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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Kristian Klippenstein. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

Jones: (Speaking slowly throughout) Attention. Attention. Live mid-day news. (Pause) Singularly, the most dramatic escape of any prisoner known in the history. A fortress prison – concentration camp – of West Germany, that has housed the Baade– the Baader-Meinhof group that is known derogatorily, but is really an adjunct of the Red Army of West Germany– fascist West Germany, a puppet of U.S. imperialism. Today, several women – we seem to see a great deal of courage in women who have suffered, who pull off some of the most heroic events in our time – were able to get inside the prison, fooling the guards, and released the major person on trial for the murder of fascist federal attorney general [Siegfried Buback] responsible for all of the (unintelligible word) repressive fascist laws, who was shot down and his guards killed several months ago in West Germany in reprisal for the terror that had been brought upon the working class in the Federal Republic – fascist West Germany – that prides itself as being the inheritor of Hitler’s Third Reich. (Pause) In spite of their fascist terrorism, they still speak of USA’s manipulation of their puppets by tariff barriers, et cetera. Their prime minister of West Germany [Chancellor Helmut Schmidt] has accused the United States of following economic policies that will lead shortly to a worldwide depression. Nonetheless, this young man who was on trial for his life, for taking this political act of vengeance for the people in the organization of the assassination or execution of this fascist, head attorney general of West Germany, and several others who had been taken hostage, has been successfully released, sprung from that prison. The whole western world is shook up by the success of the operation. One guard, taken in by a lady who knew how to direct her body for revolution, ended up dead with a fingernail file. They had very little equipment that they could get in, but with what little they had, they successfully killed enough guards to get their people free. The leading leader of the Baader-Meinhof group that is an adjunct similar to the Red Army of Japan and the Red Brigade of Germany [Italy], that believes that there’s only one way to bring down capitalist institutions, and that is by violent acts of demonstration wherever possible. No clues to the whereabouts of the fugitive, the individual who had been working actively and bravely in the Red Brigade of the fascist republic, federal republic, of West Germany, a puppet of U.S. imperialism.

Egypt’s repression continues to the point of open terror. All dissent against Anwar Sadat is put under penalty of subversion. Several journalists abroad, even moderate and capitalist journalists, have been recalled, facing indictments. And several capitalist countries are cooperating by expelling them and sending them back to Egypt to a certain death. The people foolishly in Egypt gave power to Anwar Sedet– Sadat, dictator now, former prime minister of Egypt, to have the power in a referendum to alter constitutional liberties and have emergency powers because of threats – so-called – against the state. Every time they talk about threats like the FBI is whipping up that sort of thing in USA and passing all sorts of repressive measures and Senate Bill 1437 [Ed. note: summarized here], which I require all to listen to at some point in the library. It should be played by classes and in various sessions all day and at some point piped over the air for re-consumption before People’s Rally tonight. It must be digested very well. Senate Bill 1437 must be digested very well. It typifies the monstrous police state tactics now being employed.

Egypt has also whipped up in their now-controlled press a frenzy of hate towards Libya, that has been an ally of liberation in Africa. Oil-rich Libya under Colonel [Muammar] Gaddafi, has also been pro-Soviet, though he is Muslim. Egypt is whipping up a war fervor, and there is talk of armed conflict between Egypt and Libya. Libya has been responsible for the liberation of Chad and assistance given to liberation of Tunisia and West Sahara, as well as assistance given to liberation causes throughout the length and breadth of Africa and the Near East.

Katanganese, in spite of U.S. imperialism’s avalanche of bombs dropping upon them, still maintain pockets of resistance in Zaire. At this point they have not released their hostages held in Angola, and the Soviet Union is still bravely backing the Cuban forces and the Angolan forces and saying any attack on Angola will be met with total retaliation. So the Soviet Union is still maintaining a most consistent avant garde position of bravely supporting the liberators of mankind.

The hue and cry in Washington, the ballyhoo of both the Republicans and Democrats, two sides of the same capitalistic complexion, two sides of that horrible capitalistic erection, two sides to the same evil coin, are calling for [President Jimmy] Carter to have a freer hand for military appropriations in western Africa.

Union of South Africa has been forced by turmoil inside its territory to release a moderate black publisher who had called for more dignity to black people. He has received international awards for his journalistic measures. He was the owner and publisher of The World and was held without trial, without bail, without even indictment, under the horrible detention laws of fascist South Africa that were modeled after the CIA, and are now in practice in Washington, DC. But there’s been such a clamor that it has brought about his release. These are encouraging signs that liberation will come about in Africa because the Union of South Africa is capitalism’s– world imperialism’s final bastion of strong police state power. It is rumored that Union of South Africa has nuclear reactors. Nonetheless, Britain and England are being forced to back away more and more from their good and willing fascist servant, and close puppet ally.

