Q799 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Tape cuts in.

Jones: (cuts in)– District Attorney here, he was highly impressed with your husband, and your commitment, in more ways than one. We appreciate your– your Christian, ethical background, and also the, the broad liberality in which you respect other people’s religious perspective. I can’t uh, I can’t say how moved I am, I– by uh– I usually don’t lack– being a, a preacher, I don’t lack for words, but I’m deeply touched.

Rosalynn: Well, I–

Jones: Is there any particular that we could do for you?

Rosalynn: No, I– not uh– I don’t have anything in mind, I just wanted to call because um– Jimmy had gotten his (unintelligible words) think about it, so he told me to call you, and just try and get some, so uh–

Jones: I’d also sent a letter– uh, there’d been some negative press about uh, uh, your son uh, participating in, uh, raising funds for a gay bar, and I wanted you to know that we– uh, we’re a hundred percent behind you in that, I don’t know how far it has gone. There’s no end to the degree that some people will– will attempt to malign good people, but I– I don’t know whether you’ve received my letter, but I sent a letter–

Rosalynn: Well–

Jones: –of encouragement, not that you need it. We’re going to win.

Rosalynn: Well–

Jones: We’re going to win.

Rosalynn: We appreciate that, we– we get the mail eventually but it’s stacked up so much, uh, between the time we won the Ohio primary and the, uh– you know, the last primary, and the convention (unintelligible) so much that it takes us a while to get it organized and get it open, but we’re about to do that now–

Jones: Well, you call us– We have many many thousands of members, and I have considerable influence in the Disciples of Christ denomination, in which I am an official. Anything we can do, you call. We’re one hundred percent behind you.

Rosalynn: Do you know Jimmy’s sister, Ruth Stapleton?

Jones: I’ve– I’ve read of her, with a great deal of admiration.

Rosalynn: I didn’t know. She’d been in um, California so much, and she has a, um– (Pause) Well, she just– she just travels and not campaigning, but she does so much good in the whole country, and I knew that she had been in California a lot, I thought you might know her.

Jones: Well, if she’s ever on another speaking itinerant, uh, itinerary, we would be more than honored for her to come our way. Uh, I like her approach. She has such a sane emphasis on spiritual healing, and yet with a, a deep commitment to ecuminicity–

Rosalynn: Thank you–

Jones: –and, and–

End of tape.

Tape originally posted May 1999