Letters to Dad (D)

[Editor’s notes: This page was transcribed by Cole Waterman. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.

[The letters on this page derive from several sources, principally FBI Section 126 • EE-1 • Letters to Dad (A-F)FBI Section 130 • EE-2 • Letters to Jim Jones; and FBI Sections 121-123 • BB-31 – BB-32 • Tim Stoen, D Touchette.

[Insofar as possible, these letters have been arranged in alphabetical order of the writer’s last name. The letters retain their original spelling and grammar.

[Peoples Temple member often used old reports and documents as scratch paper, using the reverse side of these pages for their letters. We have labeled and transcribed those scratch pages which include information about Jonestown.]



Dorothy Daniel Letter to Jim Jones


Father, I would like to thank you for being so good to me over the years I have known you I special would like to thank you for Christ a new Body becase he really need one it seem like a load have been lift off me thank you again.

I am not much of a write

I hope you can unstand what I am trying to say

Your Daughter
Dorothy Lee Daniel
1145 Scott #435
San Francisco



Joyce Douglas statement on socialism

Socialism is apostolic that were living now. It is a better living constautive that we are working together as group not as a individual. Socialism mean to me that we will Fight for what we stand for, we do not look for the Fight but we will help fight for are sisters and brothers who are being chare with false things like some of brothers & sisters have being of cuse of that why I am will to fight the honkey ass white cause what you have doing for all of us no more run away stand here and fight as brother had said

Joyce Douglas



Searcey Darnes, aka Braunshaunski Darnes Letter to Jim Jones


From Braun Darnes

I suggest to send Tim Stoen several presents one of which would be fatal to receive.



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes Letter to Jim Jones

Dad – I should have been more precise by stating what I’d do before I take my life.

(1) Kill Tim Stoen

(2) Kill Grace Stoen

(3) Kill myself either by burning myself or shooting myself. I have Killed 3 times before.

Once a Killer always a Killer. Najuandrienne Darnes. Forgive for not being to the point.

[Transcriber’s note: The above was written on a torn piece of scrap paper, which bears scratching out writings along its back.]



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes, Letter to Jim Jones

[Transcriber’s note: The document begins with the third entry. The first two entries – likely on previous (missing) pages – are not included.]

(3) inflicted mind that you won’t ever let these horrible things happen to me again. I find myself wondering about thing that is not of any concern of mine. For instance what is our outcome. I’ve been hurt for so long I haven’t given this stupid mind a chance to accept freedom and really be free. I still keep a block there in that part of my mind. I see whats happening. I am glad my children doesn’t have to go through the hurt I went through. I don’t have any sexual attraction for you Dad, that I tend to notice. I’ve been driven away from men for so long, all I ever wanted from men was to use them because of my hurt. I don’t see that for you. I can’t see myself wanting you sexually. I hate for any white person to tell me what to do. I still despise that

(4) To me it seems like they still enjoy giving orders. I really hate this. I’ve always hated and resented this. Not just white people, any person that seemed to think they were superior toward us. I like working with people and for people thats if they appreciate it, or show some kind of appreciation. I seem to get along with my fellow workers. Although I am somewhat moody, my mind still tends to roam through the pass, is this really happening to me now. Knowing that you are real, that’s why me, I have nothing to offer, nothing to contribute worth while. I’m nobody, never have been wanted. Never did any descent thing in my life. I’ve hurt others too. Selfishly brought 6 children in this hell of a world. Thank you for your love and deep concern. I enjoyed your conversation with the people that had been with you a long time, it showed happiness for all of you talking about all of the old times.

Najuandrienne Darnes



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad: (over on back is (2)

I am a very mean, self centered person. I still find my self filled with hate and unconcern for certain people. I have a tendency to still gossip about petty things. I still talk to some people, and others I barely speak. I am still too family oriented. I still dip in the children relation affair in a sly kind of way. I am very guilty, and it does bother me for the prejudice I reared my children up in. Yet I am really not integrating in the way I should. I am the blame. I fall back on my hurt and my so call people hurt by the white man. This is a new day, a new time and still another asshole me. I am not just a racial prejudice person, I am also prejudice against some men because of my own hurt by men, although I brought everything on my self I still blame men. I am stupid for that. I even blame my mom for my hurt as well as my dad. I’ve always wanted my mom and dad, and they never wanted me. Mom left me in the sugar cane field when I was 4 weeks old. I was told this all my young days. Daddy came in the picture when I was 9 then disappeared again until I was 14. Then tried to molest me at 14, beat me unmerciful, disfigured my face, then his Mom & Stepdad refuse to let me go to the cops, because they believed his lies. He then tried again when I was 15, then I left home & started living with Ahonda & Roy’s dad. He treated me like shit always reminding me of I wasn’t wanted by my parents, so he went with white women and threw it up in my face, this shit happened with Brans [Braunshaunski Darnes] & Elond’s [Elondwaynion Darnes] dad, fucking white women and saying how much better they were compared to me. I couldn’t help but hate white people. Although I forgave my dad, I was afraid of him, stayed out of his way when I was by myself and hated when the white man killed him, I didn’t love him, but I didn’t want to see him killed by the white man all because a white bitch caused his death. I still hold all white people for my hurt and bad experience. I still have to fight all of my tears back. I can’t seem to get it out out of this self.



