Christine Talley Letter 4

Dear Claire,

I’ve actually written quite a few letters to you, believe it or not! But I’m writting [writing] again to assure you that you haven’t been forgotten on my part.

I go to a “certain” class on my lunch break everyday [every day], where I am learning about Guyana and several other countries. There is so much to know! It just happens that Mauri and Marvin are in that same class with me.

I’m sure Mauri has written to you all about Daren and how he’s changed and what he does, so I suppose I’ll tell you about Mauri (and hope she doesn’t read my letter before it goes out)! Mauri is becomming [becoming] quite a young lady. She still a bit insecure about herself, but it’s slowly fading away… her attitude has changed quite a bit, and more and more people are liking her. She’s beginning to learn more about others as well. Believe it or not, Mauri wakes me up at 6:30 every morning! I used to have to drag her out of bed there.

I’m still living in a dorm, but will probably be moving soon. Mauri probably told you that I take care of the rabbits here. It’s really interesting and challenging to figure out how many rabbits can we produce in a years [year’s] time, how many pounds of meat each week, building and breeding facilities, how much feed will be consumed, and on and on… I need you to send me any rabbit books, veterinarian materials, ect [etc]… and also the dog nail clippers. If you could especially get the clippers here it’d be appreciated greatly!

I’m sending a notarized letter in case there’s still time to get my things out of the pawn shop. I think I have till the middle of Dec.

Marlene has arrived, and is working the fields on Jan’s crew. Ron is also on Jan’s crew.

Ron is really doing well here, as is Maureen, Marlene, and Michaeleen. I think Michaeleen above all has really made the most drastic changes. She is my sister again, and I can now have a decent conversation with her after 10 years of being afraid. She is like a new woman, as she is in a place where she no longer has to hide in different personalities. She even got up in the meeting last week and made a suggestion that was agreed on and put into action. She never used to speak out for anything.

As for myself, I feel differently now than ever before. I am learning things, and I have open opportunities to persue [pursue] and become what I must become.

See you soon, and please write soon – tell nanny hi for me.


Originally posted on May 26th, 2013.

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