dad’s character was shown in the 6 state defense of Jonestown when he refused to accept $ & stayed with his people. Character is shown by having 6 months food supply in advance. Elitism is not communism. Anyone who has elitist tendencies should be taught about sharing. (Very good)

Dorothy Sanders – Dad is an atheist. Yes, he believes mind lives on after death. He believes in his own healing power, no one else. He died on his birthday because of Debby. Someone was pulling on John John & he said the careful that you’re not taking your hostility for Grace out on the child. High points of character. He knows himself completely. Totally honest with himself & us. Is pro-Soviet. Believes only in himself. (exc)

Darlene Ramey – Father not atheist. Believes in mind lives on after death. He believes in own paranormal gift. On his birthday Debbie Blakey left, he died on his birthday, because he trusted in her. When he used to strike at John John he would see Grace but he had to look at himself & see what he was doing it. Also he had to tell a secretary the same thing when she was doing this. My opinion I think Dad is too kind & loving to people & they take advantage of this & leave & try to run over this trust. Dad is pro-Soviet. He believes in international struggle. (exc should’ve been very good)

Esther Mueller – Father is not an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own power. Re b’day: He had a white night – alert. You did say something else but I don’t remember. Atheist in my vocabulary is someone who believes in nothing. Believes in himself. The highest involved that was ever born. JJ a mind that never stands still.

Shajhuanna Harris – He is an atheist because he does not believe in a sky god. No, if it’s a socialist Marxist-Leninist mind, it can live on & be followed by the rest of the socialist people or movements. He does believe in healing within his own self. The only one that can. The paranormal within himself. On his birthday he said that he died. Debbie Blakey waited until his birthday to leave because Dad refused her sexually. After all that he had done for her, she goes back & stabs him in the back. He said he refuse to let John John be taken away. He will not leave John to go to another country. Him & John would die before they would be taken away. He will not leave John to go to another country. Dad knows himself as a merciful leader, forever benevolent. Puts his life before the people. Would do anything to save his family. He takes a lot of guilt for things that happened or things he did. He felt it should have been carried on. The high points of Dad’s character is that he is pro-Soviet. Pro-China I believe if they needed help. Even though they don’t help other countries. Dad do believe in himself, because he can bring about change. Also John’s discipline. Grace Stoen did the same & shouldn’t be too harsh. Would remind him of Grace. Dick Tropp – Didn’t hear the lecture of Dick Tropp. But I will admit I do have elitist acts & will get them changed.

Patricia Cartmell 23 – Dad is an atheist. Dad believes in his own gifts. Re B’day: He said he died because Debbie Blakey who he had given a lot to between him and the worst kind of way of any traitor. I am also an atheist & also believe he has developed his mind & can do things no other mind can do. But as to mind ever moving on after death I haven’t ever seen any evidence as to it & I don’t believe Dad believes in it or he’s not certain in any case it doesn’t make any difference. I believe his perseverance as a true communist that stops at nothing for what he believes in is a very high point of his character. The fact that he cares enough for the ideal of communism never wavering & to even give of himself – his body, mind & soul



Patricia Cartmell (cont)– so he could give a shining example of communism to the world to inspire others. The fact he has inspired all of us & given us purpose to life. (exc)

Mary Morton 36 – Dad is an international revolutionist. He is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own healing power. Dad died on his birthday because someone left the cause. Dad said know yourself first. (Very good)

Rose McKnight 24 – I believe Dad is atheistic & he does believe in the mind living on after death. He believes in the paranormal healing power but does not want to depend on it – He said he died May 13 because he had given so much of himself to Debbie & she turned out to still every bit of shit her evil mind could think of. He said that if every one of us was to turn on him & his beliefs that he can depend on one to stand for socialism & the true meaning of communism. I believe the high points of his character is his loving to us in spite of our anarchism – His giving of himself to us & providing all we need, never taking for himself – His going to great expense to provide special foods & entertainment we don’t need – his love for all of us as his natural children – His constant vigilance against those doing evil to us – always being concerned for us getting rest when he never gets any – I could write papers on this subject – He is pro-Soviet, but aligns with no one country in particular (very good)

Hue Forston – Dad has told us time & time again that he does not believe in anything but himself because years ago as a child he called on that “so-called sky God” & got no answer & he also believes that if there was a so-called God and why does 3 out of 4 babies go to bed hungry. So there is no God! Dad has told us time & time again that the mind or soul goes on & he proved it by a lady that had committed suicide in Redwood Valley & Dad had told us time & time again that you cannot leave this plane through selfish suicide only if it is Revolutionary Suicide. He told us that the same lady would come back through a couple that weren’t able to have a baby & that the child’s delivery would be very difficult & that it was. Father’s healing power is an extra special treat because with the actual and economic & organizational mind that he has if we never have the healings we would make it through just those of us that make stupid mistakes would have to die even if it is accidental, but the collective will be able to go on. I had a brain tumor in the US the doctors had determined it & Dad told me that it would be all right & all of my tests came back negative – no sign of a tumor. Also when the Evans youngest daughter fell from the loft & broke her neck & head was fractured, the medical team could only go so far as the medical equipment would let them & after that Father takes over. Father told us she would be all right in the morning & she was, thanks to Father! Father said that he died on his birthday because Debbie Blakey sold $25,000 & committed treason, she went back to the US seeking a relationship. After Dad gave her much love because she was at her low point Dad picked her up & got her life turned around so that she could follow the example that Dad has set for all of us & keep his principle (Marxist-Leninism) to develop a new order. He died because one that he gave so much to care so little for the many people that they would hurt. (Mary Rodgers from LA asked Jan Wilsey did Debbie leave? Debbie used to stay over at her house on LA weekends) & Jan told her that she had & Mary begged Jan not to ever leave. Dad said that a Black senior mother has to suffer for such a Bitch like Debbie! One of the secretaries was talking harsh to John because she was thinking about what she felt about Grace & Dad identified with her in that when he would get upset with John



Hue Forston (cont) – sometimes it was because of something he did not like in the character of Grace. Dad is pro-Soviet because they are internationalists (even though dad has the most purest form of communism in the world). Dad could have been a millionaire years ago if he wanted to because he has the wit to make $even without ever using the gift that he has/ he instead decided to live & die for a cause (communism). Even when he was offered $7 1/2 million to take who he wanted out & leave to Cuba (they wanted him to sell out) with his family he had enough character to say no because I personally don’t believe the love & concerned that Dad is giving to me but he is hoping one day that we will partake of the principle that he is teaching not the man JJ & that (?) character because many leaders get involved in selfish worship of themselves rather than the cause that they should be fighting for. (exc)

Kenny Wilhite 25 – Father is an atheist. He believes in his own healing power but doesn’t understand it. He is a communist with international allegiance but leaning toward the Soviet Union. Dad said that he died on his birthday because he realized that no one understands or appreciates his goodness but he would go on being a communist even if 3 billion turn away from communism. He said that sometimes he had the feelings about Grace & John but knows himself better so that he could never take anything out on John. Dick Tropp’s letter on elitism was very honest & true of people who think that they are better than the rest of us & those type would (??) act against the people like Debbie or Tim. They should have been shot. (exc)

Frances Buckley 13 – Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in own healing power. He almost died on May 13 because Debbie wanted to fuck him & he would not. Dad is the kind of person that will stay with the cause no matter what condition they are in. He tries to understand everybody’s problems & gives everyone a second chance. He has always had concern for the minority race & has been a nigger all of his life. I think the reason why he deals with his son like that is that because he knows how it feels to be rejected & how it is to be a child. Dad looks up to the Soviet Union. (Very good)

John Harris – Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in own paranormal gift. He was sad because Debbie left on his birthday. Father said he would die for John John & each of us as well. JJ his non-aligned, but pro-Soviet believing in himself only. Tropp felt that “intellectual elitists” should be shot. Yes, I am an elitist in many of my personal behavior patterns. I am a racist & I still carry violent grudges for people who fucked over me in the past. (exc should’ve been a good)

Larry Schacht – Yes, Dad is an atheist. A Marxist-Leninist. He believes in no anthropomorphic Deity. Yes, believes mind lives on but is unimportant. He doesn’t believe in relying on his gifts. He was killed on his birthday by treason of one who should have seen his goodness. He wants people to know his goodness – John John – said he saw Grace in John & thus & knew himself & curved his potential to speak harshly to him because of Grace’s evil. High points of JJ – is Marxist-Leninist internationalist communist. Pro-Soviet. He is essentially & completely good & purely motivated & he wants us to feel & be communist because it is right & not because of fear or threat. He trusts himself to be a communist fully. (Excellent +)

Jair Baker. Yes, Father believes that mind lives. Healing power is an advanced science of mind energy: Father knows himself where we not ever rape a child because he has come to terms with his feelings. JJ communism is the best (it’s unique) Internationalism which makes us pro-Soviet.



Alfred Smith 18 – Dad said on his birthday he died. Because of Debbie Blakey’s anarchism. He says if he was the only one left he would still stand for communism. Dad is an atheist because he is a Marxist, a socialist, a communist etc. most perfect leader. My feelings are that there will never be another leader like dad. I relate to this because I am gaining more on being a socialist here in Jonestown. The mind lives on after the body. Dick Tropp says he was an intellectual elitist. Because he was mentally stable & always had a way out of things. He felt superior to people. Dad believes in his paranormal gifts & has healing power. But our socialists should try to give Dad a break & not rely on his powers. He had saved me from kidney diseases & thousands of more he has shown to other people. But if we be stronger in mind we can cut down all the sickness & disease that we have. The high point in Dad’s character is he is not pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese. He has his own ideal of the socialist teachings which is the most & just out of them all. Dad said that by analyzing knowing that we have a sexual feeling for a child, he analyzed this. This is why he never has thoughts of child molesting. (Very good. Note: Coming from a teenager who’s only been here several months, this is very sensitive)

[Entry struck through] Stephanie Chacon – Either second paper is lost or question on Dad was never written. (Fail)

Larry Layton 32 – Dad is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Yes believes in own healing power & own paranormal gifts but doesn’t rely on it. He died in a real way because [of] Debbie Blakey [Editor’s note: Debbie Blakey is Larry Layton’s sister]. They were reacting to Grace Stoen in John; Dad has overcome acting irrationally by facing his feelings but overcoming. Dad is a communist & will do anything to bring about communism. Re Tropp: Elitists should be shot when they’re not useful. (Very good)

Loretta Wilkinson – Father is an atheist: he believes that mind lives on after death: he believes in healing power & his own paranormal gifts. He said it pained him so much that Debbie Blakey left on his birthday as a [word illegible due to graphic already on page] that he died on May 13. He said it to show others so we can identify [same notation] with his pain. When a secretary said something to John John, Father said he would always be dependable & that no one would ever take his son without his life also (only over his dead body John John be taken away from here. His high points are honesty, truthful, knows himself well, dependable, communist always thinking of someone else before himself, keeps going on day after day, night after night regardless of how he feels, stays up day & night thinking of ways to protect all of his family (thousands of us) still thinking of those in SF & LA too.



