Letters to Dad (F)

[Editor’s notes: This page was transcribed by Cole Waterman. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.

[The letters on this page derive from several sources, principally FBI Section 126 • EE-1 • Letters to Dad (A-F)FBI Section 130 • EE-2 • Letters to Jim Jones; and FBI Sections 121-123 • BB-31 – BB-32 • Tim Stoen, D Touchette.

[Insofar as possible, these letters have been arranged in alphabetical order of the writer’s last name. Unless otherwise noted, the letters retain their original spelling and grammar.

[Peoples Temple member often used old reports and documents as scratch paper, using the reverse side of these pages for their letters. We have labeled and transcribed those scratch pages which include information about Jonestown.]



Tinetra Fain Letter to Jim Jones


I have no real reason for being late for the meeting. I had no ideal what time it was.

Also Dad I have I have been given some rubbers in the past that I know was stolen. I found a pair of earrings in the place where I use to stay, instand of asking who the belong to I kept them.

Tinetra Fain



Amanda Fair note to Jim Jones

Socialism one day shall cover the earth which is Love, sharing, teaching and helping one by means of production handled by the people.

Thank you Father
Amanda Fair



Magnolia Farris / Harris Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad,

Here are the write eyes on different subjects:

Sexual attraction For you

I have no sexual attraction for you at all. It may sound blunt, but I know no other way to say it.

Your conversation with Patty [Cartmell], Eva Pugh, Esther [Mueller] and Becky

You talked about what a Jesus oriented person Jim Pugh was in the days of old. You talked about the prophecy you gave on Eva Pugh’s husband and how it came to pass when he died at age 49. at this point I couldn’t understand too well whether this was really Eva’s husband or one of the other women. You also mentioned the accident in which Jim Jr. was dead with kidneys cut out and a sliced heart. His being alive is a miracle.

Eva said that she had traveled 2,000 miles and was not going to move anywhere, but she moved to Guyana. You said that they had been with you for 25 years, 26 years, and 20 years.

My Evaluation of Myself:

I am self righteous, unforgiving, pig headed, hate criticism and think that my opinions are always right. In short, I’m an asshole.


I am very thankful that you are kind, loving and forgiving to us when we really don’t deserve it. I thank you for trying so hard to make us happy. The meals are all excellent, but the curry tonight was superb. I think that Mary Rogers [?] and the other cooks do a very good job. Thank you, Dad.

Magnolia Farris



Magnolia Harris, aka Magnolia Farris Test Answers

Dear Father,

I thank you so much for saving me from the results of:

  1. Senate Bill 1427, replacing Senate Bill I
  2. The Buzz bomb that would kill us, trying to out maneuver Russia’s laser beam.
  3. The oil war between the Shah of Iran and Saudi Arabia, which will result in a total war.
  4. The fact that the president of the U.S. believes in the sky god.
  5. Genocide against all minorities
  6. Ethnic weapons in our food and water

Thank you, Father,

Magnolia Farris



Marshall Farris Letter to Jim Jones

Jan. 1, 1978

Dear Dad,

I respect and admire you, but there is no sexual attraction. To me, you are my Savior.

I enjoyed hearing you and Patty [Cartmell] and Eva Pugh talking and joking about the life that you had in Indiana.

My Self Evaluation:

I think that I’m always right. I don’t want to listen to others opinions. In short, I’m a shithead.


The dinner tonight was excellent. Thank you so much, Dad, for everything.

Marshall Farris



Marshall Farris note to Jim Jones

Dear Father

These are Some of the Reason why I thank you for saving me:

  1. Racism
  2. Neutron Bomb
  3. Food Shortages
  4. Bakke Decision

Thank you, Father

Marshall Farris


BB-31-a-233 – a-234

Don Fields Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad

We should do the same cloak & dagger tactics used by CIA – if T. Stone were found “deceased” from “natural causes – like CIA gets rid of people [it] would be best for our family there – should be very professional job – if this were done a few times those “mouthing” off against us would get the message.

Love, Don Fields



Don Fields note to Jim Jones

Dear Dad

When we go into battle everyone able should have a Malatov cocktail we’ll take lots of them first

Don Field

[Transcriber’s note: Fields’ last name ended with an S, though he neglected to include it on his signature here.]



