Sept. 19, 1978

Organization: Office space located in old SOU, additional electric outlets arranged through
Chris, should be in tomorrow. Shelves, cabinets and desk/tables ordered and designed by Ron. With luck some will go in tomorrow. Limited by wood supply.
Also problem for chairs.

People and Responsibilities:

Overall office organization – Bea Orsot. She agrees and will make time

Rough typing – Inez Wagner agrees but needs time cleared

– Joyce Johnson can in A.M. but needs time cleared from nursery

– need several others on a part time basis

Historical work – Dick Tropp agrees and will make time

– Carolyn Looman, agrees but needs time off from [illegible word]

Finish typing – maybe Tish [Leroy], perhaps Bea some, this is a problem area, requires very high accuracy and neatness

Affidavit taking – Gene Chaikin

– Tim Carter, when here, not consulted

– need one more, but don’t know who. Harriet [Tropp] too busy, Jan [Jann Gurvich] tied up with the rest of the legal work

Overall supervision – content, Gene Chaikin

            – organization and progress, Bea Orsot Grubbs

Equipment and Supplies

– some supplies through FEB today, Bea made a complete list and will see Tish
with it tomorrow. Time is critical

– Equipment needed: three typewriters, two electric, one manual. We now have one manual. Two tape recorders with ear piece and foot control. We have one without controls.

LANE PROJECT, No. 1, page 2

Preliminary work and information request from the States –

– a list of reference materials needed given to Harriet tonight

– a list of locations to be investigated prepared


– a rough incident list prepared, to be reviewed by other (the list is of events of a
suspicious nature)

– list of people to interview with respect to these events begun


– complete office arrangements, and organize workers

– obtain supplies and equipment

– obtain and organize all reference materials on site at Jonestown

– obtain any reference materials available in Georgetown

– obtain requested reference materials from States

– complete list of suspicious events and correlate with names to interview about these events.

– design a “standardized” interview format and system

– complete summary historical outline of the temple history

– continue work on taking “biographies” and type the existing ones.

– begin taking affidavits in rough