[Reverse side of page crossed out, used as scratch paper]



Alvarey Satterwhite 60 – Father is an atheist. Believes that mind lives on after death. Believes in healing power & own paranormal gifts. May 13, he felt like he had died because Debbie left on his birthday social compt. believe in his self. He would let them take John if they came in he would take John with him before they could catch them he would kill John & himself before he let him go to stone [Stoen] because John is Dad son. (Fail)

Mary Rodgers (the elder) – Dad is an atheist. Doesn’t believe mind lives on after death. Yes he knows he can heal. We all know it too. What did he say about his birthday. He died May 13 over Debbie. He was the only true socialist. If everyone gave up, he would still hold his own. Why he said it. We had another traitor to go out on us. What’s Jim like. Most general (gentle?) person in the world. No one loves & cares like him. He gave up his life that we might live & be happy. He is everything you need in one. I will say he’s the only true leader in the world no one else like him (fail)

Gail Chailin [Chaikin] (17) – Dad is an atheist. Believes in his own healing & that the mind lives on after death. On his birthday Debbie left. He said John sometimes makes expressions he saw that Grace makes. He could understand how the secretary got mad because when he made the expression, he felt that way himself. Never takes that out on him. That’s why he knows he wouldn’t do anything out of the norm because he knows himself. The highest points of his character is how much he cares & loves us as a group as well as individually. He has made more sacrifices & shows love & character than anyone in the present or history of Marx. He has made his life nothing only a tool to make his people happy & try & shelter them from all harm. His life is an example so that we may learn some of his character & project it to others. He is for the USSR & China but recognizes their faults & points them out. I agree with all of this. (exc)

Yvonne Morrison 18 – Father is an atheist, yes, he believes that mind lives on after death. Yes, he believes in healing powers. Father said that Debbie Blakey picked the worst time to leave & that was on his birthday & she knew that would hurt him. Father told a secretary who was talking to John John was hollering at him, & Dad didn’t allow that. High point of JJ: is that he is not an elitist. He believes in equality & he thinks of the people more so than himself & he’s a dictatorship of the proletariat, & he makes sure that we have an understanding of himself. And I also see Dad as pro-Soviet meaning socialism. I see Dad as a person who cares more about us, he would put himself before his family. I have never known anyone to go as far as risking his life for all of us. I see him as a creator who would make things more direct then what they’ve started from. To me I feel that Dad is so strong & powerful I could listen to him more so. It seems like his words are drawing you closer to him. I never thought I would be involved in a group like this or even go this far

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Carver Guevara – 13. “Dad his sensitivity loves everyone in Jonestown equally. Dad believes in his own gift which enables him to heal anything. Dad is an atheist. A great atheist. Dad thinks of his birthday as nothing at all but something that is stupid. Dad wants John Jones to stay in Jonestown because he doesn’t want Tim to get him. I think dad is a great man that has so much character and sensitivity and is so concerned about us that he provides the place to build a future for our children to grow up in and be our future leaders. He’s the greatest communist man in the world that ever lived.” (Good)

Teena Turner, age 22. “Yes he is – only for the revolution in any means necessary. Said he had died that day because of people are so cruel that they’d go out to hurt and kill just because she was so selfish to the revolution and wanted sex and that we don’t do right that we couldn’t make it even if Dad wanted or had to leave us or go back and make a last stand because we are still children that won’t grow up. Because John’s facial expression reminded them of Grace’s manipulative capitalist ways and they would strike out at this to John. After Dad brought this out, the secretary could see his reason and stopped it. And also Dad brought this out in the rally. I’m sure many more could look within and now would stop looking at John and treating him bad because at the viciousness of Grace. Dad is a nationalist here in Jonestown but an internationalist to other socialist countries like USSR, Cuba, Guyana, etc. When comes to China a lot of China’s ideals are good but the fact that their nationalists therefore, they couldn’t be communists in a true sense because the only struggle there is in for themselves for their own power. When Dad’s struggling for us here because he’s not a Trotskyist but at the same time Dad’s not a true nationalist in the sense because he is in any liberation struggle for the oppressed. Dad has died for us over and over again but this last time, Debbie tried to get Dad to take his life in an Alpha but Dad didn’t fall for this and Dad since he had loved Debbie like he did his daughter and both betrayed him. Debbie is still doing things to cut into Dad’s heart. But out of each struggle builds strength in the organization. Trust no one and watch everyone including yourself. And that Dick stated that when you become of no use to the struggle if you either have an intellectual defiant attitude or just not able to fight or work you should be shot. And I agreed to this because I FOR ONE DON’T WANT TO BE TAKEN CARE of and be a drawback even knowing life even if being shot but would rather take some fascists or defectors to the struggle with me. If my (last 3 words unreadable). (Good)

Billy Bush 13. “Dad believes in himself, he believes that the mind lives on after death, and he believes in healing, he said that on May 13, he died because Debbie had picked his birthday to go out and cause so much pain for dad and trouble for the people in Jonestown and in the states.” (Good)

Harold Bogue 41. “Father is an atheist. He believes the mind lives on after death. He does believe in his healing power. He believes in himself over any country, Soviet or otherwise. He said on his birthday because Debbie left that a part of him died, that he didn’t understand why people couldn’t see his goodness.



He said not to react to John because of seeing Grace in him. That he examined his motives and thoughts and dealt with them and everyone had to or the revolution could be _____?” (very good)

Edie Kutulas 48. High points Jim Jones character. Will not sway from his true belief of communism, no matter what may happen. He is loyal, cannot understand how others can be disloyal, cannot understand how others can be disloyal. Always identifies with all the people, especially minorities. Father believes mind lives on after death. Does believe in his own healing power. A traitor, Debbie Blakey, left this cause on Jim Jones’s birthday. Father said he died on his birthday. Jim Jones has a great gift of healing I have felt the gift with my own body at least 2 times. I know for sure 3 times. Witnessed and know with my own eyes such great and glorious gift. Jim Jones says you must know your own mind (know yourself and you will not molest children and other such things.” (Very good)

Kenny Reed. “No. Yes. Jim Jones is a pro-Soviet and he does not believe in himself. I believe the mind do live; he do not believe in himself; he believes on his birthday Debbie broke turn a traitor and went back and told lies on this cause. Said we buried people in a box under the ground. He believes in housing, feeding and clothing.” (Class recommended)

Barbara Simon 22. “Yes, Yes, Yes. He died May 13 because of Debbie action. Dad is an internationalist. Dad said if everybody in the world stopped fighting for communism, he would keep on fighting. He said as a child, he had touched a little boy once ____ sexual feeling. He is also pro-internationalist. (Class recommended)

Chris Garcia. “Yes, Yes, Yes, his own. Father said that he died on May 13. Jim Jones is pro-Soviet because of a traitor that left on his birthday.

Dawn Mitchell 15. “Dad is not an atheist. He does not believe that mind lives on after death. Yes he believes in the paranormal power. He died on his birthday because of the traitor Debbie the same day she left. John John is his own son and he will fight to keep him and all children over here. And he loves John very much I will never give him up. And he’s seen Grace walk around John naked and have sex with other men right in front of John. And used to treat him badly (discipline). He told of his sexual life and how he has fucked for us to save this cause. He is pro-Soviet. He believes in himself.” (Very good)

Edward Ford 12 “No response. (Very good – excellent)

Florence Heath. “Father is an atheist; the mind lives on, yes; dad believes in himself. The letter Professor Tropp wrote to Dad – in it he stated his mind was strong; he feels he might would be more active to commit treason but if he should come to that point, he should be shot. (Recommend extra class)


[no page number, reverse side of FF-11-A-45]

Karen Carr 18. Jim Jones – How I see him. I see him as my leader. He is very sensitive to people. He said that he knows himself and he didn’t talk to John mean. He talked to him nicely and calmly. He said that he died on his birthday because he gave his all to Debbie. And now she go out and do this to him. He said that she was like a daughter to him. Dad – yes he is an atheist – no he did believe your mind lives when you are dead. No, he is not pro-China, yes, he is pro-Soviet. Dad is the most loving man there can be. He is a leader. He is someone who sets the pace for the people. He dictates to the proletariat – the working class. (Class recommended)

Elihue [Ellihue] Dennis 29. “Yes, Yes, Yes. He said on that day he died in words. He said that she was getting at Grace – pro-Soviet – his love that he lives for people; don’t give a damn about himself. He don’t understand his gifts. (Good)

James Wade Ford. 12. “He only believes in living God – not sky God. He said he died on his birthday, May 13, when Debbie left. Dad is pro-Chinese; he is not pro-USSR. We stand side-by-side with USSR.” (Good)

Shirley Pace. 22. “Dad is an atheist. He don’t believe in a God. He believes in himself only. Yes, Dad knows he can heal but he don’t want us to rely on his healing; this will be too much pulling on Dad if we do so. Dad believes that you shouldn’t want to come back here in another life unless it’s really necessary. He believes death is the best thing that could ever happen to you. Dad’s birthday which is the 16th, I think of May, which is the day where things badly happen on the 16th. He said instead of sexual feeling for John we got none because he got to know himself. He said when you know yourself you find you won’t even have this on your mind. Dad is pro-Soviet.” (Good)

Dee Dee Macon. “Dad said he died on his birthday because of what Debbie had done on that day. Jim Jones Sr. is a communist of the purest kind and he does believe that the mind lives on after death. Yes, he believes in his own healing power because it’s been proven more times than anyone has ever counted. JJ is pro-Soviet and some of his high points are: He’s very loving, he’s strong in his beliefs, he doesn’t live above his family which is over 1000 now. He is a teacher of great example for us and our children. He wants equality for everyone. He is a great fighter etc. Dad also said he had given to Debbie a lot of love and a high position and she then shit on him and this cause. He said about John John that he understood her actions because he felt that was when he saw the same actions in himself he knew (Grace) was behind his actions.” (Good)

Mark Sly: “Dad is an atheist. He does not believe in mind after death – when you are gone, you’re gone. Yes, he believes in his healing; so do I. Dad felt on his birthday that he was dead, because he gave his life, and cared for a person, and they ended up shitting on him, more or less killing him. Dad thinks about communism, instead of himself.” (Good)

Shirley Smith. “Father is an atheist; father believes that the mind lives on after death. He firmly believes in his healing power. He said he died completely



on his birthday because Debbie whom he had given his all is now doing such devious acts, because he didn’t fuck her. John John – He told the secretary to make sure she wasn’t seeing Grace in John and taking it out on him because he had seen the same thing but looks at his every thought. Character: “If you take one you have to take all. No matter how many have tried to take any of us you have stood and said no, you have fought for years, against the opposition; you refused 7 million dollars to sell us out. Dick Tropp has a traitorous part in him. He said he had an elitist attitude and should be shocked when no longer useful or anyone like him.” (Good)

Michelle Touchette: ” Father is an atheist in that he believes there is no God in the sky. No he doesn’t believe that your mind lives long after death – when you’re dead, you’re dead. No, he doesn’t believe in healing power, he knows he can heal people but he doesn’t know how. On his birthday, he said that no one needs him and after giving and caring to a person, she ends up shitting on him. He feels nothing but death. If he was to die that night he would know that not one person would be loyal to him. Dick Tropp was saying how if he would have continued writing his book or wrote in it a long time then maybe the incident that occurred with Debbie could have been prevented. Dick said the solution with elitists is to let them meet our needs then when they are useless shoot them.” (Good)

Sebastian McMurray [McMurry] 23. Yes, Father is an atheist; he believes the mind lives on after death and he believes in his own healing. Father said on his birthday, May 13, Debbie Blakey left. Father believes in his self because all the other leaders have some hangup which do not make them a true socialist. Father does not have no hangups. Father’s character is love and communism; is his good no matter what the cost may be and if 3 million people turn against it, Father will keep on going through.” (Very good)

Coni [Connie] Fitch 23. “Dad is an atheist yet does firmly believe in his healing power and also believes that the mind lives on. May 13, dad’s birthday. He died because of what Class Enemy Debbie brought. He thought that surely people could see his goodness all that he has done for people. He thought she did it purposely on his birthday. Cause dad wouldn’t answer her request to fuck her.” (Good)

Mark Boutte: “Dick Tropp. Brought out that he should have said something when Debbie was doing things he knew wasn’t right. He said traitors or anarchists should be shot. All the white. This was from deep inside. He said we should get rid of all anarchism. He felt guilty because of all he knew, being white . Think at times he was better. One thing about Dick, he does good with children.” (Class recommended)

Zuretti Langston. “On May 13 he died because of what the traitor Debbie did. How he was trusting with some of the people’s money. How she was given affection by you, us, her family. If 3000 people turn away from communism, you would be the only one to stand and that none of us to go to jail. How you control your emotions. When you saw John, you controlled your anger and not take it out on a child. However, love that child just like any other. I believe that you live for us and to see us happy. And as long as we’ll need or want you. But until then, you will live on.” (Good)


[no page number, reverse sides of FF-11-A-46]

Alfred Bell: 69. “Yes, dad is an atheist – he believes in himself; yes dad believes that the mind lives on after death; yes dad believes in his own healing power and his gifts. He said he died on his birthday because of what Debbie Blakey did to the cause. Debbie stole some money from us and left Guyana. Treats us all alike, he has no high or low, we are all equal. He has made a prisoner out of himself for our freedom. Dad is pro-Soviet and pro-Cuba.” (Good)

Pauline Simon 24. “He said he died May 13 because Debbie Blakey left and he did all he could for her. Because he knows himself and to know yourself first. He believes in himself fully. Dad is communist; he is merciful and forgiving. He has personality 0.