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad,

I am an ass, because I was one that changed my vote on Jair’s [Baker] behavior. I was again too stupid to think for myself, all just to save my own ass. I know that when you appear that goes. I know that I can’t save an ants ass, less on Jair’s or myself. I know that I have no mercy and I’m not loving at all. I also know that I could never be responsible one bit nor care for Jair or any one else. I am very sorry indeed for responding the way I did, and also for being caught. I also regret that I haven’t grown any more than this. I will gladly go on Learning Crew one month (1 month) for my outrageous, stupid, no judgement, and mal behavior. I am very sorry to have hurt you this way. I really feel shitty about this. Thank you. (over) N. Darnes



Dad again I am very much guilty for writing and asking for pictures. It was unthoughtful and immaterial to do such thing. I knew it was a no no to ask for any thing else (beside money), I really didn’t think it was wrong. I’d always been a picture freak. I’ll never do that ever again. Again I’m very sorry and very guilty of this since I’ve been here. I will also go to the Learning Crew for this too (3 weeks). Thank you. N. Darnes.

I also wrote up to you about taking a couple of aspirins for a headache, Maalox for indigestion, and Vicks Vapor rub in my nostrils for stopped up nose. Annie [Moore] knew about the Vicks. I asked her for it on several occasions but the aspirins & Maalox was taken on occasion when she wasn’t in the office in late December, before they started locking the aspirins up. I will also go on Learning for this.

Thank you,
Najuandrienne Darnes



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes Letter to Jim Jones

Self Criticism of me & wonders

Jan. 16, 1978

I am very outspoken, still mean as well, still don’t get along with people like I should. I tend to stay away to avoid people I dislike. Talk to them sharp, or stare at them like a fool. I still can’t relate to taking orders from certain people. I’m not as kind as I should be. I’m still a complete ass, and still have too many damn faults.

Agnes Jones works with me nights, good worker, but spends too much time away from the office at times. Even though she does have to fix lunches, but at times she spends a little bit more time than she should. But it’s no major problem. Barbara Smith I can’t give any evaluations, because most of the time both she and Rose relieve me. It is so seldom they work with me. I don’t think I would be right to write something about them. I can say this about Cheryle McCall, very seldom she’s on time at 7 am. I use to go and wake her up, but I stopped that. If she’d stop staying up so late at night, she probably could wake up and be here for 7 AM. Some times her attitude is bad, and I don’t like to say anything to her. I just stare like a damn fool. Thank you. I have my faults and bad moments too. Also working on a change.

Najuandrienne Darnes



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes note to Jim Jones

I will blow my brains out in the Courts Chambers or burn myself alive in front of the main square or government building.

Najuandrienne Darnes

I’ve been choked to death and I have tried suicide

Now I have a reason to die. Thank you.



Velma Darnes, aka Najuandrienne Darnes Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Father:

I am so thankful and most grateful to you for getting me, and the entire family out of facist America from:

Racist America, the Neutron Bomb, Earthquake, Concentration Camps, the Bakke Decision, Senate Bill 1427, racial genocide, the Cliometric system, the death penalty, Ethnic weapons, Nuclear war, food shortage, water shortage, facist tone over, oil shortage due to Shah of Iran and Saudi Arabia dispute.

Najuandrienne Shaunelle Darnes



Hazel Dashiell Letter to Jim Jones

I left the States because of the earthquakes that will occur in the not too distance future. Then too, the water here is pure and not polluted and not recycled. America is about to have a nuclear war with their neutron bomb that will kill the people, but will save the ground and won’t even disturb paper left on the desk of eh scientists. Also the concentration camps we avoided, there are the old Nazis police to deal with, who will ask you a question and if you don’t answer what he’s thinking about in his mind arrest you. But Russia has a laser beam to combat all their guided missles before they hit their target of destruction. Also China has built under ground city to protect them from the A bombs to be leashed upon humanity again. Then there is quite a dispute between the oil barons of the East, the Shah of Iran the high of Saudi Arabia over the oil control. Each one vying who shall control the oil industry. And also their genocidal works that being performed on the blacks mostly. And all experiments that are used on their works on animals is given to the people to bloat them up and causes three flue in people and strokes somewhat. I shall be greatful beloved Savior.