Letter from Shirlee Fields to Jim Jones:

[Transcriber’s note: This letter appears in the context with similar letters here.]

Dear Dad,

I am definitely in favor of revolutionary suicide because of the children and those who can’t participate for their protection. When I worked in a cancer clinic I saw people dying & deteriorating for no reason. How much better to lay down my body for a principle.

Now, I feel that if we do commit revolutionary suicide we should do it in such a way that we will be heard in all quarters of the world & the most publicity we can get for communism. One way I think we can do this is by reference to food. Food & malnutrition is an emotionally packed subject. The idea that we could stop eating or cut down as we are in our heavy-weight program occurred to me last night in our meeting. This would be a different way to commit revolutionary suicide and I wonder how many people who believe in suicide would be willing to do this – a slower way but as much as effective. Choosing to do this rather than letting it happen. I have not thought out yet how this would come about or [a] way to do this – with the children suffering the least as my uppermost feeling is to protect the children & those who cannot, Dad.

I feel the war should be a verbal war – suicide – heavy PR all the way. I for one would be willing to do this, and I would burn up as [an] alternative. I have stood on the food line for about 2 mos. & see some who were very cooperative & some who do not & seemingly can’t do it yet.

Shirlee Fields

[Handwritten in margin: “Hunger Strike or Burning”]


EE1-F21a – 21b

Shirlee Fields Typed Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Dad:

You said once if I wanted to write anything I could. Well, Dad Don [Fields, her husband] makes me very nervous. I had just begun to be calmed down when he came off the learning crew. He upset me again and continues to do so. I need to feel free from that sick relationship and I am very uptight and hot tempe tempered about it. I lose things and get nervous and trip, etc. He wants to be mothered and I see it now. I fall into the pattern and get hostile to prevent him from doing it to me. I then do the same thing to him. I overextend myself physical and then I call upon him to “help” me, which he is reluctant to do. We both get hostile at each other. He says I should moderate myself and then I get defeated feeling, because I really don’t know how anymore. When Mother was here she was concerned about my thyroid and set up hours of 11-8, but I because of the demands of my job and ego and etc. over extended energy and conked out. I could not concentrate and cried easily and for no reason I would wake up every morning and sob. I still do and only when I wasout of kitchen and i the field one day did I feel my head cleared. I don8t like so much emphasis on self, Dad, but I want to somehow clear this situation up with Don, I do not feel very productive under the present living conditions. Then when other people become “demanding” and they have a right to be in my ppevious job I became tightened up and felt angry and became rigid. Thank you Dad for letting me know the truth. I am working at being organized in my present job with herbs and setting up a schedule for me so I get some time working in the garden and doing research.

We have not been able to get to Matthews Ridge for the Bush Doctor. If we are able to make this contact we can get supplied with herbs for maintenance in the Medical Department Also, in Port Kaituma when we went there the guardians of Yvonne David, The Safers were free with their herb and food information. He is a Science Teacher and she is a reading teacher – originally from the States. We need to get conformation of some of the information we previously got on other trips. We need someone who could go with us for P.R. reasons. I would suggest Dick Tropp if his schedule would permit. I am checking this out.

Suggestion: We need a library for our studying. I had three trunks of books, articles and magazines. Included were Chemistry books- organic. Books have to be in a central place where folks can use them when they need them. I wanted to use an organic chemistry book for an oil extraction technique when Larry was going to do it, and help him but when I went to the warehouse, the trunk had been opened and the books were not charted as to where they had gone. Some books arein agricultural ooffice, and I have books in my cottage, not locked. Joyce Touchette says that there are no locks to use. I don8t like to hoard books, neither do I have a place for them where they would be takencare of and not lost – expensive to replace. You mentioned once that we need library to keep books in – .


When we say gratitudes we could mention three things that came out of meetings of agricultural information. This is suggested as a method of teaching our people learning that is very informational. Also, everyone doe n8t he r information the same way. I found when ue tioning the young people in our socialism class, they mentioned different things than I had heard and the seniors mentioned other things. This gives everyone a chance to repeat what is heard and learned likewise. I remember your being very concerned about this in Thursdays crisis meeting and looked for a solution.

