Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Report of January 16, 1979

Department of the Treasury – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Report on Investigation (Criminal Enforcement)
To: Special Agent in Charge
San Francisco, California
Date: 1/16/79

From period of 01-02-79 to 01-11-79, efforts were made to meet with [name deleted, probably Jeannie Mills], former member of the People’s Temple, and now organizational head for the Freedom House, Berkeley, California.

On January 11, [name deleted] was interviewed and stated that as far as being able to identify the persons purchasing guns, it was an impossibility to do so. She also stated that it is impossible to determine whether the purchasers of the guns were exempt under the law. She stated that she thought at first she could ask the other ex-members and possibly come up with a list of some sorts. She said that she could produce a list of names not already obtained by ATF or the FBI. Since no further help could be supplied by [name deleted], the interview was terminated.

On January 11, 1979, Special Agent [name deleted] FBI, San Francisco, contacted this agent and asked if a training program could be presented to their office in order to familiarize them in tracing firearms and ATF’s tools used in this type of investigation.

On January 11, 1979, this agent spent four hours with Special Agent [name deleted], FBI, explaining the use of federally licensed dealer records, the Automated Firearms System (CII Sacramento) and the firearms laws enforced by ATF.

Since no further assistance is required by the FBI in tracing the firearms purchased by People’s Temple members, it is requested this investigation by closed.