Two Poems

The Gathering

People of all walks of life do meet,
Each year and it’s such a treat.
For those that come, do laugh, and blend.
One more heart each time will mend.

Food, family, new and old faces;
From here and there, from far away places.
We meet, hug and share a tale;
A good time had by all, without fail.

Each time a heart will heal;
From tales shared over a meal.
We share stories, love and laughter;
To bring more healing in the days after.

Meeting with someone you thought you hated;
Leftover pain between you, opinions debated.
Healing your soul, repairing your heart;
Healing the distance, the space apart.

We share our stories, bringing laughter to amuse;
We listen to others, their points and views.
We live, laugh, and love a lot in little time;
We sing, drum, and do a bit of rhyme.

Each person is special at the meeting each year;
Bringing everyone closer, these times so dear.
In the past you were all one, held together by belief;
Together as one, though good times and grief.

Forgiveness is always found here;
For family is stronger than past actions and fear.
Every year we lose one more out of the family tree;
Binding you closer, to a higher degree.

We’ve all shared loss, pain, suffering and sorrow;
And we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
Bound by such an event of pure shock;
Of which some outsiders only laugh and mock.

Only our friends, family and ones you hold dear;
Understand your suffering, year after year.
Whatever it is this year may bring;
Come share it with family, at the gathering.

918 Doves

November 18th was a rainy, dark day;
One of sorrow, horror, pain and dismay.
Loved ones with their lives did pay;
For what we believed in, that dreadful day.

They are now in connection with the one;
All pain and suffering now undone.
For them do not feel sorrow, guilt, or shame;
For in God’s eyes, you are not to blame.

They were taken right then and there;
To a beautiful, meaningful place where,
All were meant to be, that’s where they belong;
You will see them once more, it won’t be too long.

The rain storm blew in for those that were there;
To show you the angels were everywhere.
They chose that day to intervene;
Sending down tears they cried, to the scene.

Your loved ones were escorted to the next plane;
Where there is no horror, sorrow, or distain.
There they are smiling, watching us below;
Directing us, loving us, watching us grow.

They know you still feel all the guilt and shame;
They know too that you weren’t to blame.
For all is forgiven in that plane divine;
The pain disappears, the light does shine.

God’s hand is on the loved ones that passed;
And you too, praying your guilt will not last.
Forgiving each other and yourself too;
Is what he desires for all of you.

The children were blessed to be in your care;
They send you their love each time you give prayer.
Knowing your intention was good and pure;
Of this they do know for sure.

Each time you visit where they lay;
To talk to them, to cry, and to pray.
Know they are sending back to you;
The light from above, and their love too.

For each person that passed that dreadful day;
A dove was sent to earth, to light the way.
To open your hearts, share love with each other;
Give of yourself, bless another.

For all of the doves released that eve;<
The world now holds more light than one can believe.
Lighting your path through the rest of your life;
Bringing peace, enlightened spirits, and no more strife.

Each time a dove does fly by;
Way up high, way up in the sky.
Let your heart be at peace and know you’re okay;
For the dove and your loved one are lighting your way.

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