Letter from Danny Beck

Dear Bonnie & Don,

I am doing fine in school. Peter is teaching us how to macramé. We plan on selling it to get money to help the people to get over here. I really like the cards you sent. Kim Breuster [Brewster] is going to put them in frames for me. It’s fun to be here in a frae [free] country. The air is clean & not polluted. We have good citrus & food to eat not poisoned food. I planted some elephant ear plants that came from the bush in front of our house. Kim Brewster is my supervisor & Everybody says Hi! Keith Guy & me had some fish in a jar. We got them out of the windrow. Keith Guy and me found a possum in a banana tree. I know how to read now. I know how to do Math & x-tables & divisions. The animals are fun to play with.

Dad loves us

from Danny James Beck