Hazel Dashiell


EE1-D28a – 28c

Hazel Dashiell Test Answers

Hazel Dashiell
Teacher, None wrong out of 1st 10, 3 out of Extra

1 – What are 4 enemies of




Social Democracy

2 – Proposition 13 is [Senate Bill] 1437 revived as 6869 is just the same

3 – Arms struggle is happening all over the world and arresting people without a trial terrorism begins where arms struggle ends.

4 – 1437 items no freedom, trials justice mercy no recognition of any sort for blacks no work black

5 – Choler was in Zaire news of yesterday & Somalia

6 – Joshua Nkomo [leader of Rhodesia’s Patriotic Front] told [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter to kiss his big black ass as Carter was telling him to quiet down on his visits situations he was in a squabble

7 – Occultism is a science of the terrestal world by different signs in sky practically all four of them are alike

8 – Zaire is like U.S. in many ways as the Goons are paid by the rich ruling class as well as the police force are paid not to interfere in a no ruckus in any movement in the streets.

9 – Because all the military police had told them not to stop the near revolt in the Greek city

10 – They are the liberation of Zaire and as it will soon be free the last of the year 1978

11 – S.A.L.T. [Strategic Arms Limitations Talks] stopped the talks on arms going to Africa by giving them arms over mineral in Africa & their other resources of Mother Earth

12 –  Kampuchea or Cambodia China is near their border with their troops

13 – [Chilean Naval ship] Esmeralda docked in California but is was in a terrible shape for being dirty from the blood of the women who had been killed & some had been thrown 14 to the sharks. The boat was rece’d with open arms but they didn’t mean it down in their hearts. the hypocrites the U.S.A. didnt

15 – China

16 – X

17 – Dont give any information to any of them. Ask to call your lawyer & what are being arrested for.

18 – Andrew Young was a revisionist he’s a puppet for the U.S.A. & Angela Davis also is one.

19 – Egypt – [Anwar] Sadat. Cuba – [Fidel] Castro. Ian Smith of Zaire. [John] Vorster – South Africa. [Leonid] Brezhnev – Russia. Johannesburg.

20 – U.S. magazines

21 – Zaire stand for Christians Royal OC of Courts guess mind black

22 – Johnny Harris a black man in jail framed for murder got a letter out of jail was to be hung before it could get in the right place as it might win his case about the Dept.

23 – Joan Little a black woman in jail for killing a jailer who raped her while serving her term in prison.



Barbara Davis note to Jim Jones


Dear Father

I left the U.S. because of the neculear War, Senate Bill 1427 Neutron Bomb, Racial Genicide Facicism Concentration Camps Ice Age an also earthquakes and Laser Bomb attacks. Most of all to be with my Father

Barbara Davis



Barbara Davis Letter to Jim Jones

Father some of the things I criticize myself for is, I talk to much, Still put to much emphisis on my & mine, Get annoy to quick, Talk about people behind their back, I’m selfish and love to have things my way.

Barbara Davis

P.S. I realize in order to be a good Socialist I’m going to have to improve a whole lot and I’m working on my faults.



Cynthia Davis Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Because of my past involvement with the Myrtle [Mertle] girls and the fact that I almost destroyed this whole cause, and especially the hell I put you through, the least I could do would be to give my life for this cause. It would be easy to write you that I’d be willing to do so [some] dramatic thing to help save the cause, but all I’m going to say is if anything goes down, please count me in. If there is anything you need me to do please count me as very willing. If I can really be a help, I’m ready.

Cynthia Davis
Thank You Dad



Cynthia Davis Letter to Jim Jones

Cynthia Davis


Physical Attractions:

  1. Dark Eyes – in your eyes, I see more than the total weight of the world, it is good in a way that you do wear dark shades most of the times. I’m not saying that others see this type of thing, but I do, and thats what makes me attracted to your eyes. I can see the Love for People and the Struggle in your Eyes. That Love which inables you to have all of the Concern compation, patience, Consideration, & Kindness for People, your Strategy, (Strategy doesn’t aways work), but yours always does, I wonder why? HaHa

Your Strength and Willingness to Fight & Live for what you believe in, your endurance (wow), I’d never Begin to think of how I’d Be able to measure that. Your Sacrifice can’t be topped. Your Great Efforts to Free People under the feet of Opression. In other words your eyes tell a great and Beautiful story; and I am attracted to them, very much so.

  1. Your Black Hair – I’m crazy about. I don’t know why, but its nice. It looks great when its in your face.
  2. Your Arms and Hands – The child in me (and there’s lot of that) is very attracted to your arms and hands. The warm & wonderful way you hold a new Born Baby I like. The gentle & loving way you touch a child or a senior on the head, or a mere hand shake becomes one of reassurance and Security. Yes I’m attracted to your Strong arms and hands.

What I mean is, your warm way of holding a child or gentlely touching the head of one of our seniors, will help to one day build Strong Communist Revolutionist, secure about what they believe in; the knowledge of the Struggle and whats expected of them.

