Attached to Exhibit E, Letter to Beverly Oliver (1)

Letter from Bill Oliver

(Punctuation, grammar, and spelling of original)

Dear Mom & Dad

How are you doing? Fine I hope. I’m doing fine here, its very very beautiful here. The wheather nice to. The people here are very friendly. Always willing to help you. The only sorrow I have is that you guys are not here with me. Also make sure you tell Gramma I love her very very much. And miss her to. Mom I hope you will come here soon and share all the happiness I have with me. [cross-out] Once your’e here all pressure & tension leaves. Tell Dad I wish him all the success in his business and I often find my self thinking about him. Well I have to go now I’ll be writing again real soon.

Love ya

P.S Mom tell Evonne I missed her to. And work hard its worth it.

Your son Bill Oliver