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Jones: All of you going to have to take notes on this, because I have a temperature too high to meet with the woman unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, tell about the– never having any contagious disea– diseases in the uh, nursery, three children being brought to us last week that we saved from kidney uh, dis– death, death by kidney, uh, tuberculosis– tuberculosis rather. You can show the two of them and uh, they– the mothers wanted to keep them– keep them here indefinitely because they would’ve lost them otherwise, and that we saved a baby’s life yesterday, and another of the three have gone home. S– several that we’ve saved have gone home that had gastroenteritis and various other things. Say about a hundred were here yesterday, wanting medical services.

Explain about the good food. It’s so wonderful to eat good foods. We’re eating fresh greens and meat not filled with sodium nitrate, and then show the herbs and speak of the advantage of the leaf, the cow leaf, cow foot, on wiping– how it saves c– toilet paper. Show them the– the uh, importantly the– the great – what? – the important uh, dryer, how it’s heated off the kiln. Show them that– what we learned from our senior, though we did the heavy work. That no seniors have to work but many choose and that all spend their time on the soil, that all of us spread ourselves around to include manual work, and that’s going to be the case, you can believe when I get things in control. You’ll see that happening when I– where we– where we’re going. Don’t be talking about that, but you can talk about all that.

We all live simply, we have a commissary, nobody has any more than another. We have five– If they ask you how many live– oh, five, six in a room. I don’t know how many is in the apartment, never counted. Uh, they– show them the nursery.

Show the children, what they’re doing. Spontaneously, Pat [Grunnett], have those children rehearse some things in African and lang– in the African language and the Spanish, and the Portuguese, the Russian and the Chinese and the French. Have this available, even if you have to bring someone in there. Be sure everything’s picked up all over the place. There are so many things I– I think of that people don’t think of.

And uh, speak up uh, with knowledge and assurance that we’ve worked hard. When the United Nations said this was soil that would grow nothing. Said it was not soil for agricultural growth, but we’re experimenting with hill rice and effectively doing so and peanuts, because you can say the leader said we’re going to try everything, and a lot of the things that he tried they said wouldn’t work, have.

And he would be happy to say a word to her on the telephone if she would come to the telephone, but he doesn’t want to give her a uh, bug, because we uh, make a practice in our hos– our units to put people that have fevers immediately in isolation. That’s why no more than six uh, people have ever received uh– uh– uh, an infection or a contagion at one time. Now all medical people better be listening to this. That we meet two hundred, sometimes three hundred free medical cases a week. House them in Georgetown for weeks and weeks. Put them on our boat free of charge and have kept them here for weeks. That we took in two Guyanese young men yesterday, or day before. Show those precious sons. We’re so proud of them. And what else shall we do? Talk about the one building at the end being in place for people who have trouble with their lungs. If they need uh, the uh, air conditioner. Talk also about the uh, the x-ray and the masseuse. They’re very good. Show them. Have someone that doesn’t mind being shown. Show the example of it. Let them see. And be sure there’s no smell. If you have to put something immediately. Tell them we’ve wiped out flies by insecticide committee that is very cooperative, that have eliminated even our mosquito problem and almost flies. Say when we first disrupted the jungle, you couldn’t even open your mouth without flies swarming in your mo– in your mouth.

So say uh, we love Guyana and then talk about racism a bit. How bad it is there, what it’s meant to live there. Say some of our people were– (unintelligible word) one lady, Lula Ruben, she– because she didn’t get to work, a minute late, the man fired a shot at her. But the fire– the shot didn’t go off. Said I’ll kill you, nigger bitch, and her baby was in her arms. The only reason she was late was because her baby was sick. And say we have stories like that, over and over, that we can tell you. But we’re not here to fight America, we’re here– here to build in peace. We love Guyana and we’re devoted to the Guyanese government for giving us this opportunity to live here. Praise, say different ones.