I have tried to see [Jonestown doctor] Larry Schacht and been cancelled three times. I am trying again.

[Transcriber’s note: The remainder of the letter is handwritten]

Clear up this thing with my thyroids. I have had worms 3 times and not cleared up.

Request to go with P.N.C. [People’s National Congress] on Thursday with Dick Tropp. He could go with bus to see Yvonne David, the herb give to check about herbs here and see if her dad is available this weekend. I & Fannie [Ford or Jordan] need to push this now.

Shirlee Fields



Shirlee Fields Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Father,

I do not have anyone that I feel strongly sexually attracted to at this time. I have feelings of warmth to individuals who show warmth, understanding and principle and at times I feel these are both to male & females. I also have feelings of hostility to both males & females.

Thank you Father,
Shirlee Fields

I feel good when I’ve had a productive day. I’d like to use the energies for fighting for socialism.


Undated Letter to Jim Jones from Shirlee Fields


[Editor’s note: The numerous spelling and grammatical errors in this note have been corrected.]

Dear Dad:

I am about the work of my Father. I have learned that I’m guilty of lies, untruths, passivity, and the missing of the herb situation. I do not believe that I did not do it myself. I have resisted structure and have taken advantage of my fellow co-workers. I did not have the gumption to confront them to their face and have not done my work in that area. I have been building myself up and have been dishonest. I do not have the sense to finish things I start, and I start a lot of things. I have taken on two other assignments this week, one for Sharon [Cobb] Jones, and one for Larry Schacht. They both asked me to help in the diet department. I did not finish the one diet for the special assignment and it still needs to be finished as to the reasons for and research. I have somehow got to stand up for something I have been working to the detriment of the department rather than for the benefit. I have been turned around and I let it happen. I had gone to a lot of people and only confused myself. I hope and [to] change. I will. I have gotten very nervous over this situation. When I started the herb situation both Fannie [Ford] and Ernestine [Blair] when I pushed them to work with getting things done,  they said don’t get nervous Shirlee. I can’t help getting nervous and sometimes worried, I don’t know why, but there is a nervous tension with me at work. I feel at the herb kitchen. Now that it has been remodeled it should change. Also I don’t carry through my projects. I have assessed the last few months and also this stems way back several months. I have had a pattern of also good and bad follow-through. I have I guess a lot of anarchism that I was not copping to. I see that I have not changed a whole lot, but now as long as I can look at it, very painful, maybe I can change. Sometimes I do look at the long way ahead, I hope that I can change enough to bring some good to the collective. It takes being in the right job. I have had to supervise and I do fall back to the not wanting to be a bad guy. My workers worked very hard and I do not seem to have the right to push them. John Harris has been very hard on me and also Tish [Leroy] has been hard on me. But I have deserved it. I do not know why the herb situation hadn’t gotten farther lately. Even through thick and thin there has been a commeradery [camaraderie]. No one has been goofing off. They are super and I seem to see things differently and I sometimes wonder why I am out of touch. Lately I know things are now not what they used to be. I need to have something to change my follow-through. That is satisfaction. I want to produce but my mind closes off things. There is also a lot of nervous tension. I know I have to let you take the helm and not do that which is my pattern along. I know that you have been talking about my narcissism, and I’m ashamed that I have went into myself so much to learn what a fuck-up and how selfish. I have been childish and not wanted to take responsibility. I felt blocked in action a lot. I thought due to others that they blocked me but it’s really been my own mind that produced. I’ve told a lot of half-truths. I found myself doing it again tonight and I realized that they were so. I did not realize that information has to be shared. I’m so sorry that I didn’t listen to you that night after the meeting. I was confronted you were kind. Ever since Don [husband Don Fields] came off the public service I have been paranoid about going on. I must say in response to Tish and John that they have been very helpful, and at times very kind, as it’s been a heavy assignment. How come I’m such an asshole and everyone else is OK? I need to answer that for myself. I’m trying to think of others and be kind.

