Letter of May 21, 1978

May 21, 1978

Dear Claire,

Hi. Well, here we are on a Sunday night listening to Fiddler on the Roof. Daren [Janaro], Jeff [Wheeler], Mauri [Janaro], Chris & some others just like the old days at the ranch. It does bring back some pleasant memories & sensations. Just hearing “Sunrise, Sunset,” I remember how well you liked it. I can just picture you dancing all over the living room to “If I Were a Rich Man” & the other songs, those were some funny times. This record is so enjoyable, we all decided to write while listening to it and some of the others you sent to Daren. The Sting is going to be a lot of fun & Star Wars. Remember when we saw that, it was really a pleasant day for all of us, wasn’t it? It is hard to believe sometimes that I am actually here, a long, faraway dream come true, listening to this record in the middle of a jungle – a moving record now talking to Havala the daughter beautiful violins. Do you remember how Richard [Janaro] used to dance around? I’d die with laughter & watch him double up watching The Pink Panther. We had some good years, didn’t we? There are so many good years ahead of us, thanks to Dad. Here comes The Sting, what a great movie, I sure remember how you danced around the house to this one, the entertainer, you got pretty wild there, Claire. I smile to think of it and here comes the hooker hooker, everybody is doing a different instrument and we all have on earphones so nobody else hears it, it looks weird. Mauri is even cutting up unusual for her, huh, Claire? She is really enjoying herself. She always did enjoy these records Jimmy Joe [Cordell] just “drop down” & joined us along with Martin A. [Amos]. As we were listening to Star Wars & looking at Mauri, she looks a lot like the “princess” in the movie. She’ll probably never realize how nice looking she is. Darius is near & happy as can be. He has grown up a lot. Especially emotionally he handles himself very well. Jeff just wrote you a letter & so did Daren. We have really enjoyed the records you sent.

Well, I’ll be closing now to finish taping and closing up so I’ll write again soon, hope everything is running smoothly there, everyone here is fine & enjoying life & health, thanks to Dad! Take care. Dad thinks a lot of everyone there.

Warmest thoughts,


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