February 1972 Newsletter

Peoples Temple Newsletter, February 1972

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February 19 and 20 Pastor Jim Jones will hold a humanitarian and healing meeting in San Francisco at the Benjamin Franklin Junior High School on the corner of Scott and Geary. The Saturday meeting will begin at 7:30 PM and the Sunday meeting at 11:00 AM.

Radio broadcasts

The voice of People’s Temple can be heard throughout the nation on XPRS out of Los Angeles and on several other stations locally. Be sure to tune in to the broadcast in your area.

Miraculous healings

Our meetings in Los Angeles January 22nd and 23rd were a spectacular success! Every seat in all four balconies and on the main floor were filled and there was standing room only in the Embassy Auditorium as we watched, among other healings, 15 people come out of wheelchairs. Every single one of them had been hopelessly crippled for years. Mrs. Mary Aikens of 642 N. Poinsettia  Ave., Compton 90221, was suffering from a fatal kidney disease, a nervous disorder and had been chairbound for many years. Her daughter, who was with her, had been a disbeliever, but God spoke the healing word through Pastor Jones and Mrs. Aikens was instantly released from her wheelchair and began walking down the aisle, totally healed, walking for the first time in over 10 years. The next morning she got up and cooked breakfast. So surprised with her daughter that she phoned Pastor Jones in Redwood Valley to apologize for not believing the  miraculous work Christ manifested through him, and she is now a believer in this marvelous power.

At our last campaigned in Seattle every seat on the lower floor of the Moore Theatre and many in the balcony were filled. Not only were the people there in numbers, but they were also there in mind and spirit. While Pastor Jones ministered in person to the needs of his congregation in Redwood Valley, many in Seattle were called out through his workers there, told intimate details of their lives and were delivered of every kind of disease and ailment – this while Pastor Jones was 1000 miles to the south!

Make your reservations now!!

Everyone interested in coming to our San Francisco meetings the 19th and 20th and two Redwood Valley the 26th and 27th please contact Mrs. Corine Liggins at 232-1749, 180 East 36th, Los Angeles, California 90011, and Mrs. Malvina Green at 266-7854, 2274 South Lotus, Fresno, California 93706. Also, please write us at P.O. Box 214, Redwood Valley, California 95470, to reserve a seat. Our buses will load and leave from in front of the Embassy Auditorium at 6 AM on the 19th and on the 26th.

The next scheduled meeting at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in San Francisco will be March 18th and 19th.

All of our friends in the Pacific Northwest are invited to come to Redwood Valley, California March 11. Please make reservations through  our Seattle coordinators, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Flowers, 3405 E. Pine, Seattle, WA 98122, EA3-5836, and by writing P.O. Box 214, Redwood Valley. Buses will load and leave from in front of the Moore Theatre in Seattle at 12 noon Saturday, March 11th.

Temple activities

We are currently in the process of purchasing a Children’s Home which houses 14 guests on 39 acres of lovely Redwood Valley land. We are also purchasing three new Senior Citizens’ Homes. Only this week a Caucasian and just last week a black lady moved into our Senior Citizens’ Homes. Where there is need we taken those who are not members. These homes are also available for all members should the need arise. To date we have had no need to utilize these facilities.

To help defray these costs we would greatly appreciate your contribution. Do not send us money because of our spiritual healing work by because you wish to support the Christian service as we render to needy humanity. Your blue and green trading stamps and any postage stamps you can send to help with our vast mailing program would also be greatly appreciated. Many blessings follow those who support this ministry.

Special offer

We have available two beautiful color prints of Pastor Jones, one taken on the steps of the Capitol Building as we were taking 225 of our youngsters to interview our congressman on the very floor of the House of Representatives. Proceeds from the sale of these prints will support our Christian service ministry which includes 4  church-sponsored dormitories where most of our 58 college students are house. The pictures have been a blessing to many. Scores of testimonies have stressed that they are very effective reminders of the wonderful deliverance and healing power and Christ-like attributes which characterize the Ministry of this outstanding Prophet of God. Our supply is limited, so please write soon.

People’s Temple radio broadcast schedule

Don’t miss the living Word spoken on the air!

The voice of People’s Temple can now be heard over most of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

National          XPRS              1090 KC         Sunday

                        (formerly XERB)                          Pacific Standard Time      9:00 PM

                                                                              Mountain Standard Time  10:00 PM

                                                                              Central Standard Time      11:00 PM

                                                                              Eastern Standard Time     Midnight

San Francisco  KFAX             1100 KC         Monday through Friday          5:30 AM

                                                                        Saturday                                  10:00 AM

Seattle             KBLE             1050 KC         Saturday                                  10:30 AM

                        KBLE-FM      93.3 MC          Monday through Friday          5:45 PM

Blaine, WA     KARI              550 KC           Saturday                                  7:30AM

Middletown, OH WPFB        9120 KC         Sunday                                    8:00 AM



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