You know some strategies, you must remember, that I do. I haven’t covered them all. You might show them something on the TV shortly, but don’t get them entranced with that. Let them see the things. Explain why we have walkways, and have some children walking with seniors. Have some seniors doing things with children, teaching them uh, and have senior rea– uh, children reading to senior. Say we’ve eliminated illiteracy. Have other seniors doing their geriatric exercises. The walkways, explain, are just because our leader did not want any falls, and no senior has suffered a break as a result of it, and that’s why he insists, even though we’ve had a hard time, lumber’s been a difficult thing, US customs has messed up a lot of our supplies, they’ve been lost and uh, it’s been difficult, terribly difficult because a number of our medical supplies were also lost that we– or purposely lost by some conspiracy. Say many high level officials that they may have read that were here. Doctor [Carlton] Goodlett, the– the publisher of all the nation’s mi– minority newspapers, black and minorities and Doctor Lang, what’s his (unintelligible word), Mark Lang [Lane]? And Doctor Paul– Don Freed, all eminent people that opened up the select services committee say that there is a greater conspiracy against us than even the ones they’re dealing with now. That’s why they dropped it and came down on their own, without charge, offering to find out, because one of our young men back in the States were killed. And say we’ve been put through harassing things here, months ago, but the Guyanese were s– they strengthened their defenses someway. We’ve not been bothered of late but we had all sorts of harrowing things. Don’t go in to details. Had people come in trying to identify children and we had the– now, a conspirator that stepped forward who’s high in the conspiracy, a business person [Joe Mazor] – don’t say man – that says that they were planning to– they were out there actually with rockets, going to blow our radio room away and then our generators. And even though they knew they would kill some, it would be a victory because they would show that US citizens can’t get away and go to a socialist country. And he has made an affidavit to that effect and it will be on public television if USA will print it. It’s already been given to the government here. So, I– I don’t know of anything else to explain. Tell him we’re getting ready to build a school, on beyond the– uh, (Pause) the baseball area to– Have some kids playing basketball, that might be in order. Oh, you know, the general things. Anything I’ve forgotten, should we–

Male in background: (unintelligible) –got a one hundred and four.

Jones: I have a one hundred and four temperature.

Woman in background: (unintelligible)

Jones: Yeah, sure. I– I’ve got a one hundred and four point nine temperature, that’s why I’m not coming. But I would like her to– to call me. And say the only reason I’m not coming is because I don’t want to give her a bug. And tell her about the one hospital we have for people who don’t have contagions. Be sure to keep that door closed. Act like we have two. Don’t point the two– this old one out. Just keep it shut, with the screens. Say that’s where we keep people– so no one show her in because it’s pretty– she can just look in. All of you greet and smile and be very grateful. Be very grateful. Say hello, comrade. Jim Jones has spoken so highly of you. Somebody ought to give her a little plaque gift. She’s been very precious to us on the airline. It wouldn’t be h– at all– it’d be highly important to give her some nice gift because she– believe me, she has three or four times bumped seats for us to get emergency flights. Thank you, and everybody better be smiling and everybody be walking quickly and showing a lot of love and appreciation.

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Male: Hello?

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Jones: –(unintelligible word) through some of the beautiful places. The nursery where you usually start, through that lovely path over around the theater pavilion, the displays, then on to the nurseries, the double nurseries, where– mention that the second one (tape edit) had the children were considered handicapped and then show just how brilliant they are now. Then, you might mention, ‘cause I can’t– I can’t stay awake much longer. I’ve been awake too many days again. Then you might mention that Jim said for her sake – he likes her so much and appreciates what she’s done – that if she would just walk down to the– to the pathway, uh– well, I don’t know– walk up– walk– walk up to Muggs’ cage and I’ll stand from a distance and speak to her. (Pause) You copy?

Woman: (inaudible)

Jones: Or, I’ll call her. But I would like to– what– whatever. I’m so sorry. I’ve never let a temperature– tell her I’ve never let a temperature ke– get me down. You know that. No temperature’s ever put me down, but the doctor insisted that I would do harm to my body if I didn’t quit staying up, but I’ve had this temperature for several days. But be sure I talk to her on the phone. Be sure at least that I do that. And make that immediately after she’s seen some of the places of beauty, namely the display. Do it as rapidly as possible, ‘cause you can go back and go over some of the things and the two nursery centers. Thank you very much.

