Letters to Dad (A-B)

[Editor’s notes: This page was transcribed by Cole Waterman. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.

[The letters on this page derive from several sources, principally FBI Section 126 • EE-1 • Letters to Dad (A-F)FBI Section 130 • EE-2 • Letters to Jim Jones; and FBI Sections 121-123 • BB-31 – BB-32 • Tim Stoen, D Touchette.

[Insofar as possible, these letters have been arranged in alphabetical order of the writer’s last name. The letters retain their original spelling and grammar.

[Peoples Temple member often used old reports and documents as scratch paper, using the reverse side of these pages for their letters. We have labeled and transcribed those scratch pages which include information about Jonestown.]


BB-31-a-130 – a-131

Steve Addison Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To Jim

From Stephen Addison

Re: Strategy in PC 19DEC77

Jim – I think the state has had its eyes on you since you became a communist at age 16. It has studied you these many years and it will want to continue to do so and not kill you – they fear an egoless unique person – you – they more often than not conclude you are more brilliant than they.

The state, I agree the discussion, want to keep you confined to Jonestown and worried over many things to divert you from using your scrupples to expand communist fertile grounds in the Western Hemisphere. If they prevent you from expanding (at the same time study you and reaction) into their last area of exploitation – the spices and riches of the Caribbean – they will have prolonged their economic stability and the US life.

The state and Interpol and Trepha [Archbishop Valerian Trifa] and these other Nazis and KKK may well think that our own will do us in – the Orde Dennises and anarchists that we know of – they and the Stones & Mertles and such may bet that the proletariat cannot become un-Americanized/they may bet as time goes on there will be more traters [traitors] and more intense anarchists.

I agree that we must search for treason and surfacing anarchy – I think we do this without our childrens’ knowledge.

I think if the state kills you they know they will have us and Russia to deal with leading to nuclear confrontation.

Re: Tim Stone/We should destroy his living quarters over and over again since we conclude he isn’t being paid too much money and can’t find a job but that may be a temporary measure to shut him up if indeed he hasn’t already turned “states evidence” – Anyway no blackmail under no circumstances – our monies are the peoples then we should (if we haven’t) make concrete plans for our monies and supplies to go to Cuba if our blood is shed/Realistically I think our children should “go when we go”. There is no higher level of life than here in Jonestown so why should we, in attack, send our kids into hiding to survive only to live a second best or turnabout capitalistic life after we are dead.

– Re: That vermon [vermin], Stone, if he tries to stop our stateside people/then we can tail him – one of us get close enough to say jump in his car or get him alone in his living quarters and demand that he called different people or places to reverse what he has done (the one of us with him would have dynamite strapped to the body & threaten to ignite it.)

– Steve Addison



Note to Jim Jones from Steve Addison, May 1978

Jim – Regarding Brian Davis

Months ago he and I were in the toilet. He said to me, “Well, Steve, I’ve been here 72 days.” I haven’t forgotten this because he said it in such an odd way. I think Brian said in a hostile or sarcastic and sad tone.

I write you this because you ask for negatives.

– Steve [Addison]

This happened before he and Tommy Bogue tried to leave Jonestown, and I see, I really see the need for the offense of the revolution now.

– Thank you Jim, thank you – Steve

08 May 78


EE1-AB-67a – 67d

Liane Amos (Harris) Letter to Jim Jones


Father Read Articles

  1. Anita Bryant AntiGay
    1. Wins in Miami
    2. 5000 SF Gays march
    3. AntiGays feel that no gay should be teachers or fill 25 other jobs
  2. Delancy street percecuted on phoney charge of violating taxes & voting laws this will make all the ex-cons they’ve rehabilitated rebel. Since D. Street is now in a corner if they explode it will give the Gov. an excuse to put them in jail.
  3. An honest reporter said 3 new magazines are going to come out on us
  4. In Boston, Mass. sign on court house saying “Every white should own a nigger” for several weeks. ACLU stopped it.
  5. Blacks are being run out of cities.
  6. Andy Young made to look like a fool-cartoon says “racist-boy, racist-dog, racist-firehydrant, racist-racist
  7. Day before assasinator [assassin] was going to talk he died of stroke (lazers can cause man-made strokes)
  8. KKK – babies in Klan uniform membership increase 100%
  9. Writer admits subgood alcohol given to black liquor stores to make them angry & not think.
  10. There’s a secret police thats so strong it doesnt have to answer to anyone not even FBI. Has members in every police force.
  11. Russia is leniant it has its own state just for Jews. America only says bad things.
  12. Cleometric Therory “History by numbers” in time – says the economy was better & slaves were healthyer. Wants blacks to be “live in servants”
  13. Economy would be better and no unemployment if all minorities were exterminated.
  14. All aliens have ID of life’s history past & present
  15. Everyone have ID of past & present life history including church, job (etc) to carry at all times.
  16. 450 people might come on 9th. committee organized suggestions given.
  17. Father had bad ears & fever & still came & healed our ears
  18. Jerry & Charles did Book reports to get off hard hats.

To Father


Letter to Jim Jones from Sharon Amos


[Editor’s note: Spelling and grammatical errors corrected throughout.]

Dear Jim

I wanted to tell you (not that you need such statements, but I felt this way so am putting it in writing) how painful it is to hear about the cancer cells in your lungs. I have learned to carry on without your direct presence but I can always take for granted that you are there with all your burning commitment to us and to communism in the world.

I bow my commitment to what you have stood for so long despite the fact that my commitment is such an emerging imperfect one compared to your complete egoless  commitment.

I thank you for your never failing love and for letting me learn to leave immature dependencies aside (not that I claim any tremendous maturity) but I have learned that attachments in this world lead nowhere either for the individual or society.

I especially appreciate the trust you have put in me over the years so that I have grown. I know this sounds like an epitaph and I don’t mean it to be but the PM [Prime Minister Forbes Burnham] says that we don’t often tell our appreciation to people until it’s too late, and on that I agree with him.

Thanks again, and I deeply hope that your condition to be treated. I know that is selfish as you have served beyond any expectations of a human being or even any notion of a savior, but I am selfish in wanting you around.

/s/ Sharon



Note to Jim Jones from Orelia Anderson, May 1978

Dear Dad You said for us to write in the things that we think that hurt the most. Things have got where every time you look around it is somebody turning traitor against the cause. You have [to] do so much for all of us.

I think we should get more thanks then to go out and lie on you. Man so I know after all you have feelings and it have to hurt some.

All I can do is feel sad and meditate on the ones that do wrong.

I think some of the things that hurts, we don’t turn out enough production like we should. Thanks Dad for our lovely home in the jungle.

Peace and love

Orelia Anderson D-4 Senior




Note to Jim Jones from Vivian Anderson, May 1978


Vivian I. Anderson

Dear Dad

I think that you are hurt deep inside by these traitors who are conspiring to hurt this movement, when you have suffered so much to find this beautiful place for all of us and I [our] loved ones a place of beauty and freedom.

I also think that you are deeply hurt about the way we wasted money back in the States for things that we did not need. Money that was needed to buy food, clothing and many other items of need. Dad I feel much guilt because I am one of the guilty and I beg your forgiveness.

Also I feel that you are hurt because in trying to do the best thing to take care of all of us and to get the rest of us over here before it is too late there are many things that you could take care of if you could get out.

(Vivian Anderson)



Linda Arterberry Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To Jim

I think that we ought to make up some Christmas candy to sell, and make sure we would have some poision in the candy. And let myself and others play like we are selling Christmas candy door-to-door & just sell it to him even if he doesn’t want to buy any I would make sure he would at least get a sample. And another one is we could wait until he’s not at home & then insert a bomb in his door where he lets himself in & when he does put his key in the keyhole the bomb will go off & that would be the end of him.

Linda Arterberry



Viola Elaine Backmon Statement on Socialism

The reason why we left America because of social fashion and communlist country. We believe in socialism. That is the only way we will be able to live in peace and harmony. Senate 1427 [1437] just past a bill that the death penalty starts at the age of 14 years of age. this has never happen before. Socialist is a step to communism and communism is everything owned by the people.

The nutron bom kills people but leave property, that is a new weapon that that the United States made.

Poor blacks, Indians, whites never got the chance to really be anything in life except for an Uncle Tom, but when it all falls down they still haven’t accomplish nothing. Any one that has $50,000 never went to the gas chamber. Now the police has also started something in order to keep the people opress and their story is that if he or she should ask a question and not get the answer that he had in his mind it would be a felony & thier weapon is a poison that is put into the water to kill all people of color, meaning poor blacks indians Mexicans. Capitalist is was never for socialist because the rich owns everything. Concentration camps

lazor beams stops all missiles and that is one of Russia’s weapon.

Elaine Backmon, D [Dorm] 4


EE1-AB-31a – 31b

Geraldine Bailey Letter to Jim Jones

To Father:

Since I went through divorce proceedings (thanks to you) I was twice approached by an admitted Lesbian. Although I haven’t had the experience, it has caused me to wonder what type of sex lesbians have. This, I think, would mean there was some attraction there or it would not have been in my thoughts.

Thank you Father,
Geraldine Bailey

P.S. This person was in the Los Angeles Temple and I do not know her name, other than the first, Mary.


EE1-AB-32a – 32b

Geraldine Bailey Letter to Jim Jones


To: Dad
From: Geraldine Bailey

To-day, I overheard Vincent talking to Erma Winfrey. His question to her was, “Did you get any of the bacon they sent you?” Emma answered (in a very frustrated tone), “Why no, they have not give me one slice of bacon.”

I felt this to be extremely cruel and inhumane. I do not understand what kind of game Vincent is playing because Selika said he also made ugly remarks to other Seniors, such as:

  1. To Orean Paplin [Oreen Poplin]: “How tall are you?” Upon answering that she didn’t know, Vincent continued, “The woodshop wants to know so they can know how long to make your casket.”
  2. Mary Ellen Cook (a cripple): “The only thing you need now is a broom because you certainly look like a witch.”

I’m sorry to bother you with this, Dad, but this, in my estimation, is anarchy in the worst form.

Geraldine Bailey


EE1-AB-40a – 40b

Geraldine Bailey Letter to Jim Jones

To Father:

From: Geraldine Bailey

Subject: Why I am here.

I am here to escape the many things I would have had to undergo had I been forced to remain in America, such as:

The Cliometric Theory – Destroying blacks, poor whites and Indians

The horror of earthquakes and famine

The Neutron bomb, which would destroy all life but no property, even so far as not lifting a piece of paper off a table.

