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Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention, attention. Remember that we are having test evaluations tonight in Peoples Rally. We are respoun– responsible for all news from Saturday, Sunday– rather, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, in that we had our test in the red dinner classes on Saturday night. So we are responsible for Sunday, Monday and today’s news. The news had been less than an hour each day. If we (unintelligible word ) past the news, we will take extra classes to help strengthen individuals, many who are very, very good people but need more comprehension skills, and these are quite learnable, because there’s varying degrees of work performance, though not that much difference in our intelligence. And intelligence can be increased by socialist motivation.

One of the major concerns of the news of the day in USA is what the US doctor is hiding from the patient. A doctor, Sidney Wolfe, medical doctor, uh– a regular MD in USA has said that for most of us, it is much easier to get our CIA or FBI files than to get our medical records, even though Americans will spend over a hundred and sixty dol– billion dollars this year on he– health care. All we have to show for it are bills and, at least in some cases, an improvement – barely though it is – in health. The records of why we want– uh, went to the doctors or hospitals, what they found abnormal or normal with us, what diagnosis they made to our friends that are still in USA, what drugs they prescribed or surgery they performed, and whether we improved as a result, are never revealed. We’ve found that from our experience in trying to get the medical records on people here. You might as well try to crack in to the uh– the gold mint of the USA uh, at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Take the case of Ed Mulligan of Syracuse, New York. After four years of illness, three operations, and medical opinions as diverse as that he had a mere 50/50 chance to live and another that he was perfectly okay, Ed requested a copy of his hospital records from Community General Hospital in Syracuse, New York. Well, the hospital gave him the results of several tests, but denied him access, uh– that means, denied him to see to vir– virtually all the rest of his hospital records, stating that such access was not appropriate. I guess a man would consider it appropriate, or a woman, when he pays his bills, he has a right to see what he’s paying for. But the hospital and doctors argued that he was being damaged by not knowing he– but Mulligan uh, sued the hospital, when the hospital said that he was being– uh, not being damaged by not knowing enough about his medical condition uh, to make an informed choice on what to do next about his health care.

When he– Anyway, he went to suit. New York State did not have a law providing patients with access to their medical records, so Ed Mulligan did not do well in the courts. Next, Ed took to the streets. Almost two years after his uh, original request to see his records, he started picketing Community General Hospital, carrying a sign saying “This hospital has something to hide.” After he had picketed for several weeks, generating a lot of– of adverse publicity for the hospital through television and other media coverage of his activities, the hospital finally offered to let Ed see a laundered, a revised version of his records. Much but not all of what he wanted was there, but Ed was still not satisfied. He appealed to New York State legislators, he had a true American spirit there– Oh, he’s talking about the American spirit, which is usually apathetic. It’s the only case that we have recorded on the news of anyone fighting like this. So he went to his own New York State legislators to pass a law providing patients with complete and unrestricted access to their medical records for their own health’s sake. He succeeded in getting just such a bill, guaranteeing access at least to hospital records, but not doctors’ records. Passed in the lower house, or Assembly, only to have it stopped in the state Senate by the powerful American Medical Association lobby. But Ed kept trying. (clears throat) And on October first of last year, through rules drawn up by the New York State Board of Regents, it became unprofessional conduct for a health care pro– provider to refuse to supply a patient with a reasonable copy – whatever reasonable means – of his or her medical records. One loophole, however, was that a doctor could withhold information if its release would adversely affect the patient’s health. And of course, that gives the doctor more that he can cover himself with. The loophole can be partially plugged. Patients may protest a denial by putting the burden on doctors to state the reason for the denial in writing within 30 days. After hundreds of hours of testimony on access to medical records, by dozens and dozens of witnesses, the federal Privacy Protection Study Commission stated that not one witness was able to identify an instance where access to records had had an untoward effect on the patient’s medical condition. However, what they failed to mention was that the patients were being represented by their families, and half of the cases, the patients had already died.

Isn’t that interesting. US medicine– and no– They’re no further along, nothing’s been done, they had (unintelligible word), I don’t know what’s happened to him, didn’t say whether he was still living or whether he’d croaked, but he certainly did have a little bit of courage in the general apathetic mood of USA.

News. Egypt believes the conference in the United States can be the only hope for peace in the Near East. Hopeful that it will be a turning point, if both (unintelligible word) agree – that is, Israel and Egypt – on a general settlement. However, Jordan and Lebanon are very put out that they are not involved in the settlement in that Israel – Zionist Israel – has the West Bank, which belongs to Jordan, and naturally, Lebanon is out­– put out because the southern part of Lebanon has been conquered falsely and aggressively by Israel also.

Lisbon. The new prime minister [Alfredo Jorge Nobre] da Costa announced a 15-man cabinet including technical experts not belonging to any political party. The Socialist and Communist are not participating at this juncture, and the state of Portugal, its general public sector, is in total unrest.

Rome. Pope Paul [John Paul I]. Vatican officials – top officials – will stay in their jobs, the same reactionaries that’ve ruled the Roman Catholic Church for e– eons and eons and have pursued an anti-socialist, anti-communist course. Officially installed, the Pope Paul will be next Sunday.