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Part 2

Jones: (speaks slowly and forcefully) –and any union except the love of socialism. He said it distracted from people’s task. Now we have encouraged people or allowed them to have relationships. That has been their free– free prerogative. But there seems to be a attitude in this little bourgeois element of our community that you’re not in quite if you have a relationship. The fact is it’s just the reverse. People who are dedicated to work, conduct their work and carry on their Marxist duties and hold their responsibilities to socialism and face life realistically– never say in front of the Soviets “pragmatically,” by the way. Face life realistically. Today you live, tomorrow it doesn’t matter what comes. Those are more devoted of course. Any time you have to lean on someone, obviously you are not as strong as one who doesn’t lean. I can say this, you can say this [is] a promise, that may every child’s eyeball fall out if it’s not true. I never would allow myself to get in love with anybody, because it would interfere with the love of everybody. It’s our duty to love all people alike. That’s what communism is. Keep your relationships, but quit asking people have they got a relationship. You’re embarrassing some people and making them feel that they’re less worth than you. You are the person that should be examining yourself because you are dependent. The person who does not have a relationship is not dependent. Thank you and may that be circulated and later put on the blackboard by Teresa [King]. (tape edit) In the future it will be a public service matter if anyone asks what went on in a relationship committee meeting. It is bourgeoisie, it is petty. It is little-minded. It’s trivia. And anyone who asks or anyone who goes out and discusses what went on in such relationships will deal with the PSU [Public Service Unit]. Thank you very kindly.

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Part 3

Jones: (reads news) –dollar continues to be battered by yen. Plunges to postwar low. Imports will cost more. The dollar plummeted to its lowest postwar va– value against the Japanese yen and to a record low in Europe yesterday, causing higher prices for the Americans at home. And also abroad. And shrinking US pocketbooks–

(away from mike, calls out) Come here, come here, Maria [Katsaris]! Maria!

(back to mike) –The dollar’s plunge be– below the s– below the psychological – stand by, a question – below the psychological two hundred yen barrier in Tokyo sped up or accelerated a selling sp– spree in Europe until massive central bank interventions stemmed the tide. It was the American currency’s worst crisis since a year ago January. (Clears throat) Of course there were contradictions in capitalism, as we w– clearly learned from our beloved Prime Minister [Forbes Burnham], Marx and Lenin. Capitalism are not going to cooperate, capitalists work against each other. The Japanese have a surplus, and the USA has not been able to talk her into buying more than she sells, whereas USA is forced to buy more than she sells, so USA has a deficit way up in the billions. It’s like someone so far in debt, they’re about to lose even their clothes off their back, their house, their car. And the same case exists with West Germany. That is a contradiction of capitalism that finally brings down the system. (Briefly covers the microphone with hand)

Press fe– have a fear of poli– police raid ruling. Police chief Charles Gain of San Francisco is very fearful of the US Supreme Court ruling involving the search of newspaper offices. But media spokesmen fear the worst, all, even the establishment which is the white established press is nothing more than a medium of– of the ruling class. It’s a myth. There is no adversary media. We have seen that time and again. Things are censored out that are meant for the public to be see that would show the true conditions of poverty and the struggle of the working class and the plight of the black and the Indians, so even the obedient servant of the ruling elite, the monopoly capitalist nonetheless, they are getting more restrictions. It’s always so – Chile – when the CIA under [former Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger gave them seven million dollars to kill Doctor Allende [Chilean President Salvador Allende] and overthrow that democratically-elected social democracy. Didn’t do them any good. All the press was taken over. All the work that they did for the CIA and for the imperialist, no one paid them off for it. They lost their rights as well as the next. I’m very concerned about the First Amendment rights of newspapermen, said all the newspaper publisher head in the wake of the five-to-three decision in the case of the Stanford Daily, the university student newspapers. As you know now, they can come in without any service of warrant and go through anyone’s files without due process and spy on anyone they wish. That is not very comforting.