Senate bill 1427 [1437] (replacing Senate bill I) which requires one to respond to a police officer as the officer thinks in his own mind, it should be done.

Nuclear warfare – use of nuclear bombs.

Racism – Growth of K.K.K. and Nazi organizations.

Fascism – Police state.

The lazer beam and the stupid thought by the United States to use the buzz bomb to counteract

The concentration camps, which are already prepared and some actually in use.

The war that will probably occur due to the trouble over oil.

The Bakke Decision – Blacks unable to attend schools of medicine or law.

The death penalty now includes fourteen year olds.

Three countries, (U.S., South Africa, and Chile) refuse to sign the genocide Treaty.

Thank you Father,
Geraldine Bailey



Geraldine Bailey Statement on Socialism

My true feeling about socialism is that it is the only way to live. I feel that living under a system of equality and love has been the only successful way of life ever. I am so happy to be in this lovely family and to have been taught this beautiful way of living by the greatest one on earth, our Father, Jim Jones. To die for this cause would be, to me, the most honorable way to give up my life.

Thank you Father,
Geraldine Bailey



Mary Bailey Letter to Jim Jones


Peace father,

Thank you father for saving us from races [racist] place from Concenseraction Camp, from starving shortage of water food. Earth quakes. Also from Sintess Bill 14 [Senate Bill 1437] where they will arest boys at age 14

Thermomertic Bomb. That would drop this Bomb kill all Black Poor White India. Not hurt any thing else around.

Bill 14 27… Another if you dont ans question like the police tho you should they would arest you

Thank you for Bring us to such Beautiful Place – Thank you father

Mary Bailey –



Shirley Baisey Letter to Jim Jones

February 21, 1978


I feel I don’t work as hard as I should and I feel I am lazy compared to others here that I’ve seen work. I feel as a supervisor I ain’t shit. I see a lot of shit go on and I fail to write it or report it because I want to look good and I want people to like me. I value friendship too highly that’s why I never make any complaints on the people I associate with. I feel that I am too family orientated.

Thank you Dad,
Shirley Baisey


EE1-AB-21a – 21b

Shirley Baisey Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad

I Shirley Baisey is basing a lots of my guilt on being an unfit mother to my children. I feel that they were not brought up in the right environment. Nor did they have the right home training. I spent money selflessly on clothes, shoes, food, drinks, dope, a night out on the town, money on so called friends and relatives. One of my most treasionist guilts is the time my sister and I were living communal and went to L.A., during the time we were there we got our welfare checks both total $750.00 We did not turn it into the commune, we spent money on the following things states early in the letter. Also records and jewelry were bought that I no didn’t need in the first place. I used to run around with men outside the cause to bars and night clubs, plus I haven’t been following your rules as close as I should have and I thouth many times about leaving, but now I’m glad that I am here in Jonestown.

I am going into Georgetown to help show the many talents of our people and to show the people of Guyana that we live freedom as much as they do.

Thank you Dad,
Shirley Baisey


EE-2-a-9a – 9b

Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Shirley Baisey

To – Dad

From – Shirley Baisey

I have never written up anything to you before, but I feel quite upset about the situation involving my son, Jerry Wilson. I’m not trying to get him off of Public Service because I feel he needs to be there, needing the structure, but I was given some information which changes the picture of what happened.

Tommy Bogue came to me two nights after the incident on the floor and told me it was fucked up by the way Glenda Polite did Jerry. He said he was going to break up with her because she’s always in Jerry’s face & other guys too. He incinuated to me that Glenda provokes guys to approach her because she leads them on. I then asked Tommy why he didn’t say this on the floor. He said he was prepared to hit anyone who tried to hit Jerry because Glenda made an issue of this petty situation & he felt he should go down with Jerry because it was wrong – yet he didn’t speak out. He claimed all this sympathy & friendship towards Jerry but didn’t bother to speak up that night. On one occasion Linda even came to me looking [for] Jerry. I’m not trying to justify what Jerry did but Glenda gave him an obvious invitation & her own boyfriend sees this & is upset about it. I feel bad because Jerry has the reputation of being a rapist from the first incident with Patty McCoy & now Glenda made it look like he tried to rape her. Patty told me that Jerry did not force her into sex (but he still had no right to take advantage of a girl her age). I know Jerry’s a big liar and manipulator but I feel Glenda came out looking real good when she instigated the situation. Patty told me she went to Jerry’s house to talk to him & she asked to go in. She took it upon herself to sit on his bed. I asked her if Jerry pulled her clothes off & she said no. Then I asked her what happened then? She said, “It just happened.” I’m not trying to dig up the past but I feel these two situations are relevant to each other. Dad, I’m worried about Jerry & want to know if you think he is a rapist. If so how can we help him? I’ve been very concerned because it seems both my sons Jerry & Jamal need to live under strict structure & I loose sleep at night worrying if this will go on all their lives. I wonder if Jamal has a mental problem? All this is bothering me & affecting my comprehension of news, etc. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. I am truly greatful to you. I just feel that the whole truth didn’t come out about Jerry & I wanted to tell you about it. During all this discussion I’ve not been perfect myself. I eat like a pig. I have not lost weight worth a dam. This does not justify me not cooperating with the diet.


EE1-AB-60a – 60b

Barbara Baker Letter to Children in Jonestown

1067 West Fremont St.
Pomona, California
U.S.A. 91766

Hello Mr. Baker [Jair Baker],

Why haven’t I heard from you. What’s happening. As I told Eric [Baker], I miss you and want to hear from you once in a while.

I wrote Shabaka [Shawn Baker] and was shocked at the cost of postage. Therefore I will only expect a letter once a month from you.

First of all, did you get your eye glasses. Secondly, send me your size – pant – waist – seat (butt) length. Shirt and shoe is it 11 ½ or 12?

Since I haven’t heard from you, I did not know what you wanted for the holidays so enclosed is a twenty dollar International money order. Hopefully you will be able to buy something you like as a gift to yourself from me.

Also I’m sending you a foot locker with some items in it. Anything you can’t wear or need, pass it on. The lockers will be sent with the Temple, but I will mail you the keys. Two for each of you. Don’t loose them because when you close the lockers, they automatically lock.

Write when you receive the money also the Trunks.

Did you receive the Knife and Jeans your Uncle Chris [Lewis] sent. Be sure and let me know (yes or no)

Starting this month, I will be sending the Temple $100.00 and more when I can. Also I will try and send you and your brothers a little chump change along with the money I will be sending the Temple. This will help I’m sure when you go into Georgetown, etc.

Well I’m at work, it now 5:05 A.M. and I have to start waking up a few women who go to work early. Will write more when I hear from you. Be sure and answer my questions. I definitely want to know about your eye glasses. Peace & Love

Love you,
Barb (mother)

P.S. In one of Shabaka’s letters, I sent Cheryl’s address. Please write her as she’s always calling wanting to know if I heard from you. Remember you don’t have to be in love with a person to be nice to them. Write her as a Friend. (Please)



Eric Baker Statement on Socialism

Eric Baker

I think socialism is the best thing that ever happened to the world Gradually wiping out fascism, racism, all which are parts of Capitalism. I like socialism because there is no division of the races everybody is equal no more have nots, no discrimination all equal.

I believe that socialism will someday be the way of the world.


EE-2-a-12a – 12b

Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Shawn [Shabaka] Baker

From Shabaka Baker

To Dad,

First I would like to thank you for that meeting last night. Because it got me to learn more about myself. I’ll just get right to the point. What I wanted to say was, in the first part of the meeting, when people got up to say why they wanted to go back. Well, the reason why I said I wanted to be here because this is the only place where I learned to look at myself. To look at every selfish thing I do and try to change get. I will give just one thing that I did and that can (stop). One day I was going to the bathroom and their was no paper so young child offered me some paper not big enough to wipe your ass on. So I said I don’t need that and walked away. Then I thought about that and I said, wouldn’t if there was a child who needed someone to except [accept] something that they give. So in order for me not to make that mistake again. In the child of the wants to give me something big or small I’ll except it ‘cause it could be a child that needs someone to take what they give. Another is when I am hostal should I take that hostility out on a senor [senior] or a child? No, and I have done that. But most of all, Dad, is to care is what I’m working on. Because I can’t be no kind of revolutionary unless I learn how [to] care for people. Because when you care. You hate lucky imperialism and the suffering people go through. I’m not a real revolutionary like you. But if I learn how to care strong enough and hate the oppressor, that might turn into revolutionary love. And that might make a revolutionary. Thank you very much. Hope it wasn’t too long, didn’t want to write a book.

Shabaka Baker



Tarik Baker Statement on Socialism

Tarik Baker: I feel that socilism is the only hope for the people it is the only thing that freed the people and feed the people I believe that socilism will live on. but first All fasist capotolist county must be destoried that tries to tear down socilism or opress the people. The United States is the main opresser, Russia the USSR should start the war with the United States before it’s to late, because if they come five thousand miles to stop the only thing that ever help the people they will never stop, until they are stoped if the sound goes of for us to fight I will feel most sarro for the the children the lives they could of had. but I will fight my hardest for what I belive in and if I pass on I will go to a greater plane a socialist revolutionary for that plane and other planes to come until solcilism runs all over the world.

Tarik Baker



Rory Bargeman Letter to Jim Jones

I know what I sand [stand] for.

And I sand for freedom.

That is my belief. And I would not give that up!!!

We did not here to Gauyana and blind [build] a 7 mile wieded [wide] 12 long beautiful land for the U.S.A. to send the C.I.A. over here to fuck with our people which we are over living a freedom land. We have sand 2 years of blinding this land and I will fight for it!

The last drop of my breathe has left my body.

And my people are free to live

Rory Bargeman



Terri Bargeman Statement on Socialism

This is the way I fell about socialism.

Is to learn how to be brave and be caring. To be free to help my people. And if they came to take me away or one of my brothers or sisters they will have to take me first. If the child black or if the child is white together we how to fight. I woudn’t mind staying up all night for my FATHER or brothers and sisters. I never had no one to care for me as well!! as my only friend my only FATHER because he done so much for me. I old him my life and more.

Father I never forget
What you done for me!!!!
Terri Bargeman

Socialism – meens to never sell out the one who really love you care for you.

Socialism– means never sell out your brother or sister.


BB-31-a-281 – a-282

Terri Bargeman Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To: Dad
From: Terri Bargeman


I fill we shouldn’t give Tim Stone nothing. Because if we did pay him off little by little, that would give him a ideal [an idea] to raise the amount higher and we will never get through paying him. So I say no, don’t give him anything, no even a dime. I fill if he wants money so bad he have to ask us for some he better try to use his body, if anybody wants it.

