Sept. 24, 1978

Organization: Office is now set up. All essential furniture is installed.

People and Responsibilities:

  1. Bea Orsot-Grubbs is mooved [moved] in with the working equipment. Is just beginning to organize. States that her time is short due to other assignments.
  2. Rough Typing: I HAVE NONE YET. Waiting clearance to use Inez Wagner, but need more also.
  3. Biographies: Dick Tropp is working on this with Jan Gurvitch [Jann Gurvich]. I gave them a two week deadline. NEED TYPIST TO COMPLETE.
  4. Historical work: NEED TO ARRANGE FOR TIME OF CAROLYN LOOMAN, abated, pending. Though I have started a “calendar of Key Events” which is about half finished.
  5. Finished typing: NO ONE YET.

Equipment and supplies: We now have a tape recorder, equipped except for transcription foot pedal, and four tapes; one manual typewriter (Gene); one electric typewriter (Bea). NEED MATCHING FINISH SELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS. Office supplies cleared and ordered from the U.S.A.

Work Completed: Office set up and in useable form. All resource materilas [materials] known to exist here at least summarily reviewed. Attached find copy of inventory list of materials retained in the office. All copies of P.F. [Peoples Forum] screened for relevant events. Calendar of “key events” being completed – project its completion Thursday, to the extent it can be done from materials here. List of relevant incidents and events completed subject to review by relevant persons projected to be completed by Thursday, list of investigation areas and list of information materials needed sent to states via Leona Collier.

Pending:        Reviwe [Review] of list of key events (copy attached for review of key persons)

Calendar of key events.