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Jonestown Community Responds to Blakey Defection

[Editor’s notes: Numerous spelling errors and abbreviations corrected in this document. In addition, some pages were out of order in the original document.

[A second document with responses to the Blakey defection appears here.


Ava Jones – Dad is atheist, believes whatever works for the revolution is real, whatever means necessary – ends justify the means. He died on May 13, Debbie, Stoen, & other traitors knew him, worked so close to him & still didn’t know his goodness. John-John – he told his secretary not to lash out at him because of seeing Grace. He is aware of his sexual feelings & mind towards children & all people at all times. He knows how he feels towards children at a young age. If you’re aware then you know exactly what you are doing at all times. He talks to his children at all times because he is aware of his feelings. Know your sexual feelings, know yourself, sex is the basis for a lot of your entire life’s awareness & understanding. JJ’s character: He will stand for communism even if 3 billion people denounce it & leave communism, he will still stand. He’s always loyal, committed to us & communism, never above the people. Pro-himself. Everyone will denounce (?) because no one is as committed to communism as he is. D. Tropp: elitism, should be shot because he doesn’t allow himself to relate to others & sufferings. He uses his mind to refute, not really understanding & knowing the problems. Thinks he’s better. Yes, I have elitism sometimes. I don’t apply all rules to myself that is expected out of others, taking a plate from the dining room without clearance. (Very good – would’ve gotten exc or exc+ but teachers’ tests were graded harder as higher standard of knowledge is expected.)

Don Jackson 33 – Dad is an atheist. He believes the mind lives on. He believes in his own healing power. He said he died on his birthday. Because of Debbie he died 4 times. He does not understand why people cannot see his love & goodness.



Don Jackson (cont) – He does not care if everyone betrays communism, he will still stand for communism. He said about knowing himself that if a person knows his sex urges & deals with them, he will not be liable to be [a] child molester or anything else, because he knows himself & understands these urges or sides. High points of Dad’s character: Fearless, loyal, dependable, gives of himself, wants nothing of this life, would like to die. Does not base his commitment on what others do. Will die for any of us. Does not like elitism, is egalitarian, cares about all man more than the rest. (Got to go now) [half line struck out] felt that seniors should be shot or commit suicide when they are no longer of use to the revolution & that [he] knows he was an elitist intellectual. (exc was the grade, but I feel it is slightly incongruous considering Ava’s answer which showed considerably more understanding.) (Since I have the opportunity, I would like to add a note about Don. For months, as a fellow teacher, I complained about his belligerence to the children. I thought he treated them like a street gang in his conversations with them. Since he was last confronted in a teacher’s meeting about 2 months ago, the change that has taken place in him is truly outstanding. Now I see him extend understanding, I see a willingness & desire to reason with even difficult students (much more than me), I have noticed genuine warmth & affection towards students, & a great interest in teaching a really extraordinary Black history class that captivates even the difficult to motivate slow learners. The change in Don Johnson is really a tribute to your example & is living proof of the truth of environmental determinism. Jann G)

Pauline Simon – Dad is an atheist. He believes in no one but himself. He believes in his paranormal gifts of healing & etc. & is now bringing us into the stage where we not to look on him as some did Lenin (as a God). For this reason he is educating us to dialectic materialism to better understand the concepts of communism & how the ideas & theories he has have been built off of social & economic development through progression & not through some dogmatism. Dad stated he has never approached no person regarding sex but people approached him. His sex involvements outside of Mother have been purely to save this organization or a person mixed up life. He stated he would die for John. Dad knows he’s the only hope for this world for he’s the only 1 capable of making so many sacrifices for people (I know this too). The high point in his character is his perseverance & endurance to keep on pushing until his goals are reached. I know no other man to make the sacrifices Dad makes & for this reason I am truly grateful.  Dad is committed, he believes in total social & economic equality. He does not believe in any class system & most of all he loves us more than any human on earth. He’s very protective of us & an excellent provider for us. He is wise, strong, intelligent & desires us to be likewise. Many times he has given others credit for something he did & many times he covers for his people. He’s willing to give his life for us. Only because of his love for people & communism he lives. It would be easier for him to die, but for us he lives. Thank you, Dad! (Very good)

Clyvee Sneed – Father is an atheist, believes in no one but himself. The mind does live on many times it is reincarnated into another human & when 1 commits suicide they are [taken] back many times. On May 13, he said he died because a trusted one and become a traitor. He also said he was a communist & if he had to stand alone, he would stand for communism. He is the most tolerant, believes in equality & justice. Little John-John is a very intelligent boy – as seen his mother (Grace) doing wrong things. Has no love for either Tim or Grace.



Cleyvee Sneed (cont) – I believe Dad is pro-Russia. Knowing Russia is the vanguard of socialism he would always pick the best. He has always loved children. Dick T wrote he was an elitist intellectual – still and a part of him reserved only for himself, which, when ready, he could escape to. Also stated that he felt there was a little treason in all of us. And when his mind or body could no longer be used for the good of this cause, he should be shot. (Very good)

Pauline Groot – Father is an atheist. He knows the mind lives on after death (wishes it didn’t). Father knows perfectly well he can heal but once us not to depend on healing because it’s an unknown variable. Father died on his birthday because Debbie betrayed & he thought it was hopeless to communicate goodness & without that, how could anyone build? Father finally decided that if nobody stuck with him, he would be a communist anyway because it is right. With that determination, he came back to life. About John-John, he said we got to know ourselves, he caught himself striking out at John because John reminded him of Grace, & once he realized the reason, he stopped. He said we got to know ourselves. We all feel sex feeling when we stroke a child & only by facing up to it, can we avoid being child molesters. Dad could never bother a child because he knows himself. Dad is communist, period. He lines up with the USSR to the extent that the USSR practices communism which is considerable. However, his first loyalty is to us. Dick T wrote of his intellectual elitism, how he separates himself from the group into the privacy of his own mind. He said this sort of intellectualism should be shot when the usefulness is over. I’ve got the same intellectual elitism but not the same willingness to get shot. I do question a few things but I’m writing them up directly to Dad, they don’t belong on this test, at least not if the teachers will grade it. I agree with Dad about the mind surviving death. I’ve been dead (Dad revived me). It didn’t affect my mind at all (except scaring me). He certainly can heal & it is obviously right about no God in the universe. (Exc +)

Shirley Marshall – I think he believes in the god in himself & not any shit about the sky God. From the experiences we’ve had where Dad as talk to people after they have died as he did L.C. Davis’ mom, I believe it does live on & is given another body to be born again. If you didn’t believe he could heal people, then he couldn’t help anyone. Just the same if someone didn’t believe he could heal them, then they wouldn’t get healed. Debbie B left on May 13 which is Dad’s birthday. Dad said he literally died on that day, because he had given his all to her – given her everything she wanted. He had been the best Dad in the world to her & she gave him a birthday present of this sort & she also stole $ from us – about $5000. He gives himself to these people & they always let them down. Even if there were 3 million against socialism, he would still stand alone for it. He stated that when he was a young child he touched another child in a sexual way but he said to himself it wasn’t right & that’s why he can love the children as he does, as their father. Dad is pro-Soviet. Dad is the greatest leader on earth. He is a true Marxist-Leninist. He is the only one that practices what he preaches. He would die willingly for any one of us. He’s the only Father that anyone of us have ever known. Without him this great movement would never have survived. He’s the one that’s holding us together. He makes sure our every desire is realized. He’s the kind of person that gives all. Dick talked about people like himself & how when they are of no more use to us they should be shot & killed because they could be very dangerous. Ask for nothing in



Shirley Marshall (cont) – return. The only thing he asks is that we get our shit together on Marxism-Leninism & become communists.

Tom Beikman – Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in paranormal gift – his own. He said he died on May 13 because he gave up on people’s goodness. He said he sees some of Grace’s aspects & he said he was striking out against Grace, but he wouldn’t let it go on with John because he said he knows himself. Re Tropp & elitism: He said that people should be shot after their usefulness is up. I don’t agree with him getting shot because the young will take care of the older people. (There may be more to this test but I don’t see it. Jann G) (good – but given his education background grade should’ve been higher.)

Maud Perkins – Yes, Dad is an atheist & he does believe that mind lives on after death. Yes, he believes in his own paranormal gifts. Dad said that on his birthday May 13, he died & that Debbie left on his birthday to add to it – also that he doesn’t trust human goodness any longer & is not able to trust. He also said that he knows himself because a secretary was lashing out at John John because they saw Grace in him & was acting out against him without thinking about it & he knows himself because he could see that. Dad’s character is far beyond any human being. He loves endlessly & even though he sees a traitor, he tries to do all he can to change these things. He does all he can to make the best out of us even if we want something different & I think he’s mostly JJ himself & there is no one else like him. He stays up endlessly to save us because he has died years ago. Thank you, Dad. (Good – should’ve been very good)

Thurman Guy (about 16) – Yes, he believes you will come back if you commit suicide. Yes, Father believes in his healing power within himself. On his birthday he died because of D. Blakey. To me, Father is a socialist & Marxist-Leninist all in 1. He is the only 1 that succeeded in freeing over 1000 people. J. Jones doesn’t [ask] no one to do anything unless he has done it himself. (Fair)



Maureen Talley: (cont) I’m sure he has much more to tell us, but we are not ready for it; Dad has the most kind, sensitive, caring feelings of any human being I have ever known. He is almost too pure of heart & that is my biggest criticism of him. It is his downfall, but the greatest thing about him I couldn’t imagine him in the other way. He was born ahead of his time. Dad has stated he is pro-Soviet, but has made several criticisms of the Soviet Union – really only believes in himself – I don’t think any 1 here will ever know what kind of people we are & who are the revolutionaries amongst us until we have to take some drastic action or until we are faced with decisions alone and without Dad – his spirit will live in these people but I don’t think they will ever step forward until he is gone. I hate these thoughts because I want to know Dad for the rest of my life. I want to see him, hear him & talk to him sometimes, because he is my only Dad I’ve never known – I don’t want to think about it. I hope we all die together when it happens. I want to think that there will be amongst us the spirit of people like the Parsons, the Haymarket men, the Harriet Tubmans & people who never knew Dad & all the other fighters & revolutionaries – George Jackson didn’t know Dad.

Dick Tropp said he could always hold himself apart & escape from every 1 into himself. He said this made him a traitor & he should be watched. He said he should be shot when he is no longer useful. (Grade given was very good, but should’ve been exc or exc+)

Ruby Carroll: On May 13 is Dad’s birthday – it was the day Debbie went out ever said that is what hurt Dad because he had given her so much & this is the way she played on his love by running off, then she stole $25,000 from the family. He has not been punishing the children in his own household but talks to them & shows love to the children. The height of his character is that he will not let any 1 turn him away from socialism – no 1 & on his birthday, he showed the highest character I have ever seen. Jim is pro-Soviet. (Good)

Amanda Fair 69: Atheist, believes mind lives on after death. Believes only in himself – speaks the word but does not know how it. Hi  points: truth. Yes, he believes in himself. Father says he died on his birthday June 13 because Debbie went traitor. Father recognized his feeling about children & his homosexuality when very young. Not pro-Chinese. Communism is his belief. Dick T wrote that he felt that he was an elitist. A very educated person like that could be a traitor & could look at himself & after he can’t serve anymore, should be shot. (exc)

Scott Thomas 20: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in healing power. On his birthday, he died. A person that Dad gave love & concern to & gave this person (more) attention – committed treason to him & the cause. She was very high up in leadership position & doesn’t matter if 1000 people don’t believe in communism or fail it – he will not!!! It won’t matter if he is the only 1. He will still believe in communism. He was born a communist & will go down fighting as a communist. JJ is pro-Soviet because Dad believes in helping the 3rd world countries of Africa fight for the liberations. It would be hard to say if JJ is pro-Chinese because China did assist 1 time in the struggle to hold a 3rd world country. JJ certainly does believe in himself & nobody else. With all the traitors who has tried to hurt us and with all the mishaps which have happened to us – JJ brought us through. The time when Walter Williams was paralyzed & fluid was coming out of his mouth – JJ knew that he was the only person to bring Walter out of this. No 1 else could have done that. JJ believes in himself that he could do it. If anybody tries to come in here to take 1 of us he would put himself in our place. If worse comes to worse (concerning John Stoen) for the collective’s sake, JJ will take care



Scott Thomas Jr: 20 (cont) of John put him to rest only if it would be for the best of the collective. (exc)

