Human Journey

No anger, no pain,….

Other than the occasional twinge that I feel we all carry,

Serving to remind us that we are beings,  –alive with histories that keep us in alignment with the greater truths.

That we all live within the evolution of the larger human family, whose actions reflect the collective mindset of our species. A species whose present moment contains within its core both a divine thrust forward and inevitable travesty along the way.

We are on a path, perhaps halfway towards that once dreamed of utopia that is arrived at in its own time, and never, ever, before.

A place intricately carved within me, …… Hope of souls, ever tasting, expectant, our beautiful and errant frailty, all weaving together tapestries of textures and hues, rough and green, black and pale soft blue, quivering embryonic, …opaque.

Death defies time and space

Were always dancing within dark abysmal beauty and earthen dreams ~
simultaneously sustained by the infusing brightness of our ecstatic presence
within our eternal oneness ~
with All That Is.

(Jordan Vilchez is a regular contributor to the jonestown report, including the article, Sharing the PT Story, in this edition. Her complete collection of articles for this site appears here. She can be reached at