Denise Hunter 25. “Dad is an atheist “yes”. He believes in himself and no one else cause there isn’t anyone else to believe in. Yes the mind lives on after death, “reincarnation”. I guess it’s my system. I haven’t quite gotten together with a name but I believe in principle, Jim Jones; he is the only liberator in our time. He’s loving, honest, and true to the cause. Jim said on his birthday he died because of Debbie and all the lies she told stealing money. He also said that if 3 billion people would deny communism, he would stand for it if he was the only one. Jim said about John, was he didn’t yell at him because he sees Grace in expressions sometimes and he didn’t and won’t take out the hostility on John because he’s so loving. Debbie also said he [we] would all commit revolutionary suicide for Dad’s children. Dad said he and the children would go to the jungle and commit suicide. That’s loving. I think we are more pro-Soviet than China because China’s a mess. Even though we have to be nationalistic at this time until we establish our selves bigger and stronger, it seems that way to me anyway. I know we are not a country but we seem to be together more than a lot of them.”

Bernice Thomas: 68. “He said on 13th of May he died because of Debbie; she took $25,000 and important papers; he trusted her dearly. She knew it was his birthday and it would hurt him worse. He is committed to communism. He said he was sent to do a job and he would do it with or without us or anybody and he is the only God I know. Honesty. He believes in sharing; that all of us should share equally. Equal rights for all of us. He doesn’t fear anything. I have seen no one in the world with the character he has. Only pure person on earth.” (Excellent)

Orde Dennis: 48. “Before they take Johnny, he will kill himself”. (Extra class)

Ruth Atkins: “Dad said he actually died on his birthday; felt like no one cared for him, after putting his life on the line for each and every one of us; he thought about the traitors, how he trusted them, hoping someone could see the love he has for each of us. I think dad believes the mind lives on after death; he is an atheist, believes only in himself. He has paranormal gifts, also a gift of healing, said if someone came for John John, he would go also; asked what we would do if such would happen or if he died. One of the high points about dad’s character – he has no respecter of persons and very kind. Never will be and never has been such a great liberator”.

Tawanda Mitchell: 14. “Yes, yes, yes, died on his birthday because of Debbie. He said if 3000 people turned against communism – he would still stand for it until



he died.

Stanley Clayton: “Is dad an atheist – no. Does the mind live on after death – yes. Does Dad believe in healing power – yes his own and me too. What happened was that the bitch … She committed treason on date of birthday. Dad said he died on his birthday; dad said that the way the security was handling John John he felt need to approach her but he felt the concern about every child; that he loves all the same; that he could never. Dad high point is that he is pro-Soviet of his ____?” (Very good)

Joyce Douglas: “Yes, he is atheist. Yes, believes there is mind after death, yes – he believes in the super power; that he died when Debbie left him and the cause on his birthday. He told someone do not take it out on John; he cannot help his thing that happened to him. Dick Tropp said that after you have done all you can for the cause you should be shot cause might turn against the cause. (Good)

Tony Mitchell 12. “Father is an atheist. He believes mind lives on after death. He believes in healing power. He said he died on his birthday. Dad believes in himself.” (Good)

Ron Berryman 26. “Jim Jones – mind lives on, if you wish. What Jim means to me: Peace, love and happiness which I didn’t have in the US. Jim is all I need and all I want because he gave me all I need and all I want and everyone who don’t want what he has to offer and learn for yourself which he said time and time again, it is all yours. All you need: All you want: but don’t waste it on yourself. There are comrades still in the US that need to get out. You see he is always thinking of other people, not himself, even the time when his mom was dead and liked socks, he has so much love he took them off so someone else could use them. What dad said on his birthday, he was heartbroken for the fact that Debbie would do a _____? on his birthday – all he had done for her and the love he showed.” (Good)

Edith Delaney: “Is Father an atheist? – Yes. Does he believe everyone lives on after death… NO OTHER QUESTIONS ANSWERED. (Fair)

B. Dawkins 60. “Dad died on his birthday, May 13 because Debbie betrayed this movement. He would never let anyone take John. Dad is a socialist, communist – kind and good. Yes yes yes. He provides of all people here in Jonestown and other people over the world – Angela Davis and Dennis Banks. We don’t have to live under capitalism. Whatever dad says, I will do it. I am very happy here. The best friend a person could have”. (Good)

Birdie Arnold 71. “Jim said he’d die on birthday because of false statements by Debbie. High points of his character: I know Dad is the greatest being human even on earth, and all his decisions and ideas are always right. He is an atheist. Not pro-Soviet. Not pro-Chinese. He believes in his paranormal power. About John, he’d never ?sick?, he’d be normal because he knows himself. Dad believes mind lives on after death”. (Very good)


[no page number, reverse side of FF-11-A-47]

Larry Jones 25. Father is an atheist, and he do believe the mind lives after death. Father believes in his own healing. He died on his birthday. Father is pro-Soviet and _____ he is loving and never do anything for others, and never thinks of himself.

Lore B. Parris 68. “Father is a socialist. He does not believe in God. Father said that he knows himself. He loves children. He does not strike them. Father does not trust people. He trusts himself. I believe Father trusts himself. Father is the greatest healer. The high points of Jim Jones are teaching socialism, and helping the entire world with their problems. The mind lives on. (Extra class)

Stephanie Swaney: “Yes, yes, yes. He said that Debbie Blakey left on his birthday. She didn’t like him for one reason BECAUSE he would not accept her sexually. I can’t know (?) “Pro-Soviet”.

Pauline Scott 58: “Father his not – no mind live after death – no. Healing power – yes. Jim Jones birthday he died cause Grace Stone. Jim Jones high point – feeding hunger, looking after sock, socialism. Pro Chinese no. (Fair – extra class)

Luna Murrell. Yes – no – yes. He said he died on his birthday but he would stand it; he was the only communist left. He said because Debbie became a traitor. He said she did it because she seen Grace in him and he told all of us to know your self. Yes, he believes in himself he has said he was the only one he could count on. What Dick said about one should be shot after one outlives their usefulness, I agree with him. (Very good)

Jerome Anderson 17. “Dad an atheist – Yes. Does he firmly believe in his power – Yes. Does he believe in mind lives after death – yes. Birthday May 13 – worst thing happened – Debbie Blakey betrayed him – broke his heart. Secretary John something about ____? Dad’s character – (Next sentences not readable) – true communist – won’t let power overrule him. Intellectual elitist person who has much knowledge; takes special privileges, sophisticated. (Very good)

Eugenia Gernandt 55. A. Yes; B. Yes; C. Yes I do too; D. He died; E. Debbie; F. Did not hear; G. High points – true communist; H. Pro China – yes; I. Yes. H. Yes. (Fair – extra class

Keith Wright. No, Yes, Yes. What father said about his birthday. Next several sentences cannot be read. He said that if anyone tried to get John John that before they get John John he would kill himself and John John. He is pro USSR the motherland. He don’t believe in himself. Only on some parts do he believe in himself. Dad, I like this place. I like the thing that we do and I know we have a lot of that to do like ??, road, ? and things like that. But sometimes when we have that news, I can’t (unreadable) so that makes me look like I don’t know it. If I could spell, that would be good. I know some of the things that we do you do like it and some of the things that we have to do you do like it and I know it will ____?” (Very good)

Martha Sauder [Souder] 65. “No, Yes, Yes; he died on his birthday because of what Debbie did. He has so much love to care for him. He is the highest communist leader and dictator that ever lived. PRO-SOVIET. HE IS A MARXIST-LENINIST. (Good)

Evelyn LeRoy 22. “Father is an atheist. Mind does live on after death because



this was proven by the Russian woman who had betrayed Dad when he was Lenin. Yes Dad believes in his healing ability. Debbie (traitor) killed Dad on his birthday by going out and trying to destroy all he has been working for when he showed so much love and trust for her. I didn’t hear what was said about John John. Dad is pro-USSR he believes in himself because he has gotten things done for people nothing else. Dick Tropp said that the intellectuals should be shot after they have been used for the people because they are elitists who are useful for anything else. I am an elitist because I still waste food and the people’s property. I don’t want to follow principle always. (Very good)

Georgia Catney 61. “Yes – mind lives on after death. Yes – he believes in healing power. He died on his birthday, May 13, because we have a traitor to go out and he loved her as a daughter. She walked on his love and his trust and now she would hurt the cause. Why dad believes in himself, he has the highest point of communism. Dick Tropp was elite, things he thought about; said he should be shot.

Anitra Greene. “Yes, Yes, Yes. He said that he died on his birthday because of what Debbie did. He said that John. He said he will always be modest. Jim Jones – pro-Soviet. He does believe in a since (?) [likely “sense”] of himself. But also the Soviet Union and Cuba and some other.” (Excellent)

Roosevelt Turner 52. “He is an atheist. He don’t believe in life after death. He believes and what you die for if right; he is a man who believes in right – equal – socialist – and love all people with a clean heart. He don’t believe in violence he likes for everyone to have knowledge and medical care. We had a White Night on dad’s birthday on account of Debbie Blakey leaving. Dick Tropp was explaining himself so that we could compare ourselves with what he was saying and become more socialistic. That letter helped me look at myself and correct mistakes I might have made.” (Good)

Poncho Johnson 18. “Yes, yes, he can heal without doubt but he has also said he don’t understand just how it works. On May 13, 1978, dad died because up until that time he thought that people could understand his love by his work. And he didn’t think that people loved him but needed him and said that if 3,000,000 people would turn against socialism he would still be true. (Good)

Leola King 67. “Atheist – yes, mind lives on, yes, healing, yes. Died when Debbie betrayed him. Father pushed him off a bridge. High point – he feeds us – brought us from thousands and thousands of miles away. Freed us and free medical care. Take care of babies.” (Fair)

Philip Blakey: [Editor’s note: Former husband of Debbie Blakey] “Father is an atheist & believes that mind lives on and believes emphatically in his power to heal. He said that on his birthday, when Debbie Blakey betrayed him, he felt as if he would die because it is impossible to convey his goodness & character to people. He said that he would never molest a child because he knew his mind and for what would happen to the child as he recognized sexual feelings for children. He is pro-Jim Jones, e.g., he does not depend on anyone but himself to get his movement (next 3 works not readable). Politically he would be pro-Soviet if they keep up their internationalist policy. Tropp wrote about his elitist attitude if not controlled. I agree that folks like that should be shot if they go counterrevolutionary. (Excellent plus)


[Editor’s note: Pages 49 and 50 are in reverse order.]



Katherine Dominick: When someone tells you a lie or lies to you. People that turn against this family. People who hurt our children.

Jocelyn Carter: When we are in danger. You call white nights over us that when you are in danger, you don’t call them. I think you are mostly hurt when one of us is beat up by another comrade, by the gangs and by those who don’t know what socialism is. Also, you are hurt by those who you trusted and who went out.

Tonya Cox: The many times traitors have gone out; streaming your voice, sourcing your mouth and the women needing males. We don’t listen as we should. You want strong leaders. People dying in rest homes, dying from malnutrition and begging on the streets.

Barbara Smith: You sacrificed your life for us to get this land and so many of us show a lack of concern. The more you teach us, the least we seem to learn. You tell us what is going on in the states and people still want to go back.

Birda [Berda] T. Johnson: The people close to you who turn traitor.

Alvaray Satterwhite: People you trust who let you down, then lie on you.

Odenia Roberson: People close to you know all the secrets and codes who turn traitor.

Tammie Jones [Delihaussaye]: The horrible things that happened to Patrice Lumumba, Che Guevara, Victor Jara and other revolutionary leaders. She explained what happened to each person and mentioned that Patrice Lumumba was against the apartheid system in South Africa. You are on the radio all the time and never have time to think about yourself. She feels guilty because you still feel caring about the people who tear down the cause. You never have time to talk to mom (Marceline).

Roberta Wade: A testimony. You are a liberator and a great principle.

Ruby Bright: The greatest suffering is the love you have for your people.

Mary Rodgers: The conspiracy and stealing.

Tommie S. Keaton Sr. Your people back in the states and the load you have here in Jonestown, your money worries, feeding the people here and in the USA, plus the big cost of medicine here, Georgetown and the US. All the silly things we do.



Ollie Harrington: You have done all for us as some of us have turned traitors. We don’t show enough gratitude.

Margaret James: When you have trusted and they have turned traitors. We aren’t grateful enougMargaret James: When you have trusted and they have turned traitors. We aren’t grateful enough.h. She tries to comfort you.