Jan Wilsey 28: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in the healing power, yes, I do believe in the paranormal for it was a stage to show me that socialism or communism is right & what Dad says is the truth. He said he died on his birthday because he had given a lot of love to Debbie & trusted her & she committed treason. He said that the secretary was expressing her hate for Grace. JJ is the most honest, loving, forgiving, & he will always think of the people’s will first. He lives for us & it would be so e-z for him to die – in fact it would be a relief if he could, but this only goes to show his extreme love that none of us can touch & we so often don’t understand. I do believe Dad is pro-Soviet. Dick Tropp: I am an elitist & an intellectual & I do believe I am dangerous because an elitist is a very unconcerned person & does not relate to the suffering of others on a personal level but only on an intellectual level & all should be watched at all times & I should be shot when I no longer show any sort of concern for the people (good)

Ruthie Quinn 37: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in healing. JJ is pro-Soviet on birthday died because of traitor. (fair)

Jerry Rhea 25: Atheist, believes in healing, mind lives on. Dad had said that Debbie had betrayed him on his birthday. Dad is pro-Soviet & he is not pro-Chinese. His character: he is equal & loving to everyone. Even to all the things we put him through he still lives on to guide us to a better way of life. Even if we all decided to leave him, God would still find a way to better the revolution. He shows us how to see ourselves by giving an example of what he had to go through. Dad tells us of how much character he shows in really caring for us. (Very good)

Mary Rodgers 80: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in healing power. Said he died on his birthday May 13 – heavier burden he carries for all of us especially Debbie. Dad stands for socialism & so does Mary (meaning herself, I suppose). He stands for the truth – he’ll die before he gives up. (Very good)

Annette Jones 52: Atheist. Believes in a soul but not life after death. Said he died on his birthday – all the good he has done was not realized, but he survived to help us because we need him. Said he would not give up John, no more than he would give up any of us. He is strong, persevering, a fighter & truthful. Pro-Soviet. Dick T said he was treasonous at 1 point should be shot when treasonous. Because of college education thought he was superior to people with little education. Father knows he has healing power. (exc+)

Odell Rhodes: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own paranormal. Said that all May 13, he died because of all he had done for Debbie. Also said that by recognizing that his anger at John is often directed at what he sees in John that reminds him of Grace shows that he knows himself & that is what make him dependable & shows his character. Also shows character in his devotion to communist principles & to us, his lack of want for anything what the proper use of power, e.g. by putting People’s Forum before him shows his devotion to the proletariat. Prof Tropp feels that elitism of the educated can lead to becoming a traitor & that in the end if they can’t or don’t change, they should be shot.

Donna Ponts 15: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own healing power. On May 13, he died. Debbie chose this day to do her evil after all the goodness & character he has shown. If 3 billion people chose not to be communists – then he would stand alone. Because of certain expressions of John & disposition­­­ – caught himself striking out at Grace through John John but knows himself so much but he stopped it. Re Tropp: In the back of everyone’s mind, there is treason. All intellectuals who refused to change should be shot – that continue to practice elitism.

Viola Forks 43: Not an atheist, believes mind lives on, firmly believes in healing. Said he died on his birthday May 13 because Debbie left the cause. High points: pro-Soviet, he is a true, kind, loving, understanding, firm, devoted pure communist. Re Tropp: he felt he was an intellectual & somehow he still felt that way. He can’t come to terms with the identity of Blacks although he feels some guilt of not writing up his selfish thoughts. He could’ve stopped some of the traitors that left this cause. (Fair)

Wanda Swinney 30: Atheist – doesn’t believe in some damned sky god. Believes mind lives on after death. Does firmly believe in his supernatural healing powers. Stated he died on his birthday



Wanda Swinney (cont): when Debbie chose to become a traitor & deserter on that day. Stated he didn’t understand how people could fail to see his love & kindness & told of his extreme sacrifice that he had made for us. He also didn’t understand how some failed to see his love & showed such lack of interest in work & caring for the property of Jonestown or building of it. Dad stated that when 1 of the secretaries was talking to him about John John, he analyzed himself and found that his first impulses were a result of his hostility & frustration with Grace. That is why he doesn’t raise his voice or talk hostility to him due to this delicate situation. JJ is pro-Soviet but he is really nonaligned because he is the highest form of communism & no other country lives up to his standards – Soviet Union comes closest. Some high points: his belief in communism & that no matter what he would not sell out his beliefs. Dad is an egalitarian when all social, racial, & economic aspects. Dad is the most loving, caring, patient, intelligent person I have ever known or will ever know. He loves his family so much that he daily sacrifices his health, freedom, personal family life to free us & establish communism here. (exc)

Sue Grimm 37: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own paranormal – I believe in them too. He said he died on his birthday because no 1 could see his goodness. Because she saw Grace’s expression on John’s face &. knew he was angry at that & was taking it out on the child. He knew when touching a child it was sexual & he knows his feelings. He is honest & shows his love for every 1. He treats every 1 equal – he is showing us how to become communists. JJ is pro-Soviet. Yes, he believes in himself, because he knows he can’t trust any 1 else. I believe in him because no matter what is done to him, he still goes on & on & does what is right. (Good)

Alida  Santiago 20: Atheist. Said he died on May 13 because the enemies that love goes out have the love-hate syndrome. Once they are out – although they used to love us – they hate us now.

Dorothy Simpson 57: Atheist – doesn’t believe in a god. Believes mind lives on by other people – believes in himself & healings because he is a true socialist – on his birthday he said he died. Debbie did by turning traitor & stole $. Dad said John John & him would go somewhere together & die together if it came to that. John John was his true son. Dad loves all of us dearly. (Fair)

Joann Johnson 19: Atheist, doesn’t believe there is a god who is loving etc. & all powerful. Believes that the mind does have power – mind does live on after death & can go to another body. This isn’t important for revolutionaries. Dad believes in his own healing powers but doesn’t give credit to a god. He believes in his mind. Said on his birthday he literally died. He had shown so much care for Debbie. If 3 million people went against communism he would still stand for it because he knows it is right. He knows himself (about John’s situation). When he feels hostile or wants to take hostilities out (?) he knows that he may be mad at John because of Grace but he doesn’t take it out on John – because John has nothing to do with what Grace did. High points: knows himself, truthful, knows not to trust anybody, is familiar with the people, knows strategy, doesn’t live above the people, is concerned even about the littlest things, stands up for what he knows to be right even if it is not popular. I would think that Dad is pro-USSR because USSR is internationalist. But Jonestown is the highest form of socialism – it is the purest of all. (good should’ve been exc)

Tiny [Teena] Turner: Atheist, doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see. Does believe in healing power – in himself. He said that if 1000 people turn their backs on communism he will always be 1 & he said that Debbie picked the worst day to betray him on his birthday & he will die for what he believes in. Said he knows the reason why the secretary dumped on John because she was taking it out on John for Grace Stoen’s  betraying us & putting him through a lot of pain. Said he caught himself doing the same thing & he has to watch it. I also don’t believe in anything I can’t see because he never did anything for me. (Fair)

Pat Grunnet 36: Atheist. Mind lives on, believes in healing power. Re May 13, said “I died buy I knew I couldn’t – if every 1 leaves I must remain true to communism. Re John: Don’t let the reflection of Grace influence your actions. Hi points: he is honest, loving, dependable. Nonaligned, believes in self but is an internationalist (if there is another page I don’t have it) (exc+)

Karen Lendo: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own healing power. Literally died because of defector, he is pro-Soviet, benevolent, fearless, outstanding. Dick T: if you’re going to be an elitist might die now for the revolution (?). I agree. I feel since my last counsel on mother’s porch my elitism is (?) – no longer exists. (Fail)



Aurora [likely Anthony] Hicks 10: no response

Brenda Warren 16: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own healing power. Said if 3 million would sell out he would still stand up for communism. Because when DB left she caused him great pain after all he had done for her & all his teachings, she would leave & especially on his birthday. He died because of that. Said he saw Grace screaming at John said he thought back & said stop that Grace, because the way she used to treat him. He is a revolutionary, a Marxist-Leninist, a true & honest leader, a liberator. Sometimes I feel like getting away from it all. I walked by the bush & say I could just leave but I don’t really have the courage as I say I do. I am an elitist in many ways even though I put on a big front all the time & say I’m not. I think when you give all your love & time to us we shit on you & don’t even care. I would say I would stand up for the revolution but who knows when the time comes I might sell out, because no 1 knows what they will really do. You can only do it when the time comes. I am sorry for these feelings but they just come into my head & sometimes when I think of how bad they are, I wish I could just forget all thoughts. Thank you, Dad. (very honest & introspective for a 16-year-old – Jann G) (exc)

Helen Johnson 49: Atheist, believes in own healing power – doesn’t like to go into it but it is a fact. Does believe in his extraordinary powers. Yes he is communist, a true Marxist, a leader of the people – knows of struggle we have been through. Doesn’t want to be called God. He’s full of love, he’s kind, he’s good. He reaches out to make us grow. Protects us from the enemies. Has given up self – on his birthday he died. Died on account of traitor – someone he had put a lot of trust in, some 1 who some of things he stood for, business parts of things. She took $, he said the only thing he hates is he didn’t take her offer. Stated that he came back to us because he didn’t have any 1 to take his place. Re elitism: I don’t think I am 1. I get angry with myself because I don’t do as others – my reading & spelling – not able to explain myself but since I have been chosen for your love, I now have the chance to learn that I did not have before. (exc)



Jewell Wilson 53: Atheist, believes mind lives on. I have heard Father work with Peter Simon when he died a child was born Silvan the little boy. Also, I believe it was because Lela Murphy died a baby girl was born – Ollie Smith’s baby. Yes, he does believe in healing. Dad said May 13, he died because of the traitor sellout Debbie. He said it was the worst that could happen, he died on his birthday. John was talked to by the secretary in a way that made him think that it was reaching into Grace Stoen. Dad said that he knew himself & had developed gentleness with the children, & it is good to know yourself. He would never molest a child because he had a look at it very close & overcame. Pro-Russian. JJ is the highest of all height. He is 100% communism – not 10%, 40%, 50% but 100% communism. He’s Alpha & Omega – the beginning & the end. He’s peace & mercy – he’s kind & good. He has all the power of the universe. Dick Tropp said he was an elitist believing in keeping things just for themselves, sitting above others. Looking down on others. He tried to be nice by being nice to little children. I did not hear the letter but that is the way I see. He seems to be a traitor to me. My question: I am learning to take criticism, & I am the type that always criticizes someone else. I am very passive. I was wearing real short pants being passive to the brothers. I don’t feel I am serious enough with my job & living quarters I feel I am fronting my way. Question: I would like to know when the new housing goes up. Question: Why is it so hard for me to communicate with people in general? Question: Why does Viola Forks feel that everything has to be her way, & why is she so hard to get along with? Question: I would like to know what manner of man you are? (Good)



Davis Solomon: Not an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Believes in own paranormal. On May 13, he died, Debbie left that day & started a whole lot of disturbances – stole more than $15,000 from the people & lied. On John’s case, you said that if you look at yourself, you would be able to approach your comrades. He is a communist all the way & wants all of us to be like him. Dick T wrote a confession on how he felt on elitism & how it could affect the revolution & when the body is of no use anymore, to shoot the person. Dad is pro-Soviet. (Very good)

Carol Dennis 32: Doesn’t believe in a sky God – he believes in the mind living on after death – believes in healing [2 illegible words] paranormal gifts. He told about how he died from hurt because of Debbie. How he had been a good father to her but she broke his heart & killed him. How he learned on this day, he could never fully trust anyone again. He told his secretary to be sure why she was chastising John – was because of her hatred towards Grace? He explained how he’d realized but because of hostility one day, he was on John’s case but he doesn’t let that get to him anymore, nor should anyone else. Hi points: his love although he hurts so much from it, he can look & see all the goodness that has come from that love, the seniors that have a happy life because of your dream of equality – I mean the ones who really deserve your goodness, happiness & contentment that is [in] the little children’s basis. The education all our learning because you cared enough to give your life. Dad is neither pro-Chinese nor pro-Soviet. He is non-aligned because none have the total commitment to communism like he does, but he will help (an internationalist when his help will better the ideal of communism.) Dad is a leader – cares enough to give us discipline, cares enough to make us learn, cares enough to give us love. He may not be able to give us material things but will give us what we need when we need it. He cares enough to make us socialists & teach us commitment to a revolution. Dick talked about being an elitist by staying off to himself & not mixing with people the way he should. I was at the restroom so I didn’t hear too much. Dick said that he felt that if an elitist stayed that way after he was no longer useful, he should be shot. Because he had not changed when he knew what he was. I agree – I take in elitist moods all the time, & if I don’t change after I am no longer useful I should be shot. I’m worse than Dick because I have no real skills or trade to pull my elitist moods. (Very good)

