Peoples Temple in Congressional Record

In June 1973, Rep. George Brown (D-California) inserted a page-long tribute to Peoples Temple in the Congressional Record. Entitled “Peoples Temple Christian Church Supports First Amendment,” the tribute in the Record’s Extension of Remarks focuses on the group’s contribution of $4400 for the defense of Los Angeles Times reporter William Farr, who was threatened with imprisonment over his refusal to name his news sources.

“I would like to commend the Rev. James Jones, who is pastor of the church, and every member of his congregation for this outstanding demonstration of their commitment to the principles on which this country was founded,” the statement says in the opening paragraph.

The Temple reproduced the page and used it in its large press packet, along with complimentary letters from political and religious leaders, for public relations purposes. It is not known, however, why the Temple chose to excise Rep. Brown’s name from the first line of text.

Peoples Temple in Congressional Record, RYMUR 89-4286-MM-1-50