Terri Bargeman
Thank you Dad



Undated Note to Jim Jones from Karl Barnett

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

Karl H. Barnett

While away in Georgetown, for two (2) weeks, I feel that my performance work and attitude was average in that every duty or responsibility I was asked to do I feel that I follow through with a good response. There was an evaluation made on myself made by Edith Bogue saying in short that she felt I was lazy and had to be asked to help her while she would be unloading the van, but she said I was not as bad as some. This was discussed in a council session with Mother present where I disagreed with her because I didn’t feel she was around me that much to come to that conclusion. This was work out there. I feel that the Georgetown house would work a lot better if more evaluation were made by every person staying in the house, maybe even on a daily basis. This way evaluation could be compared and not one person look like the bad guy. My mistake was I should have been making evaluation myself. Instead of taking on such a responsibility, I was trying to make sure my shit was in order.

Karl H. Barnett



Geneva Beal letter to Jim Jones

To Dad

I stold 1 sheet 1 cucomber.

2 tomatoes from Ray Jones Bush[.] i will Return the sheet to the warehouse[.] i got the tomatoes to make seeds to plant[.] i Eat the cucumber[.] i no i am a shit ass all so a selfish Bitch to take the privilage to steal from the peoples[.] i am sorry Dad this will not happen again thank you dad

Geneva Beal


EE-2-a-6a – 6b

Undated Note to Jim Jones from Geneva Beal

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

Geneva Beal age 57

the worst I see in me is that I take on least. Yet [I am] hostile when someone corrects me, go about doing my own thing, selfish, greedy, eat too much, steal, pick up things I know don’t belong to me. Don’t put in enough time with children. Don’t follow structure like I should. Do not discipline myself or give my own self structure [unintelligible word] with my comrades. Don’t show enough love or concern to my sisters or brothers.

Out of all this I give my life to this cause, I will never turn back, never want to go back to the States. I will find here or die here for what I believe in. Thank you Dad for your love and your socialist teaching.

Geneva Beal


EE1-AB-33a – 33d

Jack Beam Answers to news Quiz

Jack Beam

  1. Anarchy, Trotskyism, Social Democracy, Revisionism
  2. Prop #13 was passed in New Jersey and San Francisco. It was a social services program that has been cut off ift was 7 Billion Dollar it was a welfare program Rev Young will loose his job because of Prop #13. Younger got the Republican nomination over Davis because he supported Prop #13.
  3. Armed struggle is when you use violence that will benefit the people and bring about instant change. Revisionist view wants to change to come about gradual threw the ballot box they are against violence Terroist act would be to blow up a bus or train for no reason or purpous at all.
  4. To have assemblage, go across state lines, news papers for exposing corruption in Gov. such as water gate,
  5. Ziaire
  6. Kiss my black ass
  7. Religion is the Opiate of the people. China has aclamed Jesus as a great revolutionist. But all Jesus did was to oppress the people he made the statement when the alabaster box was broken over his head and Thomas got made that the poor will be with us always. Close Encounters of the Third kind was also to get the people mind off there trouble but also it picked US to visit from Outer Space not a socialist country.
  8. Greese is like U.S. because they are both Fasist.
  9. Because it was Police State The Minister looked like he had a following. kill the leaches and usually you kill the uprising.
  10. [No answer]
  11. [No answer]
  12. [No answer]
  13. Esmaralda is a ship from Chili women were raped and thrown off the ship at sea. This ship visited S.F. and George Moscone said it was the most beautiful ship he had seen.
  14. Carter wants all help to be stopped to Ziaire he also threatened USSR with war.
  15. [No answer]
  16. U.S.A. and Japan
  17. answer no questons call our lawyer
  18. Mrs. King. Jessie Jackson
  19. Sadat Egypt, Bagir Isreal [Begin Israel], Castro Cuba, Ian Smith Rodes [Rhodesia], Voista [Vorster] S. Africa, Brezhnev Russa
  20. Newsweek
  21. He is alive.



Rheaviana Beam Letter to Dad

Dec 19, 1977


The sewing rooms are out of cloth this week we only turn out about 60 garment this week we are unable to keep sewing other than make curtin for all the cottage and that will be done very soon. The worker are Barbara Cordell, Edith Delaney, Callie Mitchell, Rita Cordell, work at night out for Barbara.

Dad the Sewing Room will for the most part Edith and Callie just sew and make what I leave for them to work on and they take orders very well. It is Barbara if I have order to pass on to her she does not all way [always] carry them out as I tell her. Rheavianna



Chuck Beikman Letter to Jim Jones, as written by Rebecca Beikman

Oct. 1977

From Chuck Beikman

To Father

People who I’m attracted to are:

Anitta Kelly [Anita Kelley]
Sharen Cobb [Sharon Cobb]
Carlon Layton [Carolyn Layton]
Lorie Johnson [Laura Johnston]
Eaven Leroy [Evelyn LeRoy]
Agnese Jones [Agnes Jones]
Paula Adams
Candas Cordill [Candace Cordell]
Judy Ijames
Joyce Parks

Im fixed so I can’t have kids so its very tempting. I have thought about it.

I try to controll myself as much as possible. I don’t know how much I could resist if one of these pushed the point to sex.

Written by Rebecca [Beikman]



Confessional Letter to Jim Jones from Rebecca Beikman

Dear Jim,

I guilty of moslessing my own child. I know what I’m doing but I still go head and do it.

I not only mosless my child but also any other children I come in contact with.

Please pray for me.

Rebecca Beikman



Undated Thank You Note to Jim Jones from Tom Beikman

To Dad:

I thank you for giving me the privilege to going to Georgetown on our new boat! I will do all I can to help while I’m their. I want you to know I apprecheat your loving concern for me and everone hear in Jonestown.

Thank You Dad! Tom Beikman


EE1-AB-59a – 59b

Elsie Bell Letter to Jim Jones


Dear dad

I have never said what Jonestown means to me. It mean Everything to me dad first I never knew my dad But now I have a dad who is Everything to me I so glad to be in Jones Town away from the US. to forget so many Painful members [memories] and be free in this Beauliful Black County of All Races. And Jonestown is ours. I am glad to be hear to help Build this Community which is ours I look at the children. I thank you dad they dont have to suffer like I and lot of other did in Racies America. I grow up on a farm we work like dogs we were not given the love and concern you give dad I have seen so much done the 4 month I have been in Jonestown My Dream Dad is to see it in full growth to see the Children and young Adults with a Bright Feature here in Jonestown I am spending the Rest of my life hear and I see so much Beauty all around us

I would say to our field works put production High on our List it will make us most indenled [independent?] in Evey way.

Thank Lynetter [Lynetta[ Jones for Bringing a son that will save the world I also thank Lynetter Jones for making it passpable for all us to be hear in Jones Town I am so sorry dad I never met your Ma. I do feel guilty Jonestown are so Beauliful thank you dad we have lost our chaines and are free

I cannot Express all I I feel it Been so long sence I seen the sun set in a long time untill came to Jonestown

Thank you Dad
Elsie Bell


EE-2-a-7a – 7b

Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Elsie Bell

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

Elsie Bell

I have to tell this because it’s a miracle I were not expecting, because I feel like the 8 years I have been with Jim Jones I have lived a lifetime. Last Friday a week ago I was admitted [to the] SCU [Special Care Unit]. At the time I could not turn to my left, I was losing the use of my left arm. I know it did not bother me. This is what I said to myself. Jim, I am not asking for anything because you have given me everything. If this is my time I am ready. Lay beside Lynetta Jones [Jim Jones’s mother]. I was talking to socialism and principal [principle], which is Jim Jones, and I related to rest, and forgot it. Yesterday 8-26 Larry [Schacht] gave me another test, it was gone, the stroke that would have paralyzed my whole left. What I am saying I did not want anything from Jim Jones because it seemed like he had done enough. I thank you Jim. I’ve been given another chance to work some more for socialism, and I am thankful. I thought I would share this with my comrades. I am grateful to dad and to the medical staff. We have so much to be grateful for. Just look around and see all the beauty, the lovely trees. I cannot recall the [illegible word] it is so much, the beautiful Guyanese babies that are in our community. Some comments guests, some are making their home here in our community. [Thank] you Jim for making all of this possible. Words cannot express my gratitudes. Jim we are not worthy of your love. I remember Pam Bradshaw’s letter. She is so right.

Thank you Jim.


EE-2-a-8a -8b

Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Elsie Bell

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

I Behold the Beauty of Jim Jones

I am in SCU [Special Care Unit]. I look around and all I can see and was beauty in my surrounding it peace contentment, the beauty of the loving care from the medical staff, good loving people around you seeing to your needs. I could not help to be grateful and thankful. Thank you Jim Jones, thank you thanks to Lynetta Jones [Jim Jones’s mother] made it all possible for this beautiful community. I am so glad to be a part of this community. Jim I am so sorry I do not rest as I should. I just go go I cannot do enough. I do feel guilt. Thanks to Jim Jones I don’t have to be like little Reggie and his grandmother in the golden years. No one to care what would become of me if Jim Jones did not love and care as he do. Thank you Jim. We all should be more grateful and loyal and followed Jim Jones’ example. I hope someday we will make. I hope will be soon the night before I went into S.U.C. I stood out at midnight, the moon were shining like day, I could see everything around me, the stars were so beautiful, the air were so peaceful. I watched the beautiful sunset the other evening, it look like it was setting in Jonestown. Just then I heard Jim say look at the beautiful sunset. Thanks [to] Jim we seniors don’t have to be like the seniors in the golden years no one cares. Which brings to the thought of how our brothers and sisters in Africa are fighting and struggling for their freedom and also the little babies that are in [illegible word]. Just know that seniors and a lot of innocent people are being destroyed at the hands of the capitalist, which is the US. How anyone could even think about going back to the US, I don’t know, and I don’t understand anyone prefer the US to Jonestown. We have everything to be grateful for. All we have, everything to gain and nothing to lose but our chains, thanks to Jim Jones.

Words cannot express how I feel [about] the care we get in SCU, we poor Blacks and Whites could not get it in the US.

I am so grateful.

Thank you Jim.

Also thank you for teaching us all socialism and communism.

Thank you, Elsie Bell



Letter to Jim Jones from Elsie Bell

[Editor’s note: Insofar as is possible, the numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected. Several sentences remain unintelligible – even if the intent may be more clear – but have been transcribed as written.]