Californians SSI checks to be cut: Sacramento. More than seven hundred thousand aged, blind and disabled Californians will receive a notice next month advising them that their supplemental security income checks will be– be– be reduced beginning in September, so you who have come to live here have lo– lost nothing. All Californians are now losing their SSI due to the Proposition 13 that has passed in California, cutting taxes back, run by a racist, Jarvis Gann [Howard Jarvis and Paul Gann], who is now championing along with the fascist mayor of Philadelphia [Frank Rizzo], a campaign across America, and it’s gaining a momentum, gaining popularity in every state for a nationwide tax cut. And they openly say, we’re tired of supporting niggers and Indians and poor whites who don’t want to work. So that’s–

US Army drops bombs on Chile. The US Army has called out– off its scheduled shipment of bomb thin assemblies from the Bay Area to Chile, following a refusal by local law– longshoremen to load the shipment, in spite of their arrest. The twenty-two thousand pound arms shipment, originally included for loading from a Prudential Line’s pier in San Francisco, had been moved to Oakland Army terminal. And the city of Oakland is very fascist and very reactionary. The cargo will remain there until further instructions have been issued by the military traffic command in Washington DC. As reported by the UPI – they– they broke the story – a local member of the International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union, ILWU, noted for its left leading in the past, unfortunately there’s not enough left coalition in USA today to save it from the impending disaster of either nuclear holo– holocaust or the breakdown of its economic system. In order to have a system that will effectively bring about a people’s democracy, you have to have, as Doctor [Carlton] Goodlett said, publisher, head of all black newspapers, you have to have a strong socialist party. You have to have strong communist party. You have to have strong free trade unions. In the United States we have none. Half of those in the socialist parties and communist parties are in– under the pay of the FBI.

You remember when we gave aid to Angela Davis? We did it quietly through Doctor Goodlett. And within five days it was known, though it was handed secretly to her, so someone close to Angela when we were trying to defend her from the terrible things they were doing to her. That’s how many infiltrators there are. You could never underestimate the possibility of infiltration. Anyway, the ILU rele– refused to– on political grounds to load the cargo after being alerted of its existence. Their militant action in response to the Chilean junta’s actions against human rights was based on decades-old tradition of refusing to load morally repugnant cargo. The Cubans [Chileans] had been dropping these bombs made in United States on mining villages that were unfriendly to the vicious military junta, the fascist junta that our tax dollars put in power. (Pause)

Stand by just a moment, please. (pause) Good.

An article coming from the Washington Post. Science fiction offers hope, it says, for the future. And that is one reason why it’s blasting off in popularity across today’s America. So say psychiatrists who were asked to explain the sudden surge of interest in science fiction books, TV shows and films such as Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Society is so tremendously fear– fearful, anxiety ridden, said New York psychiatrist, Dr. Abraham Weinberg, feeling that any day they can be destroyed in a nuclear war. Everything is so unsure and insecure. There’s uh– There’s inflation, unemployment is growing so rapidly. Thus science fiction offers the promise of a better future. It’s an opiate, like Marx said, that’s why people go to religion. It’s an opiate to the people. Science fiction really lifts us out of our prison cells, and he said all those in America are living in prison cells, said Dr. Marvin Zaporin, uh, Chigo– the Chicago psychiatrist. It offers the promise of a better future, you see, and so the people have been caught up– ninety percent now are caught up in their reading list – in a popular poll – reading uh, science fiction. Science fiction– All of a sudden, we have the entire universe as our playpen. We’re transported back to our childhood, when the future was bright, before there were atomic bombs and concentration camps and the possibility that again genocide will be done in America as many leading commentators say will be done to black, Indians and Asians, and all of our recent guests said. Science fiction promises us gadgetry and hardware to solve our problems. All of a sudden, cancer is cured. People have learned to live in peace and amer– and harmony with each other. There are solutions in science fiction to the problem that besets us now.