Tammi Jones 11: Dad said he died on May 13, 1978 (his birthday). The reason is because Debbie B thought her body was beautiful & thought that Dad was some way interested. He says when someone dies, we will always remember them. Dad said John remembers Grace, he said that he never wants to see her. Dad said that all people yell at John John too much & he’s very sensitive child & he remembers what she’s done to him. (Very good)

Dorothy Brady 64: Father is an atheist. Yes, mind lives on. Believes strongly in his paranormal power to heal as has been demonstrated hundreds of times



Dorothy Brady: (cont) On [his] birthday he died when Debbie did what she did. She took the good he did for her over the years & turned traitor & lied about the wonderful things that have been & still are being done. Hi points: he cares deeply for others, sacrifices his hours of much needed rest to see that all of us have the things we need. He looks ahead to see we have in reserve food & medical supplies for months ahead. He cares as much for 1 person as he does for another. He deals clearly with all situations as he did when his mother was dying, he had to attend to some shithead & was not able to give comfort to her to the last. No 1 in the organization is too hard for him to take on, such as the doctor, coordinators, or any 1. He believes in himself first & foremost but he also believes in goodness wherever he sees it. I didn’t hear about what the secretary said to John John or what Dick T wrote about himself. At the last rally I had to go lie down as I was dizzy. Yes, I feel I am an elitist. I like things to go my way. I like to get a certain amount of rest. I believe in JJ thoroughly. I believe in communism. It is the only true way of life. (exc)

Margarita Romano 28: Dad is a communist. Yes, he believes in mind living after death – he believes in healing power – days there’s no scientific answers. He said he died on May 13 literally because of Debbie & traitors. She took $25,000 of people’s $ telling lies on us. He said be careful when correcting John – don’t have thoughts about Grace Stoen  & take it out on John John. Dad said know your thoughts like he has to. He remembers when he was a child & playing with another child (something concerning us knowing about attractions to children. Communist high points: that he’ll die rather than betray us. Never give into Stoen or bribes – character is strong, powerful – determined, kind & loving. Dad is international, pro-Chinese & pro-Soviet & he believes in himself – the highest form of communism. Dick T said that he was aware of elitism a potential traitor, & prefers to be shot (“ran out of paper”) (exc+ should’ve been very good)

Kim Brewster: Definitely believes Dad is atheist because he’s a true & convicted Marxist-Leninist plus JJ is his own communist because he’s the only 1 who lives the communist life. I feel he thinks the mind lives on, but that today is what matters. On his birthday, he realized that if people can’t see his goodness & change, that there’s no hope. Dad doesn’t take his hostilities out on his children even though he may see things in them that reminds him of someone else. (exc+)

Lori Fields 12: I think an intellectual elitist is someone who loves themselves or likes “the” self & thinks that they are better than other people or is taking advantages. Sometimes I think I am special. Dad said he died on his birthday May 13. Dad does not believe in God, he believes he is the only



Lori Fields (cont): god. He believes in his healing power. We should not take advantage of it. He believes in mind after death. I believe mind lives on. His high points: he cares & provides our needs. He will die for us. I have to go fast now!!! He is pro-Soviet & not China but he thinks there are good elements in China. John is bright he has been fucked over & he has learned how it is. (exc+)

Melline [Melanie] Kemp: Dad said that he died last May 13 on his birthday over what this traitor Debbie B did. He said he doesn’t care if 30,000 people back away from communism, that he would keep on going because he knew that was right. I think we should not have to put up with all the mess we put him through. He stays up day & night on the radio & he still takes out time to read us the news etc. If I were without him, I know I wouldn’t make it. (exc)

Bob Kice 30: Atheist. Mind lives on. Healing power. A part died on birthday due to Debbie Layton leaving after him showing consistent love & concerned lifestyle. Consistency of Marxist-Leninist principle, lifestyle is 1 very hi point of character. He is pro-Soviet in regards to their international policy & anti-China due to their national policy & mostly pro-himself due to having seen no other with character & principle as consistent as him. Dick T made a very interesting analysis of himself as being an elitist due to his intellectual capabilities & being able to intellectualize (rationalize) things Dad says. He proposed that death be imposed as his usefulness ran out & before he became a danger to our society. (exc)

Mark Fields: He was saying he almost died because no one had sensitivity. JJ is pro-Soviet. Doesn’t care about himself. Yes, he believes the mind can go on after you die. Father is not an atheist. John said the right thing. (Good)

Vicky Marshall 20: Dad is an atheist. Many things you can’t see. Mind lives on after death. The belief of a person’s mind if it is the truth. Dad doesn’t believe in healing power. You said you had wanted to touch little children when you were little & you realized it was just a sexual feeling. & that you realize as you grow older that you had the responsibility to show & give all your love to children. He said did it have to happen on his birthday the thing with Debbie Blakey. I feel that your sensitivity is great & that your knowledge is immense. I don’t know if you are exactly pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese, but that you are truly Marxist-Leninist. But not a dogmatist in your beliefs. Maybe always for the good of the people. (Good)

Juanita Bogue: Atheist. Mind lives on. Believes in own paranormal. Died on that day because he had given so much to some people & on that day Debbie decided to leave. You have to know why you hate someone why you treat them wrong, because if they remind you of someone you have to see that you can correct them. JJ is for himself. He also said that if every 1 turned away from communism he would still stand. Because it is right. The high points: his commitment to us & that his people and communism always come first. Dick Tropp said that you should be able to analyze yourself so much – like he said he too had thought about leaving & that he always had to think positive so that he didn’t. People like that might try & leave & so they should do their work & when they can’t work anymore or cannot be used, they should be shot.



Juanita Bogue (cont): But others said that because he was able to look at himself, he should be able to overcome this. (Very good)

Ken Norton 33: Dad is an atheist who firmly believes in his healing & paranormal power, although he doesn’t understand it. He believes the mind continues after death to the next life. He said he died on his birthday because of the treason by Debbie who he has always shown & demonstrated goodness cannot be transmitted through example. Re John: He asked someone who was disciplining John whether it was Grace for John she was mad at & trying to get even with. Hi points: integrity, loyalty, honesty, dedication, loving. Dad is nonaligned basically because he has seen so much of the worst in men under such varied conditions & circumstances. He knows the only good & right is embodied in himself. Nonetheless, he will recognize right when it exists. Currently he leans more towards USSR because of their policies at home & also because of their international policies. China is out-of-favor because of their nationalistic orientation. (exc. Should’ve been exc+)

Lydia Morgan 29: Dad doesn’t believe in God or churches. Doesn’t believe mind lives on after death, because after death, death that is it, the mind lives while you’re alive. Can’t understand his power. Mind & consciousness & a gift has been with him since the age of 6 when he talked to animals & felt for people & I see it daily now. May 13 – he died because of Debbie (a traitor) who is trying to hurt us with lies because she wasn’t sure of herself sexually & being an anarchist. Re John & the secretary: I am not sure, but I remember about the subject of being sure of yourself so you won’t have to relate to a child with a sexual attraction but with feelings of love for such young people (baby). But you did say that as adolescents we had an attraction but as adults, there’s no understanding for such acts on children. (very good)

Shirley Marshall: Dad is an atheist toward religion but is a believer & practitioner & the most benevolent leader of communism there is. He does believe in the mind but doesn’t understand the paranormal part of it. Dad also believes in his power but doesn’t depend on it as a crutch. He has this power but really doesn’t understand it. On May 13, he died all over again & no matter how many people went against him, 3 billion could go against him, so he would still stand up for communism. Debbie B & Tim S he gave his most to & he was betrayed. Debbie knew that if she went out on his birthday, it would hurt him. Dad said that by knowing yourself, you won’t take things out on others. By knowing himself he didn’t take out what he saw in John looking like Grace he didn’t take it out on John. He told her secretary that that’s what she was doing. Dad is loving, sensitive, concerned about others rather than self & will stand up for his children be they right or wrong.  He is true to communism & is the only person I know that is for real. Dick told about how he was an elitist & about how he was attracted to children & that anarchy conformed by being an elitist. His solution was to shoot himself & I totally agree with what he said & his solution. I feel that I am also an elitist & that I take special privileges being a teacher. (exc+)

Flora B. Sanders: (no response)

LeFlora Towns 56: Father does not believe in God. Yes, he believes the mind lives on after death. Yes, Dad believes in his own paranormal gifts. He said on his birthday Debbie left & he died that day – she threw away all the good she [likely “he”] had done & been to her. Dad is peaceful, loving, kind to all, & believes in the people getting all help. Dad is pro-China. Believes in the people’s needs. Doesn’t have time to think about himself. (Good)



Kay Nelson – I believe that Father is an atheist in that he does not believe in God. I believe that he believes the mind lives on after death in some way. He firmly believes in his own healing power. He said that he died on his birthday because someone to whom he had given so much of his love & protection had shit on him. He knows himself because he questions everything about him & looks at his actions. When he was very young, he recognized the touching of a young child as having sexual connotations & in that recognition he faced this in the human psyche & knew that he would not be a degenerate. He also recognized that he saw in John John the likeness of Grace & how it could be used hostilely against the child & in looking at this he was able to combat it & do away with it. I see Father as being a very principled person. His complete honesty was hard to comprehend for me because I was not being open & honest when I look at his character. However, when I looked at myself & was able to face my falseness, I was able to see his honesty. The thoughts written by D. Tropp were very moving. The honesty that he showed in public is one that I would hope to acquire. However because I am still worried about my image & do not trust people, I have not acquired the openness that is needed in this revolutionary movement.

Jim Pugh – Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Firmly believes in own paranormal gifts. He died on his birthday because of the terrible deed of the traitor Debbie. Hi point of character: If all 3 billion failed communism, he would be faithful. Neither pro-Soviet or pro-China – he believes in himself. Am I an elitist? Yes. Do I question things? Yes. I remember no point of Dick’s confession – that night I was fatigued – nothing made an impression – that is, a lasting one. Other high points of JJ’s character our compassion even to those most worthy of dire judgment, & great industry pushing himself way beyond natural endurance involving many wholly sleepless nights. The greatest, however, high point is placing his life on the line to live or die according to the treatment his lowliest friend receives – & he will never desert us to our foes. His rejection of $10 million from the fascists to that.

Tish Leroy – Yes, Father is an atheist. He does believe mind lives on. Part of him died on his birthday when Debbie betrayed him & his goodness: he had not communicated to her. He told us so we’d realize he loves beyond our understanding & will fight & stand for communism if he’s the last one to stand for it on earth. If all should abandon principle, he will not. Told secretary was seeing Grace & striking out at her – he’d have the experience & so did not strike out – rather was understanding & didn’t allow his feelings for the mother to be taken out on the child. He was always loving & dependable. Knows every feeling so we would never molest or hurt anyone or do any deviant act – High points: 1 Total commitment to communism & principle, 2 Great personal justice & sees it is given to all – goes to great lengths to do this – gives great mercy. 3 Forgets past & allows people to grow into socialist consciousness. 4 Sufficiently loves to educate & endure the hostility the process induces. Had Debbie been educated in communism she might not have left. 5 Loves all equally & allows none to gain his confidence or come close enough to endanger the collective in any way. Is inclined to be pro-Soviet & pro-Cuba, but knows he is the only real communist. I am of the same disposition & feel Dad is the only real communist, but that with 1 here, many can be made in his teachings.

Lois Ponts – Father says at all times he must know himself – have great patience – not raise his voice to John John as he realized he was becoming irritated with John John because he saw traits like Grace in him. Father only believes in his own goodness & loyalty – no paranormal doesn’t understand it but knows something takes (?). Knows he is for real – a loyal good friend. Accepts Soviets for their goodness as any person as all people must prove themselves. He died May 13 & will not trust anyone again. If 3 million people went against socialism or communism, he would still be a socialist. Father is an atheist – the highest belief. He had his heart broken May 13 – that’s why he said it. Prof. Tropp said when his usefulness is gone he should be shot – that he felt treasonous for being an elitist. I feel he wouldn’t be an elitist if he mixed work with his typing work but I know he does so much & couldn’t at this point, mix the work. Some time should be made for him to do this. I always feel guilty also all the time. I’d rather be a field worker & not feel so guilty over the white-collar type job.