Barbara Davis: The starving babies in the world. The traitors that have gone out. The future of the children. We aren’t as helpful as we should be and we don’t work hard enough.

Etta Thompson: Ungrateful Senior Citizens who complain about everything. She thinks they should all be dead, so the rest can work and produce. Then your pain wouldn’t be so great and you could be well again. Also you give your whole life for others and then get shit in return. People turning traitor and steal from the cause; people you trust neglecting their duties on purpose. The young people you brought here and saved from jail wanted to do their own thing, or play sick.

Viola Moton: When you first started to teach us brotherhood and some of us faltered. You bent over backwards in giving us life and some of us are ungrateful. Some are not satisfied in our new home. You have only asked that we help ourselves but this falls on deaf ears. The traitors who you trusted. She wishes she were younger so she can help more.

Beatrice Parker: Unfaithfulness and traitors actions, lack of interest, lack of dedication to the cause.

Amanda Fair: Our ungratefulness and lack of gratitude, our still being capitalistic and doing our own thing. We won’t learn, won’t share, won’t become a zero. We won’t let you save us from ourselves.

Laura Johnson [Johnston]: People seeing your example don’t come close to following your example… Instead they misuse you and take advantage of every step. You live for the children – the only life that can set an example for them and we blow it – the whole burden is on you. You’d like to be in the field as a revolutionary but we hold you back. I expect from you consistency but I allow myself outs. You gave your all to developing us and we fall so fucking short. You are always doing all you can and still we don’t give a shit.

Geraldine Bailey: That many and kindnesses that we impose on each other, such as lying, gossiping, stealing, making fun, being selfish, etc.

Josephine Harris: Lying, denying everything, you are having no rest, having the government upon your shoulders; she is grateful for you. She wishes there was some way she could make money. You have been lied to and don’t know who to trust.



Mary Bailey: Tim Stoen and his group. Second: Some of our comrades who are always making threats to go back to the states. And that we don’t cooperate with you; stealing from one another.

Brenda Warren: When people refuse to go out and work to help get the rest of our family here. When people aren’t grateful; how to take care of us and where it will come from – all traitors – the anarchy on the floor at the meetings.

Sue Jerram: Our ignorance and sexual games. Wanting a companion over Socialism.

Doris Howard: Out of all your teachings we don’t try to learn the news. Even though you teach us news night and day some of us still don’t learn it. Some of us don’t seem to care.

Anitra Green: The traitors; knowing how America is, that we left and they are still trying to hurt us. And even so, the people here won’t do right. Thinking about what other black people are going through… The people that we helped kill with our taxes… The babies going to bed hungry

Beulah Foster: From the traitors and because some of us are not true.

Bea Jackson: When we fight amongst ourselves.

Sylvester C. Fair: People that run to you with their little problems. The traitors that try to hurt us. He says it’s wonderful here, and the food is wonderful – so good.

Frankie Grigsby: The traitors who tried to hurt us, and the people in the family who won’t let you rest. They complain about the food, their aches and pains, they aren’t nice to each other – not losing weight the way we should, people stealing.

Lexie Davis: The traitors.

Mary Cottingham: You have the weight of the world on your shoulders – you have low sugar, high blood pressure, we give you so much trouble – she wishes she could brighten up your life a little.

Casey Finney: Ungrateful people – not being responsible – not producing as we should – not taking care of the place like it belongs to us – when we waste food and supplies, while people in other parts of the world don’t have food. When people just don’t care.

Peter Wotherspoon: To have your trust, love and patient endurance and time invested to help us be betrayed by acts of total selfishness insensitivity. To have the long years of sacrifice yield such a poor harvest of socialist ignorance and the lack of understanding of you, the cause and socialism. To have to associate with people of low consciousness, insensitivity, egocentric concerns and vanity. To have to interact with powerful elitists and influential assholes who have no




Peter Wotherspoon continued: understanding of Dad’s commitment & principles. To feel trapped, alone in a situation where there is little evidence of our understanding or care and concern for Socialism. With the vision burning inside of what the world needs, what it could be. Peoples hostility and indifference, negligence and self-indulgence. To have one of his loved ones hurt.



Elfreida Kendall: The traitors who want to hurt the collective. Those of us in the cause who are rebellious and won’t listen to you. Some of us fail to respond to you.

Emma Kennedy: Those who turn traitor and then tell lies on you. We aren’t grateful enough, not obedient enough and I think you worry about who will be the next to turn traitor.

Ethel Bell: I know how sick you are with high blood pressure, with your kidneys. My heart agrees for you.

Esther Dillard: When we lie to you on the floor to your face. The traitors are you. And Victor Jara’s death with a smile on his face.

Annie Moore: That you can’t fight elsewhere. Knowing the pain and suffering in the world and then seeing how selfish we are.

Mary Lou Clancey: The least: Physical pain. Dealing with the petty bullshit of the people for whom you have given your life. People shitting on principle after hours of teachings. The traitors were given special time and understanding only to plot and persecute you. The world is so unjust. Your commitment has kept you away from spending time with your children from having a chance to be their dad.

Gladys Smith: Not grateful enough; having to listen to our selfish problems, furnishing us with medicine and our not going to get it. Good food and we waste it. Beautiful homes and we don’t take care of them. And Debbie’s leaving.

Marion Campbell: The traitors who went out; your blood pressure; your low blood sugar.

Hazel Dashiell: She says that you are too honest and true blue to even mention what some of your trials and tribulations are. She knows too well about the pitfalls that overtake us on pilgriming through life. She said, “In the time of peace prepare for war”. She says that whatever you have had to do is okay with her (She says she has kept a few secrets in her old heart for years). She says you will be her love forever.

Leola Marshead [Morehead]: We haven’t grown up as we should so that you can leave us. You can’t trust us to take care of things ourselves.

Willie and Clevyee Sneed: When we won’t listen to your teachings, some are walking, talking or doing their own thing. Willie. When one of your children turns traitor. Clevyee.

Eartis Jeffrey: Our disobedience. Some have become traitors.

Margrette Jeffrey: Our lack of understanding after you have done so much to teach us. That we probably won’t understand things until it’s too late.




Essie Mae Towns: Those who work in the cause, learn all about how to do things and then turn traitor.

Cleveland Garcia: Not listening and not doing things as we should. Make money: Sell peanuts in Georgetown.

Maud Perkins: Not taking the responsibility of being a socialist. Our being dependent on you and not taking on being a leader so that we can function without your being here. Not accepting the guilt of all the shit we did in the states. By some of us not being true to this cause.

Robert Johnson: The people who have been close to you have gone out and betrayed you. We don’t appreciate you.

Madeleine Brooks: Apathy.

Clara Johnson: Refusal to see good here and hell in US. Not being to get Stone [Stoen] at this time. Not being able to leave here and fight in the liberation struggles in other places. Not having children in the US here. Lack of our sensitivity and commitment. The thought of revolutionary suicide for our babies and children who can’t make the choice themselves.

Naomi Johnson: Pain in your body; giving up food that you need; lack of sleep; go without dental care; you need medical care; you are a prisoner here; very few help carry the burden.

Mary Mayshack: Teaching us Socialism is a pain because some don’t want to get serious and apply themselves.

Richardell Perkins: The trouble the traitor was going to cause the family.

Larry Jones: When we don’t take interest in being sensitive about other people’s struggles around the world. When we don’t care about Socialist teachings and what it means in our lives.

Nevada Harris: When we are ungrateful and the traitors like Stoen who went out.

Elaine Bockmon [Backmon]: Not following instructions. When we break his trust in us. When you have to go without sleep. And physical pain from healing others.

Ray McKnight: Not being able to leave and take care of all the traitors.

Novella Sneed: So many have committed treason; your low blood sugar; how we waste food and trying to get the rest of the family here.

Heloise Hall: Indifference. We are lazy thinkers and doers. We don’t show enough love and concern for the collective. After many years of being with you, some haven’t changed their bad habits.

Grandma [Christine] Bates: She wants to thank you for having her increase her knowledge with the news. She used to read nothing but garbage.



Keith Guy: (age 10) no comment (Good)

Preston Wade (age 23): “Jim Jones said that from the very day he was born he has been dead, he said that his own father tried to kill him by pushing him over a bridge trying to kill him. He said how he helped Irvin Perkins from being framed up. He said that he would lay his life on the line for any of his people no matter what kind of trouble they are in.” (Fair)

Christine Miller (age 58): “You said you died on your birthday May 13, because you felt your love and goodness have been overlooked. You did not know what to do to make people see your goodness, by reconsidering you thought that if just one person among 3 billion could believe in Communism your efforts were not in vain, and for us to please try and feel the same as you.” (Excellent)

Jeff Carey (age 27): “Dad said he died on May 13 when Debbie B. left. Said he had shown her so much kindness how could she have done this. Said he uses his power to help fulfill the will of the people not for himself, and goes through much pain to do so. He will be loyal to us and to principle no matter what we do to him. Some of us want constant reassurance. All people want to be loved and understood. Even Dad, but he knows that no one loves him and he works for principle no matter what we do to him. Said Stoen and Debbie were fascists and wanted power for themselves but not a small amount of conscience will cause you to suffer in the world. These treasons are very painful to dad as he puts out so much for people he wants us to see his character and tried to emulate him. Some of us are doing so a little bit.” (Excellent plus)

Odell Rhodes (age 47 [36]): “Jim Jones told how he would give his life for anyone here and how he died on May 13. Of his dedication to Communism if we all left there would be one that would stand for principle. (Excellent)

Rhonda Page (age 24): No comment

Willie Grady (age 23): “He died on his birthday because of the problem that Debbie caused when she left the movement. All he have done for her and she turned against the people and communism, told lies on us.” (Excellent)



Andrea Walker (age 20): “He said he would love us to the end. He would die for us and this cause.” (Excellent)

Yvette Muldrow (age 19): “Talking about Debbie and what she did how he died on May 13 when she left, how come people can’t improve in leadership and don’t be worried about whether someone likes you, and that you always have to be told this.” (Excellent)

Tom Grubbs (age 36): “I was involved trying to get the details about Michaeleen [Brady] worked out and did not hear Dad’s remarks about himself.” (Excellent plus)

Dee Dee Macon (age 32): “Dad said tonight in the news he was very hurt over Debbie’s leaving on May 13, he said he died on May 13 which was the day she left. He pleaded for us to write him about our negativity & not to talk among ourselves anything but positive thoughts because we never know who we’re talking to.” (Excellent)

Kevin Grubbs (age 17): “Jim said that the treachery of Debbie Blakey actually killed him and that he will stay alive as long as he is needed. He said that everyone looks for love, but he knows that no one loves him because he is the prime example of perfect Communism and that he hopes we too can be communists, but we have to have a political awareness to be sympathetic to the suffering in the world. Jim also said that when he is no longer needed he will put his life down in a revolutionary way.” (Good)

Virginia Middleton (age 62): No comment, fail

Lena Benton (age 68): “Dad said how people tried to destroy this movement that he struggled for all of us and some have went out against this cause, Debbie done. (Fair)

Berda T. Johnson (age 56): “He was discussing how he loved & worked for the people and had even died on May 10 because of the disappointment in one that you had helped so much but you would continue to love and help and give your life for all to the last even if no one else would stand for communism. What more can you do?” (Excellent)

Mary Johnson (age 50): no comment, failed



Shabaka Baker (age 13): “You said that on May 13 you dying in a way because she couldn’t see that love of you who really could. But you over through [overthrew?] that and said I am a Communist because it is right, if all of us were to leave him standing, he’d still because communism is right. You told about your dad always trying to kill you, and how you broke out of your silence. (Excellent)

Beverly Mitchell (age 15): “Jim Jones said that he is a Marxist and knew no one loves him and no one cares for him.” (Very good)

Dorothy Simpson (age 56): “You said many people were being framed & he got Perkins safe, would die before he let anything happen to his people, said he called back two buses to bring people away from SF. His using all kinds of strategy to get people safe and making this a better place & less crowded.” (Very good)

Edith Delaney (age 68): “He said he would do everything he could to help us. He loves every one of us.” (Very good)

Paulette Jackson (age 27): “Dad talked about how Irvin Perkins I’ve been put in jail and he stated that he would go to jail for the safety of any of us. He also stated that Debbie should have seen that love & commitment because she was close on the staff.” (Very good)