Dictator [Ferdinand] Marcos in the Philippines says human rights issue is a new moral imperialism. Countries say nothing of economic rights – sounds like a dig at USA – as he continues to seek out commercial arrangements with the Soviet Union. His wife [Imelda Marcos], evidently, had some effect upon him. He said, I will indeed hear what the United States has to say about human rights when the United States does something about the plight of the hundreds of thousands of political prisoners, black, brown, Indian, Asian, that their own UN Ambassador – black UN Ambassador Andrew Young – said are in the jails of USA. He said, when you clean your jails out of those that are being held no– for no reason except because of the color of their skin, then I’ll let you talk about rights in the Philippine islands. In the meantime, I consider USA’s h– campaign hypocritical and a new moral form of imperialism, a moral form of imperialism.

Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, the conference against– or, on human rights, as you know, it just closed its meeting there, some one hundred and twenty nations, closed with a scathing indictment about Cambodia, which is now known as Kampuchea. (unintelligible word) admittedly throughout the socialist and capitalist world, Cambodia or Kampuchea, where they– whereas originally they had a communist revolution, Khmer Rouge nationalist elements in the army have taken over, and close to one-third, if not in excess of one-third, have died of starvation and other forms of dehumanizing torture.

Federal Reserve banks move to make demand for foreign dollars greater. More and more efforts, trying to somehow hold up the plummeting US dollar.

Three hundred thousand people visited the Peoples Republic of China the first half of this year. Fifty thousand were non-Chinese. Most of those returning to m– the mainland China were of Chinese ethnic background. Tourism important to China, brings public relations and money to their economy, said British Broadcasting Company.

Chinese negotiators returned home from Hanoi with little results, as the strife continues along the border between Vietnam and China. (Pause)

Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj], Prime Minister of China, has left for Iran from Yugoslavia. He will be landing in Tehran in a troubled city, a city that is filled with riots. In fact, the whole of Iran is in a state of rebellion. Chairman Hua will again be trying to influence one of the oil-rich nations of OPEC out of the Second World into the Third World for Chinese purposes. The Soviet Union calls the Chinese efforts a threat to the world peace. The Chinese rationale – or rationale (pronounced with the “e” as a separate syllable) – is that there’s going to be a nuclear war anyway. What it means is a very dangerous era in which nuclear war can bring– be brought about any minute.

Locusts are being the plague of the n– Horn of Africa. Sudan, Ethiopia have bad relations, thus making it difficult for various concerned nations of the world, primarily the non-aligned and uh, socialist nations to do something about them. Uganda and Tanzania. The border is closed uh, because of– of strained relations. Eritrea, the coast, has not been controlled effectively, the Ogaden is not effectively controlled, so the locusts continue to im– to really imperil the life of the people in that region of the world. Again, it’s thought that this may be some of geo-physical warfare, because it’s affecting nations that have not been pro-USA. Sahara, even if control is not possible, uh, won’t affect it. The dry is so severe. The drought is affecting the Sahara region very, very badly, and thus the locusts will not be able to do any more damage than the drought that the CIA has been accused of bringing about by weather modification, or what we know as geo-physical warfare.

Military authorities will make certain areas unsafe for locusts by burning areas around and putting unsafe chemicals which can even endanger the ecology, according to BBC.

The Indo– Indian-Pakistan border, massive invasion of locusts. They say they have pesticide, but not enough for them. The mon– If the monwa– soon rains comes, there will be uh– (pause) some hope, but no jeeps or planes can spray sufficiently the area to save India and Pakistan from the hordes of locusts. Again, they’re attacking nations that have not been too amenable to US purposes. All of the nations of that region – India and Pakistan – are at least working together to try to beat the locust problem. It’s a shame that one year, with rains, wa– if there’d been just one year of rains, there are things uh, we– in the year, rather, where there has been – I’m missing while trying to record, and I’ve been up many nights. If there could only have been something done, this is the one year in that region of the world where there’ve been good rains for a good growth, but now locusts are taking over. Certainly proving there’s no loving deity in the universe.

Experiments are being conducted on lota– locusts. Meteorological methods of controlling rainfall to allow uh, survey teams to go out and spray locusts uh, require political cooperation, which is not being given. Uh, the Soviet Union is in the main thrust of the war on locusts at this time. (Pause) It’s one hell of a mess. Locusts are plaguing the whole of Africa, north uh, west, southwest, middle region of the north, all through the area of the Yemen, on through India and Pakistan. But at least the Soviet Union and China are cooperating in trying to do something about this horrible locust plague. In the one good year, the best year they’ve ever had in terms of rain, and the best harvest, that the locusts– for God so loved the world, that he gave locusts to devour the food so little children could not eat.

Cambodia accuses the Soviet Union of ill treatment. Large scale repor– purges are reported taking place in Cambodia. Senator [George] McGovern is trying to elicit support of liberals in the government with little success, but is making l– making liberal friends in European capitalist nations, calling for a military action against the dreaded fascist Cambodian regime. It appears from all points – socialist, non-aligned and capitalist – that Cambodia has definitely been turned over to nationalist, fascist elements, and the Khmer Rouge have destroyed all of the socialists and communists in Kampuchea. Most Wes– Western leaders believe that these massacres are occurring in the worst fashion in Cambodia since Hitler’s Germany.

