Reflections and Articles by Mike Cartmell

Mike Cartmell’s family joined Peoples Temple in Indianapolis in 1959, and he was a member for 17 years until he left in February 1977. His mother, step-father, sister and adopted brother died in Jonestown. He may be reached at

Patty Cartmell, My Mom (2020)

My Life Forty Years Later (2018)

As We Remember (2013)

Liane Harris: A Life of Dignity and Inspiration (2011)

A Mother-In-Law’s Blues (2010)

He’s Able: Reflections from the “Hot Brass Section” (2009)

A Distasteful Task (2009)

Carolyn Layton: The Grey Eminence (2009)

Life Worth Living (2008)

Why We Left (2008)

The Limits of Language (2007)

Temple Healings: Magical Thinking (2006)

Harriet Remembered (2005)

Mike Cartmell also contributed to the article, The Nightmare of Jim Jones, by Chris Knight-Griffin (2009).