Letter of July 27, 1978

July 27, 1978

Dear Ranch:

Hi everyone! Well, Jonestown grows and changes daily like the beautiful sunsets that color the sky every night. The land is so lush & green, the quick showers so refreshing. Richard [Janaro] came & went a couple of weeks ago and had a pleasant visit. I must say he has mellowed quite a bit. The children & us went down to the falls, it is so beautiful and peaceful there, I really enjoy the serenity. It takes about 30 minutes to walk there, we take the children there for nature walks often.

We are ready to build the toddlers-preschool building & it’s beautiful. The children will go to school & live there too. It is really a dream come true for educators. As I told Rob [Tarver] in my letter, I am beginning a new “model” classroom with 5 & later 6 children. It is so ideal I can hardly believe it. I am decorating it now & just moved in. Can you believe living in your own classroom? Remember dreams of Montessori, and Summerhill, well here it is! Dad does make the wildest dreams come true! Kim Brewster wants to make Montessori materials for us, so we’ll be working on that. I am excited, to say the least! Any ideas you have are welcome, it is going to be very individualized. Pat Grunnet & I are working very closely & think so much alike! We are working on a lot of individualized programming. We hope to begin child development classes for the baby nursery soon. Oh, Jeff [Wheeler], by the way, is now working at the baby nursery on a full time “job” while school is out & will continue part-time when high school starts. He loves the babies & is raved about by all supervisors about his hard work, care & concern. Daren [Janaro] is off with Richard right now, I’m sure enjoying himself. Richard stays busy & seems very comfortable & content with his work. Daren will start high school in September. Mauri [Janaro] & Chris [Talley] continue with the animals & are going to move small animals to a new site soon. Mauri sure is more outspoken & confident now, speaks right up in front of a crowd. Bippy [Davis] still wants to be in “my class” but is doing fine in her class & is learning to speak out louder & more confident. Will is great & loves to talk & read about current events. Klingman children are growing taller & Todd is really a smart one, April is blossoming in the preschool. And he is doing much more learning with Pat’s class. Hi, Ray [Godshalk], say hi to Viola [Godshalk] for me! Hi, Jakela [Debbie Sines], Chris & Sue [Suellen Williams], will be good to see you here. Chris, physical therapy sure could use you. Dad loves you all & we think of all of you.

Cde [Comrade] Marlene

Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

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