Other news of the day in brief: France and USA is calling for immediate retaliation by NATO against the Cubans and the Angolans. But again, the Soviet Union does not seem to be the slightest intimidated. (Pause)

Now we will discuss “Black Africa in the Balance” [Ed. Note: This article by Brian Bunting, a South African journalist and activist appeared in the April 18, 1978 edition of the Morning Star, a publication of the Peoples Press Printing Society in London; direct quotes from the article have been designated by red type]. During the recent visit to Nigeria, as you know, where President Carter was caught by the rather moderate to conservative president [Olusegun Obasanjo], through intelligence forces, close committees in defense of the revolution of Nigeria – he was caught consulting in the Nigerian Hilton hotel with elements of the big business world and banking industries, trying to bring down the Nigerian economy and has been attacked consistently by oil-rich Nigeria ever since. During that visit to Nigeria, the first by United States president to any country in black Africa, thus showing the absolute disregard that U.S. presidents have for Africa, President Carter committed his administration – lyingly – to strive for a continent at peace, free from colonialism and military interference, condemning Soviet and Cuban liberation in the Horn of Africa where, at this very moment, Ethiopia has strong control over that passageway vital to all free socialist peoples, as they have control of Eritrea again, and have backed off U.S. monopoly capitalist – finance capitalist or imperialist, and their lackeys like China – and have sea access full at Eritrea, their own territory. Eritrea’s completely back in the control of the nation that it s– rightfully belongs to – Ethiopia – due to the brave and heroic fighting forces aiding Ethiopian revolution: the Soviet Union and Cuba. But Carter, still condemning in the news strongly the Soviet and Cuban so-called intervention in the Horn of Africa, Carter said “Military inte– intervention of outside powers or their proxies in such disputes too often makes local conflicts even more complicated and opens the door to new forms of domination.” Hypocritically, he said – that is, Carter said – “We oppose such domination, such intervention. We must not allow great power rivalries to destroy our hopes for an Africa at peace” – meaning an Africa for U.S. imperialists to exploit. His fine words met with some skepticism from his hosts, who feel that U.S. practice does not always by any means conform to its proclaimed policies. Significantly, President Carter – president, figurehead, populous leader, now sold out entirely to the interests of the Trilateral Commissionists– Trilateral Commission, the final stranglehold rulers of the monopoly capitalist world. Significantly, Carter rejected a request by the Nigerian leader that he support the impo– imposition of economic sanctions against South Africa. Carter would not go along with that. However, today, Carter’s being put in more and more of a difficult position, and he doesn’t mind sacrificing his allies, as he did just two days ago when he sacrificed Taiwan, which he had pledged– USA had pledged eternal unity and solidarity to back up Taiwan in its right to self-determination against Peoples Republic of China. But the word of a capitalist does not matter. Capitalists would sacrifice their own mother or children to save their own ass in the finality. That’s one of the contradictions that will destine to bring capitalism down.

Why did Carter come to Africa in the first place? The answer is: to make a claim for the right to influence developments on the continent comparable to that exercised by the former colonial power masters.

Break in the news. Dr. Hamilton Green, Minister of Labor, Minister of Health, Minister of Works, has got the full consent of cabinet that all of our medical supplies will be able to enter this country duty free. So we find we are gaining increasing support in Guyana. No matter that we are facing the terrorism abroad. One can face the terrorism of U.S. imperialism, through its wicked arm of the press – the TV, the radio, the newspapers – and survive and have peace, knowing that you at least struggling with people who are willing to resist the machinations of imperialism. As you know, Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham, by statement of Dr. [Vibert] Mingo, Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of Immigration, a strong cabinet member, who been very friendly, and our liaison, our contact person with the Prime Minister, and our friend, the Deputy Prime Minister Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid, who is the head of– the– the chairperson of the PNC, the People’s National Congress. Dr. Mingo informed us that Dr. Burnham, Prime Minister Burnham, has refused – the first socialist nation in the Caribbean, except Cuba, to do so – has refused any aid for the– from the International Monetary Fund, which is controlled by USA and headquartered in Washington. It would’ve amounted to a billion dollars. But Prime Minister Burnham said it would’ve brought this country back under colonialism, and he does not intend to allow USA to dictate to him – or any colonial power – to again control this free republic.