Peter Wotherspoon (age 31): “Jim Jones said that when Debbie Blakey left a part of him died. He had no expectations that people loved him or needed him but he had thought that a person like Debbie who had seen so much and been so close in the work and received so much personal attention see the good and the value of his life example and teachings. Dad then said he decided that he would stand for what was right and principled even if everyone would be traitorous and leave. At least he knew there would be one person pure to Communism (himself). He also urged us to show more commitment and work for our principle of socialism.” (Excellent plus)

Regina Jackson (age 15): “He would give his life to communism even if 3 billion went against it he would find some way to give his body to the revolution, even if we didn’t want around, he would care for us no matter what we did to him because he is a communist. He literally died on May 13 because he had given so much to Debbie. He has put his life on the line every time there was trouble, like when Perkins in the states being framed by the police.” (Excellent)

Claudia Bouquet (age 22): “He said in giving news that he give of his self even if we didn’t like him at times. He still will love us just the same and give of himself even though we don’t care he will.” (Fair, extra classes)



Sue Jerram (age 33): “Died June 13, lack of loyalty displayed by Debbie. One he sees has caught vision he hopes others will. People still selfish & in their own morass.” (Very good)

Beverly Livingston (age 46): “What did Jim Jones say about himself? Said he would die for…” (Good)

Heloise Hall (age 66): “Jim Jones our leader talking from his heart explained how he had tried to be the best friend of the people. How he had trusted and loved Debbie & Tim Stoen and how they had become class enemies of the people and worked for the CIA. He stressed his love & concern for the people & wished he was loved however he doubted that somewhat. As we all know, he has put his very life on the line & would [die] for each and every one of us.” (Excellent)

Linda Sadler (21 years): “Dad sounded so tired after being up so many, many days and nights without rest. Another hurt Debbie Blakey – who was acting funny around here and talking to people and people talking to her negative, left the country. Telling all kinds of lies. Telling all kinds of lies. Our radio is no more. Dad said our people are coming, gave our radio codes. Two days before his birthday she [was] gone. Dad said our people are on the way. 100 will be here in 2 weeks. Buses were being sold in Texas and dad had to call off selling of bussing. That said we will make it. The cutting down of work hours. The advantage of getting all the news. Debbie is trying to starve us. (Very good)

Derek Walker (age 12): “Dad said a part of him died on May 13 because of defector Debbie Blakey.” (Good)

LeFlora Townes (age 56): “Jim said people that before let his people go to jail he’ll come himself. People do not thank him for what he do and they should. His dad did him bad and he has been through so much. He’ll stand for communism if he has to stand alone.” (Fail)

Gabriel Thomas (age 59): “Dad said that he died but he sees we need him so he saved himself to save his children, this family.” (Good)

Loretta Wilkinson (age 40): “He’s the only man who would stay up all night working out our problems and ways to save our people and still take time to give us the news where he spends hours researching to get the facts.” (Very good)

Esther Dillard (age 50): “Jim Jones said tonight he literally died the night of May 13 because of Debbie Blakey’s treason, because he had given so much to her. People saw him as Debbie did with a lot of power and thought it would be used to destroy people. He would always be a Communist.” (Good)



Tammi Jones [Delihaussaye] (age 11): “Dad said that he has a lot of guilt and a lot of us should have that guilt.” (Excellent)

Celeste Romano (age 10): No comment

Thurman Guy (age 16): “Dad said that if anyone was to leave him standing by himself at least he would be the only person who stands up for something that was right for all mankind.” (Excellent) PS. “Dad also said out of 1 billion if anyone was to leave at least he would be the truth Communist leader. After what Debbie B. did and said, Dad can’t trust anyone because Debbie was under his teaching for a long, long time, and it could happen to almost anybody.”

Rocki Turner (age 50): “He said he died May 13 in one way. He had to work through the morass of this and decide he’d be a communist no matter if 3 billion people did not believe in him. He’d stand for what is right – communism. He was torn because he knew no one loved and only needed him, but he thought they could see his goodness and he must have felt he’d failed in an area that is unquestionably shows good. But as always he’d serve and he’s a loving father to us as long as someone needed him. Then he’d give his body in a way to serve the revolution best when no one needed him.” (Excellent plus)

Denise Hunter (25 yrs): “Dad said about Debbie was he helped her over the years and he sees growth in our children. He said if not one of us stood for Communism that he would still stand and if he was the only one on this planet he’d know that some stood for Communism, that is what is right.” (Very good)

Frances Stevenson (age 62): “He said that he will be true to socialism even if everyone leaves him. I love you very much.” (Fair, extra class)

Sebastian McMurray [McMurry] (age 23): “Dad said a part of him died on his birthday when Debbie left and he said how people fuck over him and that if everyone leaves he’ll go right on standing and go right on through for Communism and how people are not grateful for what they got.” (Very good)

Karen Harms (age 20): “Dad said he died only 13 when Debbie left. He said he had been a good Dad to her. He said if we all left and fell at least he would know he was a true Communist. He said he doesn’t need to hear someone tell him how much they love him. He said he’s a true communist and that’s all he needs.” (Excellent plus)



Renée McMurray [McMurry] (age 17): “He said tonight that he would always stand up for Communism no matter what. If no one needed him any longer, he would use his body for communism in a good way. He would stay as long as there is at least one person that needs what he has to offer.” (Excellent plus)

Karen Lendo (age 17): “We had an Alpha on his birthday and was ready to give up his life. He had been a good Dad to Debbie and she shitted on him and his love. If they sell out after and become traitors what does it take.” (Very good)

Robert Johnson (74): no comment (fair)

Lore B. Parris (78 yrs): no comment (extra class)

Ron Talley (age 32): “That he knew no one loved him, only needed him & that he would live for communism if no one else stood with him. He saved Irvin Perkins and was prepared to go all the way with his rescue.” (Excellent)

Corlis Boutte (age 19): “May 13 he thought was the end. He died on May 13, didn’t know what was going to happen and about all the love he has shown to Debbie Blakey.” (Good)

Darrell Jones (age 13): “He said he wanted to die because of the things that Debbie done and he said some of us will be and some of us won’t.” (Very good)

Tiny [Teena] Turner (age 15): “He said he had died on his birthday because of having to deal with a traitor named Debbie.” (Good)

Orlando Robinson (age 12): “He is going to shorten days so people have more time for themselves.” (Very good)

Shanda James (age 19): “Jim said that on May 13 he died when Debbie left or a part of him died. He said he gave up, he’d at least think someone knew his loyalty or see that he’d stand for everyone & fight. But he also felt that no one loved him, but he would like to think that he knew people needed him, therefore he’d go on. He said, many left like Tim & Debbie who were first to say let’s kill but he was sensitive and loving & voted against this. What will it take for people to see. He lived a lonely life.” (Excellent)



Tinetra Johnson (age 19): “He said how much he loved us and that he risked all to get Irvin Perkins over here.”

Jerry Smith (27) no comment (failed)

Josephine Harris (age 73): “Said he had to sell the buses, you had sent back to Texas to get 2 buses to take people to Florida to send to Texas, things are very bad.” (Fair)

Sharon Kislingbury (age 21): “Dad said when traitor Debbie Blakey left, he died – in the sense that he does not expect to be liked and knows people need him now. But these people certainly must’ve seen the good he does and stands for, no matter if he is the last person to believe in communism, he will always stand for it. He said many of us were like them, coming to PT only because JJ was powerful – not seeing the good that dad stands for and lives for (Communism). Dad lives what he believes completely.”

Jennifer Newell (age 11) no comment (very good)

Robert Paul (age 32): “Dad says he dies for us every day and would die for each one of us. Jim said that when Debbie Blakey left and went back to the USA, he could have died and he put his life down for each of us when the police took Irving [Irvin Perkins] to jail, he put his life on the line.” (Good)

Wanda Swinney (age 30): “Jim told of his sacrifices to get what we have now and also how he has put up with traitors and would be traitors. He told how he had given his love to Debbie and she still did not see his love and kindness and went out as a class enemy of the people and trying to do us harm. Dad told of his love for us by wanting to change our living environment and construct 100 more housing units, plans for public recreation and rehabilitation facilities out of the dorms. He also expressed that he wonders why we can’t see his love for us by all the health services, food, housing, education, all that he has [done] and the dorms. He also expressed that he wondered why we complained all the time about petty items and fell for questions passed by loyal comrades who turned us in. He also questioned why we couldn’t return a portion of his love by high productivity.” (Excellent plus)



Margarita Romano (age 28): “Jim Jones said that he died on May 13 literally & that Debbie Blakey incident was heartbreaking that she would take all that money and leave depriving our people. He’s hoping that we could be contacted for he has plans to improve our facilities. He also said he ordered the buses returned so that the members in the states could get here as soon as possible. Also he doesn’t really like bullshit news but he wants us to have a political consciousness so that we will be loyal to socialism.” (Fair)

Mary Ford (age 48): “Dad said about himself Irvin Perkins was being framed in the States and he would go to jail for any one of his children or give his life for any one of us.” (Good)

Ruthie Quinn (age?): “Jim Jones said your dad tried to kill you, no one loves you, everyone meets you as a man.” (Fail)

Ruby Lee Johnson (age 59): “May 13 JJ wanted to die, wanted to die, no one seems to care but thought it over if no one but he stood for Socialism, he stand and die for socialism.” (Fair)

Mary Castillo (age 56): no comment (fail)

Stephanie Chacon (18): “He would die for us he does care but he just wants to show his people who he really is, for us to face reality of who and what we all stood for I should build for us we the people, he goes through strategies for us days and nights, he puts out his energy for showing a better community.” (Good)

Rita Dennis (age 15): “He said that he died on May 13 when Debbie turned traitor at least a part of him died. Also he said that he is moral because he stayed alive when he don’t want to. Also he does everything for us, gives us all we need.” (Good)

Tim Swinney (age 39): “Said he would give his life for us and he did everything to keep Debbie here. He didn’t need us but [would] give his life gladly for our freedom.” (Good)

Florence Heath (age 49): “Dad talked about what enemy Debbie were doing.” (V. good)

Pauline Scott (age 58): no comment (extra class)



Diane Lundquist (age 31): “You talked about how you showed patience and kindness Debbie and others and they still walked away to do harm. They have a lot of guilt. You talked about making Jonestown more beautiful and cutting the work hours.” (Very good)

Julius Evans (age 30): “Jim Jones said that he has suffered and pained for us for many years and our enemies have always stood in his way, but chickens must come home to roost.” (Excellent plus)

Kathy Jackson (age 25): “Dad talked about how he died on May 13 the day that Debbie walked out with $25,000.00 to commit treason. He mentioned that he had taken the time on many occasions to show love and concern to Debbie, but it is often those who receive the most from Dad that commit the worst treason.” (Excellent plus)

Eileen McMurry [McMurry] (age 18): “Jim Jones said that he doesn’t trust anyone, that he has seen a lot of growth but that he died really when Debbie left. He gave her all the personal attention he could give and she shit on him. Dad’s too merciful.” (Excellent plus)

Al Tschetter (age 57): “Jim Jones spoke on his honesty that with all the power he has he has never misused it. He also knows that Stoen and Debbie know of his power yet he has never killed anyone. They always called very quickly to kill people. Also of his compassion, love and willingness to help people. If no one care for him, he would still go on as a communist.” (Excellent plus)

Marilee Neal (age 19): “Dad said he died on May 13, 1978 when Debbie became traitor because he knew that as much personal love that he showed Debbie in the offices and stuff and she did what she did. Dad also said that he knew one person that would stay standing if (?) billion people left Communism, Dad would still stand if all of us left Communism.” (Excellent)

Dorothy Rollins (age 22): “Jim said how tough his life is and how he had to make it possible for all of our people to get here, also he had to call our buses back from being sold to get our people here and how this takes a lot away from us, also if it wasn’t for his love and planning from years back this would not be possible.” (Very good)

Pam Bradshaw (age 21): “No matter if everyone in this cause left him he would stand knowing that one person had stood true to Marxist-Leninist ideals. Even when people he has done so much for as shown so much love and compassion to (Debbie, such as) turn their back on what we stand for and try to tear it down. Everyone wants to be loved and cared for – but he knows that people just use other people. After Debbie left, how do you know who to trust?”



