Undated thank you note from Gail Chaikin

Dear Grandma and Grampa,

How are you doing? I’m doing fine. Last week was Jammie’s birthday. My gift to the new four-year-old was a blouse. I made the blouse from the sewing machine you gave me. It took me a week working on and off on it.

I am doing fine in school. I am on the other list and many teachers have said that I have poetry in my compositions. I have lots of fun in school and many friends. Though I am in tenth grade I have credits of a eleventh grader because; I started high school in the ninth grade which in San Francisco is still jounier [junior] high.

Mom says thanks for the goodies. Don’t blame her about the check because; I told her I would write to you and I just kept telling myself I’ll do it later and as result it never got done. Please send another check in the mail and I will get personally to make sure it is not lost. Their [There] is a cute outfit I want to get.

If you happen to see the book Night please get it for me. Next time I write to David I will tell him to be sure to send you a letter. Good-by untill [until] two weeks.

Your grandaughter,
Gail Chaikin