Christine Talley Letter 2

Port Kaituma, N.W.D.

Dear Claire;

Hi, how are you? Long time no hear. I have a lot of animals for you to see… you’ll love it! Our latest addition is a barn owl. He’s fluffy white with brown-tipped feathers and has huge yellow eyes. You’ll love Bev’s anteater too!

Well, Daren is gone off to Georgetown with Richard on the new ship. He was really excited to ride the ship. He’s been comming [coming] to help me out in the animal dept. every day after school. He also takes cares of the McCaws [macaws] and Tuccans [toucans]. He’s much taller now, and his voice is squeeky [squeaky]. Mauri isn’t any taller, but she’s much slimmer and very pretty. She’s very happy and loves working with the animals.

Marlene is still working in the school and is enjoying it too. She’s also slimmer and so am I. The food is very good, in fact tonight we had sweet n’ sour chicken over rice, with french fries and greens. This morning we had pancakes for breakfast with hot syrup (just the way I like it).

Billy is running around here looking like “Fonzie” with his hair greased down and combed back. He’s cute though, and has developed quite a nice personality. Remember how shy he was? Well not no more, he’s in to commedy [comedy] these days! Jeff just graduated to high school along w/ Billy and Daren. He works part-time in the baby nursery. He’s really good w/ the babies.

Well, write back, see you soon,

Love ya,
Chris Talley