Lois Ponts (cont) – I feel much about the sweat & work our young people do & I always feel I’m not doing anything & stay up late for this reason.

Rosa Keaton – Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in his healing power. He also said that he loves children & would never abuse or molest a child. He knows himself. Father’s high points are his love & care for children & all oppressed – whether people or animals. He is equality. He has the purest character of anyone else. Dick T stated that he felt he was traitorous material. He was possessed with elitism & felt independent, therefore he felt that he could take care of himself. He also said that after a person loses his intellectual ability to carry on, he should shoot himself.

Teresa King – Father is definitely an atheist. I’m unsure whether he believes that mind lives on after death but I think he does. I believe he was Lenin, which would mean yes but I also realize that I might be reading this in him in order to make my own beliefs work. I know that it doesn’t matter to him. That all that matters is that he lives as if there’s not another chance to make communism work. Father is skeptical of healing powers but he firmly believes in his own. He has the faith to bring back people like Walter Williams & the child who fell from the loft. He said he died on his birthday because he had given so much to Debbie & she did not see him for what he is. People’s disloyalty was overwhelming. He came through it knowing he would stand for communism if he had to stand alone on this planet. He had seen himself take his anger at Grace out on John. He told his secretary to make sure she did not do the same. He also said that by examining himself he had come to the point of only caring for children, unhampered with sexual motivations. Jim believes the Soviet Union is the vanguard of the Third World, however he only believes in himself in the last run. He sees inequalities everywhere he looks. Dick Tropp says intellectuals should be shot when they’ve outlived their usefulness. I understand that intellectually. Even a Marxist should be willing to die when his usefulness is up. Honestly, I still fear the reaction to intellectuals. I know that in the whole we are a bunch of lazy slobs & I believe that we should be made to appreciate hard work & I think that knowledge should be made widely available. However, I think they represent a critical function that must be kept alive in the same way that we have group criticism. Without it, I think dogmatism sets in. Though I recognize that a form of egotistical intellectualism leads to revisionism – an abandonment of basic principles. However, if I were to betray communism, I prefer to be murdered than to degenerate to the baseness others have shown & I hope that if I ever become too gutless to continue that at least I would take my own life rather than playing suicidal games. In the past I worried about whether I would continue, but I haven’t had any doubts since I’ve been here. I understand that this is a hothouse environment & that trials lie ahead. But I’m confident that I’ve learned enough to carry me through. I see JJ’s high points as his willingness to go it alone, to struggle through each day despite whether anyone makes it through another night with him, despite his pain & without any compensation & still to not take his misery out on others. (exc+)

Lynetta Jones (Cheryl McCall) – Father is an atheist. Does firmly believe in healing power. Believes mind lives on after death. Father said that his birthday was one of the saddest of his life, that he died on that day, that if everyone [5 words illegible] he would still stand alone, at least he would know that there was one who truly believed in socialism. Father said his secretary should make sure that she knows herself & make sure she is not taking her hostilities for Grace out on John. He said that he knew himself – that’s why he never raised his voice at John or Kimo [Prokes]. Dick T said that he knew that he was too independent in his thinking. He reserved a place in his mind, only for himself. He had not been challenged enough. If he became unuseful, he thinks he should be shot. I can relate to what he is saying in some respects & my elitism, I am working on it. (Poor)

Becky Flowers – I believe that Jim doesn’t believe in God. I do believe that mind lives on after death, I do believe that Jim believes in his healing because of the young child that fell off the ladder & now is okay. He said she would be. Re Jon-Jon: that John has a lot of facial expressions like Grace & that 1 of his secretaries was hostile at him & took it out on him. You really have to watch that within yourself. I feel that Jim has good ideals but that their foreign policy is fucked up (she wrote “Jim”, but clearly intended China). But the others are okay that



Becky Beikman (cont) – said he would see & all evidence said he wouldn’t. Mother with cancer should have died but then miraculously saved – no signs – & then on & on. Just yesterday the child Cheryl who was unconscious with a fractured skull & brain damage. Said she would be okay & she was. She was in school today. You said that in your birthday that you died twice. That you had hoped that before that at least people would see your goodness.

Carol Allende (Kerns) – Yes, Father is an atheist. Yes, I believe Dad believes in mind living on after death. But it doesn’t matter because a dialectical materialist is only concerned with the here & now. That is why Dad discourages such thoughts as reincarnation. Yes, Dad firmly believes in his gift – He knows it works. Dad is neither pro-China or pro-Soviet. He believes in himself – He cannot afford to believe in anyone but himself. As we can see by Debbie B, Tim S etc. And a socialist revolution cannot be determined by another, it has to be applied to our aim here in Jonestown. On May 13, he died. He knew that no one loved him but realized that on May 13 that he could not express his goodness. He couldn’t make Debbie or anyone really see it. He said that if 3 billion socialists all over the world turned away from it, he would still stand – he alone because he knew that socialism is right. Re  himself & John John: He would have to kill both of them even if we don’t stand because 1 couldn’t go without the other. Dad explained that we all need to know ourselves sexually. That when he was a young child, he touched another child & in his mind he said that was a sexual feeling. He was able to feel his feelings & deal with them. That is why he will never be a sexual deviant. Because he knows himself & is trying to teach us to know our selves. Dad’s high points are his self-sacrifice, his never ending or feeling love for us. Though I know myself as ungrateful. His dealing with each person individually on their level, & his tactics & constant planning. Being able to mix authority & discipline. His utter fairness & non-elitism. He never requires anything out of anyone that he has never done himself a million times. I can go on but these are a few of the main points. Dad is able to deal with the people to make them face themselves & feel their guilt. That is 1 reason the traitors are so vicious – they have seen his goodness. I was going to say we learn through Dad’s example but I really don’t feel it is looked at as much as the set for straying from the rules & norms of our society. I feel this is sad but true. I know myself the first thing I often think of is discipline & too often the second thing is Dad’s example. Dick said elitists like him should be shot if not changed. Yes, I feel, I am an elitist because I excuse myself in my mind for too many privileges I allow myself, & not put toward the development of our society. I have not received as much an education as Dick but I am still so-called “bright”. I have to think too much to bring out my sensitivity towards others. When I heard Dad say that he would eat the same food I had eaten but I still didn’t feel guilty enough because I still do it in the nursery (?). That is why I should be shot. Because my guilt does not last long enough.

Darrell Devers – Dad is an atheist yes. Dad believes the mind lives on, yes. Dad believes firmly in his own paranormal gifts, yes. Dad said his birthday was a death. He felt that if nobody could build from seeing his love that it was hopeless, but then another thought, that if nobody upheld socialism, he would. He tried to give love the best he could to Debbie but she wanted sex because a traitor – the high point of Dad’s character was he even felt guilt for something that wasn’t his fault. He always feels guilt – that’s why he is the best qualified to be the leader. He has love, knowledge, sensitivity. Always puts love before violence or spanking. Dad has belief in his own brand of socialism but also keeps his eye on other forms. He disagrees mostly with China’s brand & agrees mostly with USSR. My beliefs on all these questions are the same as my Dad’s. Dad knows himself – that’s why he wouldn’t take out 1 problem or a hatred on another person . Like the secretary & John John. Intellectuals rationalize too much – they rationalize themselves right into treason, thinking they’re better. (Another page may be lost). (Good)



Mary Tschetter – Father is an atheist, yes. Mind lives on after death, yes. Does he believe in healing power, yes – his own, none outside of him. On his birthday he said he died when Debbie went out – because he did not give of his body to her to take care of her sexual needs. He said he was a communist & always has been & always will be & he would die for communism. John John – he saw a look on his face or an action that reminded Dad of Grace & he came to terms with his feeling about Grace & separated the 2 & accepted John for himself & loves him & will die for him or any other child here. No greater love has any man than our Father. His healing power I had benefitted from it many times. But I accept him for the communist he is & would rather be this than a healer. Because life means nothing to me if this our communist life cannot live. (Good)

Betty Jean Sly (Gill) – 18 – Yes, Father is an atheist. Yes, he does believe in his own healing power. July 13 he died when Debbie left the movement. He said he would be the only communist. If some died off, he would stand for communism because he knows that is right. He said John will not be a sex use by his ex-partner & he would die pro-Soviet. He is a main leader in my mind. He also is the greatest. He lives among the people. He doesn’t think of himself, he always looks out for the family in the States, how we waste food & etc. when it hurts ourselves & not anyone else. Tropp said he knows so much & after being useful for them to be killed because what he means he knows everything. (Good)

Shirley Hicks Gieg – 35 – I think the first word means you have no belief in a God. If so, I would give the answer no, & then the other would be yes (believes in mind living on after death), yes (believes in own healing power). He said on May 13 he died because of what D. L. done. One of Jim’s highlights to me as the love he gave to everyone equally & another is the way he lets you get away with the same bull all the time. They see how he gave his strength every night to keep us in touch with what’s going on. He could be living in the US & be very, very rich but he gave it all up for his people. Dick said he was not giving all his mind to the cause, & when a man has done all he could, he should be shot. (Fair)

Agnes Jones – Father is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own healing power – but he is a socialist. Birthday – Debbie killed him but if 3 million left him he would still be a socialist. Why did he say knowing himself? Because Father always knows why he does what he does, knows his mind. High points of his character: pro-Soviet – describe him – Whatever is best for his people – He is a true Marxist-Leninist & socialist – I see Dad has always cared for the people. He has been with them through the years & mostly too since you’ve gotten all of us here. Your responsibilities here are so much greater & much deeper to his people. I see what you give it up through the years to be a rich, rich man & have all a human could want to live for us that don’t by the little things we do. Not even for you able to have a slice of bread without Harding for the fear of someone getting feelings of unfairness. And much in these last few years, I see the long, long, long hours on hours & the strategy by the 24 hours & all the time to keep us here – the sincerity of your life that all children have the same & be equal. Since the first 7 days, I’ve seen the part that of course I never gave myself to know – the regret of the past & know the hell of his past 25 years could never make up for the next 25 years but I can strive for that – when I first came I thought that death was the only answer & was most likely going to happen – but I always had to look & see there was always principle there & it was hard to do. Even when I was out of the family, I knew I could never fit into society regardless – this year I hope I’ve gotten somewhere, maybe 1 inch – but I know I’d been a person was all my life like Stella if I hadn’t been taken in by you & mom. I know I’m a bitch & amount to what I could have. (If nothing else I can take care of mother – & have not told her but don’t expect her at all.



Agnes Jones – to forget the heartaches, breaks you & her have had. But try to start now. But always know when you & mother are so tired I could have kept some of the hundreds of burdens I put on you & mother. The love you have for every one of us & do die daily for us I can see. I’m glad to be back with Ray though we have no kind of sex just a partnership & hopefully things will go well like they have. I was able to face myself & put sex where was. “Agnes” (very good)

Rosa Jackson – Father is an atheist. Believes in mind. He does believe in his own gifts. Re: birthday. You said that you died on your birthday. He said that she died on your birthday May 13 when Debbie went out & lied on the family & you said that she ask you to make love to her. But you did not, & when you said you would live as a communist if no one stayed here. Debbie said they did not bother me – this was when she went back to Babylon. Dick said that he was going back in himself & he also said that he would shoot all people that could not. (?) Dad always talked kind to the children. He said the person saw Grace in John John & the person was getting at Grace

Beverly Livingston 46 – Dick Tropp – I don’t remember what Dick said about his elitism. His solution was he thought he should be shot. I believe Dad is the only God I’ve ever known. I believe mind lives on after death. I also believe in Dad’s power. Father is an atheist. He said he died on his birthday because of traitor like Debbie leaving on his birthday. He is pro-Soviet. He said he faced his sex feeling about children. He also said beware of confronting John – your motives – don’t take your hate for Grace out on him. He also is the only true communist in the world (fair)

David Chaikin 15 – Dad said that he died on his birthday this year. Yes, you believe in your power to a certainty. We are pro-Soviet but we keep our trust within. (Very good)

Lucy Miller – Dad died on the 13 of May. Yes, Dad believes in himself. Healing power, yes. Yes, I believe live on after death, like Joe Hill & like Victor Jara (fail)

Marcus Anderson 15 – (His answer is unintelligible except that he writes “yes” a number of times. Probably means Dad is an atheist, mind lives on after death, Dad believes in own paranormal gifts – these were the first 3 questions.)