Note from Elsie Bell


Dear Dad. I have to continue to let you know how grateful I am to be out of USA and to be here in Jonestown, Guyana. I have always wanted to come to South America. I did not see where I would ever make it. Thank you Dad, and I am grateful to be here. As I said before I can walk the walk of Jonestown the rest of my life. It’s nothing outside of Jonestown that interests me at all. I have everything, or should I say, we have everything. Thank you for another chicken dinner on yesterday. Words cannot express my gratitude, Dad, the pain and hurt in my small way. When I see so many of my comrades are not grateful as they should be. I thank you for your teaching and structure. I am trying to become a good communist. Thank you, Dad. Jonestown it is a beautiful sight to behold. Each and every day, Dad, if [I] had known you in my early childhood I would have made it. But I need you now. I am committed by life to find a revolutionary. I think about Victor Jara, Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers. They all gave their lives for black struggle. Speaking of struggle, my most horrified struggles were in Mississippi. It’s too painful to talk about some of my pain reply my own people, the middle class. Blacks can be cruel, oh so cruel, it hurt me so bad when I see the young misusing your love,



it’s hard to take. I was kicked from place to [place] by my own mother, she did not even want me, she rejected me, I still had to live with her until I ran away from home. I was destroyed then before I went out in the world. No education, lived in the woods of Arkansas all my life on a farm. Never been to the city in my life when I landed in Vicksburg, Mississippi, the worst racist city in US. Arkansas born and raised, [unintelligible phrase] I did not know where to turn. My friend was gone. My grandmother so loving to me also a slave. I was determined to self educate myself the best I could, read and studying everything I could get my hands on, knowledge I could [get] my hands on. Every subject I overcame now like I have because I have a great leader. I have traveled a many painful road to get to Jonestown, Guyana. The experience I had in the struggle it was worth it all. [Illegible word] with Johnny Harrish. As I said before I have seen Johnny Harrish all through the South in my family, my mother, friends, their loved ones. [Illegible words]  that was before they [used] the electric chair, they were lynching then. I look at this black preacher was invalid, I wonder what would become of the world then. I did not see no end to this madness. I did not know I would meet Jim Jones to liberate us.



Pelob [unknown community], Mississippi. I know where it is. A small town in the Delta of Mississippi people living in the ghettos, improper housing, sharecroppers work for nothing, hungry babies, seniors with not enough to eat, just far as you can all see nothing but shacks to live in, only one big white house that is the farm boss, no blacks are allowed on the main streets of that little town, only to shop and have to go back to the black neighborhood. Is that all over the South for the Blacks in every city or town the only in the South in USA and Africa is more Blacks in South Africa, they don’t have a stamp on their arm in US. I would like to tell that to President Carter in person myself in South Africa I can just picture the babies that are suffering, seniors, refugees without homes, nowhere to stay. In my small way I miss lunch at noon. Who am I to have 3 meals a day when my black sisters don’t have anything not even a place to stay. I remarked to get to Senator (Eastland), President Carter, Rockefeller. I would cut their throats myself. Especially Senator Eastland, all the blacks he has destroyed including my son and others. I personally would put the Trilateral Commission laws down their throats. Dad I am still grateful, grateful to be here in Jonestown. Thank you Dad



Elsie Bell Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

My Idea for Tim Stone. I would not pay him a thing and set it last night he always looks weak to me. I will say it not I never cared for him or Grace [Stoen]. I did not know then what I know now, dad, not give him a thing. I myself I will fight for Socialism because I belive in it you have taught it here it is Right and as I say if I have to give my life for Socialism I don’t care about myself the System have just about betrayed me anyway dad you are keeping me alive you are the only one that gives me hope and a new lease on life. I will again say, we will take a stand and fight for Jonestown this is our land. We are going to fight for it. I don’t know about the rest of my comrades this is the way I feel I am not going to give my life for nothing. I am going to take one of our enemy and Tim Stone on the head of my list.

Thank you Dad

Elsie Bell



Elsie Bell Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Dad

It was a great experence on the 16th. I Learn a lot in the coming Criscis. This on the 16th was a experence to face Death and to take a look my self I did

I thought about all the money I wasted before I know you trying to live and now nothing to show for it all these years and now you have to keep me liveing. I felt guilty about that. All my [illegible word] and strength is not as good as it use to be. And I looked at how you are suffering and going without sleep to practed [protect] me up all night for week at a time

I say why not take the poision and go into a peacful sleep you Brought me back some weeks ago 4 or 5 week agoe it vey peaceful I felt so differece and strange

Thank you Dad,
Elsie Bell


EE1-AB-39a – 39d

Elsie Bell Letter to Jim Jones

This is my feeling and openion

1. B.I. Bomb [B-1 Bomber] unfinance so for dont [illegible word]

Now neuton Bomb it Distroy Human Lives and leave Property in tact. from where I stand it dont look like it any hope for this country Billions of Dollars they are asking to finance the Neuton Bomb.

they don’t have much Regards for Human Lives. Welfare are going Brake medi-Cal also Social Surity. And yet US are willing to spend Billions of Dollards on a nuclear weapon that will Destroy Lives. Thousand of hungry babys and senior citzen penison-check will just pay there Rent and not Enough money to buy food and clothes some of them dont have Proper food or Heating sytem and had Senior freezing to Death in Winter in the suppose to be a Free U.S. the young are thrown in Jail for taken a loaf Bread because they were Hungry if US would take some of those million they are developing the Nuclear weapons and provided jobs and Housing Education medical care and every one will have the same [crossed out: “this is my Feeling of opinion”] untill we think about Everyone Rights and Freedom and do something about it to Bring it about. Which People Temple are doing something about our Pastor Jim Jones are concern about the welfare of his People and there needs. Thousand and thousand of young People have been gotten out of jail by our Pastor Jim Jones and leader where I stand I have learn TRUTH and that my mind have been liberated.

I Read a Article about the American Indian were very sad and hurting every American Indians mother that goes to the Hospital to have a baby when they come out Sterilize that mean they will not be productive Everything our Leader have told us years ago are coming true Every day I have seen so much merical [miracle] and suffering and hurt among the Black killing lynching ambushing know one know who did it. I suffed [suffered] so much Lonely and Hurt when were a child never know who my father was I worked so hard in the fields as a child the sun crack the skin on arms it was so Hot. Thank our father Jim Jones he has made a way for our children and Grand Children in our Agricultural Mission I am so greatful we do have Hope and something to Live For and to Die for. I cry for the little Baby that are not in this cause and also Senior that are going to be Destared [destroyed] by the neutron Bomb it so sad. think about the Babys dont have food on there table Because there mother and dad dont have a Job and Every day Billion and Billion of Dollar are being spent For nuclear weapon and oil Corporation and spent a Beard to pomat [promote] war while our Baby are starving family and comrad the U.S. and not our home We does not belong hear. Our only Hope is our leader Pastor Jim Jones he is our Savior and Liberator.

Elsie Bell



Michael Benson Letter to Jim Jones

[Editor’s note: The writer of this letter is unknown, and no one of that name ever lived in Jonestown.]

Dear jim jones

My name is Michael Benson, I’m Martha Evans is my grandson. At night time and sometimes during the day I heard voices calling me trying to me to do evil things. My father had the same thing.

I don’t no if its my conscious or witchcraft.

I would like for you to help me if possible.

Michael Benson

P.S. There is a lady on my job who keep [unintelligible word: “barthing”] with me trying to get me to go to her house. And she be telling me she believes in U.F.O’s and that she think she has come in contact with some one in a human body. I was wondering if this had anything to do with me hearding voices.



Lena Benton Statement on Socialism

My name is Lena Benton my belive is fully socialism I believe all people should be Equal, & that is what I live for and what Jim Jones stands for is all people are Equal no dis vision among his people I will die for this Cause. Fascism is not worth living for I reather die for Truth,

Father has done so much for us that we shouldn’t think of letting them take him away from us, but should all fight for him.

Lena Benton



Lena Benton Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

To our dear dad

The only thing that I see about this trader [traitor] he need to be shot or put through hell, after you was so nice to all those that went agent [against] the cause and robed [robbed] for everything they could think off [of]. I like to be one of your comrade to give my life because you don’t need to worry about them. Just let them force the gun don’t give them no money. It no use because they is like a bird dog you give all rest of them to try their theme too and he will never stop so I believe you will never compromise with no such bull, dad I am with you all way for a great cause.

Lena Benton



Letter to Jim Jones from Maxine Betts

[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]


Dear Jim,

I thank you for an opportunity to attend school it has been one of my deepest desires. I am learning each day to appreciate more the highest example you have set for us.

I have no desire or want to be anywhere else but, here in this cause. I know and have begun to take part in the work that is necessary to get this work over here done; I’m glad you told us what was to come because I’m not afraid or upset by our outside enemies.

I know you and Marcie& family are in the best of health. I will not cause you to use valuable time anymore, I am very sorry. The communication has changed and things are going smoothly. I know you present one with all of us here, please help us to help each other, because it is so necessary in these times. If anything troubles me, I will write you. Hello to my true family.

Peace, Maxine [Betts]

[Photocopy of a report card from City College of San Francisco]

These are my midterm grades


EE1-AB-3a – 3b

Philip Blakey Letter to Jim Jones

To Jim Jones
From Philip Blakey
RE: Bringing Down Archbishop Tifler

A while back you spoke about getting news put in the Soviet Unions papers. If we get them to do a write up on Tifler & the Nazi movement in the U.S. & send it all over Europe it may cause some anti U.S. feeling & anti Nazi feeling. Surely the countries that were occupied by the Nazis cannot be pro-Nazi now. I was sure dumbfounded when I leant about the strength of the Nazi movement in U.S. I don’t think it would do much to Tiflers position, but it may have some effect.


BB-31-a-108 – a-109

Julia Birkley Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad,

Peace & Love. I don’t really think a person like Tim Stone should get away with those things and this last one. I suggest that we call on our friend or friend and have them put an end to the Stones & Myrtles [Mertles], Neva [Sly] and whoever that’s try to harm you and Mother and our childrens. As far as I am concern I don’t expect to live an eturnity so it can be sooner or later as long as it will mean you, your children and this cause. I mean all the children who is the future of this 3 World [Third World]. Don’t give them a penny, and have them know when it happen that is what they done to Teddy Lewis.

