Fall 1977 thank you note from Gail Chaikin to grandparents

Dear Grandma and Grampa,

Thank you for the gifts you sent me especially that car coat from Ireland it really keeps me warm.

I’m glad to hear your [you’re] working back at the university, Grampa. You have a lot to offer and I know your students think of you as a great teacher.

I am now learning a lot about the medical field from a class that our doctor teaches. There’s so much to learn in that area & I find it very exciting. The young people people here have the opportunity to go into any career they wish.

You can’t believe how beautiful it is here. The air is free from pollution, there’s only the plesent [pleasant] scent of the abundant trees. We have a playground for the young children, a basketball court, a volleyball field, and a tennis court. We have fields upon fields of food and a swimming hole where David & dad along with many others go fishing & swimming.

Mom, Dad, & David (who is really growing up) are all doing fine, are healthier then [than] ever before in their life, and love it hear [here].

Your grandaughter,
Gail Chaikin

P.S. David says “thanks for the check & the wallet.”

Originally posted on May 17th, 2013.

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