Edith Cordell – Father is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Believes in paranormal gift. Father said he died 3 times on his birthday because of the hurt he had when Debbie did what she did. Trying to hurt the church & people. Father believes in himself. Father would take his & H? John’s life before he would let the enemy take John. Father is always because he is the truth, the way, & the life & he is just. Don’t know what else to say. I believe in Father all the way. I am sorry I don’t remember, I listened to Dick Tropp but I don’t know how to put it in words. (Extra class)

Daisy Lee Stroud 21 – Father is an atheist. Believes in his own healing power, he does not believe in life after death. He believes in communism. He said he died on May 13. He will never leave or let John go. He looks at himself & understands himself – that is why he doesn’t harass children. His characteristics are planning strategy to protect us, giving his time to educate us with the news, his love, compassion, understanding, patience, sensitivity, his desire to give us a better life, not that he provides things we need but also things we want. He gives us treats, walks by with a smile, & asks “How are you?”. He sacrifices his life for us. He puts up with our problems etc. He gives us the best care. He tells us when things are going good & bad. Gives free medical advice to other people. I believe in his healing & I don’t believe in life after death. I believe he is the greatest man that’s ever been because through my 10 months here, I’ve seen his great humanitarian work, his strategy, he is the only person who cares so much about the people throughout the world & wanting to help, helped me grow up, taught me that socialist-communist is the only right thing there is.



Daisy Lee Stroud (cont) – Dick Tropp: Talked about his being an elitist & an intellectual should be shot after being used. Our intellectuals are potential traitors. He said he is a potential traitor. (Very good)

Tracy Parks 11 – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own gift. Dad is a great socialist leader. He had an alpha on his birthday. He said no one will take John John. Dad died on his birthday when Debbie B left the church (exc+ should’ve been exc or very good)

Frankie Grigsby 52 – Father said he died on May 13 when a traitor went out – Debbie – & it took $25,000 of the people’s $. Dad died but came back because of the children & seniors if no one stands with him after all these years, he will stand alone. The question about John was someone screamed at him & it hurt like mad & thanks Dad about Grace Stoen & the ?? woman she is & how it hurts when he even thinks about her. [Illegible word] back after death. Healing power.

Cindy Newell 18 – Father does believe in life after death & Healing power but not important to our revolution. Ran out of time (exc+)

Marlene Tarver 31 – Father is an atheist. Does not believe mind lives on after death. Does believe in his own healing power. He died on May 13 because Debbie left then & felt no one could see his goodness. He had done so much for her. That sometimes he reacts to Grace he sees in John’s face, so he always speaks gently to him. The secretary was reacting to Grace when dealing with John. He always looks at his orders & guards against reacting against sexual feelings. That he will live for socialism regardless of whether anyone else does. Would give up his life for any one of us & our children but would not sacrifice 1 of us. He is pro-Soviet, anti-China, a committed revolutionary leader dedicated to socialist, communist principle & will make any sacrifice to do so. Believes in himself & no one else but basic principle. Honest no matter what the personal pain or loss of face. Re Tropp: Dick said intellectuals have separatist feeling & could easily be a traitor if your mind could be let to travel that way & follow anarchistic thoughts. He should have written this out if he followed that line of thought out. All people have the capability of being a traitor, must watch your mind. People who are intellectual should be killed after usefulness is over. They should be watched closely, not trusted too far – too elitist. It would seem hard after thinking about it to decide when a person’s usefulness is over. Who would decide – would it be abused? Dogmatic? What could it lead to? All people who have said something anarchistic should be killed. (I assume she is saying that if taken to its logical conclusion this is where the argument would lead. Jann G) Who draws the lines? If people have worked for years for the cause should we just kill them at a designated time? I agree if evidence is heavy that people were becoming traitors something should be done. I would give it considerable thought. It should be explored deeper. At first I agreed, now I’m open on the subject. Could go 1 way or the other – not squeamish about killing for good reason but worry about dogmatism. (Suggestion: Maybe sometime we should really discuss this thoroughly in a rally. It would bring up, I think, valuable insights into people’s real feelings about leaders, intellectuals, whether or not people accept the idea that leaders are sometimes intellectually oriented & whether this causes distrust & division. There is among high school students at least, a strong anti-intellectual, anti-academic bias. I think that because intellectuals have frequently been traitors, intellectual occupations like studying & learning Marxist theory are castigated in a kind of subconscious fashion because they are associated with intellectuals. I may be entirely wrong though. Jann G)

Erris Morrison 15 – Dad is not an atheist. Believes that mind lives on after death. Believes in his healing power. He said he died on his birthday because of Debbie. The bad thing that he did like take $ (he wrote “he” not “she”



re who took $, I assume it was a mistake. Still, I type it verbatim when I can as things are revealed about people even in their mistakes sometimes. Jann G) turned traitor on him when he treated her very very good, like he does everybody. JJ is pro-Soviet. He also believes in himself because he has to in order to practice what he preaches. I myself believe in Dad because whatever he says goes for me because I cannot think of nothing better & I know that pained him when Debbie left as he said it killed him & that I shall never forget because we must remember all these people & all the evil things they’ve done. John is a very smart young man & I like him very much. He even corrects me when I am wrong plus he’s been through a lot & that’s what it takes to make a leader like Dad went through all kind of hell & that made him brave & he learned how to take pain & I think Dad does believe in himself. But not just himself. He doesn’t trust anyone which is good because all people do is just fuck him over. (Grade was fail but his sensitivity is clearly shown in his answer. He was failed because his writing skills are a little low. This pisses me off because a look at his test shows he knew the info & his answer re JJ was very good. Jann G)

Willie Grady 24 – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in his own healing power. He died on his birthday because of Debbie turning against the people. Dick T told of his being convinced in the back of his mind to have the answers to any type of questions [several words illegible] ‘Dad’ doesn’t care about those that act out & and that all intellectual anarchists should be shot. I don’t think so for they can be used somewhere down the line because each of us & and including myself are a little against the structure of this movement. Dad knows himself well enough to know that there is no one more faithful to socialism than him. A secretary tried to lay a sex trip on John & Dad knows his true feelings about sex that he would never molest a child but help to love them & protect them so that they may have a socialist future. The high points of Dad’s life is that he will stand for communism if the rest of the world does not. He is pro-Soviet & is non-aligned. (Very good)

Christa Amos 11 – I don’t think Dad is an atheist because we have people here from all walks of life. I think Dad is pro-Soviet & what Dad said about his birthday is that he died on his birthday because of what Debbie did & if he was the only 1 left who will stand for communism then he will stand for it. I think Dad is the best communist in the world. He is sincere, loving, & knows that he is the only 1 keeping us living. I am an elitist because at times, I think that I am better than other people. I thank you Dad for all you done for us. (exc+)

Don Bowers 51 – He died on May 13, Debbie Blakey left. If I was the only 1 left, I’d be a communist. Mind lives on after death. “I just can’t write fast enough”. (Very good)

Liz Ruggiero 23 – Dad is an atheist. He believes there is no sky god or any god at all. He says religion is the opiate of the people. It destroys one’s mind & makes one passive (unable to think for themselves). Dad has taught us that the mind lives on & is reincarnated & is [in] another body. He believes in himself & his paranormal gift for he says that his positive mind is what brings us through many tragedies & harmful events to the movement. Dad said he died May 13, 1978 because his love & honesty toward a secretary only caused him torture & pain when she betrayed him & his movement on his birthday. He spoke about her & Stoen & about how they showed their racist, fascist attitudes when they ordered Chris killed at 1 time & voted on death for others who were doing harm in the movement. Dad said that he would take John John’s life & his own when the time comes that the fascists enter Jonestown to attempt to take him or them away. He demanded that we act as revolutionaries & fight to our death because we have a reason to fight for our liberty & not be taken away to suffer concentration camps. Dad is purely communist & the only true & fair leader who thinks of his followers even if



Liz Ruggiero 23 (cont) – betray him by the hated acts we perform. He is a dictator of the proletariat, pro-Soviet, loving in any situation. He will not ask for aid from the imperialists. He is fair in all the ways. He is stern but loving. I am an elitist because I carry with me traits that I think I’m better than my comrades because I always think of myself before others. I don’t want to go out of my way for others. I am very organized & do not like others who are disorganized & disturb my way of doing things. I do question things but not out loud. I’m very stern & serious & don’t have many friends because of this, but Dad showed me so much principle that I can’t help be serious with all that is going on in the world. (exc+)

Tanya Cox (about 18) – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death, believes in own paranormal gift. On his birthday he died because of a traitor who he has always treated like a daughter! In the most loving manner. That she could do this to the cause after all he’s done! (exc)

Tarik Baker (about 16) – Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in own paranormal. He died because he offered all that he could & when Debbie left, he felt that out of all of the love he gave Debbie & for her to leave, who would appreciate the love that Dad has. But still Dad is a communist & will always be a communist no matter how many people denounce it. He doesn’t expect to be loved anymore. (Very good – shows real understanding of what you said. Also has capability to get to the point quickly & concisely)

[Following entry crossed out] Judy Houston (about 13-14) – he said that after all 1 has done all (this is all she wrote. Must have run out of time.)

Braun Darnes (about 16-17) – Dad is an atheist, believes mind lives on after death, believes in own paranormal. He said that he died because of Debbie. He says tht if 5 billion betrayed communism he would still be a communist. He says John John. He says that he has no sexual feelings for John to do nothing. That’s how he knows himself. (Very good)

Lovie De Pina – Yes, I believe the Mind goes on in life & death. He believes in himself only. (Fail)

Robert Paul 32 – Father is an atheist. Dad agrees with USSR policy. Yes, the mind lives on. On May 13, Father said he died because of what Debbie Blakey did. But on that day, Dad’s birthday, he was hurt deep inside. But because of us he lives. (Good)

Lexie Davis – senior – Dad is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Believes in own paranormal gifts. J died on May 13, don’t know why people can’t relate to my kindness which I have shown to Debbie. He said if 3 million people turned against communism, J will always remain a communist. Yes, believe the mind lives on after death. Dick Tropp was very honest about his statement because no one really knows what one will do. He wants to be watched because he don’t want to do wrong & hurt [illegible word] others. Fair

Judy Houston about 13-14 – Dad believes in communism, Marxism-Leninism. He does not believe that Jesus is coming or anything like that. In some cases likely Parson child that if you committed suicide or an un-revolutionary act that you would have to come back at least 500 years, start your life all over again. He said that he died on his birthday because of Debbie Blakey but the reason why he did not die is just because of us back in [illegible word]. Because she had decided to leave on his birthday, do traitorous things like trying to stop our people from getting together with the person who started the whole mess. Telling lies with all the rest like Tim Stoen, Mertles, Grace, and all the rest. Telling things like we bury people alive, have 11 different kinds of weapons like bazookas, guns, & other different military weapons. And also telling stuff to the relatives and trying to get them started and trying to get some people back to the states. But Dad won’t let them. He says that if one goes, we all go. And that is



Judy Houston (cont) – what he means. Dick said that when you are done with serving the people, that you should be shot.

Tinetra Johnson 19 – I feel that Dad is an atheist and that he does believe mind lives on after death and that he does have the healing power. Dad stated that he died on his birthday because he showed her so much fatherly love. I feel that Dad’s highest point is his character. He shows it each and every day. You have to be the person he is to carry out an equal love for a thousand people. He sees to it that we have everything that we need and although we do some fucked-up things, he forgives us and puts out all to help us. Dad is pro-Soviet because he is an internationalist. He does believe in helping all people. Dad is the only true Marxist-Leninist. Re Tropp: Dick explained how he gave only part of his mind to the cause and helping people the other part he put forward to his intellectualism. He intellectually licensed his fire. He felt that what should happen to intellectuals is that they should be put to death. Because he [illegible word] that it was nothing left for them to do. (Very good)

Tom Kice – Father is an atheist. Yes, Father does believe mind lives on after death and so do I. Yes, Father does believe in his healing power. Father said on his birthday he died because that is when Debbie Blakey became enemy of the people. Jim can’t really trust anyone but Jim said he would be a communist if no one else on this earth was and he would die a communist. Jim spoke from the bottom of his heart on the subject of traitors and blamed himself for Debbie leaving. I believe Father said he knows himself and not to strike out against a child because you may be striking out against the child’s parents. I believe the high point of Jim’s character is he is totally dedicated to communism regardless of what comes in his way. He is the most loyal person to people than anyone. Father is pro-USSR, I would describe Jim as the highest involved revolutionary that ever lived on this earth plane. Jim is the most loving person alive. Dick Tropp said that elitism in himself, and that when he was no longer needed for this cause he should be shot. (Very good was the grade given but it should have been excellent plus given the knowledge displayed and his educational background) (note that there are no capital letters anymore because typewriter is broken – is not typing capitals.)

