Photo montage and captions (October 3, 1976)

Picture captions reading from top row left to right:

1. Rev. Jim Jones, founder and pastor of Peoples Temple churches, speaks to thousands at a meeting with Temple members in Chicago.

2. Rev. Jim Jones, marching in demonstrations with 1000 members of his church, Peoples Temple, in behalf of the four Fresno Bee newsmen. The newsman who were jailed for refusing to reveal a confidential source, have been released.

3. The multi-racial Africano Dancers perform for Peoples Temple members and guests. The dance troupe is one of the Temple’s many performing groups.

Bottom row from left:

4. Some of the 750 young and old Temple travelers at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. where they met with congressmen in a private meeting, and viewed the public session in which the nation’s laws are made.

5. “… If we want heaven, will have to build it here, on earth, for ourselves,” Rev. Jones said in his keynote address delivered to 20,000 people at the Spiritual Jubilee in Los Angeles this past May. The unprecedented unity meeting between Christians and Muslims also attracted representatives from virtually every major faith.

6. Rev. Jones enjoys the company of some of the hundreds of children who accompanied him on the Temple’ s nationwide tour, covering twenty-two states and 10,000 miles, the summer.

7. Peoples Temple services are combination of entertainment, cultural and educational activities, highlighted by Rev. Jones’ stirring social message sermons. In the above pictured service at the Temple’s church headquarters in San Francisco, the congregation is entertained by a creative dance performance portraying the Black struggle for freedom.