Telegram to Jim Jones from Steven A. Katsaris (Corrected)

Attached to Exhibit C, Affidavit of Steven A. Katsaris
(Punctuation and spelling corrected)


Steven A Katsaris
915 West Church Street
Ukiah California 95482

This mailgram is a confirmation copy of the following message:

LT TDRN Ukiah CA 166 09-15 0204P PDT

International Letter Rev. Jim Jones Peoples Temple Agricultural Project Care of Mr. McCoy U.S. Embassy Georgetown (Guyana)

Radiophone communications September 14th with daughter Maria Katsaris caused extreme anxiety. Plans to visit her several days have met with conflicting reasons why she can’t see her father. I was told the Guyana Government discouraged visitors. I offered to seek permission through Guyana Embassy then [was] told it was your policy not to permit visitors to project. I offered to meet Maria in Georgetown. Then [was] told she would be in Venezuela with boy friend. I suggested [I could] meet her in Venezuela. Then [was] told not to come to Guyana because she would not see me. What is wrong? Cannot comprehend daughter’s refusal to see me. Am trying hard to be objective and not believe in recent publicity. Why can’t I see Maria. Her recent letters indicate she loves and misses her family. Upon assurance [from] Barry Wood former director Legal [Services] Foundation Mendocino County, I will arrive in Georgetown to see Maria September 26th Am hurt, puzzled and anxious. Please reply Steven A. Katsaris, Trinity School, 915 West Church Street, Ukiah, California 95482. Steven A. Katsaris