Tommy Anderson 18 – Dad is not an atheist. Does not believe mind lives on after death. Doesn’t believe in our own paranormal gift. You said that you had died because you gave her your best and she betrayed the cause. Your high point is to make communism work and to get all of our people free from the capitalist state. He is pro-Soviet. Is aligned. Dick Tropp said that he thinks it was better to shoot yourself or shoot them when you can serve no purpose to the cause. (Fair – should have been at least a very good considering his education.)

Nina Herring 72 – Father is an atheist. He believes that life goes on after death. On his birthday there was news from Debbie. He said he would not give up John or anyone or his children. Dick Tropp said our school was the best. Dad knows that he can heal and believes that he can. Dad is meek and humble and hearty in his administration. (Good – should have been excellent. She does mention that the questions are beyond her comprehension.)

Josephine Harris – Father said on his birthday he died May 13, because Debbie Blakey left Jonestown and stole $25,000 from Father. High point is being very merciful, unsure of the word, good and kind honest in everything. Father is true and good. He believes in healing power. He believes people’s mind lives on. He said he would not let John John Jones go back to the USA. He would be mistreated. I always believe in everything Father does. He has not ever failed and he will not ever fail. (Fair)



Joyce McIntyre – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes  in own healing power. He said that he died on May 13 2 times & he didn’t care if half of us turned our backs on him, he would stand for communism. He says he analyzes himself & knows why he is not attracted to children & he is not going to let Stoen have John-John because Stoen thought he looked like Dad & he was attracted to him. (Fair)

Gladys Roberts – Believes in healing power yes. Mind lives on after death yes. Dad I tries but my head is heavy after I take medication. I can’t keep my eyes open & can’t write fast enough. I’m not giving up. I am still going to work on this lesson. (Fail)

Betty Fitch – Yes, Dad is an atheist because he is a Marxist-Leninist & Marxists believe only in the power of man, & the power of mind over matter. Yes, Dad believes that the mind lives on after the body dies. Yes, Dad believes in his own paranormal gifts. Dad said his birthday was the saddest day in his life because he had shown absolute principled behavior to a person who turned traitor. He said he couldn’t understand the morality of human beings. Why with the most principled person in the world be the victim of such acts by traitors. He said that people only want what they can get out of him, & that he no longer trusted people but only trusted socialism. He said if everyone in the world turned against socialism, he would still be a socialist because it’s the right thing to do. In reference to John John, Dad said he at 1 time felt hostility against John John because John reminded him of Grace, but he was aware of his thoughts a percent did not that his emotions continue. Dad is 100% principle. He shows more care than any human being ever did or ever will. He shows concern for all of his children equally. Dad doesn’t let his emotional feelings affect his disapproval of anyone who is unprincipled. That’s why we can always count on Dad to be true to socialism. It hurts Dad to see the slightest thing that is unprincipled like some children dressed better than other children. Dick Tropp said he often used his intellectualism to make fun of others only because in reality he was unsure of himself. Because of this he felt like a traitor. He said that if you don’t control your thoughts, they can lead you to commit treason. (exc)

Toi Fonzelle 23 – Father does not believe in sky god only in himself & communism. Yes, the mind does live on after death [illegible word]. Yes, we both believe in healing power of Dad, but even more so in his principle. Father died on his birthday when Debbie B left, even more so for stupid reasons like no ice cream, wanting companionship when “JJ” sacrifices constantly for us by the day. Father told the secretary not to take hostility out on John. [Several illegible words] through so much as a child. With the handle that Grace S. & Tim S. put John through. So much has been taken out on John the few years he’s been alive. The high points of Jim’s character is the way he’s honest, shows no favoritism, doesn’t say you should do 1 thing & he does the opposite. Will always be by our sides. Jim is pro-Soviet. Tropp’s solution to elitism is the shoot the elitists if he/she doesn’t change. The reason for saying that in my mind more than anything is that I think I’m an elitist changing very slowly. I agree totally that this is the best solution since I am ready to die, preferably by revolutionary means but ready. (exc)

Mark Sly – Father is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Does believe in own power. On his birthday he had a double death. He didn’t get over hostile at John John because [he] saw that he was striking out at Grace. (Poor)

Danny Marshall – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death, it can. Debbie created him along with others to say he died on his birthdate. Pro-Soviet. (Fail)



Edith Bogue 38 – Yes, he believes mind lives on. He believes in his own healing power. He said he literally died on his birthday in 2 ways – a real death & that no one could hurt him again. He said it because he trusted Debbie & she betrayed the trust & communism. Dad is pro-Soviet. He said the young secretary was taking her dislike of Grace out on John John. Dad said he had done the same until he realized what he was doing. Dad examines each feeling until he knows its true value. I trust Dad in his dealings with us, with political things over us & the world. I think he is a good, just, trustworthy person who knows us & loves us anyway. (Very good)

Sonya Evans 10 – Dad is not an atheist. Yes, mind lives on. He said that he would have died on his last birthday because of Debbie Blakey. I see him as a true socialist. Also pro-Soviet. (Extra class – this grade shows Frank & callous disregard for this child’s age – she should’ve gotten exc+ Jann G)

Elaine Backman 28 – Yes, he is an atheist. He does believe that the mind lives on. Dad is a true socialist. On May 13, he died to give up everything to save the people. He does believe in his powers & if he didn’t he could not work miracles to save the people. He said it billions went against him for socialism, he will always stand for what’s right. I truly believe that he is a communist. There is no one on earth like him – I think he is the greatest & he does practice what he preaches. (Fail)

L.B. Reeves – He is a real healer, a great leader. I believe in him. Yes, they did, they are not real. (That’s verbatim – I don’t know what she is referring to. Jann G)

Barbara Smith 33 – Dad is an atheist. Believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own healing power. Father said May 13 he died when Debbie Blakey turned traitor. JJ is a communist. Yes, Dad, you do believe in yourself. (Fail)

Jim Arthur Jones – Yes, Dad is an atheist. Yes, believes mind lives on after death. Believes in own healing power. He said he died because of what Debbie, because she left. (exc should’ve bee  exc+)

Chris O’Neill – No, Dad is not an atheist. Yes, believes mind lives on after death. Yes, believes in his own healing power. [Several illegible words] The reason he said this is because Debbie Blakey became a treasoner & left the cause. He is pro-Soviet, no, he don’t believe in his self. (Good)

Shuanna Solomon 37 – Yes, Father is an atheist. Yes, Dad believes that mind lives on after death. Yes, he believes in his healing power (gifts). Dad said that he died on his birthday the betrayal of Debbie Blakey, also that he would remain a communist if 3 billion people stopped, he would remain true to communism. He said that when a secretary was talking to John-John that she was taking out her hostilities on him for Grace. That there are times when he could see some of her ways all little things that he did reminded him of Grace & that he should not have to be put through that, that he knew the feeling & knew what the feeling was. Also that he knew when a feeling was a sexual feeling also that he knew when it was not. Yes, Dad believes highly in himself. He is pro-communist. He is the highest form of communism so it depends on what is being done where. I would say pro-Soviet. There are some things that China does is good. Some things that China does is capitalistic. The highest points of Dad’s character that he is a true only communist. Dick Tropp said that after a person is no longer useful (not meaning age-wise) then they should be shot. I do agree. Also that all of us have elitist attitudes & rebellious, anarchistic attitudes & if there is not a change, if 1 refuses to change, then that’s when the shooting starts. (exc)

Hazel Dashiell 78 ½ – Father is not an atheist. Believes in own healing power. Yes, believes in life after death. He said he died on May 13 because he had treated Debbie Blakey & it made him go out of his way for her the traitor. JJ is the highest person on earth that is the most faithful, loving &



[Handwritten notation at top of page] (note: very honest, introspective.)

Tom Grubbs: (excellent) Father is an atheist who does believe in life after death, does believe in his own supranatural power, believes he is the only one with such power on earth today, he is a genetic mutation. On his birthday he said he died that day. By this he means all hope that people can be motivated by good by seeing and knowing a good example. He said it because so many who have known him well have not only rejected him but have become the worst enemy of those he gives his living for. Instead he said living close to and knowing good only makes such people want to destroy it as the truth exposes the selfishness which motivates them, creates the burning awareness of their selfish motives, rather than become selfless they choose to destroy the only selfless example that can rationalize that there is no morality and they are therefore not obligated to be moral. Father said we must know our motivation that the secretary must know her reasons for shouting at John-John as he did when he realized he was projecting hatred of Grace on John for mannerisms which evoked memories and feelings. His awareness has motivated him to be very careful to be calm and even mannered around children. The high point that Father said that communism is right, that he will live and die a communist if he is the only communist on earth. He will in no way or for no reason betray communism for any personal reason whatsoever. Further he said that if the enemies come for John, he and John will die but he will not surrender John nor risk our safety. Dick Tropp’s analysis was concerned with the elitist mentality which holds the value of his thought processes are more important to him than total integration into the collective consciousness. I support the solution of killing the elitists who either do not benefit the collective or cause the collective more trouble than they benefit. I say this knowing full well that there is an aspect of my personality, my mentality which is not integrated, which I control, suppress and repress but do not surrender. I try to compensate and work harder to make up for the way I act when my selfishness rules. I have lived alienated most of my life and totally or near



near totally alienated since spring of 1967. I seem unable to find the ability to be undivided or without reservation in my loyalty. I know I am a potential hazard, deserter, though I don’t believe I would try to do harm. I expect that I am under special surveillance, do not object and expect to be killed if I am in a time or a situation to endanger the collective. My inability to handle frustration is the greatest weakness that triggers my traitorous thoughts.

Gladys Smith (very good) Dick Tropp said that he might be a traitor it was brought out how he did very well with the children he always has a smile and a kind word to the children.

Viola Moton: Yes, Father is an atheist, yes I believe he does believe that the mind lives on after death. I believe in his healing power and paranormal gifts. (Excellent plus)

[Editor’s note: This paragraph appears to be a first or second draft of Liz Ruggiero’s statement on pages x-3-c-25v ]

Liz Ruggiero (Excellent plus) – Dad is an atheist. He believes there is no sky god or any god at all. He says religion is the opiate of the people. It destroys one’s mind & makes one passive. Dad has taught us that the mind lives on & is reincarnated in another body. He believes in himself and his paranormal gift for he says that his positive mind is what brings us through many tragedies. Dad said he died May 13, 1978 because his love & honesty toward a secretary only caused him torture & pain when she betrayed him and this movement on his birthday. He spoke about her and Stoen and how they showed their racist, fascist attitudes when they ordered Chris killed and voted on death for others who were doing harm in the movement. Dad said that he would take John John’s life and his own when the time came that the fascists entered Jonestown to attempt to take him or them away. He demanded that we act as revolutionaries and fight to our death because we have a reason to fight for our liberty and not be taken away to suffer concentration camps. Dad is purely communist and the only true and


x-3-c-25a (6)

Debby Jensen: Dad said he thought people could be swayed by love but found out different. He said he would be around as long as he is needed & that even if the entire world turns against communism, he would still stand. When John-John was rebuked by a secretary, Dad said that our anger toward him could be because we see Grace’s face in John’s & we must be careful of that. We must know ourselves. Dad is an internationalist. His character shows in his total commitment to communism & willingness to do anything for the communist cause. Dad is pro-Marxist-Leninist wherever that may be. Dad is the only 1 who really knows communism!!! Tropp felt elitists & intellectuals were dangerous because they could intellectualize their way out of anything & when their usefulness is up, they should be shot. I feel that I’m elitist because I often have thoughts that I should have a certain privilege because I might convince myself that I work harder than some others. I really need to think about this question – I only have a few minutes & I don’t know myself enough to write this down in a few minutes. I’m often impatient with others who aren’t as educated as I am. I’m sorry I just don’t feel I can accurately answer this but I will write up something after I’ve put more thoughts into this, Dad. (exc)