Another reason that– why science fiction is so popular is that is has a moral and religious theme, according to Dr. Peter Martin, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan. The institution of religion has suffered terribly. And there needs to be some form of religion or occultism or projectionism to keep the masses from complaining about the conditions that are about to destroy them. So it is pure and simple, good and bad. It’s just that. Science fiction does away– the– it doe– it– it takes care of it. The institution of religion has suffered terribly, but that doesn’t do away with man’s need for religion, and science fiction is very close to religion. It is pure and simply good and bad. In a Star Wars, there were– he explained, there were good conquerors and evil in p– bad people and the b– evil people went away. Just like the devil and God in religious scenes. In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, people are looking out into space for some answers to their questions inten– instead of being, as we would say by commentary, socialist realist. Realists do not dream. We work with our hands and believe in our minds and believe in only the evolution of socialism. Anyway, in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, people are looking into space for some answers to their questions.

Maybe there is some other intelligence out there. It is not much estimate that there is, but we better be taking more care of this planet because ninety-eight percent of the world scientists say that we’re going to destroy at least North America and much of Europe. China has underground shelters for its people and so does the Soviet Union, but much of the other nations of the world will go underground, be the– completely a wasteland, as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg, who’s coming to visit us before too long, it’ll be wasted away. Dr. Daniel Ellsberg cried just a wha– moment ago, over radio that I read to you. He cried and he said it’s terrible to have to sit here and think that one day my country is going to be nothing but a desert and a wasteland. And the United States does not care for its people like the Soviet Union, a socialist country, and China, a socialist country, to build underground shelters. They have no care for life. They build neutron bombs that destroy people. And it’s jokingly– a common joke amongst the Air Force that they’re called nigger bombs. Neutron bombs work effectively if dropped in a black ghetto or Indian ghetto. Be ranged even to a few square inches. Destroying every human form of life, animal life, but not one pencil or paper will even be harmed. So it’s a good control there, and we now have information from yesterday’s news over BBC that neutron bombs are in Rhodesia, as we now have so tacitly and blatantly shown our racism from USA by lifting the ban of arms shipment and economic aid to the fascist regime of Ian Smith [Prime Minister of Rhodesia], when Zimbabwean Patriotic Front are the genuine rulers of that country and represent ninety seven percent of the people. Joshua Nkomo, the nationalist and his ally, Robert Mugabe, the Marxist, have formed a great alliance. But no, the capitalists are not willing to give up their exploitations so easily. So then we also learn that there are neutron bombs p– placed in Union of South Africa. We are told they’re in US hands, but who knows if USA is any more sane than South Africa.

Anyway, that’s the reason people look into space. Maybe there is some intelligence out there. Maybe it will let us know where we come from. Maybe there is a God, or if you can’t call him a God, then the force such as a Star Wars, but he isn’t doing very much about two out of babies– out of– out of three that are going to bed hungry every night. He’s not doing much about all the black people that are being killed, like those that were shot in a crowd in Philadelphia by the police and those that are murdered by the large cities of America, three policemen on average a day. So I would say, I will trust in the God, the truth, the ultimate truth of socialism.

Continuing the news. The dollar tumbles, as I said, in an all-time low today against the Swiss franc. Also a currency dealer says a dollar is not longer even a currency but instead some sort of political animal that wavers with every news announcement.

The dollar’s drop today is blamed on a tough reaction by hard-line Arabs to the Camp David summit talks where they feel they were sold out like I told you they would feel. The Dow industrial index fell five and a half points.