Self Analysis 1-4-78

  1. Judge others too fast. I judge others fast than I do myself. I think its because of my self righteousness.
  2. I think I’m too emotional at times when I should show more strength. Ex. Confrontation (Public); I’m alright until I start talking directly to my Leader. I can give everybody else Bunch of shit, but moment I get confronting you Dad everything changes. “Here comes the [illegible] Bit”
  3. Mouth Prolem is one way of gettin Back at people, I don’t trust people very much. My laughter and assiation with people is very foney. Past experiences cause me to Both dislike and not trust people.
  4. Temperamental (very) I know I’m very temperamental but I don’t try hard enough to control it, Because I want to appear tough and cold hearted, and I’m really just the opposite.
  5. Paranoid – I’m one of the most paranoid persons I know. Always thought people were out to cut my throat. Out to use and drain you of the last drop of blood in your Body. I really think now that most of my paranoid came and comes from my Being so self centered. If I’m allowed to I’ll trip hard on just my damn little And all the time they aren’t really problems. This is one reason I go off on these self pitty trips.
  6. My guilt trips – Wow! My guilt always seems to turn into hostility. I’ll feel guilt for a few minutes and before I know it I’m as hostile as hell.



Cynthia Davis Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Jim,

This is Monday Morn. and we’re all on our post on the front Lines. I’m thinking a lot about one statement I thought I heard you make. Something about not being Guarnteed Peace here on this land, and not being Bothered here in Jonestown anymore By Fuckers working for the C.I.A. It sounded as if you were saying to us that you were sorry we had to go through this type of thing every once and a while. A particular word, Guarntee, must have run through my mind so fast at that time, I could’nt stop thinking, Guarnteed Peace, what Guarnteed Peace, you don’t owe anyone here any Guarnteed Peace. We’re Communist, and we should know and understand that we will one day have to die for what we Beleave in. You’ve Guarnteed everything else so far, for all of these years and Guarnteed the fact that you’d always be with us, until we finally learned the truth, and could stand on our own two feet.

What the fuck else should we expet for you to Guarntee us? Let me speak for myself by saying I have been Guarnteed good health, every sence I walked into this movement. Then I was of course Guarnteed the Right to be a part of it. I was Guarnteed your most amazing and most loving protection. I then noticed that I was now another child of my Father, and Guarnteed his Sweet Love, Concern, Understanding, Justice, Time, Compation, and 100% Effort to making me a good Socialist & Communist, his Attention, his Comradity, an Environment of which I was not neglected or put down in, Etc, etc., etc. Not only did I find out that I was Guarnteed all of this, but you also gave this same Guarntee to my loved ones and thousands of others like myself. Theres never been a more Guarnteed Love in any port of history or time. As far as I know, there has never been any real Guarntee of such great Loyalty given to any people, as was given to the People of People’s Temple by the Greatest Revolutionary Leader (and I do mean Communist Revolutionary Leader), Jim Jones.

As years passed by in this movement, I was then being Guarnteed (By this same man), a place on a Beautiful Land that I could call my own. It took more money than I could ever save up, to get here, but, well you know Jim, I was then Guarnteed a plane ticket here. After arriving in Our Beautiful Jonestown, I find I’ve been Guarnteed my own Land, good health and the Best Dr. you could ever have, a great Medical Staff, three great meals a day, never a day of hunger, a Beautiful place to lay my head at night, great Showers, a chance to see our children and Seniors happy; Good Socialist classes for everyone, a chance to learn and grow, time to spend with my friends and comrades. But most of all I learned that you’re a very fare man, and a great friend to all of us. When I thought about how you passed out gum and candy to 800 people, making sure that each one got some, I couldn’t help but realize that Communism is the Best way yet. It couldn’t be reached without of course the Best Leader yet, (you).

I’m greatful for that Guarntee of truth you’ve given and I’ll be greatful for a long time. Words are still cheap to me, but there’re all I’ve got to work with at this time so I’ll use words to discribe how I feel every once and a while. I’ll be trying to prove how greatful I am in the future, by my works, by having to run to a post on the Front Lines, does not displease me at all, But honors me. Jonestown’s mine (ours), and I’m willing to Die for it. Thank you for showing me (us) with your Example that Jonestown is a Communist town, and my Dear Friend, to Die for Communism is truly an Honor to me. One I would not have had if it were not for you.

Thank you Jim

After you read this, I won’t mind it if you use the paper for something else. I didn’t forget what you said about wasting.


Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Cynthia Davis

EE-2-c-4a – 4g

Dear Dad,

Thank you, thank you first of all for everything. Thanks for showing Bill the example of a beautiful principle. I’m sure that he would say and feel that anything good he does is only because of you and your example. I feel the same. I do appreciate the praise that you gave to Billy Jackson on Tues nite. But I would like to get something off of my mind and be very honest with you. You’ve always had a way, somehow of making me feel like I was a worthful human being with purpose. It’s not only the public praise or the public recognition you’ve given me in the past or lately. But anything you do or say has so much meaning to it. My preferring women to men for 5 yrs has always at some time or another gotten me into heated arguments and great defenses.

