Christine Talley Letter 3

Dear Claire and Kim;

I’m listening to “Fiddler on the Roof” in the second school tent tonight. Made me remember how I listened to it so often at the ranch. It’s much nicer to be here and hear it. It’s warm outside and everything is fresh because it just rained.

We found a baby opossum yesterday, and it’s so small that I can’t feed it from an eyedropper sufficiently. So… we just happen to have a cat with a 4 day old litter. The opossum is a bit smaller than the kittens, but the mother has excepted [accepted] it so far. The opossum will be about the size of a full grown cat when he gets older.

If you can, please try to get some baby-doll bottles and send them to us. We always have some kind of baby animal that requires a small nipple. We got the nail clippers, thank you.

Mauri has lost a lot of weight. She’s about as small as I was while I was at the ranch. She looks pretty good too.

I saw a picture of you Kim, with Kiara on your lap. We’ve got some pretty nice looking dogs here. Sort-of collie looking. We’re raising cats now along with our other animals for mousing.

I’ll write again in a few days. Expecting to hear from you again. Hi Jakela – Hi Kris Johnson [Johnston]!!! How’s things? Got your picture Jakela a while back. It was nice to hear from you. Hope to see you comrades soon…

Until we meet,
Chris Talley