Basic Research Materials

Basic Research Materials
[Handwritten note]
(for us and Lane)

  1. Complete newspaper clipping file. [rest of sentence illegible] [text added to the left: “Laurie” and illegible word]
  2. Histories (personal) of Jonestown residents. Interviewed 80-160, typed 30-46 – see Jan [likely Jann Gurvich] [added to the left: What do we want?]
  3. All of our own notes, summaries, memos of events
  4. All of our political publications. CC of each Peoples Forum. CC of [illegible word/phrase] publication
  5. All tapes of relevant incidents, or incident reports. [In different handwriting] TOS [Timothy Oliver Stoen] files, conspiracy files.
  6. Evidentiary materials
    1. hand written notes on Conn
    2. tape from under house
  7. Photos
  8. Master files PR letters and responses
    1. list of incidents and names of people: Johnny, Prokes, [illegible name], Sarah, Gene, Dick, Patty Cartmell, [illegible name], Sharon Amos
    2. Collective memory – rally
  9. Files on “people who left the church”

[1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 ticked]

ADD P.T. corporate minutes (all)

The airplane file


  1. Make a list of useable incidents with documentation and wittnesses [witnesses] noted. Circulate it to get as complete a list as possible. Send a copy to S.F. for input. Get input and complete the list. Get source materials.
  2. Make a historical outline of the life of the church with emphasis on the California period. Fit the incidents on to the list, or in an overlay to show patterns if there are any.
  3. Complete a “short history” setting forth all of the items on the outline briefly with sufficient detail for understanding. Use photos wherever possible.
  4. Complete biographies of a number of church members. [handwritten addition] Send to Lane when complete. Keep set.
  5. Complete list of all documents needed as attachments to any affidavits made to set forth each “incident” and make one or more affidavits for each. Send list to S.F. for completion SAP [ASAP].
  6. Do detailed interviews for affidavits for each one of the incidents. In each case request to my also know about any such information. Try for corroboration, 2 of [or] more, on each issue.
  7. Try to locate characteristics, trends, “coincidences”, etc. and point them out.
  8. Write the affidavits and get them typed. If time send roughs to Lane for comment, if not send finals on the spot.
Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

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