Financial news: An upsurge in prices all through the capitalist world. 1977-78, difficult market period. Interest rates may move down, due to selling of gold, but this is not a certainty. Unemployment in some industrial countries is falling slightly – Japan, (pause) US, Germany – because they have a surplus. They don’t buy as much as they sell. The USA is having continued high unemployment, and it’s growing every moment. Also, Japan and West Germany are not experiencing as much inflation as the other capitalist lackeys of US imperialism. US interest rates have peaked be– (pause) Relaxed American military policy encouraging markets to rise – whatever this means – said CBS. I doubt that very much. Uh, on the contrary, if there was a increased military American– American military policy, it would uh, help their economy on the short range, but the American mood will not support the US military because it had been quite willing to go into the Near East and settle that, they tried to find every excuse in the world to get into Rhodesia and have not succeeded, but I give you it as it comes over the air. No way for countries to adopt individual exchange rate policies, because of import/export balances and distrust, said BBC, even amongst the capitalists. That’s one of the contradictions that assures the world that one day, all will live under international Marxist thought, international socialism.

United States is not so concerned with the dollar, it’s concerned with its own domestic policies, accuses the West German capitalist. Sharp rise in price of gold, u– unusual for share prices and gold prices to be up at the same time, may mean grave danger, uh, uh, of inflation for the entire world, if not economic collapse, said the Voice of America.

Continuing with the news. (Pause) It appears that [Jimmy] Carter will watch the national mood, uh, which will not fare well in the present fall elections. All of the House of Representatives are up for re-election, and it is expected that Carter could not have a ghost of a chance of being re-elected, and that Democrats will not fare well, as there will be blame for the increasing unemployment and the horrible high cost of living.

We move on into Ethiopia. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia, uh, the independent evidence claims that the Eritrean rebellion, backed by US capitalist, has meant with– met with little success. Independent evidence gathered by Radio Sweden says that all but three cities had been wrested from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia– in Eritrea, that is, there had been– all but three cities in Eritrea had been wrested from the Ethiopians. Ethiopia claimed three cities now– have reclaimed them and captured Asmara. Government reports of conquering now every major– reconquering every major city in its province of Eritrea except Keren. Keren still under the control of the secessionists because only of US military aid supporting the secessionist, nationalist and even neo-fascist elements that want to break away in Eritrea. And if Keren fell to Ethiopia, it would cause the south to fall, and Eritrea would cause no further problems to the Ethiopians. Even with military upper hand, though, however, the Ethiopians are not able to control the road presently to Asmara– from Asmara to Asmira. Thus revolution-backed fascist elements will continue in that area, it is thought, for some time. Though in the long view, it is considered by BBC, that Ethiopia will succeed, because the mass is on the side of the Ethiopians, who are backed– the black government, the socialist government of Ethiopia, as you know, it is backed by both Cuba and the Soviet Union.

With continual madness and infuriation, I report to you what’s always in the news. Balloonist given hero’s reception in New York. They just flew a damn balloon from New York to France. I don’t know what all the hell’s about. Brass band met them, streets of New York were lined, US Department of Transportation gave them special medals, they were given the key to the city and the key to Washington, [Benjamin L. Abruzzo] captain of the balloon Double Eagle went to the top of the Board of Trade building in only 58 seconds. Uh, he made the remarks that the fastest his balloon would have been able to go to the top would’ve been five and a half minutes. Who gives a goddamn? He was given, as I said, the key to the city, he’ll be given the key to uh, Rockford, Illinois – Rockford, Illinois’ considered a very strong Nazi uh, right-wing center, (unintelligible word) another uh, very conservative center these days – and then they will go to be uh, a hero’s welcome in Albuquerque. This is what capitalism does to divert people when there are serious difficulties in their system, to have this kind of damn stuff in the news. And believe me, that three-quarters of the news of Voice of America has nothing else to say or talk about except this, and then another.

Another American group is climbing the most difficult of all the peaks of the Himalayan mountains. Arlene Blum. She’s a biochemist at Berkeley, and it– all women. Imagine how thrilling this is. They are climbing the highest peak of the Himalayas. They scaled Mount McKinley, they’ve scaled the highest mountains in Bolivia, they scale more mountains than men, and for that point, we would like a sentence, because we’d like to know– uh, the world to know that women are indeed capable and they have been proven biologically to be superior to man. They scaled the highest mountains in Peru, in Pakistan, and now where men of all nations have failed, they’re going to be the first Americans it seems to make it to the top of the most dangerous peak in the Himalayas, a 26,900 feet high Nepali peak. “A woman’s place is on the top” are the shirts that they’re wearing, and these shirts are selling by the Equal Rights Amendment women proponents throughout the USA to back their great American endeavor. Well, my, we are very glad for the thrilling news that some Americans are about to reach the highest peak. I would be glad to hear that some American women had gone to the ghettoes and done something about the starving children and the ones dying of lead poisoning, or the ones that are being uh, brutalized by parents who have no jobs and are unfortunately cursed with the liquor and dope haddic– addict in the already-beginning genocide, but no such news, of course.