These are brave words, reminiscent of the words that impress me with Dr. Burnham many years ago, when he was fueling Cuban planes on their way to liberate Angola. [Henry] Kissinger said it could mean the destruction of Guyana, and he demanded that he be allowed to land and talk with Prime Minister Burnham. He was leaving from Rio de Janeiro, the military government of Brazil [under Ernesto Geisel]. Burnham said, we would rather die on our feet than to beg on our knees, and he said that he suggested that Mr. Kissinger not risk himself by landing and fly straight over Guyana, that he did not want to speak to the prestigious Secretary of State from the United States. There’s that side to Burnham that gives one great peace. One does not mind having enemies. Two out of three babies in the world are starving. They have all enemies – elements, everything – against them because of U.S. imperialism’s stranglehold on the world.

Now we have isolated our warfare to the major front, the core of the cancer: USA imperialism. We must do everything in our power to save, you must get all your suggestions for saving and making money into Kay Nelson, Clevyee Sneed, Christine Lucientes, (unintelligible name). Christine Lucienties is (unintelligible word) it and compiling it, and every member must have it in before People’s Rally. I thought you would be encouraged by this good news: further backing of the government, Dr. Hamilton Green, before cabinet, got a special concession – we’re the only medical clinic to have such – that all our medical equipment and supplies will enter Guyana custom free, duty free, tax free.

Back to Carter. The colonial power. He refused, as I said, to agree to any imposition of economic sanction against South Africa. Carter came to Africa to strike a claim, and stake a claim for the right to influence developments on the continent comparable to that exercised by the former colonial masters.

At the end of the Second World War, there were only three independent countries on the African continent: Ethiopia, Liberia and Egypt. Today, there are fifty. Yet few of those has managed to free itself entirely from ties of dependency on the imperialist countries, not even those which have openly chosen the road to socialism, although they have every honest intention of doing so. In most of Africa, imperialism has been replaced by neocolonialism – outright colonialism for neocolonialism – a device by which imperialists have found it possible to concede the exercise of the appearance of political independence to Africans while preserving and extending their economic exploitation of the human and material resources on that vast continent, which is the one continent that has mineral riches sufficient to maintain a modern state technology. USA has exhausted its minerals and its resources of oil and coal. The richest in the world, of course, is the Soviet Union, with nearly half the world’s oil and nearly forty percent of the world’s coal and all of the major minerals and ore deposits essential to be the richest nation on earth eventually. Fortunately, nature’s been kind – for one time – to the good atheistic socialists.

Most African countries have achieved their independence since 1960. Yet a report of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, published last year, showed that since 1960 there has been no marked improvement in the economies of many African countries. The report also said that independent Africa has succeeded less than any other region in the world in combating the effects of underdevelopment. Such has been the heritage of U.S. imperialism and neocolonialism in Africa. As the former imperialist powers have been forced to withdraw from Africa, the United States has steadily increased its active fascist involvement. The United States’ private investment in Africa increased from 664 U.S. million dollars in 1957 to some 14,000 million dollars at the end of 1976. The total is now probably in the region of fifteen million U.S. dollars– fifteen thousand million U.S. dollars. The average rate of profit on U.S. investments in Africa is nearly forty percent, from thirty four to forty percent, enabling American coupon clippers such as DuPont and Rockefeller to suck out – like vultures – of Africa no less than seventeen billion dollars a year.

The U.S. imperialist is the main trading partner of both Nigeria and Liberia, the two countries selected for Carter’s visit. Nigeria is second only to Saudi Arabia as a source of U.S. oil imports. To back up its position in Africa, the U.S. monopoly capitalist administration in 1978 proposed the largest military aid program for Africa in its entire history. A total of some 678 million dollars in military support, military assistance programs and in military education and training, plus 135 million dollars in security supporting assistance; that is, over a billion dollars, which is twice as much as for 1977 fiscal year. This military expenditure to maintain governments that have not yet gone in to the free Soviet bloc. Even the Voice of Americareveals Carter’s true intention. He said, “I must have a free hand.” He said, “The Soviet Union is putting food into Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. I need a free hand to put military presence there.”

Never does the USA think of anything humane. When the Soviets said they would ban forever any plan to make a neutron bomb, Carter said, “That’s easy for them to say, because they wouldn’t use one. They would not use a neutron bomb.” Thus even on this own Voice of America, he was conceding that the Soviet Union are a humane people that would not utilize a neutron bomb which kills only people and all living things but protects property. But that he, the USA, needs the bomb because the USA designed it and always think first of protecting property for the rich and killing people.