Julia Birkey



Undated Note to Jim Jones from Julie Birkley

[One-page illegible note]


EE-2-a-22a – 22b

Undated Letter to Marceline Jones from Mary Black

Dear Mother –

I would very much like to hear from you how you feel about me going abroad. I came here to avoid being the cause of trouble to the Family and have heard nothing from PT. I would like to know if things are cleared up and if I can go. I would like to be of service – not trouble.

Is it possible to go from here or is it necessary for me to come to SF? I have not been sending anything because I didn’t have anything to send. My license is not valid here. Love to all. Mary Black

[Photocopy of envelope to Mrs. Marceline Jones, from Mary Love Black, Philadelphia]



Ernestine Blair Note to Dad on Tim Stoen

Tim Stone

 Could we lead him on until we get all of our people over here? Then I should like to defeat him something that would make [him] die a long agonizing Death.

Thank you Dad
Ernestine Blair


BB-31-a-303 – a-304

Debbie Blakey Letter to Dad

Fr: D. Blakey

Re: Jean Brown’s poisoning

What’s interesting about Jean B. getting poisoned is that this is now the 2nd time.

The first time was the night that fat John Smith came to the SF Temple & the police came to our gate w/ a “search warrant” or something like that. They came in to look for him, but he had been hidden away.

That night, when Jean B. was taking him down to the SF terminal to get him on a plane back to LA she became “high” and started hallucinating. She was really sick for several hours.

We never knew from what she got sick, but I felt & told Jean at the time that I thought it was Liliy.

She is crazy too, & it would be conceivable for her to slip this shit to people so close and not get noticed.

I may be very paranoid, but she would be an interesting inside link for the conspiracy to pull information from.


BB-31-a-305 – a-306

Debbie Blakey Letter to Dad on Tim  Stoen

To: Jim

Fr.: Debbie Blakey

Re: Stoen confrontation

When Tom and I met Stoen it was underneath the street in the parking lot down at the courthouse.

He was exceedingly cold & calculating. His appearance was, for example his face was tight and make-up looking – had a transparent type glow to it.

His hair had been dyed darker & was longer & thick. It was combed straight back & was real split looking, as tho it had have a lot of former treatment done on it.

When we approached him he was startled at first & stopped, but when he realized who we were he was mean. He told us to leave him alone and “stop threatening me. I know what I am doing.” He talk real loud & continued pointing his finger at us & say “leave me alone.”

When we reached the outside of the garage & other people were around, he kept up the loud talk & pretended not to be a part of it, as a businessman was walking with us & was aware of the situation.

After about 2 hours, Stoen reappeared from the courtroom outside w/ Grace [Stoen] & Hauss [Attorney Jeffrey Haas] & walked all around town together.

I think he’s schizophrenic & very position conscious. I think if he gives states evidence against us – he’ll think he’s “home free.”


[Editor’s note: The FBI mistakenly filed this letter in Section 129 • Letters N-Z]


Memo to Dad from Philip Blakey

To: Dad
from: Philip Blakey
30 April 78

Recently, I was talking to a tractor driver who used to be an instructor at Mon Repos. The government farm headquarters. He said that there are many farm implements at Mon Repos that are not being used at all… Of particular use to us would be a moleboard plow – Bro. Staten and a lot of old timers talk about this kind of plow–  A forage harvester and a baler… there are more there. I would like to know if Jack Beam or someone could go to Mon Repos and check out what is there and see if he can get any. We still have the planter from the Ridge [Matthews Ridge], but they took back the sugar cane separator (short of the time they said we could keep it if we fixed it…) If we get some of their equipment in the northwest, they may forget about them.

[handwritten note]: Ans Psycho: [illegible words]


EE-AB1-19a – 19b

Edith Bogue Letter to Jim Jones



I don’t know how important these are but Harold [Bogue] and I were talking about different things and the crises came up. I’ve discussed Theo Williams and different seniors then a little later he said a lot of things are going around in the States about here things that made him paranoid and depressed. He wouldn’t tell me what it is said he wants to forget it all and put it behind him. Anyhow right after this he said out of the blue I remember when the monks sat down in a group and burned them selves. he didn’t think it would be effective and would give the enemys a chance to say you had just brought us all over here to die. I was wondering where he heard about us burning ourselves. Its not a usual topic of conversation. Also he has told me on several occasions when John John [Victor Stoen] has been very friendly & kind to him.  Also he said he didn’t bring any guns with him  he gave his last one to Sandy B [Bradshaw] in SF. I asked about the classes in exercise he took he said it was for collage class & cost $1.25 to enroll. I don’t get a chance to talk to him much. My schedule is fairly sit and due to a wringer breakdown I’ve been putting extra hours in the laundry. (I don’t want my work schedule changed. I enjoy everything I do.) Hes been comming home & spending his lunch down here. I saw him try to talk to Denise. He thinks Teena [May Bogue] is cold to him, wonders why. He seems to enjoy working in Laura’s [Johnston] crew, talks proudly of his blisters and being able to keep up with the rest of the crew. He sort of rushes to go to work. He said he would like to work a while on each crew because he is susposed to do an analis (can’t spell that word) on each crew & the work they do. He hasn’t asked me any more about security. He keeps having headaches every day I told him as soon as the impurity go out of his system they will go away. Today he talked about being a communist in practice. How we ar working for change. How he liked being a part of what is happening here he sounds excited about the different things we are striving to do to make a go of it here. He is always positive. I was bitching about some one taking 3 pairs of socks of the line he told me “It takes time for people to change. but they will.

Dad I didn’t mean to pressure you to bring him on the floor. I can take this indefinately. He is being kind to me & to the children we in the cottage. When I said I might have to go to a house supervisor meeting for the girls he asked if he could go to after all he is a child supervisor to. I frankly was surprised

It sounded like you might want to bring him up because of the way you were talking. I am ready at any time. I didn’t understand when Anne [Ann Elizabeth Moore] said Carolyn [Layton] said no, don’t do it. they later said do it but easy, mild light or some thing like that. I didn’t understand and either did she. If I could have a guideline of what you want me to do I can do it. I’m not at al hesitant to do it. I don’t want to mess up is all.

I deeply appreciate your allowing me to be over here I love it and Thank you for showing one the way to face myself in the dieing situation.

I’ve faced the fact I’ll very likely die here and feel very proud that I can die for what I believe in. I don’t have any problems with burning myself except I might not be able to sit still. I’m not sure I could complete cutting my throat all the way across but I could enough to get the job done. I could put a knife in my chest easy. I feel uncomfortable with drowning drowning because of my fear of water but I could do that also. Nothing else except the babys bothers me. But I could do that also. I also thank you that all my children including my adopted child are strong and not afraid of death as far as I can tell. I know this is due to your great love for all of us. I appreciate your telling us you love us over the PA every day. I’ve seen so many smiles when you tell us that Thank You Dad

from Edith Bogue


EE1-C-3h – 3i

Edith Bogue Letter to Jim Jones regarding Harold Cordell Jr.


I can’t tell from the letters whether Harold is working or not. He did tell me he was making both the bus runs AM & P.M. plus taking the boys out. I feel that Clara Janara [Claire Janaro] will probable panic if he goes especially with Ujara [Don Sly] & Richard [Janaro] both gone. I don’t know if thats the reason for the positive work reports but it could be especially if he is not working.

In that 17 pg letter and a lot of the others he sounds mentally ill or is manuplating like hell. He sounds like he is toying with the idea of leaving he talks of Oregon and I think Rick [Cordell] is thru. He likes Rick & thinks Ricks situation wasn’t handled properly. When I questioned him he said Well Barb wasn’t strong then just about 1 month before I left he said Rick was pushed to hard by som people. I think if he thinks he is going to get any static about Denise [Hunter] he definately won’t come. Thats why I felt she should get the letter so she can answer it. He has been fucking her & wants to live with her when he gets here. Or at least he did in that letter. I don’t think it will bother me to see them together & if it does it wont for long. I think he is treasonous, has no loyalitys to anyone at all, as much as Sharon Amos helped him just before I left when he was flippy. He said a terrible thing about her. I would like to see him have to live with someone he has fucked for a change. I think I feel responsible for him because I have been for so many years & he is like a child. But I think if he was with her I’d finally feel free of my responsibility of him. [Following line entirely scribbled out.]

He says he agrees with some of the traitors feelings he liked Grace [Stoen] and Sandy Parks. He is feeling the pressure of the attacks in the papers. I think he will now turn to Kathy Stahl for Solace. She & Denise are a lot alike in looks & the way they express themselves. I don’t know if he will come out here if you do send for him. He may think Denise has talked Surely he can’t think we are all so stupid not to understand all three of those letters. He may use the ranch & Claire as an excuse. I also don’t think he will take the pressure of Tish [Leroy]. He hates her. She would have to be totally passive with him. I underlined in red on both letters he sent to me what I thought would be danger areas. I would like to wipe him totally out of my mind But I know I can’t yet. If he left I don’t know what he would do. I think he will go to Rick I don’t think he will be passive. I think he will create a lot of hell But you did say the last time he wrote what more can anyone do or say. Plus what you said about the red shirt & him being a traitor. Thank you for allowing me to be here I’m very grateful.

Edith Bogue



Confessional Letter from James “Jim” Bogue to Jim Jones

I have screwed my daughters all through there childhoods. Teena Juanita Marilee

Jim Bogue



James “Jim” Bogue Letter to Jim Jones

Secret police that work with Cananda that the F.B.I. could not even look at the record.

Everyone will have to have I.D. cards showing there place of work where they live and there religion

How San Francisco is past do for a earthquake and how the people will not Listen and Keep on building more buildings and you spoke of the food shortage that will be in the states next year.

How we must save and stop wasting the things we have here. How we were going to house and feed our family that’s coming

Jim Bogue



Juanita Bogue Statement on Socialism


Soc. [Socialism] is to me is the dedication to the people and to each other to stay together no matter what so that soc could be one. And I feel that if we can’t stay here in peace or go to a nation were [where] we can live in peace We should give our life for soc, because by doing this we might make other soc stronger Because no people have had a leader as strong as Jim Jones.

Juanita Bogue



Statement on Jim Jones’ Pain from Juanita Bogue, May 1978

Juanita Bogue

Your Pain


Some of the reasons I think you feel pain. First is your physical pain in your throat because you have to talk almost 24 hours a day. And some days you have to take 24 hours out of the day. And then your arthritis. Because in the first Alpha you have people hold you up so that you could talk to us and help you walk around because you are in so much pain.

And then I guess you would call it mental pain. Because you talk and tell us so much about the news and the pain and torture that people in S. Africa, Zambia, Zaire, and so on have to go through and we could be helping. But it seems like we don’t learn or just don’t listen. And so these are some of the reasons I think you feel pain.