Compromise of 15 days has come on the postal strike that will affect the entire nation. Not very much news about that. Everybody in the US postal system’s about to go out on strike. Well, they got a compromise that may last for 15 days. It may not. All the letter carriers will be involved in this one. They will have gone– They would’ve gone out at midnight tonight, and they just came through with a slight raise, but the pay raise, according to the rank and file, is unacceptable. I hope you saw that the working class struggle in that great movie on Harlan County. You need to know it for testing. Be sure that you review it with your neighbor, that– You’ll see there, that the working class struggle is not one of color. Those whites were fired on with machine guns and shot dead, just as much as blacks would be by the ruling class, by the corporate– uh, what’d they call them, the uh– the gun– the gun– I don’t know, whatever they– the gunmen anyway. They were nothing but gun thugs. (Pause) Anyway, it does not feel that the uh, resolution will be uh, satisfactory to the rank and file of the postal union. It’ll be renegotiated, and it’s not at this time uh, point of US news at least, whether it will be rene– renegotiated. Moscow said that there gonna be strikes all over the United States in the upcoming months because the economy is falling apart.

You– The Nicaraguan government, in a matter of hour – one hour – foiled an attempt to overthrow Somoza [Anastasio Somoza Debayle], the dread dictator that’s been kept in power by US imperialism. The army was suspicious of him, they thought he was getting ready to pull out and abandon the people and take off to some hideaway and spend some of the millions and millions that he’s poured away in Swiss secret bank accounts. But a hundred members of his armed forces have been arrested and the coup was stopped, just in time. An hour later, and there would’ve been a left wing coup. But still the majority, the masses are in a general strike. The general strike goes on, when– in between all the labor unions, the three major laju– labor unions, and all businesses, everything is closed. So Somoza (clears throat) time is still short-lived.

For the first time in the United States, a lady in Kentucky has been charged in the new right wing mood against abortions. She’d been charged with murder, for trying to commit abortion on her own body for a baby that she said she didn’t have money to feed.

Prime Minister Hua arrived in Iran, and he was pelted with rocks by members of the left. So I guess he’s getting off to a good start. I doubt if his uh, Doctrine of Three Worlds is too well understood by all the elements of the left, because [deliberate tone] Iran is one hell of a stew.

One of the big problems today is uh– well, I’ll get into that later.

Legal troubles of, uh– in for Francis [Jay] Crawford in Russia, though he was a top-notch executive in International Harvester, capitalist, sell-out capitalist. The US Embassy had him safely in their embassy, the ambassador under his personal control. But for some reason they turned him over to the Soviet Union, because capitalists always will sell out capitalists if it’s getting a little too hot. He’s been interrogated now for eight and a half hours after the US Ambassador gave him up freely, without even legal service of papers by the Soviet Union. The Soviet authorities are charging him with currency violation from trying to sell US dollars on the white market. He faces a minimum of eight years.

Senator McGovern wants to overthrow the Cambodian nationalist regime, which is a fascist regime now, as I told you. NBC comes out strongly against him. It’s funny how big losers becomes uh, uh, big shots now, said NBC. He has become respectable for attacking the Cambodian government. We do not believe, said NBC, in interfering with another government. Oh no? NBC last week was calling for interference and cut-off of trade with the Soviet Union, because the Soviet Union convicted two people for being CIA agents. It’s just a matter of who’s doing the dirty work. Cambodia has killed one-third of its population in the millions, but they don’t believe. NBC. I don’t know how they can even keep their face straight, or in ABC, CBS or any other goddamn lying press. They uh, don’t believe he has the right answer. Liberals strip [former US President Richard] Nixon of their power to bomb Cambodia back into the Stone Ages. NBC said, if they had only had Nixon, there wouldn’t have been any Khmer Rouge, and the Khmer Rouge nationalist elements would not have been able to wrest power from the communists, because all of Cambodia would’ve been wiped out. Well, that’s interesting logic. We want to give the award of the day to the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC/USA. That’s a very good logic. I’m sure everyone understands that. Liberal sell-outs now, said NBC– CBS, rather, liberal sell-outs in the Vietnam War who sold Nixon out, the chickens are coming home to roost. That’s what they say, in reference to the Cambolese [Cambodians] being killed, said let the liberal hea– bleeding hearts bleed, and let the Cambodians die. What a mood. How you could possibly think that CBS, NBC, talking like this over the radio, this kind of hate would not lead to the elimination, the mass extermination of all peoples of color – black, brown, Asian, Indian – and all socialists. This is a cruel nation, broadcasting this kind of tripe.

As I said, more than one hundred army men are under arrest and will be executed, unless (unintelligible word) intervention, but USA said they will not intervene. Of course not. Only in socialist countries. They never intervene on behalf of those oppressed by fascist terrorist, like Somoza, that they’ve kept in power, who’s even murdered members of his own family to keep in power for 44 years. The coup would’ve been successful, had they had one more hour. They condemned Somoza for u– for u– uh, definitely finding out that he had plans through banking connections to flee the country. He denies the same. Also, even rightwing elements of the army are still condemning him, so he’s still not safe. The rightwing elements of the army that did not go along with the leftist coup are on his case for yielding to leftist demands, so poor old Somoza is caught in a fire. That was the greatest victory for the social activist, the left that has been (unintelligible word) certainly and many– for many years that they were able to get out over 140 political prisoners and all of the activists – that the capitalist choose to call terrorist – that used armed struggle in true Marxist-Leninist tradition, by taking over the national palace and the parliament, and holding 5000 hostages and keeping only one hostage uh, the rightwing head of the Catholic Church, getting everyone to safety in Panama, but– Panama has moved increasingly left, which is interesting new– news to us in that our boat is licensed out of Panama.