Thirteen African countries are to be the beneficiaries, headed by Zaire and Kenya.

By the way, Uganda has turned out a retaliation against the Israelis by killing off one of their chief generals by placing a bomb on a plane that blew out– blew up on its way to Kenya. Uganda is also being (unintelligible under radio interference) by the USA and open calls from the USA for his assassination.

Nigeria’s economy is developing faster than that of any other country in Africa, including white Union of South Africa ruled. Up till now, the only developed country in Africa was the white-ruled Union of South Africa that bled the black man, according to the United Nations criteria. By the end of the century, Nigeria will be more important economically than the EEC countries – the European Common Market countries like Britain and France – all put together. In May last year, Dr. [Lord David] Owen said British trade with black Africa was worth almost (speaks emphatically) one thousand million dollars U.S., and added Nigeria has now supplanted South Africa as our single lardest– largest trading partner on the continent and is the fastest-growing British imperialist export market anywhere in the world. Fascist West Germany, imperialist Franch– France – a puppet of NATO, and dominated by the Trilateral Commission as U.S. imperialism – and Japan also rapidly building up their trade with black Africa, whose enormous potential wealth is only now being uncovered. Nigeria has replaced South Africa as the main market for West German goods on the African continent.

However, since the time of this news commentary, Nigeria is putting up boycotts to many products of the imperialist states, and that’s why Africa is teeming, and that’s why USA is even willing to go to a thermonuclear war, because they cannot survive without bleeding and sucking the rich ore mineral deposits from the Union– from all of Africa, the richest continent next to the U.S.S.R., the Soviet Union.

At the Lagos, Nigeria, anti-apartheid conference last August, the Nigerian head of state Lieutenant General Obasanjo warned that foreign countries with interest in South Africa would not be permitted to operate in Nigeria in the future, and he’s acting on that in spite of the fact that he is not a socialist. Last month he ordered public agencies immediately to withdraw their funds from Barclays, because of the bank’s continued collaboration with the South African fascist puppet government of U.S. imperialism. Since then, a number of American banks and corporate interests, like IBM and Polaroid, IT&T, have announced their decision to limit their operations in South Africa out of fear of Nigerian reprisal.

It is fear for the future of capitalism in Africa which induced Carter to visit Nigeria and Liberia, being the first president to ever lower himself to see our black brothers and sisters whom he has no concern for at all, in that he sends our tax dollars to murder off whole villages every day – we read them in the news – from Zimbabwe to Zambia to Angola. It was Carter’s visit to Nigeria and Li– Liberia to make proclamations about freedom – hypocritical ones – but the one freedom he did not sp– specify, and which has been equally ignored by Dr. Owen, British foreign secretary, is the freedom from exploitation, poverty and hunger which centuries of imperialist looting of African resources have left in their wake and now USA imperialists – the final holders of the senile monopoly capitalism – wants to continue that exploitation of Africa. (Pause)

The reading commentary of the news is about finished.

The western freedom crusade takes place at a time when the peoples of Africa are realizing ever more keenly that political independence of itself does not necessarily bring them the economic and social advancement they want. It is no accident that the governments of Mozambique, Angola, Congo – that’s Brazzaville – and Ethiopia, among others have embraced Marxist-Leninism in their political programs, nor that most liberation movements have openly proclaimed their socialist objectives, like Tanzania and Zimbabwe – I mean, uh, yes, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front – and Zambia. Nor is it an accident that in the struggle for the overthrow of the capitalist fascist order in Africa, the people’s revolutionary organizations should have found themselves opposed and obstructed at every turn by the imperialist Trilateral Commission powers dominated by U.S. fascist monopoly capitalists. At the same time, assistance and encouragement has been given by the socialist countries, described by President [Kenneth David] Kaunda – K-a-u-n-d-a – himself, in an interview with me – the writer – in Lusaka, uh, as the natural allies of the African liberation movement. President Kuanda – that is, of Zambia – has called it such. In his Cold War effusion recently, Dr. Owen likened the Cuban troops in Africa to the private armies of the Middle Ages which moved around tilting the military balance indiscriminately at the whim of the feudal barons. What a hypocritical lie.