Letter to Jim Jones from Juanita Bogue, May 1978

Juanita Bogue

My Guilt


What I feel the most guilt is that when I was in the states, I would make excuses so that I wouldn’t have to work, as [or] give as much time as I should and because of that not all of our family is not here.

And also I was not as responsible as I should have been and so I was one of the first people to come. And I should have stayed and worked longer.

I wasted money. I bought clothes I didn’t need, I when [went] to shows too often, eight in restaurants. And now another guilt that I must feel is that the taxes from all of this is exploiting and torturing Third World people.



Marilee Bogue Letter to Jim Jones

13, Jan. 78

To Dad

I am of a Black People with Dad

I am of a Black People that where in the Begining the white man teased me about my lips, so I grew a mustash to cover them.

Let me go on to say that the world is like a pendulum we’re constantly trying to catch up, but always following. I just wish the world would stop and everyone would fall off. But I know thats just a dream that will never come true in this white man’s world.

But now we are in a land of Freedom, that our Dad gave us the priviledge of being able to work in.

We are here to fight for a life of socialism and later in this utopian land Communism. We the people of Black consciousness shall overcome with the guidance of our communist leader.

Thank You Dad!!

Marilee Bogue



Thom Bogue Statement on Socialism

To: Father
Thom Bogue

My belief’s in socialism are high and I would rather be dead then to be forced back to capitalism.

What I believe socialism is: every thing is equal no person is higher nor better than the other

You work, you eat and rest

From Thom Bogue


EE1-AB-8a – 8b

Selika Bordenave note to Jim Jones

5 June – 78

[Entirety of small paragraph scribbled out.]

Im willing to give my body any time




Selika Bordenave letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad,

It is not that I think you don’t know right from wrong. Because you are the most for giving man I have ever meeted. My reason for voteing the wrong way is that I knew Jerry had work till 630 then ate and showered so I thought maybe you was going to listen and maybe I would be wrong.

But I’m indeed sorry I voted wrong. You do know best all the time.

Selika Bordenave



Undated Statement by Selika Bordenave

The advantages of living in a socialist country all have the same thing. First we have the best of medical care and the best of doctors. We don’t have to worry about nurses pulling cords out the wall. After all we are together, one for all and all for one.

Hospitals charge everyone the same thing.

We really live as a family. All races living as one race. We look out for each other.

Thank You Dad

Selika Bordenave


EE-1AB-18a – 18b

Mark Boutte Statement on Socialism

How i feel about Socialism i belief it is something man can not face is to the fact it dose away with capitalism and it was of only it gready ness and always putting down middle class people and third world people of all races. I feel go about it because it is each according to his ability and he is according to his need because here you have not put down because you don’t know how to do something socialism help you up to your ability and need.

I feel it has help a lot of people to the fact that they are not starving and they are cloth and the more [illegible] the people hand so everyone can give his own [illegible] (not like mare low people make the dicsin [likely intent: not like many low people make the distinction]) everyone make it in a socialismest law. I feel the world would be a better place for everyone and when we have a leader like father that give us the dictation of the protelriation and how it work and how it does away with with self in the capatialist society and there gready ness and no consedration for people of difference races and color. This is all done away with when you have a leader to teach us the was of know your brother or sister even if he has a different color or race. It teach us that a had full of people can change the world if you believe and know the meaning of it and see the futher of it and how it can help people who are apress By the capitalest society and there Fascin Gov and all try to destroy countries to gain welath and money and Produce so they can own everything. And when a capitail society own everything it can cut your money off, good housing the freedom of speech & press etc.

I fiel when a person can’t work as hard as someone he no knowing he do the work as he it able and so it a good person is I that truth hurt people and a lot of people can’t take that way socialism is so stronge and because of lives it shared among people all over the world and when you stand stronge no one can brake you and it feel go to be a Socialist and no a capitalist so I can fight for something that can save baby and children of the world so they wouldn’t have to grow up in a world that had Racism & fascism & where they would not worry about concentration camps & torture.


EE1-AB-6a – 6b

Mark Boutte Letter to Jim Jones


From Mark Boutte

I have no personal hostility toward you DAD. The only hostility I have is self. When things don’t go my way I get a little bit upset. But I should be more greatful. But it’s just my little rebellion. (Example) Today our ½ a day was change Because our guest that might come. (It made me a little upset But I stood there and thought, that thing you do DAD or just. And I’m a stipuded for thinking like that. Because still our family is Back their takening the stand of a Socialist and holding up their guard and no letting them do a second. And here I am in this socialist Guyana, and I had that self thought that I was going to get this ½ a day. You gave us this happy event thought it take me ½ day of production, But out of concern for us, DAD you made it possible. (I shall never let that thought come in my mind again. If I hear someone else getting mad I will tell them they should be more greatful for what DAD has provided for this cause, that no [one] in the Universal [illegible] could do. On what you said up the nest that Beam with you a long time and how your dad would back Rat up in corner and do thing to them. And you told me what to do to your dad and what you did the sat carry out. (I might not have the right Idea, but you mean that if you or this cause get Back up so far till we put our life on the line and people in high places Back off. And just like the people that stay with the new something that you DAD that you had in you. And when you speak thing change people prove thing saying a hold lot of thing respons to your structure and your teaching.

Sincerely yours Dad,

Mark Boutte


EE1-AB-29a – 29b

Mark Boutte Letter to Jim Jones

To – Father
From – Mark Boutte

Female is Judy Ijames

I started looking out Judy Ijames in the valley and when she started to give me side to the valley for security just me and her and we would have the same shift and be on together we would talk and some times share some coffee and have a couple of laugh together I would get a side home and I would stay awake and just sit there sometime I would be fantasize in my mind with her. I would alway look at her all over sometime try to stand close by her and see he breast, she dose have nice breast and ass and nice big leg. I would like to be with her on one sexual intercourse. I like big mother because I am so small. I [In] the San Fransico P.T. nurse office she would some time treat me and she was very warm about when she bend over thing be going through my mind. Here in J.T. I had a boil on my leg and she treated it very good, as I like be back she is intellgent intelligent and not on the floor for so many problems. And she does not at act silly. And she look clean about she dresses. She becoming a nurse have to do a lot about it because (If I could) if somebody would had happen during a intercourse she could probly help me out a lot. or give me some advice. or help me as a mother figer.

in the valley I use to look at Maurren Fittch because she would expose her breast out a lot. And I was going over to Ron Talley house a lot and I saw her all the time. I don’t feel no special attraction to her just that she walk very loose and I could probley get her because of that. Not know because I am marrie.

I would just like to have a good fuck with he nothing special just a good fuck. She look very good shape. But between Judy and her I would pick Judy because she to me is a lot older. And older sister to a young Brother is good because of the [hand-drawn arrow goes around five lines of scratched out text] sexual desire.

I would do it for pleasure not for love because we don’t know how to Love.


EE1-AB-49a – 49b

Regina Bowser Statement on Socialism

The reason why we are here in Jonestown is because it is socialist. It gives us a chance to grow up and become a model example for the world, and let capitalist know that socialism is better. And if we did not come here we would be in danger of ethnic weapons which can destroy a race by the color of their cells. The cleometric theory which could make you slaves; Senate bill 1427 [1437] which could have you thrown in jail for not giving policemen the answer they think is right. Neutron bomb which could kill of [off] humans and leave everything else untouched. The lasser beam the Russians have that can stop missiles 400 miles of the skyline. Concentration camps. Food riots, racism, Nazi party killing off blacks and jews. Ku Klux Klan that formed 20 chapters in California. Here we can clear the land build houses and produce food for ourselves instead of some rich corporation. Seniors don’t have to worry about them being put in convalescent houses and not being cared about. Youth can grow without getting hooked on drugs and being thrown in Jail at the age of 14 and sentence to life, they could grow up and become something meaningful in their lives and not have to worry where their next meals coming from and have shelter and clothing and for once do something worthwhile. Here we can use our minds and one day help the world become socialist instead of listening to music and dancing all the time. Also letting capitalist know that money, wealth, and fame doesnt mean a thing, but total equality for everyone, not one have and have not, but destribution of wealth equally we have our own means at Jonestown and can live as all one family living [illegible word] one goal of Socialism. It can be done if we all work to-gether and not be divided by some traitors who couldn’t stand the truth and wish they could have what we have. The CIA Doesn’t want us to live because we had it set in our minds to leave the American dream of white facsist and we were not afraid of them and kept on fighting the revolution even though there were many attempts of assination and bombing and burning down our temple but we still stood for what we knew was right. I like to say that I am proud to leave behind the hell of fascist America!

Regina Bowser



Regina Bowser Statement on Socialism

I feel that socialism if it was brought about the world could bring peace and hapiness and could stop all racism. every one would have the same thing like we have here in Jonestown there would be no hunger and could make a great advancement for the human race I’m just sorry that people will not leave us alone and let us start a great change there would be no use for bombs and nuclear weapons we should not kill all the human race but to make it better you should come together and settle differences here in Jonestown we are not put down because we are a different race or because we are poor we come together as the working people. This is the best life I have ever known. Regina Bowser



Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Pam Bradshaw

Dad –

There’s so many things about people that I just don’t understand. I could never see how they can be so cruel and unfeeling about so many things. After watching the movie “Hearts and Minds” – I just can’t conceive of a person being so calloused that they could watch the pain of a child who’s skin is burned and pealing off, and not feel something. I feel so guilty about living in America with my apathy and paying my taxes, knowing that it did the things that god damn fascist country did to those beautiful people who never even shed a tear as the mother fucking American soldiers kicked and beat them. And then when the movie was over I felt like someone was sitting on my chest, just from how heavy the movie was. But the thing that just really got next to me was after the movie people were talking, laughing and carrying on like they just finished watching the



Saturday night entertainment show. And I thought what’s the use? How can we ever achieve the goal of building a sensitive caring society when that apparently affected so few people. Then to think about everyday things like the way people destroy and abuse property – the people’s property – walk on plants that grow our food. I’m sorry to sound so negative, but I’m trying to express how sad I feel to you and no one else, not even to Ken. People only use one another to get what they want, then when they’re through with you, they discard you like used toilet paper. That’s why I don’t have friends, only acquaintances that I’ll speak to in passing. Ken’s games are minimal compared to most. I’ll play them because I need someone. All this makes me see even more clearly how much – how very much you love us. I don’t understand why you do – why you continue and continue to try to build something beautiful out of all of us little piles of shit. Your endless patience, love,



kindness, compassion and socialistic principle completely amazes me. Like I said I don’t understand how you continue – only because it’s right to do so? I only know that I’m glad you do care the way you do. At least I have the comfort, for the first time in my life, that there is someone who won’t desert me, or hurt me. I only wish I could be half as good and sensitive as you. I wish I could say I love you but you are the only one capable of love – I can only need, and need you I do. Thank you for continuing to stand for what is right when all of us seem to only hinder your progress rather than help.