Wed.  afternoon after that Rally I had to fussed someone out about that shit. Maybe my or Billy’s public praise is a threat to too many people. I notice how people react after each of the praises me or Billy get from you. I don’t feel they like it and that’s mainly because they or so damn many of those passive ass bitches get sick when they hear the word gay or lesbian or homosexual etc.

Being gay as a woman was kind of hard sometimes but, I always had your example to look at and realize that in comparison to the overall world situation and what was going on with Peoples Temple, I have only such a [illegible word] small thing to bare [bear]. I must say though, the word lesbian is beginning to get me into more heated arguments and the first thing anyone relates to is “What You Are” like for instance because of it. Staying to myself keep me from telling people just what I think of them and then getting myself into long heated arguments. I got into a argument today in which I brought out your name, telling the person that as “Father” says I need no defense, I am what I am, and if you don’t like that’s your ass. I’m sorry Dad that I used your name in such ugly Bull shit. The person

[missing page]

Dad people as a whole I feel don’t relate enough to it. But I feel if they do relate to the word sex then they damn sure should relate to that. Each time I get my name or Billy’s name called out and something said good about him or me, I have to curse out a couple of threatened passive bitches the next day. I don’t wish to be violent in my words or in my deeds. I do stay too much to myself

[missing page]

then make the statement, saying I was just sorry that she wasn’t what I was. Saying I was sorry that I was gay and she wasn’t, which makes no real difference to me. But if people don’t want to relate to their own homosexuality or see themselves as they really are, then that’s them. But if I do, I don’t see where there should be any conflict. Before I wrote this I felt it was just more of my paranoia then I did remember that I was going on facts and particular people so I do know what I’m thinking is real.

Thank you Dad
Cynthia Davis



[Transcriber’s note: Pages consist of college transcripts and job referrals of Peoples Temple member Donald D. Davis]



Undated Statement by L.C. Davis regarding his Family

To Whom It May Concern

I, L.C. Davis, have two sons that live in Seattle that would like to live in Jonestown. When lived by themselves. Chris Lionel Davis is 19. Leland Greg Davis is 18. Both was a member of the Temple in LA.

Curtis live with me about a year ago in San Francisco. And went to the Temple. Lee Engram [Ingram] – Rosie [Ijames] & Maxine [Betts] talk with him before they let him in.

Greg haven’t been to the Temple for about 3 years.

About two weeks ago Greg was beat up in Seattle by a group, robbed and stabbed in the forehead.

If their is any way possible I would like to get them overseas.

I also have a son Ronald Lamont Davis that live in Los Angeles that would like to go. Their is a legal problem with him. He is 15. His mother said he could go. She haven’t signed any papers yet.

I will pay all their ways over their while I am still at the airlines.

I, L.C. Davis, would like to take Ronald with me to Guyana on the first of July on vacation. For three weeks.



Lexie Davis Letter to Jim Jones

Dear father.

I never was very good in putting my True feeling on paper but will Try. I was born out of wedlock never new my so call father my mother never said anything about him. She give me to my grandmother so as a child no one showed much love to me as i grew older still no one seem to care. All my young life was lonly because I had no body I could talk to this made me become with drawn from people & selfish

Today I dont make friends very easly.

When I got marred that was the biggest mistake of my life because He was crule to me it was hell. Father everything that I have ever love has ben taken away from me, Thank you father for listing.

The man I admire is Jim McElvane.

Lexie Davis



Lexie Davis Letter to Jim Jones


Self Analysis

Dear Dad.

I am difficult to understand for that reason dont have many friends to quick & short spoken at times & so doing it hurt people feeling.

I am selfish – like being mosely alone be cause I feel no one care about me when around people I feel uncomfortable & want to leave, but when alone I am lonely, all off my childhood life has ben this way.

Negative attitude – It is hard for me to see the good in most people, to quick to judge. I have been hurt & disappointed so much in my life untill it is hard for me to see the good in people’s it seems that I am looking for the wrong in people’s when I meat someone that appear trustworthy I use the word “Surprise” I know this is wrong thease are the things I fight with in my self because “dad I truly want to be a good Socialist, dont want to be this way.


Thank you dad for your love

Lexie Davis



Robert Davis Letter to Jim Jones

My name is Bob Davis. Liz Forman, who was a member of Peoples’ Temple, has been active in the smear campaignagainst Jim Jones.

I shacked up with her and she is a very self-centered person.

When her grandfather had a serious operation, she told me she hoped that he would die so she could get the money in his will.

This shows how cold-blooded and inhumane she is.