In a speech to the People’s Assembly in Havana, Cuba, President [Fidel] Castro recently defended himself against a similar accusation by the United States in the following words – and United States, of course, has manipulated Canada, its puppet, to break all treaty and aid agreements with Cuba. But the Soviet Union is still bravely standing behind – staunchly – her ally Cuba. “What moral basis,” said Dr. Castro, “can the United States have to speak about Cuban troops in Africa? What moral basis can a country with whose troops are on over twenty military bases in the Philippines, dozens of bases in Okinawa, dozens in Japan and Asia and in fascist Turkey, in Greece, in the fascist republic of Germany, in Europe, in Spain, in Italy et cetera. “What basis can such a country have any moral basis whatsoever to speak against Cuban liberation forces helping people find their freedom, when U.S. troops are stationed right here on our national territory in Cuba against our will at the Guantanamo naval base? It’s a case of imperialistic arrogance,” said Dr. Castro. “It’s all right for the imperialists to have troops and advisors everywhere in the world to suck profits for the ruling class of the Trilateral Commission. But we cannot have them anywhere. That’s a fine concept the United States government has of logic, equity and equality.” Dr. Castro went on to say, “We are supporting African governments that have requested our cooperation. They are duly constituted governments of the people. Our military advisors are not lending their services to the fascist governments as USA imperialists are. Our military advisors are assisting governments that help their own people, support their own peoples, and are either revolutionary or progressive governments of the people, by the people and for the people.” Dr. Castro went on, “Neither the Soviet Union nor Cuba possess anything, nor seek any profits in any country in Africa or anywhere in the world, whereas western aid from U.S. imperialism to Africa is designed solely to promote the interest of U.S. imperialism and smooth the road for continued investment and profit-making by the super rich.” More than ninety percent of Soviet economic aid to Africa is directed to building the industrial base of these countries seeking liberty, to enable them to have genuinely independent national economies. With Soviet assistance, one hundred and seventy industries and over one hundred agricultural enterprises have been completed or are being built to help free Africa. In tropical Africa alone, the Soviet Union is cooperating with twenty-seven countries. The African revolution is everywhere supported by the might of the true liberators of the world, the avant garde, the U.S.S.R. and the Warsaw Pact of the Socialist Alliance. Yes, they are tilting the military balance in Africa, the Soviet Union and its allies, the true liberators of oppressed people everywhere, not for the feudal barons, however, but against them. For this, the imperialist and the multinational corporations, the Trilateral Commission that suck the poor, the real latter-day barons whose domination in Africa is increasingly threatened can– can– threatening the continent of Africa that has, for instance (Pause) done so throughout its history, can never forgive– never forgive Cuba and the Soviet Union for its liberation efforts. Dr. Castro went on record: “We will continue our assistance if it meant the death of the Cuban nation.” And it was backed and given the sanction of the Tass news release.

Thus ends commentary of “Black Africa in the Balance,” and President Jimmy Carter’s real efforts to exploit Africa by being the first president to dignify the richest continent – second to the Soviet Union – on earth, for the first time any president has ever found it (Pause) in his dignity to even stop at one African nation, and then that was the richest nation (Pause) on the earth outside of Saudi Arabia and the Soviet Union.

But his plans are not working so well, and Africa continues to boil. In spite of his threats, the Soviet Union and Cuba have not bowed to the pressure.

This is the reading of the news. Be sure that there is much review of Senate Bill 1437, House Bill 6867 that will put USA into direct, open fascism. Have it in the classes, have it on the P.A. system. Much love, much production. Let’s have good reports of increased production and everyone have in your way of making money, and saving money and your reasons for guilt and how your tax dollars, how you lent your money by working in USA imperialism to killing of our black brothers and sisters in Africa and all exploited people throughout the world. People’s Rally at 7:30. Thank you, and much love.

(Tape is silent for a minute and a half)


Part II

Jones: – and thus has agreed that he will not be held responsible for any more revolutionary actions as long as the Zionists keep their agreements. Tehran has been the victim– Iran has been the victim of a number of sabotage again, probably coming from neighboring (unintelligible sentences) (audio picks up, but with echo) –elected, I should say, established Marxist government – pro-Marxist government, or pro-Soviet government of Afghanistan.

In Zaire, when three new airborne divisions were landed by the Belgians, new rebel outbreaks have taken place, and two more cities have been captured as close as unintelligible word) miles from (unintelligible name). (same unintelligible name) lies in total devastation.