On Thursday, Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance will visit Saudi Arabia in an emergency meeting because they consider that it may be a grave danger of an economic collapse in USA, and then later go on to Syria who is totally alienated against USA imperialism. The Syrian President [Hafez al-Assad] condemned the Camp David summit talks of [President Jimmy] Carter with Egypt and the Zionist President Begin [Prime Minister Menachem Begin] of Israel as being totally illogical and discriminatory in that the nations who had their countries taken by force by the Zionists were not even given participation in the negotiations. He also talked against Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat. He has accused him of turning his back on Arab nations and of breaking promises. He made the comment at a meeting in Damascus of Arab nations opposed to Israel. There’s a growing strong alliance amongst the Arabs which USA has to have. The USA could not possibly exist without Arab oil. And as you know, one of the agreements that came out of the so-called summit – hypocritical summit – when none of the– uh, Jordan who lost her terr– territory was conquered by Israel, the West Bank, and Lebanon, the southern part of her country taken by the Zionists, they weren’t even included. And now there’s been agreement that USA will set up an Air Force base. We shall see whether the Arabs react to that very kindly. We’re getting close to showdown, my friends. I think, according to what I hear on the commentators, that we’re getting close to a showdown. Anyway, he has accused him of turning his back on the Arabs, and he said we will do all in our power to unify the Arab people against the Syr– against the sell-out government of An– Anwar Sadat. In Washington, Sadat– If he had upheld his responsibility to the Palestinians during the Camp David summit. He has now left for Morocco, the fascist state and talks there– and– and talks later with King Hussein [ruler of Jordan]. In New York, Begin told American Jewish leaders that the Camp David agreement provides for Arab rule– for the Arabs on the West Bank, but he said Israeli troops will remain in the area after the five-year negotiating period. United States is continuing talks with Israel for– on– on defenses between the two countries over Israeli settlement on the West Bank. President Carter says that Israel cannot build new– cannot build new settlements on the West Bank unless this is approved by the Arab parties, but many feel that US will break this promise as they recently did all the treaties that they’ve made with the American native, the American Indian.

Israel says it’s barred from building new settlements for the three months they’re negotiating with Egypt on the final Sinai agreements. But the final Sinai agreements, according to BBC, will include a US Air Force base, a nuclear base. USA is pushing their luck. Pushing their luck. About four hundred Israeli extremists continuing to contin– oc– occupy a town near the West Bank, they are protesting the possibility that the Camp David agreements will prevent future Israeli settlements on the West Bank. The West Bank does not belong to them. Israel took it by force, and as we saw in the picture that Canada, the commissioner of Canada, who’s a socialist, sent us last night how even Jewish leaders, the rich Jewish leaders and rabbis, sold out Jewish people, sold out Jewish workers just to get the rich Jews saved. And that’s been one of the ploys from the beginning. There used to be a great unity between the Jewish people and black people and all struggling oppressed people. They were one of the great push forces in the Soviet Union to bring about the great October revolution, but the capitalist come up with a scheme of Zionism – a religious state – and it was a clever device because it’s separated many Jews over that issue. But also there are a number of Jews in Israel that are beginning to wake up. The socialist and communist party has a larger proportionate membership in Israel than it does in the USA. That’s how stupid USA is. As I said, they are protesting the possibility that they won’t be able to build on the West Bank. The Israel government has ordered the extremists to leave and is reportedly preventing food and water from reaching the group. However, according to Syrian watchers, it is not true. Israeli troo– Israeli troops closed off parts of the West Bank to prevent more protest sympathizers from joining the extremists, but they are going to let the group there, just to continue to harass.

The United States has asked Chile to turn over [Alvin Ross Díaz, Guillermo Novo Sampoll, and Ignacio Novo Sampoll] three former members of the Chile– Chilean secret police that was once known as DINA. The men have been charged in connection with the bomb explosion in which killed [Orlando Letelier] the former Chilean Ambassador in Washington, two years ago. He was a strong critic– he was a very strong critic of the present Chilean government. We knew him as a personal friend. In fact, I intuitively– I felt a strong instinct. I begged Orlando Letelier, don’t go. The (unintelligible word) gentle good man. I said don’t go to Washington, and they killed him right on Embassy Row. There is no safety from the villains of capitalism nowhere, anywhere in this entire globe, it seems. Anyway, a jury in the Supreme Court will study the evidence and decide whether to send the three men to Washington, but according to even BBC, it’s a clever ruse. They know that USA was in complicity, the CIA and the secret police of Chile. So they’re going through, letting a few high ranking capitalist fall guys– even the head of their Air Force uh, to have to uh, lose his position and face trials and just a little window dressing to try to look it– make it look good, and having a little investigations like they’re now having all over M– Martin Luther King, and that wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for our great friends here, Doctor Mark Lane and Doctor Don Freed. Isn’t–isn’t nothing will come of it and if it did, it’d be like Z, the movie we have here, that very powerful movie of what happened in Greece when they really exposed what the generals were doing and what the police were doing and what the government was doing. They ended up killing them all and seeing that everyone was murdered. Look at [John F.] Kennedy’s assassination. President Kennedy’s assassination. All of those eight– sixteen– eighteen witnesses rather, died in a period of three w– three years. According to statisticians, mathematicians, there is only a hundred thousand trillion to one that such a thing could happen. So you know, they were killed. Why is it that the one witness that our man needs that has been accused of being the lone assassin of Martin Luther King– (Pause) (off mike) No, no. (back to mike) Stand by for this question– I’m back again– I’m back again. The one witness that was able to testify for James Earl Ray died two– separately– died two weeks ago under mysterious circumstances. That was the news I gave you from last evening. Two weeks ago, very mysteriously. Also there were two witnesses, according to Lou– St. Louis Dispatch that had offered fifty thousand dollars for the murder of Martin Luther King, and both of them are now dead, so capitalists do not protect capitalists. They don’t protect finks, they don’t even protect each other. They would cut the throat of their mother. There’s only security in socialism. Under the vanguard of the PNC, the Peoples National Congress and our Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, we must move forward to override racism – as we have here – ageism, sexism and elitism.

