Articles, the jonestown report, 2010

  1. The Language of Jonestown
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid: An Introduction
    2. Drinking the Kool-Aid: A (Partial) 2010 Directory
    3. “Jonestown” As Slang
  2. The U.S. Military In Guyana: The Untold Story, by Chris Knight-Griffin
    1. What The Military Didn’t Do: Debunking One Conspiracy Theory, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  3. The Textual Practices of Peoples Temple: How Did Texts Help to Build the Promised Land?, by Heather Shearer
  4. Effects of Isolation on the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, by Edward Cromarty
  5. Identity Crisis: Loss of Self within Jonestown, by Richard Gubbels
  6. Fearful Symmetry: The Balance of Life & Death, by James Knoll, IV, M.D.
  7. Was Peoples Temple Religious?: Jonestown and Durkheim’s Religious Typology, by R. Gillingham
  8. Jim Jones and Christine Miller: An Analysis of Jonestown’s Final Struggle, by Timothy Lisagor
  9. Revolutionary Suicide: A Rhetorical Examination of Jim Jones’ “Death Tape,” by Maggie Pehanick
  10. Documenting The True Horror: The Unedited NBC Tape, by Niels Colesky
  11. Articles by E. Black
    1. “I’d Like To Thank Father”: The central role of positive thinking and thankful testifying during the ritual meal of the Peace Mission and the final night of Peoples Temple
    2. “Ever Faithful”: The contest between Mother Divine, Jim Jones and their followers for supremacy in faithfulness to the Cause
  12. All in the Family, by Jeremy Young
  13. A Simple Song of Freedom?: Music in Peoples Temple, by John Brackett
  14. He’s Able Revisited
    1. Taking the Needle Off He’s Able, by Brian Kevin
    2. Jim Jones: Live From Guyana, 1978, by Matthew Thomas Farrell
    3. He’s Able: They Live On, by Leslie Wagner-Wilson
  15. Prophetic Charisma, By Len Oakes – A Brief Overview, by Shawn Sutherland
  16. Peoples Temple in the New Millennium, by James Williams, Central Committee, Rural People’s Party
  17. Looking for Answers from an 1840s Mass Suicide in Guyana, by Paul Bolcik
  18. Could Peoples Temple Have Survived? by Bonnie Yates
  19. The Extremes Are Sometimes Closer: Peoples Temple, the Tea Party, and Anti-Governmentalism Then and Now, by Dereck Daschke
  20. Student Papers Section
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