Ellie Beam (age 17): “He was telling us how he died on May 13 when Debbie left. He didn’t know how to convey the loving side of him. He said how Debbie saw how he was working around him in the office. Debbie was one who wanted to kill on the spur of the moment. Dad said he didn’t want to kill. He would always show the gentle side of him around her. He really didn’t know how to show how gentle he was and she left and tried to fuck this movement up. Dad said he died but he knew people needed him around so he rose himself up for us. (Excellent plus)

Jocelyn Cater [Carter] (age 20): He will carry on this struggle for communism even if no one else does. On May 13 he died. He doesn’t expect anyone to love him. Dad doesn’t believe in killing people like Stoen & Debbie wanted to do many times on the spot. People like them do not want to give their lives to a revolution, they want power. He doesn’t have anyone to reassure him, he’s doing the right thing but many of us act as if we need someone. He has seen growth in leadership & our children. Debbie was given reassurance in every way, on staff, etc. (excellent plus)

Rosa Jackson (age 38): “You said nobody love, they need you. When Debbie went out on the 13 day you died but you said that we needed you. Work, don’t rest so that we can get our people out.” (Fair)

Acquinetta Robertson (age 24) no comment (extra classes)

Madeleine Brooks (age 73): “Dad was quite hurt at what Debbie did. He said he died. The idea of someone hurting goodness was more that he could understand yet he would continue to be a communist whether anyone stood up or not.” (Excellent)

Odell Blackwell (age 68) no comment (fair)

Eyvonne James (age 18): “he died on May 13. People follow him for his feelings not even taking note of his character.” (Excellent)

Ben Barrett (age 43): “he died May 13 because of what Debbie Blakey did. Also that he would die before he would let the police have Irving Perkins who was being framed by the police. That the ones who were in the cause against us did not understand his goodness.” (Very good)

Margarita Romano (age 28): “Jim Jones said that he died on May 13 literally, that Debbie B. incident was heartbreaking–



Louise Williams (age 65) no comment (failure)

Angela Casanova (age 12): “Dad is a very sensitive person to life and death, in fact he is the only person on the whole earth who ever has or ever will care as much as he does. He is a Marxist-Leninist, a genius and makes a lot of sense.” (Excellent)

Hue Fortson (age 26): “One important thing that dad made clear is the fact that he will live for communist principles even if 3 million people on this earth are against him and nobody here will stand with him. He will see that one person stands up for that principle.” (Excellent)

Rhonda Fortson (age 23): “Dad spoke about that he died on May 13 when Debbie left because he gave so much to her. What is left if he shows his love.” (Excellent)

Zuretti Langston (age 18): “how you died on the 13th of May mainly because of the news that Debbie did, how close she was in handling money and other work she did. Also how you live each day for us and how you’ll never let the enemy take one of us. You mention if we ever didn’t need you, how you’ll go on but until then you’ll keep on fighting our battles until we can fight our own. I thank you for the strong determination.



Claude Goodspeed 73. No response. (Failure)

Becky Flowers 19. Dad’s feelings and importance in getting his people to freedom and cutting down the working hours. (Fair) (extra class)

Gail Chaikin 17. “A part of him died when Debbie left. He said he knows no one loves him but thought people would see his goodness. He said nobody else was a communist. He’d be a communist and dispose of his body and take some enemies of the people with him. (Excellent)

Earnestine March 47. No response. (Fair – extra class)

Ray McKnight 23. “Dad tonite dad said that is very upset at people of not working and how he died on his birthday when Debbie sold out the people. (Good)

Eddie Dennis 48. “Jim Jones said he would give his life and he were a true communist.” (Good)

Rosie Lee Burgines. “In the tape tonight dad reflected on how it was difficult to reveal his goodness to people. But the most important thing to me, he stated that in spite of this difficulty, he will continue to demonstrate and live the highest form of communism regardless of who in his organization, turns against communism (or him). He expressed in his own words how deeply committed he was to the pure form of communism and how he would not let any obstacle or disappointments such as treason etc. block him from this conviction. Even if this means that he will be the only one left standing up for communist principles. He mentioned Debbie Blakey as an example of one who had the opportunity to personally partake of his goodness and love. He never did one thing to cause any guilt over this woman but she like so many others, trampled over his love and goodness. Dad stated that on May 13, as result of her treason, he died. However, he maintained the necessity of living on for us because he knew we needed him in the communist principles was the only thing worth living for. (Excellent+)

Maureen Talley. “Dad said that he was a communist and no matter if the whole world went against him, he would still be a communist. He said that Debbie taught him that he is a — but must show people that they are cared for and he has concern for them. I feel I cannot be judged on this question too strongly since I couldn’t hear the tape – the last child was picked up at 7:45.” (Excellent)

Lucille Taylor 80. “JJ said he died on May 13 what was his birthday. It was the day Debbie Blakey turned traitor and left the only source of life, and she is singing like a mockingbird.

Rosa Hines 69. No response (excellent)

Anita March 16. “Dad said that in many ways he died on June 13; he said that he lived for us until we became perfect communists and he could die in some revolutionary way.” (Excellent)

Carver Guerara 13. (No response) (good)

Detra Smith 10. “You said no matter if people are socialist or not you’ll always be true to communism. Your dad tried to kill you but you didn’t know how could you be firm as a rock. (Excellent)

Christine Young 48. “Dad said that he loves and he doesn’t get any in return and he doesn’t expect any. This doesn’t interfere with the way he puts himself on the line for each of his followers daily. He said Irvin Perkins was framed and was to be arrested, and although he is here and Irvin Perkins is there, he did what was necessary to free him and he would do it for each one of us.” (Very good)

Wun Roshown Neal 12. “Jim Jones said that we should work harder to get our people over here and that when we get the blochd of our people and he said that he is not living for himself he is living for his people and he lives when he don’t want to live.” (Fail)

Bonnie Stahl 8. (No response – good)

Toni James 18. “You said you are sick and tired of listening to the news. You said that if you had to stand up and be a communist by yourself, you will.” (Very good)

Armella Tardy 32. “Jim Jones said then if no one stands up for communism, only one it still have accomplished something. Debbie traitor said he died on June 13 because people do not see his good he had showed it especially around Debbie Blakey. But he said that some people may live up to some his principle a good socialist. (Excellent)



Diana Marshall 19. “Jim Jones said he didn’t care if no one like him and if everyone turned against him, there could be one person who went all the way through self and he would sell his body for something useful.” (Excellent)

Karen Scott 18. “Dad was talking about how he wants his people out of the States. He was talking about changing the system that we are live now to meet our comfort. He will be with us as long as he is needed.” (Excellent)

Ronald Duckett 15. No response (very good)

Rochelle Kemp 11. No response (good)

Hyacinth Trash [Thrash] 74. “Dad talked about how what he felt for us and now he’d do anything for us – that he has compassion – given up his life – stays up day and night for us and we don’t seem to understand it – greatest person I’ve ever known; does all he can for us – brought us out of racist state; gave us a home; children don’t have to worry about school; we have medical care; I appreciate him; if he goes to the end of the earth, I’ll follow him – greatest person I’ve ever known. We don’t have one thing to worry about.” (Good)

Willie B. Reed 66. No response (Good but recommend an extra class to learn more facts)

Bruce Jackson “Jim Jones (DOB) May 13 literally died because he thought he couldn’t show people goodness. Also even if 3 billion people didn’t like communism, he would still stand alone for communism because he knows it’s the only right answer. (Excellent+)

Guy Mitchell 34. “Jim said how he has struggled and the way he has been fair to the people and would like others and myself to get the same sensitivity and aggressiveness to struggle.” (Very good)

Ruth Lenin 21. “Dad said he had died on May 13 even though he never expected loyalty or care from anyone. That’s when Debbie left and became as a traitor.” (Excellent)

Candace Ingram 17. “I did not listen” (very good)

Liz Ruggerio 23. “Dad expressed his deepest concern about being a “true communist”. He said that if all his people were to turn against him and thousands more, he would stand alone as he has all these years for communism because this is the only true form of human concern that ever showed equality for all. He expressed his deep love for our two traders [traitors] (Debbie and Stoen) and told how they showed their fascist ways to him in their dealings with dad.” (Very good)

Abraham Staten 66. No response. (Fair)

Stephanie Swaney 11. “He said that he was going to get our people here very soon and he is very concerned about our people getting over here and he is doing a lot of things for the sake of our people.” (Fair)

Arvella Cole 72. “Dad said he died in May because he lived so that everyone would trust him but he sees that they didn’t when Debbie left and betrayed him. If no one else does, Dad will always be a Marxist-Leninist.

Bertha Reese. 69. No response (extra classes)

Bertha Cook 65. No response (good)

Lucille Payne 78. “He has given his all and how he died when Debbie B. turned, that he will see that all traitors are taking care of and he will never give up and he is doing all he can to get our comrades here and also improve Jonestown.” (Excellent plus)

Edward Moore 62. No response

Georgia Catney 60. No response. (Fair)

Burger Lee Dean 61. “He said he died on the 13th – he spoke about what Debbie Blakey done to him and the family; he would stand for communism if no one else does.” (Fair)

Sue Grimm 37. “Dad said he died on May 13 because of what Debbie did. He is sorry no one can see his goodness. And even if no one else is left, he will still stand for his beliefs.

Alma Thomas. “How he died on the 13th and what he lived for. Said how much he loves us and how much he’s done for us; how he helped Debbie”. (Fair)

Jane Owens 58. “Our leader said he would die for either one of us.” (Good)

Lynetta Jones 30. [Editor’s note: The identity of this person is unknown since Lynetta Jones, Jim Jones’ mother, died in December 1977.] On May 13 he died and that all of us were to commit treason now at least he can say that there was one who stood for the Marxist-Leninist teachings. He said – continued


[Editor’s note: This page is out of order in the FBI’s numbering]



Lynetta Jones 30 (continued): even though he died on May 13, he still sees tremendous growth in leadership; in our children and also our leaders.” (Very good)

Tarik Baker 16. “The day Debbie left, a part of you died and all were to leave you would give your body to communism, you will always be a communist. And that you don’t expect to be loved. Still some of us will be communist.” (Very good)

Edith Parks 63. No response. (Excellent plus)

Lena Benton. No response. (Fair)

Susie Collins 77. No response. (Fair)

Vicky Marshall 20. “You said that you died on May 13 which it was during the time Debbie left. You also said that there is only one left that will stand (unfinished).” (Very good)

Alliane [Alleane] Tucker 49. “What Jim Jones said about himself tonight that you know no one loved you but that you had hoped someone could see your goodness but you would go on living for communism if 300,000 people didn’t want that you would be one who would be faithful because it’s right on your birthday you did. Because of the hurt one so close went to join your most vicious enemy but thank you dad for finding it within yourself to go on and live and strive to show us the way of communism and politically enlighten us and care and pleasure with so little. Thank dad I often think and appreciate what I understand of you – how great you are.” (Fair)

Amondo Griffith 18. “Dad said that he died on his birthday because what Debbie Blakey done he said he will never be able to trust anyone again because of this act the pain and loneliness that he goes through he said that he don’t care if no one else in the world would stand up for communism he would all by his self!” (Very good)

Ida Mae Clipps 60. “I don’t know we have to get our people out of the states and don’t waste food. You have been up for days and nights on radio.” (Good)

M. Lyles 50. “Jim Jones on his birthday May 13 he was very hurt about Debbie who went out.” (Good)

Ray Jones 41. No response. “Jim Jones said he did not expect to be loved even though everybody wanted a certain amount of love. He said that he died on May 13 when Debbie ____?) down his trust. He said that he would stand if everyone else left because he would stand if everyone else left because he would stand if everyone else left because he would know he stood for the right principle.” (Good)

Barbara Simon 22. “Jim Jones says he died on May 13. His birthday because of Debbie actions.” (Very good)

Jim A. Jones 13. “Dad said that even if all of us left him he would still be a communist and also he said that he felt like he died on May 13, 1978 because of Debbie leaving him in line when at sometimes she would be so hostile, she would suggest to kill someone. He said he was ready and wanted to die, but had to live for us because he wanted us to build socialism.” (Excellent)

Millie Cunningham 73. No response. (Fair – extra class)

Mary Mayshack 73. No response. (Fair – extra class)

James Johnson 16. No response. (Good)

Ron Sines 30. “When Debbie left Dad said he felt like he died. Debbie was close to the office and saw so much good and was treated so good and still defected. What more could he do? Dad then said he didn’t care if 3 billion people went against him. If he was the only communist on earth, he would still remain a communist knowing he was the only thing living above the human pig sty.” (Very good)