I wrote this several days ago and now today when things are changing. I realized that you’ve known and worked through this whole situation and the position and its false values. Thank you Dad. I need to finish a lot of things I’ve let go and piles annow [and now?] I don’t know how to finish them. I’m finally working at organizing. I have courage but I don’t exercise. Now John Harris is organizing the herb situation and I’m somehow to work it out. There’s a lot of untied ends. I’ve seen a lot of faith that I have to work it out but I can no longer do it alone, my ego’s been carrying me along but it’s a mess. I can’t stand my huge ego. I realistically have to release it to you because it is holding me back. I’m not very productive now and I forget things and I need to stop this, be productive



I forget things and I need to stop this faking and face the truth. I need to grow up and stop avoiding, consistently. Please help me to get on the right tract [track]. I need to not kid around if there is notification I am not afraid of hard work, I just don’t like acting as an elitist. You’ve gotten away ways to, I do not communicate well and listen even less. I’ve not listen to those who suffered so much. I was also so worried by about your own ass, and ran like the old capitalistic – you said to be introspective. I’ve had a lot of privileges – maybe selfish to as for the children. I had no right to be supervising – those who did the work [several unintelligible words] be supervising they know how and I didn’t because they were supposed to survive in the other system. They had to eat what the honkeys shoveled out. Gad, what insensitivity! Thank you dad for the insight. I never said I would be sorry – but now I’ve said it so much lately everyone seems to not believe me because I do the same things over and over again.

I’ve realized that I need to forgive and let things go and not hold onto them. My so-called mom did that consistently and she held up so much resentment. I thought of going to a new crew and back they need to release instead of carrying it with me. Maybe I should stay with my own field, nutrition. Only you can tell.

Peace. Shirlee Fields


EE1-F36a – 36e

Coni Fitch Test Answers

Coni Fitch                                                                                                                   Coni Fitch

  1. Four enemies of Communism are
    1. Social Democracy
    2. Trotskyism
    3. Anarchism
    4. Revisionism
  2. All about Proposition 13

It was passed in California Etc. Some AHole name [Prop. 13 co-author Howard] Jarvis is taking a nationwide (USA) to try to get similar laws passed in other states. Basically what the law says is that $7 billion will be taken away from minorities which was used for job training & welfare programs.

  1. Explain Arms Struggle and Revisionist concepts

Terrorist Act in your opinion
Arms Struggle – Taking over the present government by force.
Terrorist Act – In my opinion in Chilean Coup all the torture in Concentration Camps
Terrorism (Revisionist) – any type of physical violence is considered Terrorism

  1. Name 7 items on SB#1437
    1. Leafletting against law.
    2. Protesting against government w/in front of Federal Building
    3. Police can decide when you have commit a crime
    4. Lying to IRS<
    5. Reporter refusing to tell where got info
    6. Pleading 5th Amendment
  2. What African has disease calara,
  3. What statement did Joshua Nkomo [of Rhodesia’s Patriotic Front] make to [U.S. President] J. Carter and explain why? “Kiss My Big Fat Black Ass.”
  4. How does Science Fiction, Religion Mysteries Occultism Astrology oppress people? The Believe oppress people because they all divert the people minds from the present struggle and causes them to be apathic to the happening of the world.
  5. How is the country in the Movie “Z” like the United States. Greece – similar to US in these ways. 1> The government was corrupt 2> people very apathic 3> A Basic Hate for Communist
  6. Why didn’t the police help the deputy in the movie “Z” The police didn’t come to the aid of the deputy because they were apart of the conspiracy to kill him.
  7. Robert Mugabe / Joshua Nkomo are leader of the Patriotic Front Liberating in the country of Rhodesia rightfully named Zimbabwe. Their headquarters has been excepted in Stockholm. And in the next 3 months will be given $10 million dollars to the Patriotic Front from Sweden.
  8. Why did Carter stop S.A.L.T. [Strategic Arms Limitations Talks] talks?
  9. Explain conflict Kampuchea Pro-China & Vietnam Pro Soviet
  10. Tell what you can about Chilean Ship – Esmeralda a ship that was used for a torture chamber during coup. It is said that detainees were fed to sharks from the ship. Recently it dock in San Diego and was protested then dock in “leftist” San Fracisco and heartally wellcome by [Mayor George] Moscone & others.
  11. Remarks of Carter to USSR. Explain:
  12. What country threatens to w/draw from NATO. Explain: Why. Turkey
  13. Who threatens to go to war w/ USSR. China makes this threat along w/ USA. The two of them formed military alliance against USSR & Cuba because of conflict in Zaire.
  14. What should you do if arrested by police. 1) Refuse to talk 2 Contact Jonestown Lawyer. 3> Sign no paper. 4> Ask what being held for. 5> Dont fight police.
  15. Black Leader in U.S. this is Revisionist – Angela Davis
  16. Leader of Countries

