Chaikin Evaluation of Lane Counter Offensive

In the aftermath of Mark Lane’s proposal for a Counter Offensive, Jonestown attorney Gene Chaikin prepared an evaluation of the total commitment which he foresaw that the project would require. He discussed both the need for the investigation, which he said was there, as well as the number of people and amount of energy it would entail, which is where he said he saw “most of the negatives.” It would mean a lot of resources, a lot of staffing, and a fund-raising effort which needed to begin with a budget.

But “[t]he biggest single fear I have of the whole deal is follow through.” The Temple has launched so many projects – including some of the farm plans in Jonestown – and not been able to see through the commitment to get the work done. “I do not feel that continual evaluation is wrong, but rather that it is sometimes used as a rationale for not doing the job that we originally set out to do. This aspect of the organization is totally frustrating,” he added.

His recommendation was that Lane take on as much of the work as he could himself, without asking much more of the Temple. And with that said, Chaikin then listed everything the Temple could do to ensure the project’s success.

Evaluation Of Mark Lane Proposal, RYMUR 89-4286-NN-6N – NN-6-O