She had sex with a teenage boy and molested a young girl that we were taking care of. [Transcriber’s note: Following line still legible through the scribble.] The boy was Dennis Allen and he will testify to it!

When I found out about this – I was appaled!

Liz Forman is a completely amoral person!



James Dawson Letter to Jim Jones



Just read about problems with New West [Magazine]. If I or any of my people can help please let me know. Just put an add in the Cronicil [San Francisco Chronicle] personals Saying (Bill call Randy)

Good Luck
James Dawson
Capt. N.W.L.A.



Lovie De Pina Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Pastor Jim Jones

I am so glad you gave me the priviledge to come over here For it is the land of Promise and Plenty.

It is a Peaceable land that you have provided for us.

Thank you Father.

I had no life untill you found me.

It was so mean and ugly trying to live in that Old Capitalist land. Please believe me. I had a hard time trying to live in that land of hate.

Thank you Father

Lovie De Pina

P.S. The one you have done all for.



Burger Lee Dean Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad

Tim Stone is a sick man he and Grace [Stoen] both because you and your family so much heart aches even PT family. You owe him nothing. We owe him nothing. Don’t give him nothing. You have been put through to much. From that M. F. all he need is a whole in the ground and him and Grace in it. Give him nothing.

Thank you Dad.

Burger Lee Dean

I am glad I am your child

P.S. I don’t trust him, dad.



Burger Dean Letter to Jim Jones

Re: to Father

The things Father talkd About. Why we had to Leve the U.S.A. because Earth Quacks are coming and will kill a lot of people and Racism between Blacks and Whites in the schools and on the jobs too.

He KKK rising up making plans to Kill Blacks and Minorities. Blacks and Minorities would be Exterminated. Concentration Camps are being Built for Blacks and Minorities too, they would Be put in them like they did the Japanese and starved to death. And our 14 yr. old children would walk in to police traps and be put in Jail if they didnt do what they want them to do even go to Prison. If they didnt give the right answers

Poison our drinking water. The poison they put in medicines. To give to Expecting mothers that would kill their babies. The Bomb that would kill people and not harm Buildings the Neutron Bomb.

Thank you Father
Burger Lee Dean


EE1-D30a – 30b

Edith Delaney Letter to Jim Jones

Healings From Pastor Jim Jones

I had trouble with my left eye in 1955. It would get red and ache or burn. Each time it would happen it was worse. I went to several doctors. I first went to Green’s Eye Hospital in San Francisco, Calif. It was terribly red. It looked like it was blood shot. It was X-rayed & the Drs. Could not find one thing that could have caused it. No doctor could find any thing wrong. I went to specialists, two of the best in S.F., and was sent to U.C. Hospital and none could find yet the cause of my left eye being so bloodshot. I ached so bad. So I gave up & meditated on the only one whom I knew could heal and I have had no more trouble with my left eye. I know now that Pastor Jim Jones was the healer.

My blood pressure was up so high one evening, 190 over 100, right on the waye of having a stroke. Pastor Jones cured me and brought it down to normal, 120 over 80. I am so grateful for his healings for me. He has healed me of many other things.

Most of all I am so glad that I know who he is and the great things that he can do.

Edith Delaney
Dorm 5


EE1-E1a – 1b

Edith Delaney Letter to Jim Jones

Why I Left the United States

I left the U.S.A. because there was a Prediction that there would be a great disaster in the U.S. and from my Point of View, I could see clearly that it was coming

There is a Prediction that genocide will be all over the U.S. where there will be a Poisoning of water and food for the dark races. Especially for the Negroes, Indians, and Mexican People.

There will be Ethnic weapons that can distroy Millions of buildings in seconds and also lives.

There is the Neutron bomb that can kill certain People in certain places wherever they may be.

There are torture chambers and concentration camps already set up for action for the darker races and poor whites.

There is very much conspiracy now in the U.S. The C.I.A. and the F.B.I. are the top leaders.

The 1427 Bill that Passed, gave the right to send any one to the concentration camp.

There will be torture chambers set up as the Germans did the seven Million Jews.

I left the United States, because I did not want to be caught up in their web of all sorts of torture.

I am so grateful to be here in South America, the land of the free.

I am so grateful to be a Socialist in a free country.


Thanks to Pastor Jim Jones

Edith Delaney




Ronnie Dennis Letter to Jim Jones

To Dad

I hate the States because the gov’t owns you. Like if you were picked up thrown in jail or torchured on your property was taken from there nothing you can do about it. And nobody gives a damn. Every body is trying to feed themselves and they aren’t worry about any thing else. The States is fucked up. Your could die and nobody will miss you. People are hooked on dope or drinking and the young girls are prostituting the young people do this because of boredom and the girls are trying to make a buck. Your needs are never meet. The hospital won’t take you in and treat you unless you have money even if you are dying. The streets arent safe Because of the gangs and cops. I dont want to return to the sick poverty and blood sucking States.