[Anwar] Sadat — Egypt
[Menachem] Begin — Israel=
[Fidel] Castro — Cuba
Ian Smith — Rhodesia / Zimbabwe
[John] Vorster – Union of S Africa
[Leonid] Brezhnev – USSR

  1. What magazine was being read at the beginning of Movie “Z”
  2. What does “Z” stand for? “He lives”
  3. Who is Johnny Harris – Political Prisoner in US. Was framed, protested condition of prison slipped a letter out of prison to tell of conditions. Was executed.
  4. Who is Joan Little – A woman who raped by police officer in jail, who she stalked and tried for this.



Don Fitch Letter to Jim Jones

[Transcriber’s note: The two handwritten pages of this document are numbered pages 5 and 6; the first four pages are not included.]


If I had a choice, I would take a quick death. I would rather fight to death, than to give up, be taken prisoner and killed slowly.

I wouldn’t want my little girl to go through any pain of loss. I would have her proud to know I was one who helped to keep her free.

  1. How do I feel about killing a relitive or wife.

I would be glad to kill all of the relitives I have left back in the States. I hope the question would never come up about killing my wife; or child. My last two wives I would have been tempted, but I get along too well with my present wife. If the time came that she was a spy, or was trying to cause us to fall, o was a traitor to the degree of death, I would kill her. If my child were to grow up and with all the teaching she gets still turns traitor, she to must died.




If it came to the point of killing the children, it would be to save them from torture, and there wouldn’t be any other choice.

My criticism about White Knights is that I have felt that there was always much clickeness about security functions. I have felt that some people would not want to be security people if they couldn’t play with guns, because they could never pull any security shifts at all back in Redwood Valley. That was aimed at Bob Kice. I know that he changed his comitment to the group since he arrived here in Jonestown, so have kept this to myself. I used to watch security run around pushing like the “Untouchables” or gang busters. I have never been one to like soldiering as a full time profession. This may be where my idea about clickeness comes from, being that full time security isn’t my job, so I’m not part of the regular crew.


BB-31-a-120 – a-121

Toi Fonzelle Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad,

I would not pay the white mail money to him, because it would be an admittion of guilt. We are not guilty of anything. My suggestion to get rid of Tim Stone as maybe there is someone in our family in the states that would be willing to “off him” making it look like an accident. I honestly cannot say that I would do it voluntarily, because I would be afraid I would fuck up. But push comes to shove I would. The best method I feel would be a fire.

Thank you Dad
Toi Fonzelle



Toi Fonzelle Letter to Jim Jones

My feelings are very strong on Socialism. My Dad always taught me that I should watch out for me and my brother, which is Capitalistic teaching. But after learning about Socialism I discovered that I am more than my natural brother’s keeper. Socialism has shown me that people of any race, creed, and colour can live as one; sharing as a whole under the same roof. This is the only way for economic change to satisfy many adequately. I’m proud to say I’m a socialist!

Toi Fonzelle



Toi Fonzelle Letter to Jim Jones

Dear Father,

Our reasons for being in Jonestown, Guyana, many. Not only to escape religion that has drug our people for years, but to save us in more ways.

The facist dictatorship due in America along with openings of the Concentration Camps. The camp just south of San Francisco had guards in it as we were passing by.

The illegal sterilization of women and the castrations of men through the States.

The food votes and water shortage cause because minorities can have because the whites racists will need it.

Mass genocide and the Kilometric [Cliometric] Theory, that will put blacks and poor whites in slavery.

And #1427 where a policeman of he so call law feels that his questions weren’t answer correctly will arrest you.

Because of your love we will never have to face it.

Thank you Father again,
Toi Fonzelle



Fannie Ford Letter to Dad on Tim Stoen

Dear Dad,

I would torture Tim Stone by cutting him up into small pieces. But for now I would ignore him for now until the rest of our family is here.

