Letters from Jonestown

Throughout Jonestown’s history, personal letters went back and forth between the United States and Guyana. Many letters did not reach their destination – they were censored both going in and coming out of the agricultural community, especially if the letters included complaints or regrets – but hundreds did.

The following collections were provided principally by relatives and friends in the U.S., although some were located within the thousands of pages recovered by the FBI after the mass deaths of November 18, 1978.

  1. Letters from Pat Grunnet prepared by Bob Grunnet and Don Beck
  2. Letters from Carolyn Moore Layton by Rebecca Moore
    1. Correspondencia de Carolyn Moore Layton Spanish translation by Luis Ángel González Rocha
  3. The Chaikin/Alexander Letters
  4. Marlene Tarver’s Letters to the Ranch
  5. Christine Talley’s Letters to the Ranch
  6. Individual Letters from Jonestown