Articles, the jonestown report, 2010

  1. The Language of Jonestown
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid: An Introduction
    2. Drinking the Kool-Aid: A (Partial) 2010 Directory
    3. “Jonestown” As Slang
  2. The U.S. Military In Guyana: The Untold Story, by Chris Knight-Griffin
    1. What The Military Didn’t Do: Debunking One Conspiracy Theory, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  3. The Textual Practices of Peoples Temple: How Did Texts Help to Build the Promised Land?, by Heather Shearer
  4. Effects of Isolation on the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, by Edward Cromarty
  5. Identity Crisis: Loss of Self within Jonestown, by Richard Gubbels
  6. Fearful Symmetry: The Balance of Life & Death, by James Knoll, IV, M.D.
  7. Was Peoples Temple Religious?: Jonestown and Durkheim’s Religious Typology, by R. Gillingham
  8. Jim Jones and Christine Miller: An Analysis of Jonestown’s Final Struggle, by Timothy Lisagor
  9. Revolutionary Suicide: A Rhetorical Examination of Jim Jones’ “Death Tape,” by Maggie Pehanick
  10. Documenting The True Horror: The Unedited NBC Tape, by Niels Colesky
  11. Articles by E. Black
    1. “I’d Like To Thank Father”: The central role of positive thinking and thankful testifying during the ritual meal of the Peace Mission and the final night of Peoples Temple
    2. “Ever Faithful”: The contest between Mother Divine, Jim Jones and their followers for supremacy in faithfulness to the Cause
  12. All in the Family, by Jeremy Young
  13. A Simple Song of Freedom?: Music in Peoples Temple, by John Brackett
  14. He’s Able Revisited
    1. Taking the Needle Off He’s Able, by Brian Kevin
    2. Jim Jones: Live From Guyana, 1978, by Matthew Thomas Farrell
    3. He’s Able: They Live On, by Leslie Wagner-Wilson
  15. Prophetic Charisma, By Len Oakes – A Brief Overview, by Shawn Sutherland
  16. Peoples Temple in the New Millennium, by James Williams, Central Committee, Rural People’s Party
  17. Jonestown echoed in past times in Guyana: An 1840s mass suicide remembered, by Paul Bolcik
  18. Could Peoples Temple Have Survived? by Bonnie Yates
  19. The Extremes Are Sometimes Closer: Peoples Temple, the Tea Party, and Anti-Governmentalism Then and Now, by Dereck Daschke
  20. Success in the Peoples Temple Cult, by Caley Follmer
  21. Remembering Peoples Temple, by Chloe Schildhause
    1. Peoples Temple in Media, Memory & History
  22. Followership Research Moves Towards Completion, by Wendy M. Edmonds