Articles by Josef Dieckman

Josef Dieckman has written extensively about both the so-called death tape (Q 042) and the “day after” tape (Q 875). His research led him to create an online forum on Q 875 which turned into a general discussion board for questions arising out of Jonestown.

Mr. Dieckman was also the manager of Peoples Temple Radio, a site devoted to the use of HAM radio as a means of communications between Jonestown, Georgetown and San Francisco. That site has now been archived here.

He may be reached at

Memorial finally becomes reality (2011)

Am I a Jonestown Apologist? (2008)

A problem that just won’t go away (Or, How I was Q875’ed into submission) (2007)

Three Years Later (2006)

Murder vs. Suicide: What the Numbers Show (2006)

Reviving and Revising Q875 (2005)

One misconception down, countless to go (2005)

Closing in on Q875? (2004)

QSL cards provide insight into Temple radio communications (2004)

Listening to Jonestown (2004)