Ronnie Dennis



Ronnie Dennis Letter to Jim Jones

To: Dad

I think we could delay our enemies from attacking for a while, by our threats. Because we can make them think that we have more ammunition than we really have. I feel that if we all knew used Gorilla [guerrilla] Warefare skills that we have a good chance. I feel that when Mike said he would clear a trail in the bush, we can build a warehouse or storage place to put all of our children in. I think that our security is not families with the guns that they carry and they need to be trained. But we dont have enough ammunition to train with. I also feel that when we have a crisis and the guns are passed out that it is just for show and if some thing really breaks down and we have to use our ammunition the who arent trained with them will make us look stupid.

Ronnie Dennis


EE1-D41a – 41c

Darrell Devers Test answers

1) Anarchy, Social Democracy, Revisionism, and Trotskyism.

2) This prop eliminates freedom of speech against government. No liberty.

3) Arms struggle is any fight with arms for a purpose for a cause Communism like the Red Brigade. Revisionist concept is terrism is almost any act of liberation for example Red Brigade to a Revisionist would be a terrorist group Revisionist don’t want change. To me terrorism is any act against working class of people. like bombing a movie theater with workers in it.

4) 1437 — you cannot protest, no marches in front of court house, you have to give information, don’t give information to news paper about you, can’t be involved in leafleting and you cant strike

5) Nicaragua

6) Told [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter to kiss his fat Black ass.

7) It keeps people asleep, keeps there minds off of the here & now, lets people be satisfied with present state.

8) Because the same can happen there where the military is working with crime, police only really help those rich few and if someone was arrested they would be released if they were apart of the fascist.

9) Because they wanted him out of the way; they disappeared into the crowd when the deputy asked for there help.

10) Zimbabwe, Patriotic Front

11) Because he doesn’t want his arms limited he’s a fascist that won’t make a pack on the Neutron bomb and others like the blast bomb.

12) They are fighting over territory. islands along the border.

13) [Chilean Naval ship] Esmeralda was its name and it killed hundreds in Chile threw many over bord and it docked in S.F. where Mayor gave a warm welcome.

14) Was to back out of S. Africa or there will be war.

15) Sweden because it slowly progressing to the left.

16) U.S. and China

17) Noting like Davis, you dont have to answer any questions. find out why so you can report when you ask for a Peoples Temple attorney, don’t sign a thing.

18) Angela Davis, she believes Communism has to win and she’s fighting within the system by peaceful, legal gradual and democratic ways.

19) India, France, Cuba, Greece, Union of S. Africa, Russia –

20) Time.

21) He’s still alive.

22) A black man in prison framed who got a letter out to the public telling about prison horrors.

23) Sentence for murder for killing of prison guard but now her sentence changed to self defense.



Darrell Devers Letter to Jim Jones


You began the meeting going over newspaper articles that to of the horror and unfairness of capitalism.

You told how blacks were beat in racist Boston, about the Bakke decision that didn’t allow poor people mainly black an opportunity to go to college, Andrew Young how they were making him look like a court jester.

How witnesses are murder by CIA and other government agencies days or even hours before testifying

You told how Anita Bryant was still [illegible word] and preaching against homosexuals.

You also told of how model pose in idiotic acts such as rape or the pain of a beating.

One article told of how whites should be justified in raping someone.

You told us how Delancey Street [Foundation in San Francisco] was being attacked and how we were next and how people would be [illegible word] close to a week, and then opened the floor for way to accomidate people.

Thank you Father!
Darrell A. Devers



Darrell Devers Letter to Jim Jones


Analisyst: Darrell Devers

To answer the first question on what would happen to me if my Dad was gone – I know that anything that’s productive in my life is only because of you, and if you were gone I would be a total waiste – I believe that we are a ways yet from having anyone that could possibly serve the people in your absence, and as for me I would try to follow whatever teachings of Socialism you’ve instilled in us and try to continue

I say this only because I remember you saying one rally that you could feel your life was a waste if your sacrificing for us are a waste and we couldn’t continue – and for that reason I would try but still somewhere in my mind I think another leader like you Dad or close to you is NOT in reason. So in that note I will say I would have to remember your other request is to never never never forget the traitors that have hurt you and this cause, and to answer the question of if I’m prepared to kill presently I would kill at the drop of your hat because as you have taught us our life isn’t worth a tinkers damn – and I wasn’t shit before you picked me up and introduced me to your Love Socialism, so I have nothing to loose. like I said I’m prepared now at the snap of your finger but if anything happen to you I couldn’t continue to live without taking some Stoens some Mertles all those especially all those that you have mentioned that have been responsible for our brother Chris [Lewis] life and those that have caused us trouble since we’ve been here both inside and outside. I can say that my fears presently are centered around you Dad. My major fear is loosing you as Leader and loosing this organization that has presently giving new hope and life to all of us. I can honestly say that that’s my fear now I hate to even think of this movement without you but you said you may not always be here, so that’s my fear. I’ll say I’m not afraid of bugs, snakes, enemies or anything like that but thanks to you thru your example making me strong –

To answer how I feel about security I know it’s a fact we need our military ever present and I’m proud to be a part of security and also be able like the Soviet Union to say I participate in other functions other than our Army.