Marthea Hicks: Father is atheist. He speaks often on the point of people believing in a God, an outside force. No, Father has said many times, “Fuck you, do you hear me?” Father did this many times to show that if there be 1, he would surely have reacted to it. He has spoken of the vast suffering of people, black & minorities that have suffered & still suffer under the fascist capitalists all over the world. He has used the idea of little babies dying for [of] hunger, & if there was a God he would do something about the long suffering that goes on constantly. Also, Father has spoken of religion & God being 1 of the bourgeois dog Rockefeller using it as nigger control spending over $50,000/year on the god news, to keep the Blacks & others under control of the capitalist forces. Father believes in the mind living on because he spoke of his mind moving on through 42 generations. Once as Marx’s to stand now in mind in Father to bring the truth again to free the people. I have thought also that he is closely connected to Victor Jara because of his strong feelings & understanding of his suffering through the fight for freedom. Father’s healing powers, I feel, are extra healing gifts that come with total knowledge of oneself. Father has said if it was not necessary to heal, he would not do it because it brings him of energy that could be used on strategy that is needed every moment. He doesn’t get enough sleep because it is an endless job to stay ahead of all the capitalist dogs who continue to bark at our heels. He has said that many people would not be here if he had not healed. Father said he’d died on his birthday, this was in total reference to the last class in a meeting Debbie B. Father said we must be careful in our feelings and the motivation behind them when speaking to our children using Grace as a reference to John & the disciplining 1 could have been thinking of her instead of using pure love with the child. JJ’s high point is that he is the truest communist of the day & he knows himself & sees himself clearer than anyone in the planet, & has unconditional love for his people. He is pro-Russian because it is the purest form of structure where everyone is equal & the proletariat lives about [“above”?] the ground & not pressed to the earth with material problems. Dick Tropp  spoke of his intellectual highs & how he felt because he reserves part of his mind for his private world, where he only could go & not share this place with others. He was a traitor because true communism is total sharing & caring for all. He also said that after he has outlived his usefulness, he should be shot. I relate to it as a point of truth. Many people who feel they have used all their talents feel wasted and useless.


x-3-c-25a (1)

Marthea Hicks (cont): & if they have been active in life, it could work the same as a beautiful woman who use sex as an out as Father spoke of that when she has been fully used, she becomes the evil traitor, turns you in, kill & revenge is her quest. So I feel it was deep for him to inform Father of his feeling – looking ahead this can be noted & checked. Father believes in himself because he could not have advanced so well without believing in himself. He cannot be sure of who will let him down or trade on [likely, “betray”] him. Himself is the most reliable person. (exc)

Ellen Klingman 32: Atheist. Believes mind lives on. Firmly believes in healing. Dad said May 13 he died because Debbie betrayed him because Dad refused having sex. That it was some birthday gift to do that. Dad said if “3 billion people went against communism, I, JJ, will not.” Dad is communist, an internationalist, pro-Soviet. Re Dick T: I didn’t hear a whole lot because I was in the bakery, but what I caught was he was being very honest & doing introspection of himself. He told of his treasonous thoughts, ideas how he could be a Debbie, how he’s been an elitist. (exc+)

Ava Inghram 14: Yes, he believes in his gift. Dad believes that you will come back if you don’t go out right but otherwise Dad said he died on his birthday & he gave Debbie love & she spit on his love – now he knows who to trust & who not to trust. He said he feels guilty because he didn’t screw her. He said he loves John & if we ever see them come get them we better stop him because he will not let John go. He told all his children he would do the same for them. People take this hostility out on Dad’s children but he never lets his actions get in his way. Dad said he died & felt guilty about Debbie causing us so much trouble. He told us about how he wished he had went to bed with her for the cause’s sake. Said if they ever came to take John away, we better stop him because he was going to kill John instead of seeing him go back to the US & be programmed. He said he loves John. I don’t think Dad is pro-anything – not pro-Soviet & not pro anything except pro-JJ because every communist or socialist country has flaws in it – I think Dad is a true Marxist-Leninist with no elitism in him. He knows how to bring about communism & how to fight a revolution. He is the most loving man on earth. Jim also said the hostilities come out on his children & he never lets his hostilities come out on him. Part of Debbie’s problem was she was too materialistic. That’s why we need no materialism. Dick Tropp’s elitist attitude: The way it related to me was I am the same way – take special privileges & never feel guilty about it. I think it took a lot of thought & guilt to write a letter like that. I feel that I may not act like an intellectual elitist, but just the same am an elitist. Dad always tells us if we feel guilt, we won’t be so self-indulgent. I believe this to be true & I think it makes you stronger to look at yourself.

Oliver Morgan 28: Father is an atheist. Does believe that the body of a person’s mind does live on (that’s verbatim). I feel on that I agree with you & there must be another dimension in life. Dad, you do believe in your paranormal powers but I believe you said that, from the love & the principle that you express & show that there is protection that he has for you which he can lift from you at any time. On his birthday he said that he died for each & every 1 of us to protect us when Debbie B did to us – that he is a moral, humane, socialist, communist & that his principle would be if every 1 left this communist society, he would still stand up for communism. (exc)


x-3-c-25a (2)

Julius Evans: Atheist. Doesn’t believe in God in the sky or pie in the sky when you die. He believes in equal sharing of all things for all people now. Mind doesn’t live on after death. Believes in own healing power. He said he died on his birthday because he’d given everything to us & Debbie left because he refused to go to bed with her & she picked his birthday to do this (if there is another page of his test I can’t find it)

Chris Lund: Atheist. Yes, mind lives on. Believes in own paranormal faculties. He said he died on his birthday on 13 of May because he thought although he knew he was being used, he thought people could appreciate his love & compassion. However, when D left he died. He thought no one would appreciate his work. Then he thought that if 3 billion people leave him & turn against him, he will stand for what he believes because it is right. Dad said he can always be trusted because he knows every thought. When he was a child & touched another child, he recognized it as sex. For this reason he knows every feeling & controls it. The high point of JJ’s character that he will always stand for right no matter how many betray him. He will always remain loyal. Loyalty to him is a law. Dad is neither pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese. He believes in Jonesism. Everyone compromises somewhere but him. He can only trust himself. Dick thought intellectuals such as himself reserve a part of themselves as independent from the group & therefore cannot be trusted. For this reason he (cannot find other page).

Aaron Hendricks: Atheist, mind lives on, believes in own paranormal. He died because Debbie left & brought harm. No matter if 3 billion people go against communism & he was the only communist alive, he will still die a communist. Tropp said it is hard for intellectuals. If they aren’t willing to change, is feeling as they ought to be shot. Not to think of Grace Stoen when confronting John. Dad is a Marxist-Leninist & believes in communism.

Don Fitch 32: Atheist. Doesn’t believe in any form of a god except himself & socialism. Does believe in mind going on after death. Does believe in his healing power because he has proved it for years & years. Father said he died on his birthday because he put out so much to save the people & nobody cares or showed interest for his sacrifice. Father said that the person was yelling at John-John to get back at Grace in their own mind. Father will stand for communism if nobody else does. He believes the USSR is best because they show concern for the 3rd World.


x-3-c-25a (3)

Christine Young: Father is an atheist – believes mind lives on after death. He & I believe in his healing power. He however, believes in it not in opposition to medical science. Father says he died May 13 on his birthday when Debbie betrayed him after he had given her education & an opportunity to get away from capitalism & he showed her love & she in return betrayed the people. She had been trusted so I think he meant he died as far as trust & hurt etc. goes. She took much life from him. He asked the secretary not to take out on John John what she felt for Grace. Father says he knows his inner feelings – his kindness & love etc. He could not be a deviant because he knows where he is sex-wise. Father’s highest point to me is he is willing to continue lending/denying self – not caring whether he is loved or not, in spite of his health. He plans strategic moves 100% correct at all times. He loves all with no differences – no respecter of persons. He provides all necessities for his people. I am in the elitist category to a certain extent. I have questioned certain people in certain trustworthy positions etc. I am not questioned nothing about the leader or the move [movement]. I have questioned some people’s loyalty & actions. (Very good)

Rosie Lee Burgines: Father is an atheist. He does not believe in God. He believes that mind lives on after death, however he doesn’t place emphasis on this. He believes in his healing power but doesn’t rely upon or place his main interest on this but he knows it is real. The same goes with his extra sensory faculty, he knows it doesn’t place great emphasis on it. Dad stated that he died twice on his birthday. He found it difficult to relate his goodness to people. He did everything right with the defector Debbie B never failing her. He stated that on his birthday when she left, it was a tremendously painful experience for him. Stated that he came to the conclusion that he would always be a communist, if 3 billion people left the movement or turned against him, this would not deter his commitments & convictions to principles. He stated in reference to secretary confronting John John that he knew that sometime people will take their hostilities out on children or project images on the children (images of him for e.g. in relation to John John – secretary might have been directing feelings about Dad towards John John.) Dad stated that he knows himself well in the sense that he does not project images of others on children, he deals with reality. He will not be a child molester because he is in touch with himself & others. He knows his own mind & feelings. Hi points of JJ: Totally committed to the will of the people. Extremely sensitive to people & all forms of life. Lives for principles & by principles. Demonstrates his life with his deeds & actions. Is not afraid to die for what he believes in. Will never betray his people. Always puts others’ feelings & life above his own. Has no ego. Zero personality. Cannot be compromised or sold out. Time up (exc+)


x-3-c-25a (4)

Cathy Barrett 25: (cont) doing it before. Dad is pro-JJ because you can never trust anyone else to help you when you need it. He will keep alliances with other countries like the SU [Soviet Union] & Cuba for support from the US & for aid financially & materially if it is ever offered. (Very good)

Linda Arterberry 29: He told us when he was a little boy how his dad almost threw him off the bridge. He also said he died on his birthday because you really trusted Debbie. Yes, he does believe in healing. All those times you have saved people’s lives. Yes, I believe. His points of character are to teach us how to become better revolutionaries & how are our lives really don’t mean anything. The most important thing is that we lay our lives down for what is right. He said that John John have been through a lot & how much you really loved him. We really wouldn’t have a movement if we didn’t have structure. Dick T said that after the job is completed that you should be shot. (Fair)

Terri Bargeman 15: Atheist. Yes, mind lives on because people will carry on his mind. Yes, believes in own paranormal because he knows there’s no way all the lives he saves can be done by the power he has & he doesn’t know where it comes from. He said he died May 13, 1978 because Debbie left after all he put his trust in her & she does this. After he showed her love & care for her, after he put her in charge of all the $. He said he would die for John John & no 1 will take him as long as he lives. His high points are for us to know what’s going on around us in the world & for us to see the love & care he puts out for us, & for us to realize that you have to have structure to have a revelation. Yes, he is pro-Soviet. No, he doesn’t believe in himself only. He thinks of others before he thinks of himself. It makes sure every 1 has a bed & food to eat. He thinks about his people. He knows his problems are not up until his other children get here. His heart is with the ones in the US so that he doesn’t think of himself. He said that no matter if a billion people left he would still go on with communism, & he wishes that people understood how much he loves us & all the love he puts out for us. (Good)

Patricia Houston 14: Atheist. Mind lives. Believes in own healing power. He said he died on May 13 because he did all he could for Debbie B & she still sold out on him. He didn’t realize why she turned on him. He said he would never let down on his loyalty. He didn’t care if nobody stood with communism, he will still stick with it & be for it & does communist practices no matter what. He is pro-Soviet and believes in Mao’s statement that change comes out of [a] barrel of [a] gun. Really he criticizes everything & everybody he works with. He criticizes China for foreign policy, some of the stands USSR makes. But mostly pleased with USSR more than any other country. He would kill himself before the people’s freedom was put at stake, such as if we could be left alone if he died he would do it. He said he would not let anybody take John. He was going to kill John & himself before letting them take him. Dad told a secretary not to take her hostility for Grace out on John. (exc+)

Fairy Norwood 49: Yes, atheist. Mind lives on. Believes in own paranormal. Debbie killed you on your birthday. Hi points: principled, most honest, loving, egalitarian, Marxist-Leninist. Dick said that if you be honest with yourself & Dad you would feel the same as he did. These things I have felt from time to time but never to hurt or destroy you. I guess you could call it un-authoritarianism (hatred of authority). (Fair)

William Jones 13: [Word “Atheist” struck out] Mind lives on after death. He said it was messed up because of Debbie traitor. He does what he says. He is a proletariat. I believe in socialism. Dad is not an atheist. Dad is a communist. Believes in own paranormal gifts. (Good)

Gabriel Dennis 10: Dad is pro-Soviet. He believes in himself & his power. Yes, he is a leader. He is a Savior. Dad has power. Dad brought me to freedom and save me from dying.

