Exhibit E to Concerned Relatives Accusation of April 11, 1978

Letter from Beverly Oliver, undated, cut off by photocopying, pages may be missing

(Punctuation, grammar, and spelling of original)

Page 1:

in July – 1977 my sons told me they wanted to go to Guyana, for two weeks. They had been several places, with the church members, & Jim Jones, so we agreed for them to go.

On July 26, 1977 We my husband, and I left for work, leaving both sons at home in bed sleep. When we got home, We did not know they had left for Guyana,. No one even told or called us. We did talk to them by People Temple radio, Two or three times.

About Three weeks after they had left My husband & I went to the Church (People Temple) & talked to Marceline Jones, in the present of Leona Collier & Harreitt Tropp, We asked for the return of our son’s, They all got angry, but Marceline said she would Call Jim & tell him. But neither boy came home & no more was [cross-out] mention.

The same week I call to People Temple Church & talked to Jane Muchmann I told her how I wanted to talk to my son’s on

Page 2:

he told me there would not be [cut-off word] commincation with my son’s at all.

On Nov-28-77 We went to Court for the return of William Oliver at that time he was still a minor age 17 yrs. The Court ruled that Jim Jones had to send him home. (S.F.) Charles Garry said that we would [have] to send for William because Jim Jones was not going to pay his fare back. That same day We sent a ticket to Pan American in Guyana in William Oliver named, the ticket was unused.

On Dec-19-77 Mr. Ronger [Roger] Holmes Our attorney, Mr. Oliver & myself, went to Guyana. Jim Jones had a council meetting and there descion for it was best [cross-out] that We did not see or talk to our son’s, that is what we was told by the Guyanese Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Fred Wills.

We stayed 8-days but Jones’ said no. At the point we do not know if our son’s is dead or alived. for we have not heard from them since Aug-1977.

[word cutoff]