Thank you Dad!



Bessie Dickson Letter to Jim Jones

Bessie Dickson

Dear Father:

In your message the other night you said Nutron Bomb could strike in a house and it would kill all Black people and it would not touch a pen or glass on the table in the room. That it would destroy everything in the radius of 200 Mi.

Also in California the Supreme Court passed a law that all Black people could be arrested down to the age of 14. In America that Black man is the last to be hired and the first to be fired.

The Senate Bill 1427 is that if a Black person dont answer the way the police want you to you can also be arrested. They would like to put all Black people back in slavery and concentration camps.


Undated Note to Jim Jones from Esther Dillard


Dad, I am grateful to you for giving myself and 3 children the opportunity to serve in this great capacity of Socialism and Communism.

Dad about this Medlock – our like to accuse him of molesting my young teenage daughter, Karen Carr, who was 13 years of age when sent here. I could say this is the reason she was sent here.

Esther Dillard



Katherine Domineck Note to Jim Jones

Sept. 6.—1977

Oh This sound the wordr that you was telling us about nucentroin Bum would Kill the Indian Black an he Concentration Camp or about Earthquakes hat would Kill or put poison in our water, would an food shortage for all Peoples

Katherine Domineck



Katherine Domineck Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Dad:

I have an attitude when you give and order. And when my sisters & brothers rebell I can’t help from yelling telling them it Dad order.

The meal are wonderful I ask for a small amount and they fill my plate up. I yell about that.

Dad, I Thank You are a verry handsome Man, and a Leader of the world, a God to me, a Father and Mother. Please hold my hand lead me less strong. Thank you Dad.

Katherine Domineck


EE-2-c-1a – 1b

Letter to Jim Jones from Katherine Domineck, August 1978


Dear Jim,

Sorry that I haven’t been in the meeting this week and I did not get any news. I was in SCU my blood pressure went up to near 200. They broke my swing down three times. They broke my swing down three times. My scissors were stolen. That’s what ran my pressure up. I worried so. I’ll be in the meeting tonight. Thanks to you my pressure went down. Thanks to you for everything. I love you very much.

Katherine Domineck

P.S. Someone broke over the little house taken my underwear.

Katherine Domineck

I love you very much. Thank you


EE1-D38a – 38b

Calvin Douglas Letter to Jim Jones

To: Dad
From: Calvin Douglas
Methods to get Enemie’s

Well first of all it has to be plan out. I feel you got to have Some type of Technical skills. I feel apparently you got to know what you are doing. These day’s, if not you may be the one to get set up for the kill. I would know the were about day by day and pick one of them place’s, and blow his brain out.

What would you do if Something happen to Dad? If Something happen to you, First I would try to Control these ass hole here. Because we will have people trying to leave this land. Then after all that I would put my tactic’s together and push foreward and the I will start looking for these Racist people, that treated us like dog’s. Some sort of Element from another world. Then my mind will go into Revolutionary Strategy all the way. I would go wild, but in this case, I thing you got to keep a cool head. But How? I think we would have to kill a lot’s of people here to let other’s know we will get to the bottom of thing’s starting Right now got Damn their ass’s.

Sexual feeling with Gun’s. When I first started carrying a gun, I through no one could say Jack shit to me. Because I was just waiting to pull that trigger. That 38 Special, that was on my side. I has a coat on the instead I just wanted Everyone to see that I was packing me Peace.

Socialism to me? I feel that the law’s of the U.S. are a crock of shit and must be overthrow by armed struggle for Socialism on the Road to Communism. The State Exercise’s control over the measure of labour and Consumption in Accordane with the principle of Socialism. From Each according to his ability, to each according to his need or work. Production under Socialism is the fullest possible satisfaction of the people’s growing material.

Would I kill my family?

I know in fact I would because If you had someone following you for I say 15 year’s, Just let say that person is my sister, and she knows principle and talk it all the time. Them kind of people I think about walking behind my back. And then some how I can’t feel right about that peron, and I am steady watching. When the time came for the working class to get into there Revolutionary Act, then If she turn the other way, I have no chose but to kill, no matter who they are, sister, brother, Mother, or not. it my turn to do my Duty for this Cause.



Corrie Duncan Letter to Jim Jones


Dear Father

Why I am here is for Freeding and Neutrive War and they can put some down and kill all off use and wont hert the house and every thing elces.

And they is going to Build a camp to put use Black and the pore White people and Indians in it and kill use.

Corrie Duncan