Letter of October 12, 1978

October 12, 1978

Dear Ranch folks:

Hi everyone! Well, another day in Jonestown has passed. There is a video of Sounder going on next door while I write this letter.

This town is really buzzing with learning these days. We are really an educational community, from world news, to languages, to agriculture & you name it, we learn about it! We will be starting some music appreciation for the community, child development, learning skills, plays and many other things. The junior high just put on a skit about Lynetta [Jones] that was real nice & there’s more to come! We have so much talent here!

There is a new nursery program being started now, barefoot doctors. Dad wants everyone to get greater health care & it’s already fantastic! But he always wants more for his people. He wants more physicals done daily & more rapid treatment. He continues always to strive for greater perfection.

Hey, Kim B. [Brewster] is driving the tractor. Great, huh? First woman driver in Jonestown! She’s thrilled by it, something she always wanted. Richard [Janaro] won’t know what to say! He was here about 3 or 4 weeks this time & really was able to relax. He really looked good & enjoyed his stay. I guess he’ll go to Trinidad next. Daren [Janaro] & he spent a lot of time together & seemed very content. Daren is doing great. Tom G. [Grubbs] thinks a lot of him because he’s responsible & can carry out responsibility well. He has a natural leadership & organizational ability, but of course he’s not pushy. Daren surprises me with how much more confidence he has in himself. He’ll speak right up when he has something to say. You’d be pleased & surprised. Mauri [Janaro] is more outspoken also, and I hear someone may be interested in her, but I haven’t pinned it down. I’ll keep you posted though.

By the way, Danny B. [Beck] lives with Kim & Connie [Froehm]. Isn’t it funny how ranch people stick together in one way or another? Connie & Kim had such conflict there. Danny is still a bit of a prankster, you know, but all harmless fun, funny sense of humor. He is getting quite a bit taller and he’s doing pretty well in school, they work much more individually.

Hey, Chris [Talley], there is a great physical therapy program going on here. Mary B. is now head of the department and training people. Tommy Bogue is training & doing great! So I’m sure you’ll have an excellent opportunity to become a physical therapist if you want. Dad makes a dream come true here. Ron [Talley] says he writes you a lot, so [I] hope you’re getting his letters ok.

I hope you folks are taping a lot of educational films. I was glad to hear you’re taping some children’s science. We need a lot of children’s stuff & those good documentaries on seniors & things of that type. Those after school specials are really great too. Oh, by the way, I forgot to remind Jean [Brown] to have some kitchen timers sent down. Hopefully someone can carry them here so we can have them this year. See what you can do, ok?

Everyone else is doing great. Marvin [Sellers] is involved in medical, Dorothy [Buckley] is great in agriculture & very outspoken & confident. Jeff [Wheeler] works with Ron sometimes on barrels & they get along great. Chris still has the animals. Michi [Michelle Brady] works with Pat [Grunnet] & I and helps us keep things clean & feed the children etc.

Well, I’ll write again soon, hope everything goes well for you. Hope your new staff members are working out ok. Dad cares for all of you.

Dad hold us together

Marlene Tarver