Congressman back from Hanoi. The majority says Hanoi have dr– has dropped the demands for even the reparations that the rest of the world said USA owed Hanoi, and we (unintelligible) for bombing them almost back into the Stone Ages also. They – congressional representatives – prefer renormalization of trade with Vietnam, except for those representing Texas and Louisiana. Only two out of the eight thought that uh, renormalization was not warranted.

Ford is responsible for perhaps in the tens of thousands of death – Ford Motors – in their sports cars. It goes into reverse by mistake when put in first. It– it does it in models uh, from ’71 through ’78.

Most of the reserva– reserves of coal and uranium left in USA are on Indian territory. This is what Senator McGovern is bringing out, and Sen. Amourzek [James Abourezk] is the reason why all of the treaties with Indians have now been made null and void, but even such liberal sell-outs going along with it as Senator [Edward] Kenne– Kennedy. You never know where he is, he’s uh, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Hyde. The Navajos did renegotiate with El Paso Natural gas, but it wasn’t– it was– it was uh, inhumane t– contract, there was so little profit for the Navajos living on the reservation. Under currents laws, tribes uh– (pause) ha– are tax exempt. That’s why they’re taking all the– their property rights away. But – and that’s why they’re turning them over to individual Indians – but the catch is, Indians will owe back taxes, and thus their properties are going back to the government. These are the corrupt corporate moves with US government, a hideous, murderous method used against the Indian people, to trick them out of their lands. Yes, they– some reservations were divided up privately, and the Indians think they have something, but the catch is they have to go back and pick up the c– the taxes on the property, because, as reservations, they paid no property taxes, and the property taxes are even worth more than the value of the property.

A plague of b– of white-marketing in babies is going on in the United States. Selling babies through traditional channels. More parents now than babies, due to abortions, and uh, child– birth-control methods. Baby brokers in every city. Los Angeles has engaged in the selling of tens of thousands of babies, as one of the big white bl– white markets sales points. (Pause) It’s in every city, however, adopt– (pause) adoptions, some of them, come from other countries. Uh– The trick of the trade is that lawyers – and there’re plenty of unsavory lawyers being, as our lawyers say, they are– the lawyers are the parasitical element of society – they bring in mothers from Yugoslavia, England and other countries – preferably white, because there’s a definitely white racist attitude in the adoption policies – and the mother on a visit– visitor visa will have her baby, thus making the baby a citizen. Then the babies sell for prices going as high as 50 to 75 thousand dollars to the middle-class, although there are less and less buyers at that range, the more– more buyers at the range of ten thousand, and then they have to hock practically everything, put everything in pawn, because of the high cost of living in USA. Abortion clinics will refer mothers to an attorney and will pray/prey on the mother’s uh, decision when she decides to abort and say, well, you don’t want to kill a life, so give it to an attorney, so the attorney makes a big, fat profit. Also obstetricians by the thousands, uh, doctors are involved in this. They are wa– only– only one felony charge to ever come against anyone for such activities, a lawyer in uh, Los Angeles, and there’s not expected much sentence to come out of it. Sometimes, as I said, the market can bring 50 to 75 thousand, but more normally it’s dropping to eight to ten, now, because everybody’s – and even the middle class – it’s hard to [be] able to make it in USA these days, the cost of everything is so high.

Reason there’re not more convictions, says the Voice of America, it’s difficult to prove that they have paid enticement. That’s the only thing that’s illegal. You can pay the natural mother for her uh, uh, medical care, room and board, reasonable medical expenses, uh, a natural mother can select parents, this is all okay, though it’s called a kind of borderline green market, that can still uh, bring about an exchange of several thousands of dollars. The Voice of America said the real danger is – now this shows the racism of all USA – (warning tone) the real danger is that you might be getting a baby that’s mixed, you might find a baby that has part black in it. (Normal tone) That’s the rea– the only reason they bring out to try to scare people from adopting children. So that shows how Voice of America and all of the newspapers and television and radio in USA feel. Racists at heart. Another uh, comment was that its children are threatened. The mother when she’s giving birth says your child might just die, you know, so she feels that she has to go along with those involved in the baby market racketeering. They’re trying– They’ve been trying to get statutes for 22 years, but due to the public apathy, said Voice of America, nothing has been achieved.