Don Bower 51. “Jim Jones said he is the most sensitive leader taking care of his people better than other leaders. He said out of time, too.” (Good)

Mark Fields 11. “Dad said about Debbie he can’t get over it and he said he almost died.” (Very good)

Cornelius Truss: “He was pouring out his heart telling to produce to get family over here. If ever comes a time when he is not needed, it will be a time when he can go out in the world and do a socialist act.” (Good)



Patty Dennis 13. “You said that you guys when Debbie, enemy of the people, left on your birthday. You trusted her much You trusted her much.. You give your life for us. He said that he could never be paid; we are such assholes every time we do something like what Debbie did we kill him. (Very good)

Barbara Farrell 44. “Dad said he literally died on May 13 over Debbie but that if no one else stood up for communism, he would be the only one.” (Good)

Frankie Grigsby 52. “Jim Jones said on May 13, he wanted to die; he had given up; Debbie is the whole reason for his actions but he has to live on because of our land, children, seniors, babies to have a future life.” (Fair – extra class)

Rose Shelton 76. “Father said he died on the 13th after thinking of what Debbie Blakey had done but knowing he had to get his people to safety he found new; he could not leave his people to suffer.” (Very good plus)

Gladys Smith 32. “Once you said you almost died on your birthday because of the traitor.” (Good)

Kirtas Smith 13. No response (good)

Ronnie James 21. “Dad said that on May 13, part of him died when Debbie committed treason. How can anyone not see that he is a loyal, loving leader who protects his people no matter how far away they are, such as Irving Perkins who was being harassed by police.” (Excellent)

Cindy Newell 18. No response (excellent)

Otis Mitchell. “Jim Jones said he has given so much to Debbie being around her. He said he felt as though he had died because one of the ones he gave so much to left. He said that if 3 billion people disown communism he would still stand if only one standing, himself and others he would hope to bring people higher than the animal.” (Very good)

Shajhuanna Harris 17. “He spoke about Debbie Blakey and Tim Stoen and various other traitors on how much he helped them; showed sensitivity but still look how they did him. Especially Debbie Blakey.” (Very good)

Jerome Anderson 17. “Dad said he will keep on struggling; will not give up communism; will keep on moving; there has never been a time he has not kept his word and he will never give up until he dies.” (Fair)

Addie Jones 63. No response. (Failure – extra class)

Dorothy Sanders 31. “He said he gave his all to Debbie, the traitor. She and Stoen tried to get him to murder people which he has never done. He knows he is not loved but he is needed. It is not easy, being the leader here. If there were people here who are communist, his job would not be so hard, but all he gets is anarchy.” (very good)

Nat Swaney 55. “Jim Jones said that he died on May 13 because of Debbie Blakey and that he could not be a murderer also said that he stood up for Irving Perkins in the States and that he has and will always stand up for any one of us. If there were 3 billion that did not stand up for communism, he would if he was the only one. He would stand for communism.” (Excellent)

Nina Herring 72. “He said that he would give his life for any one of us.” (Good)

Ida McNichols [Ida May Nichols] 77. No response. (Fail – extra class)

Eddie Mae Washington 76. “Jim Jones said he has given his body to build socialism; he gave and sold his body that we might have life. He loves.” (Very good)

Agnes Jones. “Dad said what about Debbie defecting on his birthday and almost gave up but still holds on even if billions of people would change, he would be a communist regardless.” (Very good)

Eartis Jeffrey 65. “Jim Jones say about – Dad tried to kill him; he went on anyway to be a socialist and no one stopped him.” (Fair)

Lydia Morgan 29. “Dad spoke tonight about his commitment to us. How he cares so much for principle that he is willing to die for all of us. That we all must have the loyalty to the cause being willing to die for the fact. Giving of yourself for a reason.” (Very good)



Allen Newell 13 – May 13, on his birthday he almost died in one way or another because of what Debbie did. (Very good)

Alida Santiago – Dad said about Debbie was he helped her over the years. He is not one that is most people that use to the

Mary Ella Cook 64 – What did you say about JJ. You said you order the buses back so our family could come here. You said in 2 weeks, 2 busloads of the family would be here. You said something about Debbie I can’t recall. My mind went blank, blank, blank. (Fail)

Maud Perkins 28 – Dad spoke about Debbie & how she has tried to destroy this cause by going out telling lies on our people & has gotten several of our people in trouble. How she spoke of downright murder several times & he himself has never offered



O. Poplar [Oreen Poplin] 73. “Jim Jones said he loves us so he would have given up on May 13.” (Fail)

Chris O’Neal 78. “Jim Jones said he would keep on fighting for communist ways. It don’t matter if a million people fight against you and you would keep fighting for the people.” (Very good)

Sandra Evans 30. No response. (Very good)

Tony Mitchell 12. No response. (Fair)

Dov Lundquist 10. No response. (Good)

Mike Lund [Rozynko] 21. “Debbie Blakey left. He had expected no return of his love anyway but now he does not know at all how to express his goodness and love. He feels a great frustration because he did much for her even when she expressed her wants to go out and kill other enemies.” (Excellent+)

Sonya Evans 10. No response. (Excellent)

Jerry Livingston 36. “You said that if you were the only one out of 3 billion would stand up for principle you would do it even though on May 13 your birthday, you felt like you died because you did so much for Debbie B. Except for children and leadership almost everyone is somewhat like the traitors. You didn’t know what to think because you gave special consideration to Debbie B.” (Very good)

Renée Romano 7. No response. (Fair)

Leola King 67. “Dad said he would be a socialist even if everyone left him he would be a socialist.”

Lue Esther Lewis. “Father said he died on his birthday literally. He would keep on loving people and be a communist if no one stands.” (Very good)

Wanda Souder 24. “He said that he was a communist and that he would continue to believe whether we believed or not.”

Judy Houston 13. No response. (Very good)

Shirley Gieg 35. No response. (Fair)

Alfreda March 12. “Dad was saying that he thought that he was going to die on May 13 because of he had no (?) sensitivity and care at all.” (?) (Good)

Michael Daniels 14. “He stood up and said they won’t take his people away when they were going to take Irvin Perkins.” (Good)

Dianne Casanova 14. “He said that on May 13, he died because of the shit that Debbie B. did even after all the work he did for her. He also knows that no one really cares or cares for him. He does his work because it is what is right.” (Excellent)

Larry Schacht: “ Jim Jones said that if 3,000,000 people in the world denounced communism, he would be there. That if all of us walked off, he would stand true to communism. The only thing which elevates humanity above the animals, sadly. You learned a lot from his birthday, May 13, when he was betrayed by one to whom he gave so much. He wants us to see and respond to his goodness and be communist without having to be reassured.” (Excellent+)

Carolyn Kirkendall 26. No response (Excellent plus)

Jackie Rochelle 22. “Medical school, housing, clothes, food, putting all types of peoples together that would not have gotten together in the States. Surviving for the babies; everything is a Marxist.” (Poor)

Wanda K. Souder 24. “We are concerned about the equality of all people and helping the oppressed. He has provided a home for us. We are provided with all needs. He has saved us from nuclear holocaust.” (Fair)

Nevada Harris 68. No response (Fair)

Mercedes Guidry 69. No response (Fair)

Nancy Sines 28. No response (Good)

Rose Peterson 77. No response (Good)

Lore Parris. No response (Very good)

Steve Addison 78. No response (Very good)

Inez Wegner 50. No response (Excellent)

Mary Rodgers. No response (Excellent)



Glenda Polite 21. “Dad was saying that they had to get our Greyhound buses from Texas. So the 2 busloads of our people will be on their way to freedom. Dad also said he will discuss the deduction of work that will be discussed tonight.” (Excellent)

Stan Gieg. “That he call 2 of our buses back to pick up our people when they were going to be sold.”

Eva Pugh 69. “I did not get to hear much but you said your father tried to kill you when you was a boy and you as I got it rose above it and you don’t see why all of us couldn‘t do the same, and get this socialist in our heads.”

Rulleta [Ruleta] Paul 24.

Santiago Rosa 23. “He say that he loved all of us. But he will not give one of us up. Because he will be dead before he would give us up. He is the only socialist in the world because he is the one who loves. More than anyone. He buys food 4000 people and buys doctor care housing. Jim Jones will put his life on the line for any of his people. He just helped one brother in SF, CA because the police want to kill him. Jim Jones also buys baby care and a place for baby to sleep in. All the people who left this family will pay because they do not want us to eat at all. They tell lies on us like we put S.R. underground. But that is not true because our leader has helped over one million. S.R. because he help people of all color. Because you will see that you get what you need, on time.” (Fair – he needs extra class)

Glen Moton 68. “May the 13th he died” (Excellent)

Roosevelt Turner 53. No response (failed)

Jessie Johnson 75. No response (fair)

David Goodwin 14. No response (very good)

Jerry Parks 44.

Jane Mutschmann 30. “Said he had literally died on the past 13th when Debbie left. That he would continue to be a communist even if 3 billion people in the world said they were against it. Dad expressed doubt how anyone could have done what she had after the pure love in every way he had shown her. He thought he had failed in expressing goodness and love that he is because he had only shown her love.” (Excellent)

Richard Castillo 35. “Dad said two buses were coming” (Fair)

Lue Dimple Goodspeed 78. “He almost died during the month of May. I think it was May 21 – 78 but have learned to trust no one but himself.” (Fair)

Ronnie Berryman 26. No response. (Fail)

Joe Johnson 20. No response. (Fair – extra class)

Viola Moton 58. No response. (Excellent plus)

Patt Jara 20. “Leader sensitivity to that reducing our working hours weing to it we get housing for our remaining family. Don’t want a cultural shock so making _____(?) as pleasant as possible was to only _____ to cottage. This is what I heard this morning wasn’t here today.” (Excellent plus)

Daisy Lee Stroud 21. “Today dad talked about stepping up promotion. He will give his life to everyone he gave his life to a young man in the states. He died on May 13. Dad if all of us left him he will still be a communist. Said many of us are trying to learn. Without knowledge there will be division. Without knowledge there will be division, we will be given more leazier [leisure] time to study the news. He doesn’t care if no one loves him so we should be this way to rather always be reassured that you need to be loved by everyone. He said he will always love us. Many young children becoming good socialists.” (Good)

Eliza Jones 68. No response (Failure – recommend extra class)

Lula Jordan 70. No response. (Failure)



L.U. Makaur 73. No response. (Excellent)

Pearl Land 76. No response. (Excellent)

Madeleine Brooks 73. No response. (Excellent)

Keith Guy. No response.

Kenny Wilhite 25. No response. (Excellent plus)

Annie Mae Harris 74. No response.

Sylvia Sly. No response. (Very good)

Lena Benton 68. No response. (Fair)

Edith Parks 63. No response. (Excellent plus)

Tarik Baker 16. “The day Debbie left, you died and if all of [us] were to leave you would give your body to communism. You would always be a communist and that you don’t expect to be loved. Still some of us will be communist.” (Very good)

Odell Rhodes 35. No response. (Fair – needs class)

Jerry Parks 44. No response. (Excellent)

Ruletta Paul 24. No response. (Very good)

Sophia Casanova. No response. (Excellent)



Juanita Bright 10 – no response (Very Good)

Jewel Wilson 53 – He said on May 13 he thought he would die when the enemies went out and lied & use her name is Debbie Blakey is a traitor. (Very good)

Julia Birkley 68 – JJ said people joined with him because of his powers & not the honest man that he likes & practices.

