Letter of June 1, 1978

June 1, 1978

Dear ranch folk:

Hi everyone. It’s been another great day in Jonestown. We have some rain now, but it doesn’t hamper us much, just quick hard rain occasionally. Everything is really green & lush.

While, everyone is blossoming here of course, thanks to Dad. Kim [Dutra], little Bippy [Davis] wants to write to you, and I’m going to help her at the end of the week. She is doing very well in school, is alert and sharp. She has a really sweet smile. She would like a picture of you, she said. So try to send one, ok? Juanita B. [Bright] just said to say hi to everyone there. It would be nice to have some pictures of all of you there, it is really a pleasure to receive your letters also even though Kim has a broken hand, hmm? I know you all must be very busy there so I surely understand that it’s not always possible to write. Here we have had a big craze going on to make little pillows from scrap materials. The children are getting a real bang out of sewing, especially the boys. I make them do it themselves so they won’t be dependent on us sisters. We have women’s liberation meetings now for men & women separately. They can be very enlightening. I know you sisters would enjoy them, maybe we can get these brothers & sisters enlightened. With the news we are becoming aware of, we will all be well informed and liberated people.

Claire, Daren [Janaro] may go to Georgetown on the next trip to see Richard [Janaro]. Dad had stopped by the animals a few days ago & told him & Mauri [Janaro] they could take turns visiting him. So Daren’s trying to arrange that now. I wouldn’t mind seeing him myself. Hope he can come out again before too long. He does a tremendous job in town. Dad really depends on his skills. We received some of the films that Don, I guess, has taped on that new machine, they are really great & the children love them. All I can say is more, more, more. Hope a lot can get done before they come down for a visit. Well, I’ll close for now & hope everything continues to go well for all of you there. Dad really appreciates all of you a great deal. All right again soon. Oh yeah, Ellen [Klingman] does PE for jr. high & elementary. She’s doing a great job & loves it. Surprise huh?

Warmest thoughts,


Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

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