Christine Talley Letter 1

Port Kaituma, N.W.D.

Dear Jakela;

Hi sister! So how are you? I am still taking care of the animals here… we just got an owl a few weeks ago – he’s beautiful! I was just looking through some pictures today, and I came across yours. So, are you still teaching school? You’ll like our school. It’s in an open air tent, and the classroom sections are roomy with few students to each class (offers more individual attention needed by students). Daren, Billy and Jeff have advanced to High School, and in Sept will be going to High School. Right now all the children are on summer vacation.

Mauri is on vacation too, but she’s helping me full-time in the animal dept. until Sept. She has lost quite a bit of weight. She’s about the weight that I was it I left. About 128 lbs., looks good on her too! She’s gotten very pretty. You’ll be surprised to see all of the used-to-be overweight people who are now slim and trim! All the skinny people have gained weight. The seniors have exercise class on the playground everyday [every day]. You should see how healthy they look! Most of them look years younger…

Well, write back soon, and I’ll keep up with my end,

See you soon,
Chris Talley

Originally posted on May 26th, 2013.

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