Irene Edwards – JJ said that he knows he is a true communist & he is doing all of this for us. For himself he doesn’t care but he’s intending to stand no matter what the price is. (Fair)

Annie Mitchell 47 – No one loved him – he gives his body – he tried to make things comfortable for his people. He wanted his people to learn knowledge & not commit treason (fair)

Magnolia Farris 51 – Dad said that he died on May 13 when we had a white night. He talked about Debbie Blakey & Tim Stoen & said that Debbie wanted to kill people but that he does not believe in murder & that he would always be true to us whether we were true to him or not. (exc+)

Mary Murphy 80 – Stated he was always a communist & will always be 1 until the end. (Did not complete because could not write well enough)

Thelma Cannon 40’s – no response (fail)

Callie Mitchell 68 – no response (fail)

Aileen Tucker 49 – What JJ said about himself tonight – you know no one loved you but you had hope someone could see your goodness but you would go on living for communism if 300,000 people didn’t that you would be 1 who would be faithful

Melanie Kemp 13 – Dad said he felt like dying on May 13 when this traitor Debbie Blakey went out. He said he wished he would have died. Because he just stayed alive because he didn’t want to leave his people. (Fair)

Ida Albudy 72 – no response

Bea Orsat [Orsot] 51 – JJ said tonight about himself that he died on his birthday, May 13, after leaving about Debbie Blakey whom he showed a great deal of love to



Teena Turner 22 – Jim (Dad) said that we won’t listen to his love & that he’s trying to make an easier life here for us & that he sacrifices his life for us/our selfishness. And he’s going to change our work hours & for us to keep up production so we can bring about a better life for ourselves & so the blood of our comrades from the states won’t be on our hands because they’ve worked hard. Says that when he gives us slack we shit all over him (which is very true). Used my own words. (Very good)

Che Jones (Todd Klingman) 9 – no response

Anthony Simon 23 – no response (exc)

Keith Wade (about 18) – Jim said that he really died on May 13 because of the traitor Debbie. He had lost of trust in her & he was very disappointed. (Good)

Alice Inghram – He is loyal to us. He died on May 13 after Debbie’s treason. He is loyal to us even if he has to stand alone. (exc+ should’ve been exc)

Mark Wagner 16 – no response (very good)

Artie Harper 67 – no response (good)

Rosie Ruggerio 19 – Dad talked about how he will continue to be a communist & how he almost died on May 13. Wished that all of us would take at heart of being more communist. Even if we left, Dad would stand true to communism. Dad lives for us & what’s best for his people changing us from animals to human beings. Debbie bitch pained Dad very much. He gave her so much love & concern & she wanted to trip out on her own control of power. Dad will stand true to us no matter what. He is a communist! He does so much suffering for us!!! (Very good)



Ophelia Rodgers 57 – He said he could’ve died because of what happened on his birthday because Debbie Blakey left. (Good)

Louise Shavers 55 – no response (exc – shouldn’t have gotten an exc without answering that question)

Irra Johnson 26 – Tonight Dad said that he knew without any doubts that he was not loved by anyone because the last traitor that went out, Debbie had been given the best, she’d had opportunity to work closely in the organization as a staff person but she still spit on it all & became a traitor. (exc+)

Wesley Breidenbach 18 – To me the most important statement he made was that it was important to be a communist & if all the 3 billion people on earth denounced it he would remain 1 no matter what happens. He would know that 1 person in the world remained loyal to the only cause worth living for in the world. He said this after he said he literally died May 13 & why should he go on living if you convey his love. He said Debbie & Tim most usually wanted to kill people & murder them. But Dad said he never believed in murder & has never murdered anyone. (exc+)

Brian Bouquet 24 – Dad said that all of us & many, many more in the world betrayed communism, at least there would be 1 person (JJ) who stood for truth (pure communism) & lived the only life that was above the animal pigsty of ordinary human existence. That is a life of constant sensitive & unceasing communism. Dad is the only 1 I know who can say this. (exc+)

Joel C. Jones 13 – JJ said that he will have to get the people out because he does not want the burden of his base (?) (Fair)



Alfred Bell 69 – no response (fail)

Katherine Dominick 86 – no response (fail)

Brenda Warren 16 – He will remember Debbie Blakey. He will remember when she left on his birthday. That’s when he died, not die physically what kind of pain he had been put through & after all he had done for her. (Very good)

William Jones 13 – Dad said he don’t care if all his people turn away he would from socialism. Dad said he would not turn away from socialism. (Good should’ve been very good)

Mary Lenin – What Dad said about Debbie Blakey – how Dad gives them all of himself & then they go out & leave looking for whatever part of them wanted to leave & the other part missed the cause but had to destroy it because they were feeling guilty. Dad says that he has been hurt so much that he cannot be hurt anymore – no more tears to shed. (Good)

Chris Lund 24 – He died. He knew people used him & didn’t care but he thought that people would see & appreciate his love. But when Debbie left, a person whom he had spent a great deal of time with and showing love & concern over the years & on the staff work. He died. Now he has lost all faith in people that they are affected by love. He sees in some becoming communists but if all left him alone [there] would be at least 1 human being who would stand above & prove humans could be above animals.

Vern Gosney 25 – He would stand for communism no matter it all people on earth heard him & rejected – he would still stand for communism because it is right & the only thing that separated us from the animals (exc)

Aaron Hendricks 15 – Talk about how he was devoted to communism & to his people where he never let one go to prison without getting them out & how he loved & gave his life for people no matter what they do or say.

Tommy Anderson 18 – That you almost died on your birthday because you were very close to her & gave her the best of your [blank space] & she betrayed the organization & this hurt you very much to see this happen. (Good)

Gladys Roberts 77 – no response

Mary Griffith 16 – He died on the 13 or 15 & he said that he didn’t know how to understand

Gerald Johnson 17 – He felt like he was going to die of what Debbie Blakey did (good)

Carol Dennis 32 – said tonight that he would be a communist & always be a socialist even though nobody left him – he would still stand firm in his belief. He told how deeply hurt he was by Debbie but that he could go on in spite of the lies & things that are done to him. Told of his plans to go on & build the city up as he has to rush the rest of the family here – that it will be easier to fight with all of his people



Carol Dennis (cont) – on 1 side. He also said that he felt that there would be some good communists come out of Jonestown as he has seen some remarkable changes in our children here & that gave him hope.



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that for his communist character and all the help and years of goodness would reflect the care he has for all and her. She came in a bad stage to him and had many problems. He always helped her and showed her the principle he is in every way. Never, never expecting her to become enemy #1 along with Stoen. When he had finished working through this he realized if none of the 3 billion on this planet stand there would be one – him to stand for the only god the only right, the principle in this world which is communism. (Excellent)

Bob Davis (age 42): Dad said he died when Debbie left because he had always shown his kindness. If kindness cannot be transferred, then if necessary, he will be the only communist but some here are on the road to communism. He was willing to die for Irvin Perkins who was found and went to jail. Tonight we will talk about building more houses.

[Handwritten note] Note: The [illegible word] teachers’ tests had been given back to them before this was completed – so us teachers’ tests are included here. I will be starting the typing on the tests of July 7 tomorrow. The teachers tests will be included this time.

Jann G. [Gurvich]



Ethel Belle 88. No response. (Fair)

Jean Lucas 74. No response. (Excellent)

Ollie Harrington 37. “On the 13 this birthday he died after what all he had done this lady and she would do this to all the love he show all of us he say he know nobody love him. (Very good)

Kenny Boing 7. No response. (No grade on paper)

Earnest Thomas 58. No response. (Extra class)

Joyce Johnson 16. “About how you felt about what Debbie Traitor. On how to get the rest of the family here without getting a cultural shock. Expanding Jonestown and for everyone to think of ideas. You have only received 2 letters. This shows anarchism on anyone and the rest of our parts.”

Leon Perry 61. No response. (Good)

Arde [Orde] Dennis 46. “Said tired of giving the news – giving his life for us – said loved us all. Said 47 years old – had been struggling all those years – his dad had tried to kill him.” (Fair)

Valerie Jones 19. No response. (Excellent plus)

Wayne McCall 12. No response. (Fair)

Bob Rankin 60. No response. (Good)

Corrie Duncan 70. “But dad I don’t understand this.”

Orenia [Orelia] Anderson 70. No response. (Fair)

Mary Johnson 50. No response. (Fair)

Estelle McCall 47. “Dad said he had gave his best to Debbie Blakey, as she betrayed his goodness. Seem like some of us could remember that if nothing else but if no one stood for principle but him, he would still stand alone. He said our young people leaders are showing progress in learning Marxist-Lenin theory. Most of us need someone to care for us but he has no one but himself and will stand alone if necessary.” (Excellent +)

Doris Howard 56. No response. (Extra class)

Victoria Parker 8. No response. (Extra class)

Annette Jones 52. “Jim Jones [said] how he would die for any of us, how he lives for us not that he wants to. Other ones he helped so much became traitors.” (Very good)

Mercedese Guidry 69. “Jim Jones said he love all of us and always be loyal and leader is our father Jim Jones is attacked.” (Failure)

Dee Dee Macon 22. “Dad said he felt like giving up because it seemed People couldn’t see and understand his love for us and his wanting us to be communist. He also said he would be true to us and to Communism no matter if 3 million people turn against communist. He also said he showed Debbie love in every way and didn’t deserve what she did to him and to us.” (Grade not on sheet)

L. [Lucioes] Bryant 53. “Jim Jones say if no one would stand for communism he would be alone.” (Very good)

Carolyn Kirkendall. “Dad said that he died on May 13 because up until then he thought thar people could see his goodness. He was disheartened because he was frustrated by not being able to communicate his goodness. He concluded that he would be a communist even if the family and the rest of the world turned against it because he knew that communism was right.” (Excellent plus)

Eugenia Gernandt 55. “Jim Jones say he did not let one stay in trouble. J himself to communism; willing to die for us. Dad _____(unreadable) to kill him. Lived for us. He has nothing to live for… Only us.” (Good)

Eileen Jackson 13. No response. (Excellent)

Denise Johnson 17. No response. (Good)




Leslie Wilson 21. “When he has given his all people. Tim Stoen and D.B. were always the first to holler kill … like Chris Lewis… Can’t trust anyone because people don’t want to commit themselves to anything that they know will seclude them from being able to do their own thing. Dad has always been committed and he always will be even if he is standing alone.” (Excellent plus)

Mel [Melanie] Simon 22. “He say people who are close to him began to get envious and then they become traitor. They know he is very powerful and they are envious about that. If people can’t respond to love, what can they respond to. He wanted to die on his birthday. People who walk the closest to him became the traitors.” (Good)

Tom Fitch 29. No response. (Good)

Gloria Rosa 23. No response. (Fail)

Pat Patterson 29. “Dad said he wants to give us all that is possible.” (Excellent)

Luna Murrell 37. “He told how the people that left want to kill people on the spot and that he don’t believe in killing but he believes in changing people and he told us how he wants to make our life more comfortable and that he lives for us.” (Fair)

Inez Wagner 50. “Dad said he died May 13. He knew he was not loved – but wouldn’t make any difference. If there was only he left he would stand on his belief in his principle. He has given only love, he is good.” (Excellent)

Yolanda Brown. “Dad said he died on May 13 he was thinking about 300,000 people left there would still be one communist standing he watched the children play he thought about Debbie what she had done to the cause he said that she stepped out to see what the world is like she found nothing so she caused trouble because she found no place out there like she saw in Dad so she had to destroy him and the cause.” (Good)

Hazle Newell. “You talk about on May the 13 you thought it was the end that when Debbie deserted the cause and joined up with the fascist bunch you also said that some of us was trying to turn on us and also some [of] us are trying to learn Marxist you also said that it wasn’t but one have turn ways to make money. You also said we should produce more in save so we can get our other people free. You also said if people knew themselves they would know you and how much you love and care for everyone. (No grade on paper)

Betty Fitch 22. “Dad said how he knew he couldn’t trust any and how most people only hate him, yet he still loves people but only lives for the glory of the revolution. He said how the people he gives the most to turn out to be the worst traders [traitors]. Yet he does not let this discourage him. He lives only for the revolution and will continue to live and do what is right no matter how many people turned against him or socialism he would be true to socialism.

Matty Gibson 73. “What did Jim Jones say about he said he would keep on loving us. It made no difference. He died in May.” (Failure)

Clara McKenzie 49. “You said that the 13th day of this month you died literally one way or another and that no one loved you. Debbie Blakey did that to you. You would be a communist even if we didn’t stand with you.” (Good)

Thelma Jackson 38. “He said he would be happy if we didn’t have to have all this news but it is necessary in order to have structure we need to be educated.” (Excellent)

Lisa Rodriguez 12. “He said that he could have died on May 13 but he stayed alive for us and for communism. He said he will die when no one needs him anymore.” (Good)

Harold Bogue 41. “A part of him died when Debbie left. In spite of love shown & character working tirelessly for people, not being appreciated, not working for love but knowing some people need him, that he would always be loyal and always be a communist. Save many from jail, i.e. Irvin Perkins, the latest.” (Excellent +)

Tina Grimm 18. “Dad said he could have died on May 12.” (Good)

Theo Williams 62. No response (Extra class – fail)

Richard Clark 41. No response (fail)