Vietnam. The Chinese have urged the Vietnamese to a important summit conference, trying to (audio increases) negotiate about the Chinese residents in Vietnam, who are being expelled by the Vietnamese for being involved in corrupt capitalist business practices. Even Japan, in their journalistic study of Vietnam, has revealed that China’s allegations are not true, that Vietnam is taking reprisal against the Chinese for political or ethnic or racial reasons, that the Chinese community was highly involved in the former capitalist establishment of South Vietnam.

Union of South Africa, after the pressure of Sweden’s allocation of assistance to Namibia, SWAPO [South West Africa People’s Organization], the Marxist-Leninist liberation front in Namibia and the Zimbabwean or Rhodesian Patriotic Front, was forced to release their major leaders of the SW– of SWAPO, that they were holding incommunicado without trial in detention without proper due process. Stand by.

(tape edit)

Libya has called for the support of United States in that they have found that some two hundred million U.S. dollars has been funneled– No, Egypt has summoned USA assistance in that they have found that some two hundred million dollars from neighboring socialist Libya has been funneled into Libya in what is known as the Liberation Front of Egypt to bring down the dread dictatorship that has now been established in Egypt by referendum of foolish people who refuse to take elections seriously and only turned out 54 percent of the electorate, 54 percent of the populace. The repressions, the reprisals against all dissidents have taken on startling effects, even to the recalling of capitalist journalists and charging them with high treason. Even some capitalist countries are cooperating with the return of the capitalist journalists requested by Egypt, thus showing that there is no loyalty amongst rogues and thieves in capitalism. Stand by.

(tape edit)

Please be quiet. All are to be quiet taking notes on the news. You’re naturally expected to be responsible for news. I’m trying very hard to retain in my memory, from listening to all sorts of broadcasts from every opinion in the world. Stand by.

(Tape edit)

Even the sell-out National Association for the Advancement of Colored People say that at least 146 congressmen must be resisted by the black and minority communities for what they describe as outright, overt racism. They’re calling for the populace to resist at the ba–

(tape edit)

(begins in mid-sentence) –yesterday, over whether it will quit Rhodesia’s multiracial so-called–

(tape edit)

These hundred and forty six congressmen represent 37 states in the so-called union of the republic of USA which is indeed nothing more than imperialist and monopoly capitalist.

It has been reported that Iraq is also sending assistance to the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Stand by.

High-level talks were requested by President Carter with Andrei Gromyko and Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance. Carter still charges that the Soviet Union is responsible for the turmoil in Africa. The Soviet Union, through Pravda – which means truth in– it’s a news agency in the Soviet Union, the avant garde of Marxist liberation – said that Carter could have his own opinion, but the Cuban people were behaving independently as well as the Sovien– Soviet forces in Angola, and he said there is not one bit of aid going to the activists in Zaire, that they have acted independently. He did not deny that economically they had been maintained, as he said they had been kept in sub-human conditions by the Zaire puppet regime of dictator Mobutu [Sese Seko] that has been directly imposed upon the former Belgian Congo by U.S. imperialist interests. It is interesting to note that in spite of continual bombardment by the forces of imperialism – Belgium and France – that new Katangan resistance efforts have retaken two cities and the major railway in southwest Zaire. Stand by.

Due to the Marxist course of Guyana, which gives us certainly a feeling of importance in that Prime Minister Burnham has said that he will not take one dime – even though it constitutes a billion dollars of aid from the International Monetary Fund controlled by U.S. monopoly capitalists or imperialists or finance capitalists as embodied in the Trilateral Commission – there seems to be more and more subversion. All of the chickens imported in Guyana (unintelligible phrase) Arizona diseased chickens. Of our last shipment, nearly all have died. But we will endure. The same kind of tactics were employed against the Cuban people for years and years, but they overcame. Stand by.

The Dominican Republic, who just elected Antonio Guzman, which the U.S. interests had hoped would be moderately conservative, has just re-shuffled the army and demanded that they be removed from politics. A number of military officials in the Dominican Republic, which is close to the United States and was evaded [invaded] outright by fascist imperialism from the United States Marines some seventy years ago. He said that the military had been representing Western world opinions too severely, and he was limiting all military activity. It will be considered a crime against the government of the Dominican Republic for any member of the military to participate in politics. Stand by.

Peru, just a few hundred miles from us, is still in general turmoil. The general strike has of yet not been able to be stopped by the military forces. U.S. mercenaries are reported present in Peru, trying to help resist the trade unions that are communist and socialist-dominated. So there is hope again for revision of communist liberation in our own continent. Chile also continues to have turmoil, which was even admitted by radio – capitalist Chile, fascist Chile – today, that they had found some traitors inside their own military. If they admit such, it is much more grave than the Chilean fascist-controlled censored radio would be willing to admit. Stand by.

