Temple Flyer Charges Joe Mazor as INTERPOL Agent

Soon after Peoples Temple learned that the Concerned Relatives had hired a private detective to investigate ways to spirit children out of Jonestown, it charged in a two-page flyer that Mazor worked for INTERPOL, an international police organization. The flyer opens with the statement that “We have documented proof,” although the only facts for which it offers corroboration relate to Mazor’s history with Concerned Relatives and a description of INTERPOL itself from a reference work. There is no support for the assertion itself of “this man’s INTERPOL connection.” Moreover, the charge that INTERPOL “is circulating the same vicious lies in the media about the Temple” neither has attribution to a named source nor makes a direct connection between the allegation and Mazor himself.

Temple flyer charges Joe Mazor as INTERPOL agent, RYMUR 89-4286-S-1-E-1-69 – S-1-E-1-70; also at RYMUR 89-4286-R-1-A-7 – R-1-A-7a.