Thank Dad
Fannie Ford



Fannie Ford note to Jim Jones

From DH fannie ford

I am apologizing for eating food out of the garden (stealing).

Thank you
Fannie Ford



Mary Ford Letter to Jim Jones

Self analysis

To Dad

I am quick to see someone elses fault but not my own. talk behind others back. I am lazy. I have killed Babys, I have lied and cheated for money I have stold things. I always want to look good to every body. Once I broke up a woman from her husband. I have spend my life mostly with married men. I wanted money to keep from working whatever it would take I would just about do it for money.

Mary Ford



Viola Forks Letter to Jim Jones

Viola Forks

  1. Father I would like to go to another Socialist country if it is totaly Socialist.
  2. Father I am afraid to die and my Children too but if it is no other way I will not run. Father you no what is best.
  3. Father my only wish is to save the Childrens, father you ask us for a honest opinion about how we felt an that is how I feel inside. I no that I am wrong.

Why I wanted to leave America was because it was a fashious Country as Blacks an poor whites never had a chance to get a desent Job or homes to live in, but here in Jonestown it was so peaceful quiet an the land of Plenty. I thought that this would be my Perminent Home until the American C.I.A. invaded our privacy. I really don’t want to die but if I have too let me die for a reason. An I feel that there is no greater than dieing for what you beleive an I beleive that Socializism is right.


The Writings of Hue Fortson



Rhonda Fortson Letter to Jim Jones

We have a principle to die For!!

Socialism is for us to live as one. All things in common. One according to his need, one according to his ability. I want too, to see our children get to freedom, and be in a Socialist society, and grow up as true Socialist. But if we can not go where our children can be safe. I vote to die right here, on our own land.

I thank you Father for all you have done for many people. The years that I have been with you, you have always been done things for people. You have done so much for me also. Your love, concern and compassion for people. And most of all, you’re being a true Socialist. You have gone through to much pain for us. Trying to get us to freedom, and to have peace. I thank you, Father. I also thank you for what you have done, and still doing for my companion (Hue) and my child (Ishi). No leader would have gone to such lengths to save his people. I also what to thank you for making sure our children will be taken care of if we must die.

Thank you Father!
Rhonda Fortson



Beulah Foster Letter to Jim Jones

Jonestown Guyana

Greetings Father

Its so good to be here in freedomland with my other sisters and brothers in Christ. And also all the little ones. It’s a beautiful place to be, and also under your protection. I’m so grateful to you for all that you have done for me and all my sisters and brothers.

Father I am not able to explain it just like you said it but these are some of the things I remember you said why we left the U.S.A. because of what will happen some day.

The Earthquakes that will destroy a large part of Los Angeles and San Francisco. You said many lives would be lost. The Nuclear bomb will destroy anything thats in the way people, houses and kind of things.

The Nutron bomb will destroy people but leave houses standing. The laser beam will destroy the nuclear bomb or any bomb that any nation want to use against each other.

Genocide will destroy black peoples or Minority people. Concentration Camp to put people in to torture them. Make you tell things they wish to know.

And last, but not least, the 1427 bill the law Can arrest you and throw you in Jail for anything they want to if you do not tell them what they want to Know. Thank you Father for all your love

Bulah Foster
Dorm 5

[Transcriber’s note: Ms. Foster’s first name was spelled “Beulah”, but she signed it “Bulah” here]



Gregory Frost Resignation Letter from Peoples Temple

I Gregory Lee Frost on _____ 19__ give my resignation of Peoples Temple. I know Jim Jones to be a man of the highest esteem and he portrays great principle and character. But I wish to do my own thing and not dedicate my life to this great humanitarian work.

Gregory Frost



Gregory Frost Confession to Jim Jones

I raped and killed a young women in the woods near Willits with a new friends help we cut open the top of her car and drug her out. I don’t know how my friends name is. This rape was done on highway 20. 1973. GREGORY Lee FROST

Gregory Lee Frost



Kimberly Fye Letter to Jim Jones


  1. Yes I really want to go to the promise land

Yes Im willing to do anything that I can to get to freedom and help others. I am willing to work & pamphlet also.

Kim Fye