Artificial assi– insemination is also on the rise now. A father, where a mother cannot give birth or vice versa, will have it artificially implanted in another person’s womb and uh, thus they’ll get a child at least that has part of the parentage. This is bringing a high price too. People put uh, everything they have on the line. One parent, uh– couple in uh, Denver, Colorado had spent eight thousand dollars out, they had put everything in uh, debt, they had got loans on their house, and at the last minute, they were told by the doctor and the lawyer involved that they were going to have to have ten thousand, because the new practice is that there is bidding– bidding on the babies after they’re born. This family lost– and is still– had put out all the money for changing their house around, because they couldn’t possibly come up with even two thousand dollars more. (unintelligible word), what a racket. (Pause) They– the come-on in most newspapers is, don’t have abortions, have a Caribbean vacation while you have your baby. This is the white-marketeering of children and– white children, because America is quite racistic, as we all know. It would not want to be uh, adopting children of color.

Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Free Press, one of the most (pause) outspoken of the alternative and the oldest alternate newspaper in the nation and also the most recent acquisition, you know, purchase of Hustler publisher, the so-called born again Christian, Larry Flynt, who may have been merely playing a role, has been shut down by a court order indefinitely. Managing editor Ron Ridenour reports that the decision was made by Flynt corporation executors after court orders had come against him in consultation with the tycoon’s wife Althea [Flynt], because the paper is losing so much money, hand over fist, in fighting various court actions against him. Ridenour said the executives did not want to continue the losing operation, because he would go broke– because he himself – Flynt – is the victim of an assassination attempt, you know, that came about in the spring, and he still remains in very serious condition. Incidentally, the last issue of the Free Press, always a source of controversy – it was there that facts were brought out to prove that the CIA was involved in both Kennedys’ [President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy] murder and Martin Luther King, and uh, most of the papers were uh– were stolen and actually ripped off before they were able to be bought at the newsstands, by some kind of conspiracy in Los Angeles – they were going to even have more controversial one on their last issue. They were scheduled to run excerpts from a pirated copy of the unpublished manuscript of Los Angeles Police Department chief Ed Davis m– magnum opus, hang ‘em at the airport Ed. You remember. But a Los Angeles Superior Court commissioner issued an injunction barring The Los Angeles Free Press from publishing one word of the story. Ridenour called the prior restraint a fascist tactic. Never supposed to be allowed, prior restraint. That’s what the establishment media says. You can’t stop an article before it comes out. Well, it depends on who you’re dealing with. And Ridenour, editor, said it was similar to the US government’s efforts to block publication of the Pentagon Papers. Unfortunately, we are not in good position now to defy that order, said the editor. Instead, according to the editor, the last issue has contained a story on the court’s order, complete with white spaces where portions of the manuscript would have been quoted. Fascism has already come in USA.

[H.R.] Haldeman’s done it. So have Er– Erhlic– [John] Ehrlichman and [John] Dean, [Bob] Woodward and [Carl] Bernstein, and Theodore White. Officials and reporters who have lived through the Watergate period have offered their version of that complex and fascist turbulent era, but no one can write about Watergate better than the man who ruled the kingdom of the cover-up, Richard Nixon. For centuries to come, scholars, historians and psychologists will turn to memoirs as the one account that is indispensable to a balanced understanding of the Nixon years, says a release from Grossett and Dunlap, the firm that is publishing the former president’s new book. While he is balancing our understanding, Nixon will be making money head over heels, where he should be in jail for life. Besides selling the regular nineteen dollar ninety-five cent edition of the 1200-page book, Grossett and Dunlap is offering autographed editions for fifty dollars and 250 dollars each. While one gets a h– a leather slip case and special binding for fifty dollars, those with a penchant for the definitive can purchase a leather-bound, 22-carat gold ornamented edition, signed by Nixon himself, and bearing a certificate of authenticity, just to be sure, because Nixon was known to be Tricky Dick. It is suspected his wife [Pat Nixon], however, may be dying of cancer.

So all crooks have to die, and only those who live principled lives have any feeling of worthwhileness, so I would think that uh, we would all prefer our life of socialism. It gives more protection. Nixon’s never without uh, armed guards. He has to have them. His whole family, it’s like an armed encampment. I think we have the joy of knowing that we have a loyalty to each other, solidarity, we see it when Ralph Jackson was about to be arrested, you saw that I said it will not be, I will not allow it, we’ll put all the community on the line, and then we saw something done about it by the federal government, right up at the top, so I would think that you would agree that socialism, and particularly your Jim, your dad, looks after you, he’s risked his life, he’s died a thousand times. For every time you were threatened, he put his own life on the line. And where else could we have such free medical care. Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett has arrived in San Francisco, raving in praises about us. So also has the prominent eminent author Dr. [Donald] Freed. Nothing but praises. So a breakthrough has begun, and for some reason – we do not know just exactly why – both New West who had been on a story– two months ago, they were supposed to be about to close it up – and the [National] Enquirer was about to enclose– close it uh– their story up about a month ago. N– Neither one came in print today. Both issues have come out, and we’re not in it. That isn’t to take any encouragement about the US press. Perhaps, maybe they’re hesitating a little bit to see what conspiracy Dr. Freed has found. For a moment, we were a little concerned Dr. Freed did not get on his regularly-scheduled air flight, but I have a feeling it was okay, and so I did not alarm the community. He is in the hands of our people now, and being taken to the various places that he needs to go to be– (Pause) So let’s look forward to about September fourth and fifth, when he’s going to be setting up a very interesting uh, interrogation of someone [probably Joe Mazor] that could break the conspiracy. Whatever, we shall go forward in socialism, if we care at all, we’ll produce with all our might, because we have the lives of many in our hands, and I’m sure that no one wants that responsibility of feeling that you have not done the very best that you can, the very best, to say the least.