Sweden even came out officially – again, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which represents a crack, at least an– a crack of sorts, in U.S. imperialist control – has said that the Soviet Union have a very humane program for disarmament, and they wonder why Washington is not listening. Stand by.

Seventeen new guerrilla activities of the revolutionary Red Brigade resistance have taken place in Italy. Caught off guard by international soccer matches, the Red Brigade is having a field day because of the capitalist indulgence in soccer. Also, they have successfully conducted [collected] some three million U.S. dollars in robberies against various banks. Stand by. (tape edit)

The Baader-Meinhof guerrilla activists, similar to the Red Brigade in Italy, who are active in the federal republic fascist West Germany– Always differentiate the two Germanys. Germany was artificially divided at Yalta by U.S. imperialists: East Germany to the communists, and West Germany, a puppet regime of the U.S. imperialists that now prides itself openly in being the inheritor of Hitler’s Nazi fascist Third Reich. Still free is Meyer, Kurt Meyer, the head of the Baader-Meinhof guerrilla activist group, the Red Army– or Red Brigade, so to speak, of West Germany. Two women, bravely posing as legal counselors, pulled off a cracking into– a breaking into what it was called “fortress garrison” of West Germany to free the most wanted person in all of fascist Germany. He had been able to successfully lead the killing of an attorney general [Siegfried Buback] who had been taking reactionary reprisals against the people – the dissidents – of West Germany, as well as a judge and several of other government officials and businessmen. They fled in a truck and, in spite of all-out searches and even almost martial law conditions in West Germany, at this hour, he has still not been located. These women were trained not to be passive females, but to know how to handle even a fingernail file, as they killed one security guard. The entire operation was conducted by women of the Red Brigade of the Baader-Meinhof gang – as the capitalists call them but is known as the Baader-Meinhof because those two brave leaders [Andreas Bernd Baader and Ulrike Marie Meinhof] devoted their life to a sort of utopian communist anarchism. At least they believe in the breakdown of all fascist institutions, and they have been friendly to a communist solution, though they’re not openly allied with the Soviet bloc. Rumor has it, at least through BBC – and it’s never been denied by the Warsaw Pact – that their funding is channeled through the Republic of Yemen and Czechoslovakia, as well as East Germany, which is a communist modern state.

Rumor has it that most of the aid coming to Guyana has been affected in the very successful East German republic – the Democratic Republic which is communist and has successfully manifested a type of communism that’s given one of the highest standards of living to any people in the world. Stand by.

Soviet Union (Pause) reports that Romania is still a very close ally of the Warsaw Pact, and is trying to bring some sense of uname– unity back into the Soviet bloc by (unintelligible word) not the Soviet bloc – which is highly unified – but those who had been dissident. And that is the reason for [Manea] M?nescu, the Prime Minister of Romania’s visit to the Peoples Republic of China, and he just left Vietnam, forming new trade agreements, and Vietnam is a close ally, a staunch ally, of the Soviet Union, and now is headed for Kampuchea to help to soothe troubled nerves between the Kampucheans – which was formerly known as Cambodia – and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Vietnam, that has now been reunified since U.S. imperialism was driven out because the United States people– none of the army had a will to fight for the imperialist interests of United States. As you remember, the U.S. soldiers got high on drugs, would kill their own officers, throw off their military pack, use their weapons as I said against their own commanders, and even got so distressed that they became almost catatonic in the trenches, being used to the indulged life of bourgeoisie capitalism. Stand by.

Ethiopia still maintains its firm hand with Soviet and Cuban backing of its own province of Eritrea, thus guaranteeing a port at the important position at the Horn of Africa for the Soviet bloc, the Socialist Liberation Front.

A major flooding has taken place in Bangladesh, killing (unintelligible word) – for the third year running – tens of thousands and making literally tens of thousands homeless.

A major earthquake has occurred near Iwo Jima that has started a typhoon [tsunami] that is feared to be headed towards Japan. Also, the Japan railway system has been paralyzed by the Red Army that somehow found a way to short-circuit the major electrical currents that ma– manage the trains’ travel. The Japanese imperialists – another puppet of world imperialism, though they have no representatives because of racism, or only one, that is, on the Trilateral Commission, and there are great cracks and contradictions between the imperialist allies of Japan and the EEC, the European Common Market and USA imperialism. Nonetheless, the Japanese have known one of the highest standards of living under capitalism, but they have little effect in controlling the Red Army. Every day, those guerrilla activists are gaining new support among the populace and pulling off some tremendous (short laugh) excursions, uh, into the establishment and stopping establishment control over the Japanese people.