From one of the little piles of shit.
Pam Bradshaw



Dorothy Brady Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Jim: I think we should have another person to step in and take on the image of Chris Lewis, possibly Jim McElvane – Let him go with a couple of others in shake up the Mertles and Tim Stoen, Gary [Garry] Lambrev, and others. If they feel secure in the fact Chris is no longer around they need to know that there are others who aren’t afraid. If they do anything to prevent the rest of the people from getting here I think the rest of us should return and make arrangements to meet with all of the traitors possibly at the church and let us all be bombed. First of all their throats could be worked on –

Dorothy Brady



Michaeleen Brady Letter to Jim Jones

Michaeleen Brady

We want to be out of the U.S. because:

Concentration Camps – for minorities

Napon Bomb – kills without hurting property

Chemical that can be put in water or food to kill black or minority people

Senate Bill 1427 – says police can arrest you if you don’t answer question the way they want you to answer.

Won’t sign treaty to stop genesis [genocide] of Minorities.

Food shortage And rioting in the streets.



Avis Breidenbach Statement on Socialism

Socialism is what I believe in because it stands for good. Its equality for all people. It consists of the working class, great humanitarian workers, people that stands up for the rights of others, and people that will fight for the goodness of Socialism.

In socialism the people is not exploited by their comrade. But in Capitalism the ruling class rules and destroys.

I know that Capitalism has always tried to destroy Socialism. Example great leaders of the world like Salvador Allende, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Victor Jara, Che Guevara, Great African Leaders, George Jackson, Jonathan Jackson, Angela Davis, Jim Jones.

These leaders and much more have been killed, prosecuted, lied on, just because they believe in one true principle, Socialism.

I’m grateful that Father shows us principle and socialism and that we can live together as one and fight together as one for what we believe in.


Avis Breidenbach


EE1-AB-63a – 63b

Wesley Breidenbach Letter to Jim Jones

Last nights Meeting, Tuesday

Father spoke of the United States and Canadian police force that involves every big city in both countries. The police don’t have to answer to anyone.

The Ku Klux Klan is on the rise as it has increased 100 percent, as most all racist groups are increasing too. In Boston some racists put something about niggers on the city hall building and it was left there for 3 weeks before being taken down.

Anita Bryant is continuing her crusade against gays, she won against them in Florida and is rapidly picking up support. In California a senator introduced a bill which would exclude gays from certain jobs. In San Francisco 5,000 gays marched against her.

As early as the first administration of President Nixon the Army had plans for a coup. Ronald Regan [Reagan] had know about this and said the Army always reserves the right to take over.

The Pentagon also has plans for race riots in the United States. The U.S. has also pledge support of South Africa and has plans for that too.

Andrew Young the last politician to speak against racism is being hounded by the press and made to look foolish in pictures and they always take his statements out of context.

Violence is becoming a very vogue thing in the U.S. as models ar being shown getting raped and attacked.

In San Francisco the press is accusing [John] Maher head of Delaney Street of voter fraud; voting in more than one district, and the I.R.S. is trying to check them out for taxes. All this including attacks against Peoples Temple is that there trying to make us go to the streets so they can have a reason to put us in jails or kill us.

The papers are also coming out saying that Blacks were better of during slavery.

Wesley Breidenbach



Wesley Breidenbach Letter to Jim Jones

This is Wesley Bridenback and I’ve heard my brother is now suddenly interested in me. I think its Harlan. He never was concerned before. that makes me sick. The only time he saw me is when I went to see him. I know he doesnt approve of my association with Blacks because I married a black woman and he didn’t like it – Well I don’t care & I don’t like him either because I love my wife. I think hes tied in with those punks who were in the press conference in front of the S.F Temple. He never tried to contact me before – never! I know he’s used a lot of dope and drinks a lot too. I don’t trust him – anyone who wants to tear this down is a sadist, criminal or a neo-Nazi, they have gotta be out of their minds. Listen – I am preparing to go to college and there are all kinds of opportunities for me here, and I don’t want it messed up by him or anyone else. I’m not going anywhere!

[Following paragraph x’ed out]

Any news reporters who might be listening ought to come here and see for yourselves what we’re doing. A lot of my friends who were really messed up in San Francisco – I mean guys who had no prospect for anything in their lives–are finding another life here, a place where they can learn skills, and help build a better world. I’ve learned mechanics and I’m now driving a tractor & cultivating several large tracts of land. We grow crops all year round so there is plenty of digging, orgtavating and plowing to do. I really like this job and couldn’t ask for anything else.

As far as I’m concerned, he should leave me and my mom & sister alone.


EE1-AB-41a – 41b

Dorothy Brewer Letter to Jim Jones


I did not turn in My news Article. There is so much Noise Around here that I cannot concentrate. The morning starts out with the double talk from the Radio (that seems to be taking a break now) there is Always music or talking over the speakers All day Long And by the End of the day my ears Feel like An Atomic bomb has been Exploded in them. if the music is played Between 8:15 A.M.-11:30 A.M. the children does not concentrate on their lesson, they pop their Fingers. Naomi Johnson does Not want to teach on Monday, says she can’t be ready by Monday. So far I’ve only let her teach spelling and math. The First week she was with me she slept in Class, I gave her All kind of Advice on looking over the children’s lesson before coming to Class. For two weeks she taught the children how to do math, division, wrong. I thought she was just Nervous And would improve. She still grades the children’s paper wrong. She won’t Ask Questions when she doesn’t know. I think she has a very Good organized mind but I don’t think she is Alert Enough to teach our Age level. She is not doing Any better now than when she First started. It’s causing me a lot of frustration And the children. She does not know enough And will not study.

Oh yes some teachers plays the record player in the morning. I could get something out of the News. But After A while, having to listen All day it just becomes NOISE. I think that I must still have slow motor reflexes Because when I’m sitting and concentrating I miss a lot of the things you say.

One other thing is I know that I can Rebel Against A thing Forever/even a person. And until I heard Lee [likely Ingram] talk, And saw your concern For Peter [Wotherspoon], I hated you because I did not see Any goodness in your character. I could see you being courageous And bold, but goodness I had not seen. It’s awful that life has to be this way. After seeing this I don’t mind becoming more like you because I believe more of the things you say. (I know now that I Based my commitment on you & Not Pr.) I thought that I would live A long time because I don’t care whether I die or Not, plus I thought if I died I wouldn’t have to suffer or have pains Any more. Dying would just be too good For me.

I hope the children will grow up to be whole human being And not manipulators of each other. I have a long ways to go building up my mind to become a communist, I do Appreciate you And other honest people who like Lee, who does Not let their pride Keep them from being Principaled.

I like people like that.

I’ll listen more to the News.

Thank you Dad – Dorothy Brewer



Dorothy Brewer Statement on Socialism

[Editor’s note: The arcane symbols c̅ and š appear in the document, meaning “with” and “without,” respectively]

My Beliefs on Socialism

  1. People are to be considered first, Land & houses second.
  2. I Believe it takes strong people to Be Socialistic Because Nickle & Penney Psychology is played c̅ Peoples Psyche which Causes hostility & too much paranoia
  3. To get to Socialism you must Have unity– No Threats unless they come directly From Leader Because no other Human Being knows what is in the Hearts of others.
  4. Socialism is A Big Word with Many Meanings And I could come up c̅ a lot of Rhetoric c̅ very little meaning But No Matter what Frame of Mind I’m in I observe in Every Person I talk too– just How concerned they Are About Another person & who would they go an Extra mild for & why– How can one succeed in Anything š a sincere concern for Another Human Being.

Dorothy Brewer


Undated Statement on Tim Stoen from Dorothy Brewer


“The Clean Getaway”

The perfect plan to destroy Tim Stoen

Have me or one of our members infiltrate Tim’s circle, kill Tim or poison capsule, stay with the group for at least a month, Frame a Killing for the person from our group can’t mess up there face with a shotgun, bury them and the person from our group actually gets away because what [illegible word] place is.

The man who owns a funeral home does not bury someone (and I know someone who would do this) and this some one becomes the person who is shot and unidentifiable. The unidentified person would be me/or whoever chosen for the job that I could return/for whoever, to Guyana under another name free. There would be a clean getaway. If for some reason the plan failed and [2 illegible words] be made then you go down fighting – I wouldn’t mind dying that way.

Dorothy Brewer



Ruby Bright Letter to Jim Jones


To whom it may concern,

On about the 15 of March 1978, I intered the country of Guyana at Timehri airport carrying on my person apparatus used in the consumption of narcotics.

Ruby Foster
(A.K.A.) Ruby Bright



Madeleine Brooks Letter to Jim Jones


The reasons that you brought us to the place of safety are.

  1. The effect of the destruction that the neutron bomb will cause.
  2. Also the big bomb
  3. From the earthquakes and famine & water shortage.
  4. The result of Senate bill 14-27 [1437] that took the place of senate bill no. 1.
  5. Because of the genocide treaty, a treaty to kill all black people. U.S. South Africa, Chile would not sign.
  6. Because of Sauda Arabia and Iran are going to try to control the economy of the world.
  7. Concentration camps
  8. Nazis
  9. The bill that would allow children [of 14 written above] to be subject to the death penalty.
  10. Necular war
  11. Cleometric theory
  12. The division of the U.S. into a black and white nation.
  13. Bakke decision.

Madeleine Brooks



Madeleine Brooks Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad,

I am one of the ones who asked where the meat was that was to be in the rice. I didn’t make a big scene. I thought maybe the rice hadn’t been stirred enough. On my plate was two pieces about the size of my little finger, and I didn’t see how that was going to supply protein that we are in need of.

I am sorry that I asked about it. When I think about it I know that I am willing to make what ever sacrafice is needed to obtain our goal. So it doesn’t make any difference if I had meat or not.

Madeleine Brooks



Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Jean Brown

Dear Dad,

I don’t have much to say but wanted to let you know I am fine. I keep busy but with Teri [Buford] here the biggest load of responsibility by far is on her. I do not mean to manipulate and am even hesitant to say anything about it, because what I say about this comes out sounding manipulative. It is a relief with her here. That is surely a reflection on me, because responsibility is something I will gladly share, or duck out of is probably more like it, whenever I can. But I want you to know that I will stay here and carry whatever I have to for as long as necessary. Whoever is here.

