Spring 1977 letter from Gail Chaikin

Dear Grandma and Grampa,

How you doing? We’re doing really well & are very happy at our new home.

We have many streams, trees, beautiful plants, & wild flowers growing all around are [our] area plus the different crops we planted.

I work with agricultural, in the baby nursery, & attend school. The courses I’m taking our [are] Geometry, Social Studys, English, & First Aid & Health (taught by mom).

David is going to school & working in our piggery [piggery].

Are [Our] meals are delicious especially dinner. Just a view of our regular main dishes our [are] fried & barbecued chicken, pork chops, barbecued ribs, & lasagna. (Scrupish [Scrumptious].)

With much love,
Gail Chaikin & David Chaikin