The Philippine islands: Fernando [Ferdinand] Marcos, dictator of the Philippines, has called off national elections after seeing his test run of a few parliamentary seats. He said he can’t control them, quote unquote. Little has been said as to whether he is drawing closer to the Soviet Union, because he was, as you know, sold by the United States a very bad nuclear reactor, and it was established on a fault line. The Soviet Union had offered to build a reactor, provided the Soviet Union could control it so that they could not make military weapons. Isabel [Imelda] (Pause) Marcos, the wife of the dictator of Philippines, is a strange contradiction, a paradox. Her two heroes are Lenin and Mao. Stand by.

Guerilla activists reached as close as thirty miles to Mexico City, as great turmoil seems to be affecting the Mexican republic that has been moderating some of its more right-wing practices. They seem to be unable to control certain so– uh, socialist resistance and guerilla activist resistance. One guerilla group of over four hundred have survived for twenty-four years in the mountains of Mexico. Stand by. I’m sure that I have left some extraneous points of world news.

Scotland is demanding independence from England. There is a strong nationalist movement developing in Scotland, which is a part of the United Kingdom, Britain, or what we know as England.

Also, the Liberal Party has pulled away from the Labor Party, demanding to go its independent way, giving more opportunity for the right-wing conservatives to be elected, which are known in British terms as the Tories. Margaret Thatcher has made no bones about the fact that she will remove all people of color from Great Britain. She will expatriate them, and how that would be would be very difficult – that means to return them to their own countries. But she has guaranteed, if she is elected, she will (unintelligible word) racist-torn England– racist-torn England is now as bad as racist-torn USA and Canada. In fact, racist-torn England is even worse than Canada, but the USA is certainly having a lot of it, because even the NAACP has come out of its ostrich-like, uh, uh, pattern and said that the black people must organize very quickly to stop the re-election of some one hundred and forty plus congressmen who are avowed racists and are working against the interests of black people by denying all programs of assistance for the minorities of black, Indian, Puerto Rican and so forth.

Anyway, we cannot think of anything anymore exceptional in the news. This would be a horrifying fact, if Margaret Thatcher – who has openly avowed the fascist practices –would be elected in the next few months, as elections come in England, when she guarantees that all people of color will be forcefully removed. And this is what Hitler first promised to do in Germany. Later came concentration camps and mass-extermination. Genocide.

Again the Soviet Union has dared the United States – almost publicly dared them on the floor of the United Nations – to sign the Genocide Treaty, and again the United States has refused to sign the agreement that they will not kill off vast segments of their own population and minorities such as black and brown and Indian – all people of color or any undesirable element, as they once phrased it in Senate Bill One – that exists in the United States community.

Thus is the world of news about imperialism of the grand design of U.S. monopoly capitalism, finance capitalism, world imperialism as embodied in the Trilateral Commission.

The striking news is certain allocating in the next three months, the quarter of this year, ten million U.S. dollars to support the Namibian Marxist Liberation breakaway regime state from Union of South Africa and the Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, and Marxist leader (unintelligible – but incorrect – name), Robert, rather, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, or what we know as, uh, Rhodesia. Both Joshua Nkomo are visiting Marxist governments at this time. Joshua Nkomo is in Moscow and Robert Mugabe is in Korea.

It is also been stated, according to GBS [Guyana Broadcasting Service], that considerable trade assistance was derived from the prosperous north democra– uh, the uh, the People’s Republic of North Korea. The People’s Republic of North Korea has been charged by the United Nations through USA protestations with sabotaging the limited na– naval fleet of South Korea. Some eighteen of their mariners were arrested, posing as fisherman, and the socialists are demanding their release, but the United Nations said that they will not be released until further inquiries are held, thus showing that the United Nations is nothing but a front for United States finance capitalism. Why, why else would the United Nations be located in New York? If it was really United Nations, it would be in some neutral or independent place in the world.

Now we will begin the People’s Rally in the pavilion. Thank you. Good news, good intelligence, I hope, and we hope a good comprehension of Marxist-Leninism. We will go back to the replay of the earlier midday news because there are some facts about the uh, revolution in Africa that we should review. And then, you better know Senate Bill 1437 and House Bill 6867. Thank you.

End of tape

Tape originally posted January 2013