I miss you. In melancholy moments I am very sad about separation and the passing of time when I am not in your proximity. It has made me much more aware of the awsomeness of what you are doing, and the finality of things. Words are hollow and in reality I do not do all that I could to uphold the work here. The troubles with Leona [Collier], for one thing. I take a large part of the responsibility for that. Keeping to myself and not communicating. That won’t happen again as long as I am here.

I feel for the burden you are carrying and for the heartbreaks. I cannot conceive of life without knowing you. You have touched my life very deeply. Whatever happens, life as you have given it to us is fulfilled. Thank you.




Jean Brown Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Father,

Thank you for giving me the chance to be here. Seeing all this plus the experiences of the past months of crisis, have brought me such a sense of the profound beauty of socialism – of collective and even personal fulfillment, more fulfillment than I have ever known in life and really more than any one person deserves. Even during the portion of the crisis we faced in San Francisco, the moments of trust between comrades committed to stand, the true basis for human relationships you have given us – There is nothing more on earth I could ask for than to be your follower, to learn principle and learn to live by it, to be part of this Communist revolution.

Thank you

Your daughter,
Jean [Brown]



Luella Brown Letter to Jim Jones


Why are we here

Because police mans pass low that if poor people cant answer question the way they wont them they will take them to jail Senter bill 1427 [13437] that will destroy all minority.

Nutron Bum destroy all live thing will not destroy the house will not even move a pitcher on wall

Because Concentraton Camp

Because the low in USA now is a 14 year old children go to jail now

Because the [they] got stuff that they put in water that will kills all poor people.

Because the big oils comis [companies] be kind and Rich people is behind they wont to get Rid of all poor people

Luella Brown


EE1-AB-7a – 7b

Luella Brown Letter to Jim Jones

I am no good. I lie & steal. I am a no good sonbitch. I don’t like to be [illegible] some different people. I don’t like for them to tell me when I am rong. I am selfish like have things my way.

Dad, I did tell Rita that Mary Ford had lost her cloth when she was in Georgetown, that someone had went in her bag and got her things out of her bag when she was in Hospital. I now that I should keep my mouth shut. Such a big mouth. Dad I don’t have any sex feeling for you at all. I think of you as my Dad. I never think of you as sex. I had a dream long time ago that I was at a party. Everyone was dance. I was set down look at them dance and you appeared in front of me in your chair. You said to me I going to save you for later. That was in a dream. Dad to save money you can bill a loft in the dorms [some words scribbled out]

You can have about 20-30 people in the loft. You can put the young people up there or the young [illegible] in the loft. I think it would save some money. It a lot of space going to wast.

Luella Brown



Undated Letter from Ruletta Brown

Dear Norman & Jack

I have been trying to get back home, But its been hard with a small son [Robert Paul, Jr.]. I would like to come and work in the mission fields also. Please ask Father if I may come back home. I understand that a few has left Guyana and I would like there place. I know I wouldn’t want any more part of United States. I have learned my lesson well out here, working and living around the K.K.K. here in Louisiana. Even though Father love has protected me all the way and I thank Father ask Father to please forgive me and may I have another chance to be [illegible word] him. I need him like Everyone else. Jim is my only hope and the only way. I know all of my mistakes and I was wrong to be weak and careless. Tell Jim I thank him for being so loving to Mark and Isaac [sons Marquess and Isaac Rhodes] and that I miss them dearly. But feel good to know they’re safe and sound. And if by chance tell Jocelyn [Carter, sister] I also thank her for being a mother to my sons and I’m glad she had a little girl [Kaywana Carter]. I will give up on Jim. I will be with him somehow. If people can find ways to get away for him. I know I can find a way to get near him. [illegible word] & Peace. Ruletta Brown



Yolanda Brown Statement on Socialism

Socializam is the right way to live and the right way to die captilizam hate socializam is love love god, and is god is love.

From Yolanda Brown



Yolanda Brown Letter to Jim Jones


to father

the reason we are even here is becues thers freedom and we don’t have to worre about the nutronbomb and the cosintromkap [concentration camps] and the erthbrace [earthquakes] and the drout of water.

from Yolanda Brown



Lucioes Bryant letter to Jim Jones

Lucioes Bryant

Yes I got to pair under short – to towels. Which someone take to pair short. And take to towel. 1 pair jean.



EE1-AB-34a – 34b

Lucioes Bryant Statement on Socialism

I belive if we Have socialism today we woulden’t Have to go Throught what we are going Throught now. I believe very stroungly that when socialism Do come it will change Every Persons that who belive in a New Change in Life. Not for the Rich Man who whan’t to control this world we live in. I belive socialism will one day will Revoluized the world and I For one who belive in socialism. Very much one Hundred per cent

Lucioe Bryant



Princeola Bryant and Others’ Letter to Jim Jones


Thanks to our Socilist Leader, we are Free–Free at last.

He will never stop Fighting nor will He give up till all people are Free.

Thanks to our Socilist Leader for we are Free–Free–Free–

And we would like to Know if the program would be suitable

Please let us Know.

Princeola Bryant and others



 Luna Buckley Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad, I agree with the rest of the family that we should not give Tim Stone one penney. I think it should be a way of getting him alone and having a long talk with him by talk I mean leting him know if he does anything to keep the rest of our people from geting here or impeding our progress he is a dead man. Chris [Lewis] is on the scene as whether or not. He needs to be made to know that we are not going to set around and fiddle our fingles [fingers], while he and his no good friends try to stop our progress. I will be willing to do whatever I have to do to any of them or all of them. Thank you.

Luna Buckley



Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Teri Buford


Thank you for putting up with the daily miserablness that you go through. Your kindness and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I am very sorry for getting upset and all on the radio repeatedly and please know that I am with you to the very end. I cannot begin to imagine the utter agony of your responsibility and lonliness and still I respond curtly to more instructions and the like. I do realize that you don’t enjoy giving out work and please know that as upset as I get I don’t doubt your love though certainly I have no right to it. I am glad to have been able to have worked with you for the time that I did and I am looking forward to getting back there. Looking over this past year I have been gone 9 months out of the year but I do believe that I still in many ways have more contact by the radio that alot of people do that live there so I am grateful to be able to listen to you. Your editorial was so completely to the point and I am sure that there is much more that you could say. I am very sorry that I repeatedly get up tight over things or get upset with people on the radio or get short with people here. I am glad that Debbie got to go over there becuase she is a damn good worker and with alot of committment I think,. I really do want to apologize for getting uptight on the radio. I am sorry that you have to go on putting up with endless shit— I am grateful that if you have to live that Detrick [foster son Marlon Deitrich Porter] has you to look up to as an example. I guess you wish you could be a big no body [nobody]. Sorry you have to go through it for us and sorry that I continually make it worse for you.

My deepest respect.




Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Teri Buford


Perhaps I speak with the irrationality that comes to someone who only knows each day if you are dead or alive by waiting on each additional installment of the news. Or perhaps that makes me strangely more realistic than others. I cannot judge. So I continue – one breath at a time until the inevitable comes and a situation which is already bad becomes suddenly worse. I don’t know if I will ever see you alive again – nor you me for that matter. I believe that life is without hope and that man is unperfectable yet I maintain that I am not a fascist – though I must admit I find fascism more agreeable than anarcy – the ultimate in human greed. I believe in this cause not due to attachments but rather because I sincerely believe in you, respect you and your ideal – and that is it – I don’t stay because I erroneously believe that you trust me or like me because I don’t believe either to be the case. I feel close to you in my loneliness – not loneliness in the sense of needing people but rather the aloneness of decision-making – moral decisions that I am incapable of and lean on you entirely for. I don’t envy your life and I can see the charades that have to go on here to maintain the peace. As you know I have no respect whatsoever for the bedroom revolutionaries around here who claim such great love for you yet won’t leave your side long enough to pull an honest days work – but I also know that you have to do it or this organization would be torn apart. It is utterly tragic to see probably the most creative mind of the century held captive by a bunch of selfish – self-centered people. It makes me hostile and sick – but I don’t have to go through it – you do and I do sincerely feel sorry for your role. – Just a note – I have never told you the final strategy that I have in mind if the time should come that something is about to happen to you – I have thrown ideas to you that are slight variations of parts of the real theme but for the obvious reason that to protect me you would sabotage the whole thing – so for that reason I just wanted you to know that I would not do that unless I thought you were dying and further you couldn’t sabotage it as of now because I have told no one what the real plan is. (though the end result will be the same). I have pledged what is left of my life to allowing you a death with dignity. I hope that something decent comes out of getting a new bunch of lawyers – if not there are other routes – but the only thing I want to accomplish in life just to give you a death with dignity and that is all that is important to me anymore. Hopefully I will see you again – If not I wanted you to know I have no regrets whatsoever other than I wish I had done it better and more conscientious job and I wish I had not so often given into my greatest enemy – pettyness. However – I have no regrets and I’m grateful our children did not have to live this hell – respectfully – Teri


EE1-AB-68a – 68b

William Bush Letter to Jim Jones

Billy Bush

To Father,

last night you had a bunch of articles. one was about Andy Young when he said that Lincoln and JFK were racists and he was also put in a cartoon to make him look like a fool. there was also an article about the KKK and how their membership is increasing by 100% there’s also a picture showing them dressing babys in KKK uniforms There was another article about someone getting raped to model clothes. There was also an article that in Boston someone wrote “Everyone should own a nigger,” on the courthouse door, and no one erased it until the ACLU made them take it off. Someone also said that it is a normal reaction for white people to rape, because of all the pressure put on them by the people on welfare. You also talked about the Cleometric theory.

Thank you Father
Billy Bush



Chlotile Butler Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad:

I went to security on the Boat Sunday. It was lovely I never saw that part of the land in the day time it is so Beautiful all the way there, Thank you for the trip out there and Back.

Chlotile Butler



Chlotile Butler Letter to Jim Jones, written shortly after White Night of Feb. 16, 1978

Chlotile Butler
Jones Town

Dear Dad;

I was Glad to get the Potion on Wednesday and was sorry it was not real it would have been a pleasure. (thank you.) For my work I doo 8 hour a day. I work from 8.30 am to 11 then I go to the No2 Generator and work untill 1 pm Am Back to rice untill 15 minutes untill 5 pm.

Thank you Dad for the Health to work.

C. Butler