Santiago Rosa: Dad helps people in all kinds of ways. He is nice with babies & he helps sick people by having them see the doctor & by giving food to the poor & being nice with our neighbors (maybe more to test but can’t find it).


x-3-c-25a (5)

Jack Baron [Barron] 57: Father is an atheist. Mind lives on after death. Believes in healing powe Believes in healing power.r. Father died on his birthday because of the defection of Debbie. Hi point in JJ’s character is that he is the only 1 in the world who loves people enough to live on in the fight for communism throughout the world & fight for the truth at all costs. (Good)

Vernetta Christian: Father is atheist, believes in mind living on & only believes in his paranormal gifts & believes in healing power. On May 13, Dad said he died, thought he didn’t know how to convey goodness, due to that traitor Debbie B. Thought secretary was seeing Grace when she yelled at John-John. People should recognize when they are acting in reference to sexual feelings toward children. Dad is always loving & dependable. He is loyal to people who have served this cause. Tremendous character is always exhibited by Dad. High point of Dad’s character is he’s dedicated to what he believes in – communism. Always willing to search for goodness in every 1. Dick’s letter was a revealing honest evaluation of an elitist. Not just in perspective to himself but to others. Feels that an organization that kind of person should serve or be exploited for their knowledge & then killed. Evidently he feels there is no room for compliance to socialist society rules so they must be killed in order to form the society which all seek but have not actually reached, but is the nearest to communism of other societies. I can relate to elitism but have not actually come to terms that I am – I can verbally say it but have not accepted it in my mind as being actually true. I feel Dick’s thoughts were honest, true grit. I have more respect for him than I did before. I evidently am an elitist because I am a loner in thoughts which gives me much satisfaction. I try to keep my thoughts as my own personal world. (Very good)

Tommie S. Keaton 65: Atheist. Believes mind lives on. Believes in paranormal (own paranormal). He died on his birthday because he knows every thought & knows himself. I also believe your mind lives on. He trusts himself only because he always knows what he is going to do. He pours his heart out. I for 1 so myself in 2 or 3 phrases touched me very much. (Fair)

Laura Johnston: Father is an atheist – no “God” in “heaven.” He does know mind continues after death but that is irrelevant to the struggle of communism. Dad does know his own healing power (or “paranormal gift”). He said he died on May 13 when Debbie committed treason because he’d given her everything & she’d known him well but turned – he said every 1 would like to be appreciated but he had no more illusions or faith that any 1 cared or was trustworthy except him. But that he’d battle if the 3 billion in the world turned away from communism. Dad told secretary that she didn’t know herself well by raising her voice to John. She was seeing Grace as Dad had known in himself in the past – so now he is loving & dependable at all times. Hi points: never looks for easy way out to any problems or situation so justice is always done thanks to Dad. 2. Pure egalitarianism & requires more out of himself than any of us – while providing our every need. 3. Purest example our children could ever have or adults. 4. Pro-Soviet voter turnout has good domestic policy – not to be said to outsiders. Dick said intellectuals should be shot when outlive usefulness. I agree – my elitism of not pushing myself, of protecting my image – constant battle.

Debby Jensen: Dad is an atheist. He does believe that the mind lives on. I also believe this. It goes on to evolve to a higher form. However, this isn’t important now when we are trying to build socialism. Yes, Father believes in healing & has proven his capabilities countless times. Dad said he died on his birthday because of Debbie B turning her back on goodness and love.


x-3-c-25a (8)

Yvonne Morrison 18 – (cont) due to the fact that I was attached to the US so much I left my life base on it. I do like this movement, it teaches me more. But it is hard for me to catch on to things, because the school didn’t learn me anything, because I didn’t attend that much. Because I was uninterested. But I do learn more from him, but I feel that the pattern still affects me. (Good)

Lucy Crenshaw 48 – Father is an atheist. He believes mind lives on after death. He believes in paranormal gift of his own. Father said he died May 13. He only sees children as someone to love & help. High points JJ’s character is his principle as a true socialist, next is his love of mankind, he fears nothing, no one. He is a wonderful example for anyone to follow. D Tropp on intellectual elitists – intellectual means educated. Elitist means upper-class. Educated upper-class = bourgeoisie. JJ is pro-Soviet, anti-Chinese to a point. (Very good)

Loretta Chavis 23 – Dad is an atheist. Dad does believe that the mind lives on after death. You can kill one’s body, but not his soul. Dad does believe in the healing power, paranormal or superpower. He has used this many times to save mother from cancer, raise the dead & save many lives. Dad said that he died on his birthday May 13, because he saw that there was not enough concern or sensitivity from some of us. Dad stated that he knew himself & why he did & made certain reactions. He knows his every thought & why if 1 knows this he could not molest children or perform any deviant acts. Dad stated that a secretary shouted or struck at John because of Grace, not knowing herself she was striking at Grace. (Dad is honest, dependable, loving, committed to this cause because he knows that there is hope in the capitalist system for a future for our babies & children & children). (She must mean there is no hope. Jann G) Dad is so loving & concerned to the point that he would give his life for freedom & that means a lot for me because in the states I thought no one gave a damn about oppressed people in the streets, that were living in slums, in jail & slavery. (Very good)

Karl Newell 17 – Yes, he is an atheist, yes he believes mind lives on after death, yes he believes in own healing power. He said on May 13, he died. He said it because Debbie left & he did more for her than almost anybody in the whole cause. He is pro-Soviet. He is a nonaligned person. And I believe that Jim is the most spiritual person I ever seen. We had an alpha on Dad’s birthday. Yes, he does believe in hisself because if he believes in someone else this organization would probably go down. (Very good should’ve been fail)

Joyce Parks – Dad is an atheist. (He believes) that the mind & body dive together & is all ate by maggots! He believes in mind over matter & that his healing power works because he have seen it work as we have seen it work. He said that he died on his birthday because all he has done for others is totally trampled underfoot & that he cannot trust any longer which is only right for him to die or live (which is the real test) for any of us. In all of his pain he’s still willing to go on to give us happiness. Dad is not pro-Chinese or pro-Soviet. He is an internationalist that is about the work of uniting all the oppressed people of the world without limitation. I would say without a doubt in my mind that JJ is the only real communists in the world – many have spoke it but never 1 has lived it as he & that his efforts are not & will not ever be forgotten. Dick T writing about intellectual elitism struck home with me because we who have some education always try to make a special place for ourselves. We tried to rationalize needing time, mental stimulation etc. in order to keep our sanity. We or I should say


x-3-c-25a (7)

Joyce Parks (cont): I do not like to accept the truth that my shit stinks the same as every other human being & that my worth is based on my work – not what I know but what I do to further the revolution. I agree that we should be shot. (exc)

Brenda Parks 17: Yes, you’re an atheist, you don’t believe in sky God. Yes, mind of body lives on after death. Yes, you believe in healing power. Dad said he died on May 13 his birthday, when Debbie B left. High points of character: Dad cares about people & all living things like nobody else in the whole world – nobody is as loving as he is. He stays up day & night just for us, working out all our problems. He wouldn’t have to do this – if he wanted to he could be living very good with a lot of $. But he cares too much for the freedom of people. (Very good)

Artie Harper (senior): Yes, Father does believe in own healing power. He said he knows himself – if everybody turns their back, he will still be a communist. He doesn’t believe in anybody but himself – his power. Father does believe only in his power to heal & his power of the mind. He’s completely honest about himself & with us all. It is so much to say I don’t have time and room to think. I think you are the most precious being on earth around. Re  John John: You would never molest a child. Dad, I forget the secretary story now but I do believe you have so much love for your children you would die for them. I would too. I cannot see how anybody would want to hurt. Everything you did was to save somebody or keep them. My heart couldn’t ever be anywhere but where you are. You do know the mind. You know who talks to us about & when. Dad that night you started to give us a test, you stopped & wanted to know what was on our minds. You know some were not ready for that. I can’t get to class through the day. I don’t get to study like I should & I am sorry because I forget because I do read. (Fail) (age 67)

Jane Owens (senior): Father is an atheist. No, Father doesn’t believe mind lives on. Yes, Father believes in his own healing power. I sure do believe in his healing power, I didn’t get to finish the test. This is all the paper I had. I am sorry it is so many pages. Dad, I work nights – there is so much news I don’t get. I am not trying to make up an excuse. I do get it off the board in the library. (Very good)

Cheryl Wilhite: Father is an atheist. He doesn’t believe in religion. The thoughts of a great person can live on like Lenin’s Marxist theory but when you die, you die. Dad can heal. He knows it & thousands & thousands know it, what will they say so now when we need support? No. Debbie’s leaving caused him to literally die on his birthday. He had been so kind to all of us & to her but his kindness didn’t mean shit to her. She found out she could use him. She got mad. (It looks like there could have been another sheet of her test which is missing) (exc)

Rosie Ruggiero: Dad is an atheist. Doesn’t believe in any God above. Dad believes in communism, in himself & nothing else but true communism. Dad believes that the mind does live on after death. Also, he believes in the healing that comes from him & no 1 else. That he has shown all of our days. Healing all the time – he is the only 1 that has healing power. Re birthday: May 13, Dad died. He was so hurt that for all of his love that he’s shown Debbie, she left over her sex trip. Dad told us that if all of us would leave, he would stand for communism! Even if he was the last 1. Dad shows so much love & concern & people shit on it all the time. Hi points re Dad: The truest & most highest only communist around. Most dedicated to the people. Will have to give his life


x-3-c-25a (9)

Kim Barnett : (cont) He is willing to be with us even though we continue to put him through shit & complain. He always thinks of his people first, puts himself in front & always plans ahead for our future, but anytime he would die because of strain, but he still stays alive for our benefit. (exc+)

Diane Lundquist: Most definitely an atheist. Always taught us that the mind lives on. Of course Dad believes in own healing power a lot of it has to do with the power of positive thinking. On May 13 which is Dad’s birthday, Debbie left the project & went to the states. Dad said that he died on that day. Said that no matter what he would always be a communist & remain true to this principle. The secretary became angry with John but was really lashing out at Grace which John looks so much like. Dad recognized this feeling in himself & put those feelings in control. Hi points: truly committed to communism, will do whatever to see this happens even though we may only live as free people for a short time, but it was worth it. We are pro-Soviet but Dad has taught us to take care of ourselves & learn to be self-sufficient. I do not believe in God. That makes me an atheist. I’ve never believed in anything I can’t see. (exc+)

Magaline Lyles 50: Believes in paranormal mind power. On his birthday which was May 13, he died because of Debbie B which was a traitor who left the movement. Also this had to happen on your birthday & she stole the people’s $ which was $10,000. Also, she lied saying we buried people alive & we have guns. Also Father believes in himself no 1 but JJ. (exc)

Jimmy Stalin (Cordell) 13: Atheist. Mind doesn’t live on. Re: Birthday: He died and bad things happened. Re John: John was to know himself & not tell what he knows. Hi points: Marxist, pro-Soviet, he is very fair, loving, caring. Dick thinks elitists should be shot & they are anti-revolutionarists. Elitists believe they are better than anyone else. Intellectuals speak in big words & are also elitists. Sometimes I am an elitist & tried to be an intellectual leader to people who are intellects. (exc+)

Eddie Washington 76: Born healer, he is a profit [prophet], socialist – he is pro-Soviet, he is devoted to his son John – he says he would die for him. No 1 will ever get him – he was a shocked man over what Debbie did. He said he died on his birthday. In all, he is a real honest Dad – he believes in himself because he is the greatest I have ever known. He is the truth & the light to many people. To me you are everything – there is no other. (exc)

Sandra Evans: Atheist, I am also an atheist. Mind doesn’t live on after death; believes in only healing power. Birthday: You said “I died on my birthday” because Debbie B left this cause & went to the side of the traitors. You are pro-Soviet, believe in self only. You care about all people & you want people to be fed all over the world. You believe in honesty & helping people to grow whatever it takes.