Violations in Guyana by Rev. Jim Jones

Editor’s note: The final pages of the Concerned Relatives accusation was a listing of petitioners “For Elimination of Human Rights Violations in Guyana by Rev. James Jones.” This listing consisted of five pages for signatures – four of which included names, and one blank – as well as a two-page summary of the “listing of our relatives in Jonestown, Guyana.” The table below comprises an alphabetical listings by the name of the relative in Jonestown included on these sheets. As the summary of the listings on the final sheet notes, as of April 11, 1978, there are 37 relatives listed and 25 separate signers of the petition.

Name of Relative at Jonestown Age Signature of Petitioner Relationship to signer
Dana Berry 7 Rose Davis Cousin
Dana Griffith Berry 7 Carnella Truss Daughter
Ava Brown 26 James Cobb, Jr. Sister
Brenda Cobb 14 James Cobb, Jr. Sister
Joel Cobb 13 James Cobb, Jr. Brother
John Cobb 18 James Cobb, Jr. Brother
Sandra Cobb 21 James Cobb, Jr. Sister
Amondo Griffith 18 Louise Blanchard Aunt
Amondo Griffith 18 Rose Davis Cousin
Amondo Griffith 18 Carnella Truss Brother
Emmett Griffith 67 Carnella Truss Father
Emmett Griffith Jr. 19 Louise Blanchard Aunt
Emmett Griffith Jr. 19 Rose Davis Cousin
Emmett Griffith Jr. 19 Carnella Truss Brother
Marrian Griffith 16 Louise Blanchard Aunt
Marrian Griffith 16 Rose Davis Cousin
Marrian Griffith 16 Carnella Truss Sister
Mary Griffith 51 Louise Blanchard Sister
Mary Griffith 51 Rose Davis Aunt
Mary Griffith 51 Carnella Truss Mother
Liane Harris 21 Sherwin Harris Father
Liane Harris 21 Liz Harris Sister
Magnolia Harris 61 Sylvia White Mother
Magnolia Harris 61 Leinaola White Grandmother
Judy Lynn Houston 13 Nadyne L. Houston Grandaughter
Judy Houston 13 Carol Boyd Aunt
Judy Houston 13 Robert H. Houston Grandaughter
Patricia Dian Houston 14 Nadyne L. Houston Grandaughter
Patricia Houston 14 Carol Boyd Aunt
Patricia Houston 14 Robert H. Houston Grandaughter
Maria S. Katsaris 24 Steven A. Katsaris Daughter
Ellen Louise Kerns (Silver) 47 Ruth Reinhardt Mother
Carol Ann Kerns 19 Ruth Reinhardt Sister
Vincent Lopez 15 Walter Jones Legal guardian
Bruce Oliver 20 Howard Oliver Father
Bruce Oliver 20 Beverly Oliver Mother
William Oliver 18 Howard Oliver Father
William Oliver 18 Beverly Oliver Mother
Donna Ponts 15 Donald H. Ponts Father
Mike Rozynko 21 Sandy Rozynko Mills, Steven Mills Sister, Brother-in-law
Chris Rozynko 23 Sandy Rozynko Mills, Steven Mills Sister, Brother-in-law
Barbara Simon 22 Leon Simon Daughter
Marcia Simon 22 Leon Simon Daughter
Donald E. Sly 42 Neva Jean Sly Husband
Mark Andrew Sly 17 Neva Jean Sly Son
John Victor Stoen 6 Timothy O. Stoen Father
John Victor Stoen 6 Grace Stoen Mother
Cleave Swinney 67 Mickey Touchette Grandfather
Helen Swinney 65 Mickey Touchette Grandmother
Tim Swinney 39 Mickey Touchette Uncle
Al Touchette 23 Mickey Touchette Brother
Charles Touchette 47 Mickey Touchette Father
Joyce Touchette 44 Mickey Touchette Mother
Mike Touchette 25 Mickey Touchette Brother
Michelle Touchette 19 Mickey Touchette Sister
Cornelius Truss Jr. 17 Rose Davis Cousin
Mark Wagner 16 Richard Wagner Father