I’m about finished with the news, I think. (Pause)

The United States says it’s greatly concerned about a vast number of murders by Nicaraguan soldiers. Why did– why then has the USA and its CIA and our tax dollars supported the dictator [Anastasio] Somoza for forty-four years and the US Marines invaded the country and put him in power in the first place back in the ‘30’s. They said they’re– they’re– they’re concerned about it, trying to put down a rebellion. The United States urged Nicaragua to control its force (belittling tone) to prevent further losses of life. The Nicaraguan government has denied the reports. Nicaragua says it has continued– it contin– it has– it has recaptured the northern city of Esteli, but reports say that fighting continues outside of the city. It was the last major city held by the guerillas trying to overflow– overthrow Somoza, and Radio Moscow as well as BBC reports that US is continuing to ship arms all the time to that fascist dictatorship where all the people were a mass, mass movement against Somoza. That was a place where the Sandinistas, as you know, captured some people, held them hostage, hurt no one, but said they wanted the release of so many political prisoners and they got the release of a hundred and forty political prisoners. Mexico took some in and Panamas– Panama who has become brave and much more left-leaning than in the past, took the rest in, but that’s– I guess they’re going to have to suffer a great pain because of that action. When they we– were carrying away in the airplane, those hostages, the last that went away, the police said the crowds of Managua were so massive that they could hardly hold them back from breaking down the fences. There’s that much resistance of Somoza, and yet USA continues to sup– to– to support him with their tax dollars– our tax dollars, and I feel guilty for every dollar I ever paid.

In Pretoria, South African Prime Minister [Johannes] Vorster said he is resigning because of poor health. He has ruled [South] Africa for twelve years. In a final action, he announced that elections will be held in Namibia in November. The plan conflicts with United Nations proposals on Namibia’s independence which was prepared by five western members of the security council. Secretary General of the UN Kurt Waldheim and the five-member nations expressed regret and said that Kurt– that Vorster’s statement is not South Africa’s last word on the matter. The UN has proposed that UN troops be sent to Namibia during the twelve-months move towards independence. The Pretoria– the capital of the dread fascist regi– regime of South Africa where we’ve even sent neutron bombs and a billion dollars in tax aid this year, as well as uh, big monopoly capitalists have sent, secretly, billions more to keep that government in power. In fact, if it wasn’t for US corporations, that– (cries out) our people, do you realize, are living as slaves already? Or– There’s still slavery. They’re living as slaves in Africa, in Union of South Africa and Pretoria. The Pretoria government says that a delay would only jolt Namibian nationalists in control of the territory. A spokesman for the Namibian guerillas– groups condemned South Africa’s decision and said Southwest African People’s Organization, SWAPO, has no choice but to step up its guerilla war, and also Mozambique has spoken out as well as Angola and Zambia and the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. They are determined to see our mother nation free.