Suicides for blacks have increased in the last three months – in the last three months – by some 36 percent. That’s blacks particularly between ages 18 and 34 years of age. It has risen that sharply – 36% – as mobility has increased. A North Carolina A&T State University professor suggest, blacks feel hopeless and helpless in US society. Their suicide rate has practically caught up with the Indians, which has the worst suicide rate in all of the nation. It’s an alarming pattern of alienation and self-destructiveness, said the president of University of Michigan [Robben Wright Fleming], who is also a researcher. Said, we do not have the answers. Oh yes, you do, liars. The answer is called capitalism, the class society, that feeds and breeds on racism.

House Assassinations Committee ha– has taken a strange move and cited anti-black power conspiracy, though they have not been able to prove a conspiracy to murder or are unwilling to do so, to m– murder Martin Luther King, and they’ve stuck pretty much as Uncle Toms to the lone assassin theory that, you know, James Earl Ray did the killing. Sources close to the House Committee on Assassinations that was brought about by our past visitor and friend Dr. Freed say that the federal probe is about to cite documentation of a US conspiracy to get all black leadership and Indian leadership in US of A. The committee chairperson, Louis Stokes, Democrat Ohio, has already in general terms taken an appropriately affirmative stand. They, he says, are out to get all colored leadership – black, Indian, Asian – all across the country. I know it is organized, and it follows a definite pattern. Most black elected officials have already been subjected to every type of investigation you can possibly undergo because of your color, he said after uh, be– being questioned about Charles C. Diggs. The Democrat congressman and chairman of the House Subcommittee on African Affairs was indicted for so-called use– misuse of his own funding. You know he faces 175 years and 37 felony counts. The sources say the facts they gathered on harassment will come out at public hearings to be held beginning in September.

Black harassment will be no easy thing to prove, said one source close to the investigation, but to ensure credibility, it must be laid out plain for everyone to understand uh, that the US government is up to its neck involved in this conspiracy against blacks, Indians and Asians. The press, being that it’s white controlled, may not speak a word of it, but at least we will have the committee platform to present the clear evidence of a conspiracy. In the ten years since the late Representative Adam Clayton Powell, uh, Jr., Democrat, New York, Congressman was tried for his misuse of his own funds, several of the present 16 black representatives have claimed harassment, investigation, and all kinds of threats by the US government. In 1975, Representative Ralph H. Metcalfe, Democrat, Illinois, was framed to have received bribes and kickbacks, but after intensive, multi-agency investigation, the allegations had to be dropped. But he subsequently uh, lost his popularity and position. Charles Rangel, Democrat, New York, was the subject of criminal investigations for income tax fraud and other types of fraudulent misuse of his own money. The charges were never brought to bear, because of the solidarity of blacks in New York where are– where they are the strongest. Blacks stick together more cohesively in New York than anyplace else. There is a national conspiracy to undermine and eliminate outspoken black, Indian and Asian leadership, says Congressman William Clay, Democrat, Wi– Missouri, whom the Department of Justice now tried to link with narcotics trafficking, of all things. Stokes says that he himself has been harassed and privately suspects that his office has been bugged ever since 1969. In 1970, he and other black congressmen went to investigate the murders of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in Chicago, which he called nothing but a government shoot-in, not a shootout. His findings this time are likely to be as he stated, that there is indeed a conspiracy to destroy all leadership of color in United States of America.

Well, we hope that you will take this with some concern. I will give you I think one last bit of news and call it a day. Remember, we’re responsible in our Peoples Rally tonight promptly at 7:30 for news of Sunday, Monday and today.

Former CIA head [William] Colby sees peril in 60 million unborn Mexicans. Mexico is quickly replacing the Soviet Union as the favorite– favorite objective of paranoia and schizophrenia among top American intelligence officials, although I don’t think you could get any more paranoid than one little bit in the news that I just happened to not give you because it was so stupid, but the chess championship of the world is taking place, you know, at this time, and uh, the US chess expert has accused the Soviet chess mas– matcher of uh, hypnotizing him, using a parapsychologist method that all Soviets know, and the US press has given it go– quite a bit of coverage that uh, it indeed is the truth. And he threatens to beat up this Soviet chess champion [Anatoly Karpov], b– because he says he definitely has been trained in parapsychology, and he’s been trying to hypnotize him into losing. (Short laugh)

Pope John Paul also just wanted it to be known that he is not going to have quite the ostentation uh, that has been in previous uh, coronations. He said to call his an enthronement. And he will give some of the Vatican’s jewels away to the poor. Now I know we’re all so happy about that.

Guyana has condemned this morning the United States of America for manipulating on purpose world sugar prices to sabotage such nations as Guyana, but Guyana says wait, we will endure.

The government will issue– the US government will issue figures on inflation, foreign uh, investments in manufacture– manufacturing industries, and all is up 11%, except for the OPEC nations that are not buying much in USA these days. It’s expected when these facts are revealed this afternoon, that the dollar will take another terrible fall.

