Letter of May 6, 1978

May 6, 1978

Ranch folks:

Hi! Well, everything is beautiful! Thanks to Dad’s great foresight to pick such a beautiful country to settle in. We’re becoming well known throughout the country because of this cooperative community and our musical talent. The musicians are in great demand in town. The possibilities are very promising and give people a first-hand view of our integrated community. Dad works in wondrous ways.

I am very happy in teaching and have combined 2 classes & 4 teachers, 19 children. We are going to rotate them in small groups among us, it is interesting and exciting. We could sure always use Carol [Stahl], Don [Beck] & Jakela [Debbie Sines] in the lower elementary. I hear Jakela wants to go into veterinary science though, right, Jakela … Thanks for your letter, it was great receiving it. Kim [Dutra], I now have “Bippy” [Davis] in our class so I’ll be able to give you a lot more information on her development. Today she led our pledge & motto in front of the class, it was her first time and she got kind of teary eyed but I stood behind her and she got through it ok. She was very helpful in cleaning things up neatly & putting them away. She was thrilled to move up to the big school. She is very warm to me and of course she is so easy to be warm with. I’ll write more about her as time goes by. Preston [Wade] spends time with her too. He says he’s not much of a writer. I hope he’s getting his letters off to you, he does think of you. Daren [Janaro] & I have seen more of each other lately, we study news together every week he’s in my class. He knows quite a bit & keeps lots of notes. Mauri’s [Janaro] usually there also and Jeff [Wheeler], it is really nice to study meaningful things together. Peter [Wotherspoon] his teacher says he is really reliable, you can have him organize things quickly & do things exactly. He has really “come out”, Claire. You wouldn’t know him. I cut his hair last week. You might have noticed it was long in the pictures. You’ll be very pleased with his development. Mauri continues to work with Chris [Talley] & the animals. She seems very content. You don’t have any worries there.

She hasn’t gotten fan but looks real good, nice figure, haven’t noticed her growing any. Danny [Beck] is doing pretty well. Pat G. [Grunnet] is his teacher & feels he’s doing fine. He showed me a nice letter he wrote to you two, it was really neat printing. He doesn’t like pushing pencils too well though, I guess young folks find it hard to sit down & compose a letter, I know Daren also finds it difficult to be creative, therefore he writes short letters. I heard, Claire, you got a chance to talk to Mauri & Daren on the radio a few weeks ago, I’m glad you were able to.

Well, they are getting ready to build the new nursery school. It’ll be a real showpiece too. We are very excited about it. Will be working on designing a far out playground now for the nursery & elementary schools. We have a new PE teacher now & the jr. high loves it. Boys & girls are being treated equally in all sports. We are trying to promote some noncompetitive fun, sports with group cooperation. Anyway it is interesting to see that develop. Bonnie is also doing well in school. She seems pretty together & happy whenever I see her. She enjoys hearing from you, so write often.

Hope you are taping lots of school specials & nature shows, we need educational films. Of course in a school supplies are welcomed. We really need someone to push for supplies there & things like balls, hula hoops, frisbees, jump ropes & things of that sort. I know you all do your best.

Well, hope your program is running along smoothness, I know you are all working hard, and we all want you over here as soon as possible. Hi everyone. Thank you, Curtis, for the beautiful letter, I appreciate it. Chris, hope everything is going okay for you, house lady? Hi Sue [Suellen Williams], I know you’re working hard. Mike [Klingman], all children are fine, April [Klingman] seems pretty happy. I’ll try to write again soon.

Your cde [comrade],