Letter of 15 April 1978 from Phyllis Chaikin to parents


Dear Folks,

I think of you when I hear Beethoven Symphony or the words of a childhood heroe [hero] repeated and more beautiful as I approach my fourties [forties]. The strength and principles you planted into me at an early age though inconsistent with the larger culture I grew up in is now flowering in fertile soil. I see your faces in my mind and remember the courage both of you demonstrated during the McCarthy period when you were alone. How fortunate that Gail and David can grow up in a community that supports their ideals – it shows – they are so strong and independent, you would be proud.

I work hard. I’m the administrater of the medical system in Jonestown. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.

There’s a song we sing that begins, “It feels good to rise with the morning sun” and ends, “It feels good to see all the work we’ve done and to know that the future is now,” it sums up my feelings about my life here.

I am thousands of miles from you, the electronic communications are limited between us, but I am more your daughter that have ever been before – Phyllis