A hurricane over Louisiana to– Louisiana that’s endangering life and property.

Governor [Jerry] Brown of California said that there is going to be a second USA revolution, unless states reduce the spending. He said it is not a social revolution, it is a white revolution, and he supported it. He said people are tired of supporting uh, people who do not want to work. Governor Brown, we thought you were a liberal one day. But we’ve always known, you can’t trust liberals. Remember the main enemies of socialism? Anarchism, Trotskyism, revisionism, and don’t forget that enemy, social democrat, that liberal that believes that things come– change comes through the system.

The armed league of– (clears throat) The armed league of Gali– Galithia, a Basque separatist movement of Marxist-Leninists, have killed three leading officers of the army of Spain today as a protest of being a part of Spain (covers microphone) (unintelligible word) demanding their total freedom from Spain. Spain of course is still a quasi-republican democracy, but there are a great number of fascists, as you heard the masses railing in the background the other day when I was giving the news, saying “Sieg Heil.” The fascists have not learned. There’re also a number of communists, but in Germany just before Hitler took over, there were also a number of communists.

The last minute news also: British actor Robert Shaw of James Bond fame – you all believe in the (unintelligible word) heroics of James Bond – has died in his middle years, leaving a child, only one-and-a-half years old, and nine other children. He died of a heart attack, the age-old disease that threatens people. Even though you’re only 45 (unintelligible) or whatever, you die young in USA. That’s why you should be glad to be here under controlled diets, where we watch your food and don’t have chemicals in them. Here’s a young man, taken up in the prime of his youth.

Pan American and Trans World Airlines have been freed of charges– (tape edit?) clear evidence that they had price-fixing charges agreement, which is supposed to be a monopoly, and– and throw them, their executives who do– do such things, in jail, but of course, you know, US always favors big business.

The last that I was giving about the CIA, they’re so concerned in their paranoia, not only about chess players, Soviets winning and hypnotizing the American players, because obviously no American player could possibly lose to a Soviet Union uh, citizen, a communist, unless they were hypnotized. After all, everybody knows that capitalism is so wonderful. But anyway, American intelligence officials see Mexico as a grave threat, with as many as five million illegal Mexican citizens in this USA that we’ve left behind – thank goodness – an emburgeoning population in Mexico that some analysts believe to reach 120 million by the end of this century, if the nuclear war has not broken loose, which it will for certain, the Brown Peril, as the CIA calls it – racist term, Brown Peril – at our doorstep is causing fits for US intelligence officials. Building up for years, particularly in the face of recent large oil and gas discoveries in Mexico, have been concerns that a potent growing Mexican nation could soon threaten the US security. Former CIA director William Colby recently let the cat out of the bag when he told Los Angeles Times on the Voice of America interview his deepest fears. You cannot stop the population growth at this point, said CIA head Colby, gravely. The women are alive today who are going to bear those children. What’s going to happen to that extra 60-odd million Mexicans? Colby is one of those who are encouraging American policy-makers to consider impoverished developing nations like Mexico as the greatest danger of violence and difficulty for the US capitalist world. The theory has passed easily from the [Gerald] Ford to the Carter administration, which already has worked up a National Security Council report on Mexico and the illegal number of aliens that are in our borders, particularly those that are brown and black. The report, a copy of which we have just obtained, said uh, The Los Angeles Times, suggests US pressure on Mexico to reorient its (unintelligible word) policies to promote small-scale industrialization in order to stem the flow of these brown Mexicans over the border. Nor surprisingly, Mexican officials are deeply upset over the increasingly-strident American obsession with the Brown Peril. And that’s what the government calls it– Carter calls it, he has the– the whole uh, case study called the Brown Peril.

Asked for his reaction to statement like Colby’s, CIA head, Mexican Consul General Mario Tapia in Los Angeles was almost tongue-tied with anger. It’s a matter of politics, he finally blurted out, giving up trying to sound diplomatically– uh, diplomatic. Obviously, I’ve disagreed completely with these racist sentiments. But remember, after seeing – and you should see again, because we’ll tested over it – you should think and talk with your neighbor about Harlan County, and see how they treated those white miners, and black too, that it’s not just a matter of color. It’s the rich against the poor. Only, if only. To think that that was taken back in 1972 and ’73, but still even this year, the miners were not supported by the rest of American labor, even though they went out on a 115-day strike, those hundreds and thousands of miners, and went hungry, and were forced to go back without getting one cost of living increase or none of the safety measures that they needed. It’s hopelessness and despair and the apathy of USA, be thankful that we are out and have our children out, but let us be totally unselfish and work hard to liberate those that we could get out, if we would only produce this place more.

I love you very much. Have a good work day. Remember that we are taking a half-day (Pause) Oh my God, yes, remember. Umm-umm. I who do not sleep night or day should remember, we are taking half-day, uh, today, that’s correct. Yes, we work till noon, and then tomorrow we will uh, go to work at noon, after the Peoples Rally, so I have not in any way blurted into your rest. The workday was to beginning at noon at– from 7 to 12 today, and tomorrow it is 12 until 6. Thank you, good morning, good work, much love from your leader and your dad.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted January 2012