Articles by Christopher Knight-Griffin

ckgBorn in Hertfordshire, England and raised in Maryland, Chris Knight-Griffin has a degree in history from the University of Maryland University College and currently enrolled in a graduate program in history at Wayland Baptist University. Chris also enlisted in the Navy where he served on Submarines. At present, Chris freelances as a military researcher for, and is a regular contributor to, the jonestown report. Chris currently lives along Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay with his daughter. He may be reached at

Air Force Pilot Tells of Experiences in Jonestown Bodylift (2013)

Government Stalls on Request for Military Records (2013)

Green Berets and the Black Hole: Examining John Judge’s Jonestown Conspiracy (2012)

Jonestown Memorial Brings Cathartic Release (2011)

The U.S. Military In Guyana: The Untold Story (2010)

What The Military Didn’t Do: Debunking One Conspiracy Theory (2010)

FOIA Tapes Show U.S. Embassy Knowledge, Confusion During Ryan Trip (2010)

Modernity and the Old Believers: Jonestown was not an analogue (2009)

The Nightmare of Jim Jones (2009)

Jonestown Conspiracies Revisited (2008)

Did Government Assassins Own a Tractor?: A Response to “In Plain Sight” (2008)

Did Government Assassins Own a Tractor? Laurie Efrein Kahalas Responds to Chris Knight Griffin (2009)