Rhodesian troops have crossed over to Mozambique again to try to s– start some kind of action so that there’ll be justification for calling for US troops or uh– or her imperialist lackeys to come in and have another Vietnam. They raided an entire village, killing many children and mothers. Rhodesia said the raids, which are against Mugabe, they say, and not directed against Mozambique or its civilians but no time– anytime has there been any of Mugabe’s forces or Zimbabweans that’ve been killed. It’s always innocent Mozambique citizens. Mozambique has built one of the greatest Marxist states in three years, in spite of US planes provided by the white racist regime of Ian Smith, bombing them from one side and white racist regime using US planes given to them, bombing them from the other side by South Africa.

Inflation has risen thirteen points in the USA. This is the highest inflation increase in three years. It is almost out of hand, says many– a– many– say many economists.

Soviet cosmonauts have broken a new record for the time spent in space. They have been– been in an orbiting station for ninety-seven days. Many are concerned that they have developed means of protecting themselves from nuclear attack by some type of heat use, laser use that they can hone in on rockets or other manufacturing centers that make arms and would destroy the rockets without destroying the people. The Soviets have quite a different attitude. Only USA makes a neutron bomb that kills people and saves property. Only USA sends napalm over to South Africa that dropped on our precious brothers and sisters there, our comrades in Zimbabwe and in Angola that causes their skin to fall off and in the pictures we have, the horror of Vietnam war. Anyone with their right mind would know which system is the right system. And then to say one socialist system is better than another, but one day we must work, as Guyana has said, non– with non-alignment and proceed for socialism because without socialism, man has no hope.

Italy has sentenced a Red Brigade lade– leader to twelve years in prison on charges of illegally possessing weapons. He was arrested a week ago and given a two-day trial. Italian officials are expected to bring other charges against him later. He is a major suspect in the kidnap and killing of [Prime Minister] Aldo Moro earlier this year. The– Formerly, they had not been giving these heavy of sentences to the Red Brigade, because the Red Brigade had paralyzed the Euro-communists and the revisionist and the capitalist by the holding of Aldo Moro as a hostage and then his unfortunate public exe– execution, but there is still much Red Brigade activity going on, and they are getting increased support from USA, FBI and CIA.

In El Salvador, guerillas attacked several police stations, killing many policemen and wounding several others. They also attacked the American Embassy. We have no reports to tell you what the results is on the American Embassy. So it sounds like the whole of the world is tired of oppression, whatever its color. We love the United States. We hope that President Carter lives long, because if it were not he, we’d have someone worse. But America owns sixty-six percent of the world, while sixty-six percent and better of the babies of the world go hungry, and that sixty-six percent that America owns is only owned by two percent of the American population. It is not right. Capitalism is immoral, it is criminal, it is sinful.

A congressional committee in Washington is continuing investigations into charges that several congressmen received illegal campaign gifts from South Korean businessmen. But the commentators say they expect nothing much to come up– come out of it.

Thank you for your time and your attention. Remember there may be a meeting of a brief sort tonight for a little study and uh, we’ll let you know. That will probably be about uh, eight, I would suspect. Much love to you, and we’ll have some good feedback. And uh, by the way, we’ve had uh, reported that uh, already they’ve carried the conspiracy all through Trinidad that’s been put against us by the CIA and others, and the Caribbean has given us full co– coverage. Caribbean contact and uh, Barbados and Trinidad and of course the Guyana Chronicle did, and Demerara and uh, Radio Demerara and GBS [Guyana Broadcasting Service], and that there was a lot of interest and the– the Trinidad st– station has called them back for a second story. He said that the Times picked up his first story – New York Times – but he does not know when it’s going to be in and the same with– and the same with Agent France [Agence France]. He’s also sent a story to France. He had submitted several articles to them. It’s one of the large news agencies in the world. He said usually if the agency is not interested in a story, they will cut you off, because it’s their bill – they’re paying the bill long distance – after he submits the first one, but they did not do that in this case. They were so interested, they listened to his last words. There’s going to be– there going to be perhaps a feature story tomorrow, 1250-word feature story in several US newspapers. Let us hope. There’ll be more, according to one reporter in Guyana press, later on about it. Much love. I love you very dearly. We love our guests too. We’re grateful to Miss Brazillio and her comrade friend for coming and paying their visit with us.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2008